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Last Fling Ch. 01

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Marcus had just started on the bottle of gin. He played a few games of minesweeper still trying to beat his roommate’s unbeatable record. Andrew, his roommate, had played enough to actually memorize each board, so Marcus’ attempts were destined to fail, especially once the effects of the gin kicked in. Giving up on the game, he logged into the school’s network to check email. There was the usual joke forwarded by his mother but nothing else. Marcus’ fiancée, Anne, had been gone for a week so far and hadn’t emailed. He told himself he was sure she was busy with the wedding planning, though it was actually a relief not to have any mail to answer. They spoke every day for a bit by phone, but it is easy to hide any real thoughts when one is just relating the usual goings-on of a summer day, saying how much one misses the other and how neither can wait another moment for the big day.

The big day was actually still a couple months away. Marcus and Anne had just graduated a couple weeks ago. She decided immediately after that she needed to get away home to have her mother help with the wedding arrangements and “decompress” after the stressful final weeks of school. He stayed, keeping his room in the fraternity house for the summer and continuing to work his bartending job, so they’d actually have some money to pay for the wedding expenses which were piling up ever quicker.

A chat request came on his computer screen from the username awoods. > How are ya, sexxy?

Marcus chuckled to himself when he saw it pop up on his screen. Normally it was he who would be “fingering” awoods whenever he got onto the school network. “Finger” is a UNIX command one can use to see if another user is online. Marcus had been in several classes with Amy Woods as they had both been English Lit. majors. They had smoked some pot together the first week of their freshman year at Northwestern and had been acquaintances since.

While not beautiful, even by Northwestern’s relatively lower standards compared to the state schools where Marcus would visit his friends, Amy had an unmistakable sexual quality and confidence that had always attracted Marcus to her. In the past couple years they had emailed more and more even while Marcus and Anne became more exclusive. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he was dating Anne that Marcus emailed Amy. While his fraternity brothers were good for saying what he wanted to hear based on his mood: “Fuck her” when he was pissed, and “Anne’s awesome for you, man,” when he wasn’t. With Amy, he could ask questions about the way women think, complain about Anne’s little annoyances, and despite their mutual flirtation, Marcus felt he could get objective advice from her.

There were those nights when he had had a bit to drink and suspected that Amy had too, when a chat like this evolved into something much hotter. Cybersex was something relatively new, but as an early adopter of technologies like Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Marcus was already quite familiar with, and quite fond of, meeting people online. Still, he had logged on tonight quite innocently and certainly didn’t expect to see Amy online, having thought she had left for home by now.

< If I suspected you were around, I would have fingered you as soon as I got on. he responded. > Damn, I’m sorry I missed a sound fingering!

< Hah! Well, the night is still young! As soon as he had hit ‘enter’ Marcus felt his conscience tug. Shit, he shouldn’t have opened the door like that. Anne had only been gone a week and he was already prowling like an alley cat. He blamed the gin — that and the fact that Anne was always so suspecting of his interactions with other women. The couple times he even dropped Amy’s name in conversation with her, she immediately responded with “God, that girl’s a slut!” Marcus wondered what evidence she had. She was especially distrustful of his true female friends. He had gone to high school with and suffered through the typical high school angst with a girl named Lauren. The friendship had been platonic and lasted throughout college, probably because it had remained platonic, Marcus thought. He had once caught Anne reading through a letter from Lauren he had left out on his desk. He had gone down the hall to the shower, leaving her in his bed and, having forgotten his shampoo, returned to find her hurriedly folding the letter back up claiming she just wanted to “see who it was from.” The letter was completely innocuous of course, simply wishing him luck on his finals and actually inquiring how things were going with “the new love in his life”. Then there was Trisha, the bubbly young redhead he had taken “Math for Trees” with. That had been at the start of his senior year. Marcus had befriended the sophomore because he was initially attracted to her. Trisha had accepted his friendship but made it clear she was not interested in a relationship with anyone, especially a senior and gave no hint that the attraction was mutual. Still, he worked to maintain the friendship, arranging bahis firmaları study sessions even when their one mutual class had ended and inviting her to rollerblade on the Lakefill. Mostly it was an effort to prove to Anne that he could have an attractive, completely platonic female friend, partly it was to prove the same thing to himself, and partly it was to raise unfounded jealousy in Anne and punish her for her distrust in him.

