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last weekend

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last weekendHi guys,Last weekend john and i decided to head away for the weekend for a little break to a little seaside town we visit quite often.As money is a little tight we decided to book into a nice little hostel we had stayed in before as we presumed it would be empty and we would have it too ourselves WRONG.It was all most full,(there was some kind of bowling competition on in the town) except for one room which had a double bed great we said we’ll take it, no problem said the landlady except for one tiny matter we would have to share the room as it also had two single beds which were all ready occcupied by two other gents.Still no prob i said as i was anxious to dump the bags, shower,change clothes and hit the town as it was a hostel after all but john wasn’t too happy about the idea of us sharing and wanted us to go find a B&B he was also worried about me after a few drinks and what i might get up too even though he didn’t say so.I should add at this stage that when drunk i do tend to shed inhibitions as well as clothes.any way i convinced john to stay instead of wasting valuable drinking time looking for a B&B as i told him the too guys were probably pensioners here for the bowling comp.So we paid the lady for the night and were shown to our room.It wasn’t bad a fairly big room with a double bed and two singles on either side as she said so i thought to myself no nookie tonight for Ann but fuck it i was still going to have a good night.We threw our bags on the bed and john had a lie down while i undressed, wrapped a towel around me, took a swig or three from the ataşehir escort bottle of vodka i had made sure to pack and headed for the showers which were at the end of the hall the landlady had told me.I was so looking forward to a nice hot shower as i had come straight from work.As i entered the shower room i noticed they were occupied by two guys probably our room mates i thought so i turned to head back when one of them called out they were nearly finished ok ill wait i said.Just to give you some idea, these showers for some strange reason can accomadate four people showering together god only knows why.Come in don’t be shy one of them jokingly called out i’m tom and this is bob.MMMMMMM i wondered, a sneaky peek couldn’t hurt so i walked in an introduced myself,hi i’m Ann i said nice to meet you all the while trying to catch a sneaky glimpse of the guys cocks.It wasn’t easy as the room was fairly steamed up and the two guys were scrubbing away big time.But what i did see was impressive to say the least i must have been staring as the guys both middle age laughed and said why not join them in the free stall between them.I didn’t have to think twice dropped my towel and bold as you like joined them all i was worried about was john walking in but i was here now and intended to enjoy the show.I proceeded to lather up when bob the older of the two offered to wash my back wow i thought that didn’t take long, ok i said and handed him my sponge and he gently scrubbed my shoulders and back it felt so nice, i could feel his large cock rubbing against üsküdar escort me getting harder when his mate asked if he could do the front with all my might i tried to say no but i couldn’t fact is i was so enjoying this,i was aching with lust with these two guys as old as my dad scrubbing my naked young body from head to toe it felt wrong very wrong but so fucking exciting i couldn’t stop them.Bob was now washing my legs and ass and Tom my tits and pussy i felt so horny and wet as i felt bob play with my asshole and shortly after tom slipped a finger into my aching bald pussy it was heaven and i knew then i wanted them to fuck me.Tom sank to his knees and started to tongue flick my clit with expertise bringing me to orgasm in seconds while bob was vigorously fingering my ass.With tom still licking and sucking below me i felt bob enter my ass hard and fast he fucked me it hurt because he was so big but boy it felt good and i begged him to fuck me hard which he did and as i came again i could feel his hot spunk shoot up in side my ass.Exausted we started to pull ourselves together,my ass hurting like never before when tom says what about me i need to cum ,ok i said as i knelt down to take him in my mouth.Feeling my ring on fire with every move i made i sucked his balls gently then licked up along his shaft taking his cock deep in my mouth and within mins i could feel his load gush into my mouth and down my throat as he came loudly.As i wiped my mouth and wondered how long i have been gone from john i could see bob standing above me now wanking his çekmeköy escort cock furiously jesus i thought was it ever going to end i stood up and bent over with my hands on the slippery wet wall for support i told bob to fuck me from behind and he hurriedly did slipping his massive cock into me from behind i could feel every inch fill my hot tight little cunt as his balls slapped against my ass hard and fast.It was not long before we were both cumming again.The two guys stepped out wrapped towels around themselves thanked me for making there weekend and left.Tired and sore i finished washing myself stepped out wrapped up in my towel when reality struck were they our roommates?what if they meet john and tell him about the young little slut they just fucked in the shower?OMG I literally ran down the hall(sore hole and all) and into the room and there were my boys with big silly schoolboy grins.John introduced them to me as i appologised for taking so long but explained i had to wait for them to finish their shower before i could have mine,John said no worries babe i was just catching up with bob and tom there golfing buddies of mine just here for the weekend same as us.I nearly fucking died there and then this could only happen to me.I turned my back shyly started to dress as john shifted nervously on the side of the bed in case i might flash a tit or something accidently.I hurriedly got dressed and while i was putting on some make up the guys left saying we will see ye later, bye i said as my face was now as red as my arse with embarrassment.They have invited us too dinner in the hotel john say’s and i gladly accepted can’t turn down a free meal and booze up now can we Ann he says proudly,no love i answerd finishing the bottle of vodka thinking to myself this is going to be a long night and i wasn’t looking forward to facing them again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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