Nis 17

Lana Learns Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This is a true story of my first days as a single man. These stories are accurate recountings of real events. You might want to read earlier chapters to get some background on Lana and how this all started. Of course, the names have been changed for obvious reasons. Lana’s education continues:

We had continued to explore Lana’s exhibitionist side with more excursions along the highways leading into my town of 180,000 people. We still left the city limits, traveling no more than 50 miles in any direction. She no longer kept her head down when we were driving with her totally naked and using different toys to give her the thrills she seemed to crave. She would look directly into the eyes of the driver of big trucks and smile at their lustful gazes. Occasionally we would take my 2-seat British Leyland sports car with the top down. This would bring her into view of virtually every vehicle on the road. Almost all men and quite a few women, would give her a honk, a thumbs up or clap when we went by. Fortunately cell phones weren’t as prolific then so it was hard for the people who didn’t like to view her to get to a phone to report us. Most likely it was too much trouble as we were never pulled over by the police.

I don’t know what they would object to anyway! With her perfect 36C tits, ample curves and smooth shaved pussy, she was very easy on the eyes. Her libido seemed to have no limits. About the only thing we had not gotten into yet was anal. I did, on occasion, insert a finger into her ass while I was eating her pussy and while she never objected, neither did she ask for more. I was more than happy to allow her to broaden our sexual horizons. Her co-worker Debbie had hinted to Lana that she would be open to a three way with us but thus far that had not developed. If she had been as attractive as Lana, I might have pushed it a little harder but that is a story for another chapter.

Lana liked to be full. To keep her happy, I bought her larger and larger dildos and enjoyed both pleasuring her and watching her pleasure herself with them. I was still able to keep her satisfied with my lips and tongue, and found that mounting her from behind with my average size cock put pressure on the best place to take her over the top.

This particular Friday bahis firmaları evening Lana was not scheduled to work at the convenience story on Saturday or Sunday. I had arranged with my house mates to provide Lana with a special treat tonight. While my house mates were finishing the dinner dishes, I took Lana upstairs to my bedroom and undressed her. I pulled out my trusty blindfold to securely bind her eyes. We had done the light bondage thing (see Chapter 2) so it was not unusual to do so. I put the leather straps on her wrists and ankles and bound her spread eagled to the bed. As a different twist, I put some headphones on her and started some country music (which she loved and I didn’t) at a volume to block out the noise from the house. Once she was prepped, I took out my Polaroid and snapped a couple of pictures for myself. I started to play with her tits, sucking on the pink, puckered nipples and lightly pinching them while I played with her shaved pubic mound. When she was starting to writhe and moan, I poured some flavored oil on her pussy and worked it in to increase her sensation. I then slid in the newest dildo which was about 2 ¼ inches in diameter and 8 inches long. It was modeled after a real cock with ridges, veins and balls. When I had it buried to the balls in her hot pussy, I quietly opened the bedroom door and invited my house mates in. The rules were that they could look and touch but no penetration. I resumed working the artificial cock into her grasping pussy. Then Vinny (the house mate who had missed the first viewing session) reached out and starting massaging one of her perfect tits. Mark came around to the other side of the bed and began to massage the other tit. When Lana felt the third hand on her body, she tensed up. I added my lips to the area above where the dildo was sliding in and out and she relaxed and began to get into it. Mark, Tim and Vinny were taking turns playing with her tits, kissing her neck, ears, lips and then standing back watching while jerking their own cocks.

After about 20 minutes of so much attention, Lana began to build to orgasm. I motioned to the guys to step back while I pulled out my own rock-hard cock and got onto the bed straddling Lana’s chest. I lowered my face to her clit and started to suck it while I plunged the kaçak iddaa large dildo in to match the rhythm. Once she was totally invested in the fucking, I raised my hips and guided my cock into her warm, exciting mouth. I would push in with my cock while pulling out the dildo. Then I would pull out of her mouth while pushing the dildo in, all the while continuing to lavish her clit and pussy lips with attention. As I felt Lana build to orgasm, it pushed me over the edge and I pushed down into the back of her throat. I backed off an inch or so and began a motion certain to not last long. With her mouth and pussy being worked in tandem, Lana started to buck and thrash at the bindings on her ankles and wrists. She was pushing against the dildo, trying to get it deeper into her pussy. When I lightly clamped down on her clit with my lips she was over the top. After another 20 seconds of cumming, during which I couldn’t hold it anymore and filled her mouth with my cum, she started to subside.

When I looked up, my house mates were not in the room. I suspect they were all in their own rooms unloading as well. The bedroom door was closed and we were alone again. I pulled out of Lana’s sensuous mouth and removed the dildo from her engorged lower lips. I continued to kiss and lick those lips as she came down from her orgasms. Once we were both closer to normal breathing, I got up and locked the bedroom door. Then I untied her legs and arms before removing the blindfold and headphones. Lana looked around the room seeing no one. She looked at me with a question on her lips but I just shrugged and smiled. I thought it was better for her to imagine than to know. She pulled on one of my shirts which just barely covered her smooth pussy to go to the shared bathroom on the bedroom floor. She seemed surprised to find my bedroom door locked from the inside and that the other bedroom doors were closed.

When she came back, we slipped under the covers and began to kiss and caress again. Before long I was beginning to stiffen again. When I began to fondle her smooth lower lips she spread her legs wider to allow me more access. I could tell she wanted to ask me a question which I imagined would be about what had just happened to her. Instead, she said that her co-worker had told her that some women kaçak bahis enjoyed having even larger things in their pussies and had I ever heard of ‘fisting.’ I had heard of it but had never tried it. I am an average size man with somewhat smaller hands so I asked it she would like to try it. She nodded yes, somewhat hesitantly. I went to the bedside table and got some flavored lubricant and an extra pillow to slide under her ass for better access.

I started by kissing her talented mouth, paying attention to her beautiful tits all the while. Then I replaced my hands with my lips on her tits and slid one hand down to her pussy. I abandoned her chest and slid down to the end of the bed, between her legs. I opened the lubricant and lavished it onto her welcoming lower lips. I began to work two fingers into her, sliding them around to help stretch the opening. I added the third and then the fourth finger, making my hand into a wedge shape. We had been to this point before. After a few minutes of this, I folded my thumb into the wedge and started to push and twist further into her hot channel. With my other hand I was pushing two fingers into her mouth to split her attention in two places. I added more lubricant to my hand and her pussy and continued my slow progress, getting a little deeper every few pushes. She had hooked her fingers behind her knees and was holding her legs apart to give me greater access. Ever so slowly I was getting deeper. Now my thumb was in to the second knuckle with each push.

It was getting more and more difficult to maintain a slow pace as my excitement was growing and her pelvis was thrusting higher. Finally, with a last push, my hand was completely inside her birth canal. I stopped for a minute to enjoy the sensation and to allow her to adjust to the full feeling. I started to move my hand just a little in and out. I wiggled my fingers to see what that did for her. She let one leg go and reached down to feel my wrist where it entered her pussy. That pushed her over the edge and she began to buck her hips. I had a difficult time keeping up with her thrusting because I didn’t want to bruise anything inside her. As she started to subside, I gently removed my hand from her grasping pussy. I glanced over at the bedside clock to see that it was almost midnight. After experiencing three rather massive orgasms in as many hours, she was exhausted. I covered us both with the sheet after turning off the light. My last semi-conscious thought was “I wonder what is next?”

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