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Kristen and Jeffery’s Incredible Adventure – Part 1

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It was the last Friday in May. I was in my Miata, top down, driving home from the salon. I had just had my monthly Brazilian wax, my nails done, and a magnificent massage; I was on top of the world.As I drove up to my house, I saw Jeff unloading his car in front of his parents’ house, which was directly across from mine. He lived with them in the summer. I realized that college must be over for the year.I stopped to say “Hi”, and we chatted for a bit. He was indeed home for the summer, and stopped to tell me about some of his plans. He had training to do for next year, and he also wanted to get a jump on next year’s engineering classes. I told him I would be happy to give him whatever help he might want. He and I both had things to do, but we agreed we would talk more throughout the summer.I really enjoyed his company. I had gotten to know him pretty well over the past few years. He was the starting quarterback for the university, and had been a star quarterback with our local high school for several years, earning both an athletic and academic scholarship to the university. They made the playoffs this year, but not a bowl game. Next year, it was completely expected, and I was sure he would deliver.I had graduated from college with a Masters in Computer Engineering, and was recruited by a start-up company to help develop their new, specialized chip. That is where I met Greg, my husband. He was in sales. We met during a sales meeting, designed to educate the sales force about the newly developed chip; I was the engineer designated to give the presentation.When I met Greg in that meeting, he was just another salesperson. I had no particular interest, but he saw something in me. We went to dinner, and chemistry kicked in. I slept with him that night, and the rest is history. Our marriage was wonderful—great sex, always had fun together, loved to just be together, and we found a joint interest in cooking, of all things. We had a wonderful life.It was sort of an unlikely match, science and sales, but it worked for both of us. He was two years older than me. I was twenty-four, and he was twenty-six when we were married. I thought we would have the perfect life together. We were very much in love, shared many interests together, and were both driven to succeed. Did I mention the great sex?A few months after our marriage, we found the house across from Jeff’s parents. Even though it was in foreclosure, it was in great condition; we managed to negotiate a great price. That was when I first met Jeff and his parents, Jack and Cindy. Jeff was the football hero at the local high school. He took them to the state finals in his last year. That is when I really started to pay attention to him.He knew my occupation, and intended on also becoming a computer engineer. He called one Saturday morning and asked if I had some free time to discuss his college plans, and what to expect, so as to become the best engineer possible. He saw football only as a means to his desired end; he had no intention of playing after college. I told him to come right over, I would be happy to talk with him.I found him to be very mature, for a high school senior, and not overly impressed with himself, like many quality athletes are. We spoke for over an hour on a wide range of subjects. Knowledgeable beyond his years, he was a pleasant and interesting guy to talk to. By the time he left, I viewed him in a totally different light than I had before. Something about him interested me, on a level I did not expect.Later that night, I went to our master bedroom. It is located on a front corner of the house, with a nice, large window overlooking the front landscaping. We had wood blinds covering the window to give us privacy.It was my habit, in the evenings, to go in the bedroom, close the blinds and do yoga. I usually did it nude; it seemed to increase the feeling of well being the practice created in me. That night, without really consciously thinking about it, I left the blinds cracked a bit. ~~~~J~~~~I was happy to be home for the summer. College was a mixture of wild fun and hard work, but I needed a break, at least from the hard work. The football program took up a large part of my time, at least in the first semester of each year, and my major, computer engineering, was not exactly easy. I was very happy that next year was my last year. I looked forward to experiencing the “real” şişli escort world, not the artificial, academic world, and not the athletic world. Everything about computers fascinated me; I wanted to be in that world.Being quarterback of the team had made female companionship, specifically sex, effortless. I had no interest, at this point in my life, in having a full-time girlfriend—they took up way too much time. But I did not lack for sex. Some girls, the girls I hung with, just loved doing anything to make me happy, without expectation of anything permanent. I took full advantage of their willingness. There were even a couple older, married female fans that made it clear they would just be thrilled if I would visit them when they had free time; I took advantage of those situations also.There was always one thought that lurked in the back of my mind, Mrs. Mathews—Kristen—our neighbor across the street. I met her briefly when she and her husband, Greg, moved in about five years ago. I was just a high school kid, but in my senior year, I got to know her better when I asked her for advice about becoming an engineer. She was very enjoyable to talk with, and, several times, gave me very good advice. I also found her extremely sexy. She radiated sex—I think, without any effort, or even any idea that she did.That was the year I discovered, quite by accident, that she practiced yoga. That is also when I discovered how totally sexy and