Out from under Anne’s watchful eye, Marcus felt slightly liberated even as his face flushed with the acknowledgment of even this tiny indiscretion.

> Is it now? planning a wild romp with sweet Anne, or will it be a guy’s night out?

< I don't know really. Anne's home. [He opened the door a crack wider] Roommate's back home and not sure who else is around the House here. > Really? She’s at home? That’s interesting. What’s she doing there?

< Her mom's helping her put together stuff for the wedding, I guess. Why's that interesting? > Because I’m interested. :) How’s the planning going?

< Ok, I guess. I'm working to pay for it. That's my part. Every time she asks for my opinion she ends up doing the exact opposite. > How so?

As frustrating as the wedding planning could be to Marcus, it wasn’t something he wanted to talk about. Not now.

< Um, just ... it's just frustrating a bit. What have you been up to? > Finishing up a project here with a prof. Not sure if I’m going to renew my lease and stay or head home.

< Aren't you done? Are you looking for a job here or back home in ... where? Philly? I forget. > Boston. I still have a couple more classes before I graduate.

< No wonder I didn't see you at graduation. > Were you looking for me? *grin*

< Of course! So what are you up to tonight? > Believe it or not, doing a bit of research. I’m doing this project on the religious use of hallucinogens and there are about a dozen books I want to get through.

< I'd think that research on hallucinogens could be much more interesting. > HAH! It COULD be. Got any? ;)

< I wish! > Well, if you don’t end up fingering anyone else tonight or getting your hands on any hallucinogenic substances, you could always come by here and at least read up on them.

< Ooo sounds tempting! > Being sarcastic? Well, there are other ways I might be able to tempt you.

Marcus took another swig of gin before taking the bait. < Really? Like how? 🙂 > Well there’s an entire bottle of Absolut Orange here that could be shared. And then there is scintillating conversation to be had.

< Well, um... [It was maybe time to back this down a notch. This flirtation was fun and the thought of some cybersexual chat was beginning to have some appeal, but actually going down to Amy's place and getting drunk on top of that! That was more than Marcus trusted himself with.] Let me see who's around and if they aren't going to do anything, I'll give you a call. > What? I’m no fun?

< No! It isn't that! > Just kidding. I know. :)

< It's just... ok. Yeah. you know... > Well, just so you know, I can be fun no matter what we do. You should know that.

< Yes, sure... of course > And we can just talk if that’s all you want, and we don’t have to talk about her or the wedding or anything you don’t want to talk about.

< ok. > So here’s my number just in case. Call first in case I found someone else who didn’t just want to talk. 652-9281.

< Ha! Right. Ok. talk to you later... maybe. ;) > See ya, hun.

When Anne had said she was going to spend some time at home before the wedding, Marcus was at first disappointed. However, as he thought about it and the ending of his days as bachelor approached he began to look forward to how he would spend the time. Surely there would be plenty of alcohol. Some nights at the clubs down in Chicago would be in the mix. The thought of making out with some random girl while out was on the to-do list. He had to live this up to the extent possible while he could. Even the thought of hiring an escort, just to say he had done it, crossed his mind.

“We can just talk if that’s all you want” the words still hung on his screen. “If that’s all you want.” There was probably never a question of whether talking was all he ever wanted to do with Amy. Until now, though, Marcus had never considered the possibility that an opportunity would present itself. Now that it had, fear gripped him. Fear and excitement. He logged into IRC. Maybe if he found someone to “cyber” with he could jerk off, go downstairs and flip on a movie, and grip of fear would win out over the excitement. Fear wasn’t only up against sexual excitement, though. Alcohol could prove to be a pretty staunch foe. As Marcus started into his third glass of gin, his clear conscience began to give way to blurry rationalization. Maybe they would really just talk. Maybe share some laughs about things, school. Maybe they’d kaçak iddaa even make out a bit, but who was that hurting, really? Better than some random girl out at the clubs, better than one of the waitresses at work who he’d have to see each day of the summer thereafter.

