Nis 20

Late Night Outing Ch. 02

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Her large heart shaped ass rippled with each impact of his crotch. She panted out as she gripped the backrest of the seat in front of her, nails digging into the fabric of the cushion. The theater was for the most part deserted. The projector one of those newer computer operated machines so no one was above in the booth to see in the darkened theater the pair of lovers. Her short skirt bunched up about her ample hips, her panties looped around one ankle. Thick thighs spread wide around his, her shaven mound glistening wet, and impaled on his condom covered cock.

“YESSS fuckkk that’s so good baby mmmmm!” Marsha cried out his large breasts still clad in her shirt bounced slightly, still being contained as her ass rode up and down on Wayne’s thick headed dick. His hands were cupping to her ass, squeezing them, his fingers leaving redden rub marks over her pale cheeks. “Mmmm god! I’m going to cummmmmm Wayne yesss!” She panted, leaning forward, her elbows on the backrest now. Wayne grunted his consent, his mind clouded with lust as his eyes watched her large smooth ass bounce, the tempo of smacks of flesh, ass to thighs mixed with the creak of the seat only furthered his arousal. His head dipped back as he groaned and said in a throaty growl.

“Cum for me baby, NOW!” He croaked the last word as his control failed and his slick, pussy juice covered sac tightened up, its thick contents pumping up his shaft and hitting the latex dam of his condoms tip. Marsha felt his cock flex, wildly within her and knew he was cumming, she bite her bottom lip, stifling a shriek that turned into high pitched yelp as her hot pussy tightened and her own release washed over her. Clit throbbing her bouncing body pressed down hard as she came, her hips slipped into a wildly jerking spasm as she rode the wave of pleasure.

They sat there, the movie playing out on the screen, breathing loudly as each fought to catch breath. “Damn baby.” Marsha panted as slowly she pushed her arms up on the seat, and twisted around to look at him with a soft smile. “Hmm keep this up and you might run out of supply.” She giggled.

“Well, that was the last one for tonight.” Wayne said in a thoughtful tone. Looking up at the ceiling. Marsha was about to protest when she realized he meant the condoms. She looked at him and slowly rose, his hand coming under her as she did to pin the now over flowing condom to his hard shaft, she turned and knelt by his thighs, rubbing them with her small soft hands.

“That mean we can watch the movie and head home? Or….” She let it trail off. Already they had spoken about the protection. And the fact she did not care, more so, she was hot as hell to feel Wayne’s cock bare, hot, and spraying her within. Wayne looked to her and smiled slowly. She perked up. That smile always meant good things.

Leaving the theater, to the coy looks of the late night receptionist at the snack counter, she knew what the pair had done, she even slipped off to the bathroom and finger fucked her bald pussy until she came at the thought. She was in place of the short plump woman, being herself a well rounded woman. Thick of thigh and ass, her breasts a massive bulge on her chest under the sweater she wore. She waved at Wayne when he happened to look towards her on the way out. Which got him in turn a teasing taunt from Marsha. Marsha had her arm about his hugging it tight as they headed bahis firmaları across the flood light lit parking lot to his red dodge ram, Her thoughts on the fact that she was still horny as fuck, yet hesitant to upset Wayne at the fact they were out of condoms.

She knew he was estranged from his wife, the marriage broke down into a argument after argument, mostly on stress and other factors that Wayne had not disclosed but she could guess. She was the woman he talked to, opened up slowly, and after a few consoling chats via online or phone texting, they had met to talk. Then they found themselves on her living room floor, half naked, his cock buried in her hot cunt as his lips closed about one of her large hard nipples. She smiled at the memory of that first night.

“You are quiet.” Wayne said, opening her door and helping her up into her seat. She smiled feeling his hands taking a quick feel of her rump.

“Oh merely thinking.” She said as he shut her door and headed around to the driver side. Getting in he started up the truck and in gear he headed out of the cineplex. They rode for a time in silence before she slipped a hand over rubbing his thigh. She shifted in her seat and scooted closer, until her thighs were against his and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Getting sleepy hon?” he asked as he slipped his right arm about her shoulders.

“A little baby. But not gone yet.” Her hand slipped up and cupped his loins though his jeans, feeling the warmth there from both body, and the heated fuck they gave her earlier tonight.

“Hmm I think she is wanting a night cap.” he chuckled.

Marsha inhaled slowly to warm the chill that shot down her arms as she spoke, a tinge or fear that he might reject the idea. “Only if you can deal with not having a condom.” She whispered, eyes looking to his. He glanced at her then the road again. Wayne had been in this sexual relationship for better part of four months now, twice that length since he and his wife separated and were dealing with the legal matters of the divorce.

He looked to her and smiled, then whispered. “If I did.” he paused. “I would enjoy it, but we would have to worry about..” He trailed as she put a finger to his lips.

“I am a woman, I know what might happen hon. I am willing, besides, once the lawyer finishes.” She started before he looked at her.

“I know hon. Just maybe pre-show jitters.” He chuckled. She smiled to him and patter his cock, which she felt was stirring.