sensual she was. I had noticed, quite awhile back, that the bedroom lights in her house came on between seven and eight, several nights a week. A few minutes after they came on, it was always Kristen who closed the blinds.I always wondered what was going on behind them. Were she and Greg getting it on? Was she pleasuring herself alone? Maybe she was just reading in bed. My mind wandered; I preferred the sexual thoughts.One night, the lights came on while I was up-stairs in my bedroom, which faced their house. I grabbed my binoculars, like I had done many times before, and this time I was rewarded. She had left the blinds partly open. I was transfixed, as I watched her slowly disrobe and proceed to adopt various yoga positions, and hold them for an obviously measured amount of time. The best part was, she was totally naked!To me, she had the best body I had ever seen. She became my ideal female, my dream of a fabulous female fuck. None of the women I had been with—which was no small number—equaled her in all areas. Kristen had golden brown hair, hanging straight down past her shoulders; blue-green eyes, that almost seemed to glow.Her general body shape was slim and athletic, but not thin. Her boobs were small, probably no more than an “A” cup, but her nipples were dark brown, thick, and long. Every time I had been able to glimpse them, they were hard—completely luscious. Her butt was perfectly rounded, but not overly so. No one could wear jeans like her. Also, there was not a hair on her body below her head. Not uncommon for sure, but her pubic area showed no signs of stubble; it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, at least as far as I could tell from my magnified glimpses.So I was thrilled when she pulled up to talk to me, just when I was arriving home. I know my cock got hard from my wild imagination. What I would give to be with her, deeply with her. But I was sure I was just the somewhat famous quarterback that lived across the street. She was married to Greg, who seemed like a very nice guy. She was nowhere near a football groupie. Actually, the thought of really being with her was a bit intimidating. I was twenty-one, still in college; she was probably in her late twenties, maybe thirty; an experienced, worldly woman. ~~~~K~~~~Seeing Jeff had made me think of my college days, and the fun I had experienced in those four years. I am bright; my SAT scores were almost perfect; I earned a full academic scholarship. I thought I was an unattractive nerd, but found, once in college, guys were attracted to me. My small boobs did not matter, I became more confident; my sexuality blossomed. In my freshman year, the first guy I slept with was a senior. He changed me completely. He showed me exactly what my body could do, and how to achieve it. God, he could give me orgasms!I dated him exclusively for several months, but he was also seeing other girls. I was not jealous; I was just happy for his company. mecidiyeköy escort He was in a fraternity, and we went there often for parties. As my femininity developed, my appetite for more varied experiences deepened. I branched out to other guys in the fraternity, with his support. I gained considerable understanding and appreciation of my sexuality that year, and I put it to good use in the following three years.As I have previously said, after college, and meeting and marrying Greg, things were wonderful. Then, several years later, our small company was bought out by a large firm. Employees from both firms were fired—made redundant, as the Brits say. I was a casualty. Greg became Sales Manager for the eastern U.S. That was the beginning of the estrangement in our marriage, at least in my mind.After sending out resumes and receiving offers, I decided to work from home as a consultant. The job offers had been good, but they all required I move. Greg had received a substantial salary increase. We either had to live apart, or one of us had to quit. I had a good reputation in the industry, as evidenced by the offers I had received. I knew I could make at least the same, or more money, working independently.We no longer had our small company to gossip about. The corporate pressure on Greg had increased ten-fold. I was free from all but self-imposed pressure. After a few months of really hard work to establish myself, I was making more money than I had been, and working less. None of these things made for a tight, cohesive marriage. These changes all happened two years ago.Greg did not realize it yet, but we were drifting further and further apart. He traveled almost every week, or at least part of the week. Our sex life had slowly dwindled. We were two people living together, who cared for each other, but it was not the marriage we had. Not only had I lost much of the company of my partner, I had lost much of my sex life; both were important to me.I had tried to talk to him about it, looking for solutions. Greg sort of understood our issues, but was really too busy to do much about it. I had to either accept the evolving situation, or do something about it. For some time, I accepted it, but my sex drive was strong; it needed satisfaction. I sated myself through masturbation and some online porn. I think the porn just made it worse.I resisted cheating on Greg, but eventually found myself thinking of ways I could, without anyone becoming suspicious, or worse, finding out. It is more difficult than it sounds. When you leave out Craigslist, and online dating sites, there is not much left. Working from home made it even more difficult. I was not out and about in the world, and I did not want to go to bars or clubs. I wanted someone I felt I had some chemistry with, not a quickie in a hotel. I made no progress until I met Jeffery on my way home, that May afternoon.He had always stirred something in me, I always enjoyed being with him; our conversations were always interesting. He was much more mature than his years would