The unreasonable fear he had felt gave way now to his reasonable conscience. Was this the way his new life was going to begin, with him cheating on his wife? Was he a cheater? He’d never cheated on Anne since they began going out, not even a make-out session at a club. There had been Sandy at work, Michelle at work, random sorority girls he ran into out at the bars. Even Anne’s own friend Allison who had come to visit, slept on Anne’s couch and did little to hide the fact that had she been invited she would have eagerly joined he and Anne in her bed. (The thought of that threesome was a major asset in Marcus’ spank bank.) He’d not given in to the temptation of any of them.

What about the online chatting? That wasn’t cheating, was it? He had even contemplated telling Anne about it, having her join him in a chat online. There were several couples who would get online together and have cybersex with each other and with others while their partner “looked on”. So, that couldn’t be cheating, he rationalized as he entered the #cybersex room on the IRC network.

There wasn’t anyone on this night. It was Thursday. The weekends online, as in real life, were when the real action happened, and Tuesday wasn’t Marcus’ normal night for being on. He normally got online when he had been out drinking on the weekend with his fraternity brothers while Anne stayed in doing research or writing for her final thesis. He’d stumble home drunk and horny and jerk off with one hand while he typed with the other. There were a couple familiar usernames in the room. One that was the online version of a tease… would flirt with you all night in the community room but wouldn’t chat privately. And another, Leslie, with whom he had cybered with in the past, but was so eager to every time he was online that Marcus suspected him of being a man in real life who got off on pretending he was a woman.

He wasn’t so much disappointed that there were no eager, female partners on IRC as he was frustrated with the fact that it wasn’t a satisfying alternative to that other option, the one he couldn’t wipe from his mind. He knew there may be a few fraternity brothers still hanging around the house tonight. Other than the weekends, Wednesdays were the big night on campus for going out. The house less than half-occupied during the summer, and he knew that while he worked the night before, anyone who was around tonight likely would have been out the night before and anticipating the weekend rather than wanting to go out to Thursday’s sparse crowds. On one hand Marcus’ conscience told him that he could probably coax at least one or two brothers to go out. On the other hand, he wondered how long he needed to wait before calling Amy without seeming too eager.

Whether it was long enough or not, he spent another 20 min. making small talk with the occupants of #cybersex and ignoring private messages from “Leslie” before logging off and picking up the phone.

“Hello?” “Hey, Amy?” “Do you remember where I live?” “Uh… I mean, yeah, is it still ok?” “Of course, silly! Get your gorgeous ass down here. I couldn’t wait anymore to open the vodka, sorry.” “That’s ok. I’ll bring Beefeater as back up!” “Ooo gin, fun! Ok, see you in a few.” “Bye.”


Marcus practically stumbled as he hustled down the stairs of the fraternity house. Those 3 drinks he’d started with had removed most of his hesitation and some of his coordination. He caught himself before he went crashing down with the bottle of Beefeater in his right hand. The commotion startled his fraternity brother Walter who had settled into the living room couch with a beer to enjoy some B movie on Cinemax.

“Dude, where are you off to in such a hurry?” he asked Marcus as he emerged from the bottom of the stairs. The question startled Marcus. “Oh, I…”

“Dude, sit. SomeMovie is just about to start.”

“I… sorry… I’m going down to see a friend.”

“Oh yeah?” Marcus was afraid Walter would ask which friend. Most of the guys in the fraternity had relatively few male friends outside of the fraternity, so even those few friends would be recognized by the other brothers. Just about all a brother’s female friends were known in the House. If a guy brought a girl to a tailgate or party, every effort was made by just about everyone to get to know her. Marcus didn’t want to explain that he was going to visit a female friend he only saw on a night Anne was out of town. [yadda…yadda…]

It was a short walk down Orrington Avenue to Amy’s apartment on Simpson Street. He’d been there a number of times, not to see her, but because the building was a popular place for off-campus parties and he had been to a number of them there. He buzzed her apartment number and was buzzed up without any verification kaçak bahis over the intercom. Marcus goes up and finding what he hopes is the right door (you can never tell with the way these things are numbered sometimes) knocks. A voice inside tells him to let himself in.

“Hi, honey. I was just pouring myself a drink. Vodka on the rocks ok?”

“Absolutely,” Marcus said, trying not to sound nervous.

