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Lactating Mom’s Warm Milk

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I grew up in a traditional Italian family. The kitchen was the center of the house, especially on weekends when neighbors and family would gather.

Most of the boys would avoid the kitchen but I thoroughly enjoyed being the little cute kid who would be smothered with hugs and kisses by the women crowded into such a confined space.

I was attracted to the laughter and vibrant gestures in the kitchen rather than the dull and predictable living room where the adult males would sit to lazily watch sports.

I did not know that the kitchen would also spawn several sexual affairs after I just turned 18.

I would cut grass for several of my neighbors on Saturdays to raise a little extra money. One neighbor was in her late 30s with a lovely full body which I never really noticed previously in any sexual way.

She would hug and kiss me like all the other close neighbors and friends and hold me close to her ample breasts but I never really considered it erotic in any way; that is until one Saturday afternoon when I went into malatya escort her house as I usually did after cutting the grass.

Elizabeth’s husband worked as an insurance agent on Saturdays so I would help out cutting the lawn in the early morning. After entering the house, I could not see her in the kitchen so I went into the living room expecting to get the usual nice hug and kiss along with my $20.

I was very comfortable in her house and this was not unusual for me to be wandering around on Saturday mornings.

However, it was unusual to see her sitting on the couch nursing her new born child with her full enlarged breasts. Elizabeth had unexpectedly become pregnant at the age of 38.

She already had twin-18 year-old boys who were away at college. They were both my childhood friends.

I was completely taken aback at the site that greeted me in the living room. Sensing my embarrassment, she smiled to let me know it was OK.

She pulled up the dainty, delicate straps of her nightie, smiled again maltepe escort and without saying a word carried her child to the crib at the other side of the living room

As she walked with her back to me I could see her full, round, thick hips move through the room and I began to look at her sexually for the first time.

My lovely neighbor was now bent over the crib with her very revealing, see-through nightie. She was not wearing panties or bra, it was all her full womanly curves for me to digest.

It was the first time I was sexually aroused by looking at her broad hips and large, round ass bent over the crib. She seemed to remain bent over the crib for minutes.

She stood motionless as the loosely-held straps of her nightie fell off her shoulders down to her waist.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she quickly and abruptly turned without saying a word. Her lovely, large breasts full of warm, juicy milk were completely exposed for my enjoyment.

She was breathing mamak escort very deeply which had the effect of floating her 38C breasts up and down so sensually.

I was stunned but also terribly attracted. She did not say a word; she was expressionless; only her deep, heavy breathing revealed any emotion. I could not help myself from slowly approaching her.

Step by step as I drew closer she would try to escape from me by rising up on her tip toes, gripping the crib handrails and bending backward as far as she could; but this only had the effect of enlarging her beautiful breasts and raising them for my lips and tongue to more easily reach their fullness.

I boldly held her breasts and began sucking the warm milk when she began making the most erotic, yearning sounds of joy and excitement I had ever heard.

She caressed my hair and drew me closer to her nipples which she pinched with one hand to urge a wonderful flow of her juices. All the while commanding me to ‘suck, suck me hard, suck me’.

With her other hand she began unzipping my pants and playing with my cock. She stroked my dick vigorously and without shame knowing it was my first time.

We soon feel to the ground where she placed my hand in her now wet pussy and my lovemaking lessons of how to please a woman began…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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