indicate—not really that much younger than me—only eight years, I guessed. What could be more perfect? He was young, vigorous, and the neighbors knew we had a friendly relationship. Besides, most neighbors were not home during the day, including his parents.I had no idea how to approach him. Our meetings and conversations had almost always been related to my work, or his football and course work at the university. However, I had not missed the fact that he seemed to enjoy my nipples; his eyes were drawn there every time he thought I would not notice—I noticed.I was always very casual at home. I mostly wore some kind of cami, or tank top and shorts. I never wore a bra at home, since I didn’t have that much to support, and enjoyed the freedom. When going out, my nipples had to be contained; I was not comfortable with two points showing, and they always did show.An idea had just occurred to me, but it needed to be fully thought through. Greg would be home soon, I needed to get dinner ready; the idea went to the back of my mind for later.To make a long story short, the weekend went as many others did. Greg and I both worked on our projects, watched a movie on HBO, ate and slept—two people occupying the same space; I might as well have had a guy roommate.By Sunday, I had formulated my plan, simple as it was. Jeff’s father, Jack, had two old cars, a Corvette and a MG. It was common to see both of them working on one of them, over weekends, when Jeff was home. It was obvious that Jeff was car savvy.I intended to disable my Miata in a way that should be easily found, then call Jeff, asking if he could please come over and try to fix my car. Part of the conversation would be me offering to do anything if he could fix it for me.In advance of that call, I had taken an old pair of low rise, denim shorts and cut them even shorter. The rear came down about a inch further than where my butt met my thighs. I angled the front so that at my crotch, only the thick seam was present. I also took an old, scoop-neck tee shirt and cropped it, so it hung half-way between my navel and my boobs. If this did not work, I didn’t know what would. It was the strongest invitation I could imagine without flat out jumping his bones.Monday morning came; Greg left for work; I went to inspect my car. I settled on an ignition wire that I made appear to have somehow worked itself loose. The car would not start and it should be easily found. I called Jeff around eleven, with any luck, he would come over at lunch time. I planned to offer him a sandwich and a beer after he fixed the car, in order to give him time to relax—hopefully enough to make a move on me.I answered the doorbell, “Hi Jeff! Thanks so much for coming over. It was running fine yesterday. It must be something simple. I hope so, anyway.”He looked me up and down as he came in the door. “Ah… ya, well sure. I am more than happy to check it out for you.”“Well, let me show you to the garage. Would you like to stay for a sandwich and a beer after you look at it?”“Hell, yes! I mean, that would be nice.”Laughing, I said, “No worries. I am not exactly a neophyte to words much more explicit than that.”“Thanks. Well, let me go look at the car. I can probably find the problem. I learned a lot from my dad and his vintage cars.”With that, I showed him the tools we had, leaving him to figure it out. I went to make sandwiches for us. ~~~~J~~~~When I got the call from Kristen, I was elated. Ever since we talked on Friday, and I saw her doing her yoga a couple of nights, I had wanted to find a way to go over and talk with her. Of course I wanted to fuck her, but I knew I would have to be satisfied with talking, dreaming, and, when I could, enjoying the view of her body, especially her nipples—they always were visible, to one degree or another.I put on a tight tee shirt and a baggy pair of shorts, hoping, of course, to impress her with my well developed muscles. When she answered the door, I was stunned, almost speechless. She looked absolutely incredible. I knew she almost always wore shorts and some tee-type top, but this sight was practically beyond belief. Her stomach was completely flat, and looked as hard as mine. Her nipples were poking through that cut-off top like bullets ready to fire. And then her ass—when she was leading me to the garage… completely perfect. My cock had gone from zero to eleven on a hardness scale of ten; I hoped she did not notice.Once in the garage and working on the car, I calmed down. I wanted to fix it and awe her with my amazing abilities. It actually was a pretty easy fix. I found a critical ignition wire that had somehow worked its way loose. Needle-nose pliers tightened it back in place; the car started right up. She heard the car start and came out.“Wow! You got it fixed. My hero! What was the problem?”“Well, it was kind of complicated. It is lucky I have a good knowledge of automobiles. There was an issue with the ignition system, but I was able to get it repaired. It should give you no more problems.”“Thanks again! Come on in, lunch is served. Have a beer and relax.”I followed her, unable to take my eyes off her ass, dreaming of the possibilities it held. We sat at her kitchen table, across from each other. She chatted about things I have no real memory of. I know I did do my part to keep up the conversation; I never wanted it to end, but really, I could only think of her naked, begging me to fuck her. ~~~~K~~~~I didn’t know what else to do. I had stood as close to him as I could at the front door. I gave him a wonderful view of my ass, going to the garage. When I heard the car start I went to the garage—again standing as close to him as possible—while he explained how he had repaired the car. Once again he had a perfect view of my ass as I lead the way back in the house and to the kitchen.We ate, slowly sipping our beers as we talked about anything and everything.

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