The apartment was not the sort of residence you’d expect of a college student, but was fairly common for Northwestern’s well-to-do students. It boasted hardwood floors and high ceilings and had been remodeled in the past five years or so. It was smartly decorated with large framed lithographs on the walls. Marcus perused them while he waited for Amy and then found a series of watercolors on the wall along the hallway.

Amy emerged from the kitchen with a couple old fashioned glasses filled with Absolut. “You like them?”

“They’re great,” Marcus replied examining the painting of a koi in a pond.

“Thanks. I took a Japanese painting course through community ed.”

“You’re a woman of many talents.”

“You don’t even know,” she said slyly. “C’mon in. Let’s chat,” she said leading the way to the living room. “Sorry about the wreck. My roommate went back home for the summer and took a lot of her stuff. The rest of hers is boxed up in her room, but she had the t.v. and stereo and stuff.”

“Oh no problem. This is a great place. Way better than the fraternity house.” Marcus settled down into a butterfly chair opposite the overstuffed chair that Amy fell into.

“So, I finally get you alone, huh?” Amy said. “To talk, I mean. I see you in class and get your emails, but I think this is the first time we’ve ever gotten a chance to talk one-on-one. Too bad it’s coming so late.”

“Yeah, I’ve always wondered… I mean, I think we would have been great friends if the situation would have been different. Should have hung out more earlier.” They both knew the real reason they hadn’t hung out more, but now that reason was away planning a wedding.

“And you’re so hot too. Too bad we didn’t do a lot of things when we had the chance.”

Marcus would never have described Amy as “hot”. At just over 5′ tall,Amy was often described as “cute”. Over the four years Marcus had known her, like many other college women, she had put on the pounds. However, she must have found the time to work out, because she looked fantastic: short blonde hair, perky b-cup tits, and a round ass that was enhanced by the gauzy sun dress she was wearing.

“So tell me what’s going on with you.” She sat Indian-style in the chair.

“Work mostly, I suppose. I mostly just hang with people from work when I’m not actually working.”

“How are the wedding plans going?”

Marcus tried not to grimace. “They’re progressing, I suppose.”

“Not that involved huh?”

“I tried to be. It just seemed that the things she wanted and the things I wanted, well they didn’t really mesh. It doesn’t matter so much to me. She’s been waiting her whole life for the wedding. I just want it over with.”

“Ok…. So have you been taking advantage of what’s left of your freedom? When’s the wedding?”

“Middle of August.”


“So. I guess I’ve been trying to. There aren’t many people around, like I said. So some nights we’ll go down into Chicago after work. Sometimes we just stay and have some drinks after work. It’s really been pretty tame.”

“It does get pretty desolate here doesn’t it? Well any time you want to get out, just let me know.”

“I’m sure Anne would love that.” The talk of marriage and Anne had put a damper on Marcus’ enthusiasm.

“She hates me doesn’t she?”

“‘Hate”s a strong word.”

“But she’s never said anything nice about me, huh?”

“No.” Marcus had to chuckle. “Nope, she hasn’t.”

“That’s ok. She’s not here,” Amy answered. There was a pause in the conversation as if to let that fact steep between them.

“Another drink?” Amy asked, after finishing hers. Marcus hadn’t even noticed he had drained his glass already.

“Sure,” he answered. “That went down quickly.”

“Good stuff, huh?” She took his glass and headed back to the kitchen. Marcus couldn’t take his eyes off her round little ass.

When she came back she knelt down on the floor in front of where Marcus sat offering up the drink to him. “So do you think she’s going to be the kind of wife who will bring you a drink when you get home from a long day of work?” she asked looking up at him.

“I hope so,” Marcus answered somewhat uncomfortably feeling his cock grow erect.

“Will she be the kind of wife that will just get down and kiss your body like this?” she said, pulling up his shirt and planting kisses down his abs. Marcus’ answer was just a long drawn-in breath. “Will she pull open your belt, undo your shorts and take your cock into her mouth?” Amy demonstrated just what she meant as Marcus slid down in the chair.

He ran his hands through her hair as she took his whole length into her mouth. “MM, Amy…. Amy, I can’t.” She continued running her mouth and tongue along his cock. “Amy…” Marcus pushed her head away.

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