“Don’t worry baby. I am sure you will put on a good show, and fuck me good when you do.”

Getting back to her apartment, he parked the truck and walked with her up to her door. She leaned back against it looking at him with a tilt of her head, smiling to him as she walked her fingers up his belly and along his chest. “Want to come in?” She asked, as one hand reached back to unlock the door. Wayne nodded and leaned close and kissed her soft lips, her arms slipping up around his neck as he ample ass bumped the door open. They lock stepped into the apartment, his foot pushing the door closed as he kept his arms about her shoulders. Marsha broke the kiss and turned, tossing her purse to the small kitchenette table and walked into the adjoining living room. His eyes watched her, short, barely above five feet tall, he hair long, her ample butt thick and soft, thighs silky smooth and plump, he kaçak iddaa felt his jeans growing tighter as he watched her. She stopped and looked back at him and wiggled that wide cheeked ass. “Seeing something good, perv?” She said.

“Oh I just might be.” He followed her into the living room and took her in his hands and moved to sit on the loveseat sofa, leaning back as she straddled his thighs, her skirt already riding up over her supple thighs. Marsha smiled and kissed at his neck, her hips already gyrating against him as her lusting eagerness took control again. His hands slid up along her thighs and yanked up her skirt around her waist, her thong not even there, tucked away in her purse after the fucking she got in the theater. She leaned back and her small hands reached down and with a near desperate tug opened his jeans before kissing him deeply. Her hands jerking the now freed cock that thickened to fullness now out of the confinement of denim. She groaned and slipped from his lap before he could stop her and leaning her head over his crotch her tongue traced the thick purple tip of his engorged shaft. The slight tang of latex still clung to his shaft, but also was the salty sweet coating of his seed that had dried on the drive, she groaned and her soft cheeks hollowed as her lips parted and she took his hard dick into her mouth.

Wayne slid a hand out into her smooth hair at the suddenness of her oral assault. His hips gave a sharp involuntary thrust as he felt her mouth slide down then back up along his vein laced cock. He reached up as she bobbed her head up and down, and tugged his shirt off, his chest covered in fine soft hair. He leaned back as he watched her sucking, the wet slurp of her mouth making him growl. He was a hound dog for sounds of pleasure. Marsha felt him moving, but did not let up, her small hand gripping the thick base of his manhood as her lips slid up and down, her tongue whipping out around the bloated tip feeling it swell and smooth out. the eye of it deepening and opening, oozing pre-cum out onto her eager tongue. Her hands then went to work, knowing he was stripping down she tugged her sweater up over her large pillowy tits and leaning up, she let his cock fall free of her slick mouth so she could yank the sweater up and off. Tossing it aside she bent back down and sucked her lovers hard cock back into her mouth. Wayne reached down and popped each hook of her bra and he could see the fullness of her tits falling free as the bra slid down her arms, to which she promptly yanked off.

Marsha leaned back licking her lips and laid back on the carpet and lifted her short plump thighs, her small shoe clad feet pointing at the ceiling as her thighs parted, her hands grabbed her large breasts, barely covering the width with his hands, she groaned. “Fuck me baby, right here where we did that first time.” Wayne knelt on the floor and moved to her, leaning down to teasingly slide his tongue along her inner thigh and down, right over the uppermost fold of her swollen mound, and the divide of her slit. Tickling her clit with his tongue tip a moment, making her groan and wriggle, Wayne rose up and rubbed the thick tip of his hard cock against her swollen and slick mound. “Oh baby.” She gasped, feeling the real heat of his flesh against hers, she seemed to contort herself slightly as if to lunge forward to take what was offered and teasingly not given kaçak bahis yet.

Wayne growled and suddenly he pushed his hard dick downward, angling it and with a roll of his hips he was in her. She gasped at the suddenness and her already wet pussy opened and she moaned out loud as the burning heat of his bare cock sank into her tight cunt. “OH FUCKKK YESS!” She howled as his crotch smacked to hers, her pussy filled, in the true manner of fucking, hot and bare skin to skin.

Wayne’s hands crashed to the floor to either side of her shoulders as his knees parted and his hips rolled up and back, slamming in and down, his hard cock plunging in and out of her juicy hot little pussy. His groans already louder than before, she smiled to herself, he was enjoying taking her with out worry of restraint. “Oh honey that’s it!” She hissed as his head bowed, his eyes closed as he began to fuck in and out of her deep and hard. Her large tits, soft and falling off to her sides when she lay back, now bounced and rotated with the impact of his cock within her, those hard nipples brushing against his chest hair. Steady at first his hips rose and fell, crotch wet already smacked lewdly against hers as her plump thighs clasped at his waist, her shoes still pointed at the ceiling as she closed her eyes, moaning, gasping out as her tight little pussy was filled again and again with his hot fuck meat.

Wayne gritted his teeth as he leaned up to the extent of his arms, his body rocking atop hers, as he tried to add his weight into his lustful thrusts. Driving his cock into her with harder force he looked down, watching as her soft tits bounced and jiggled wildly on her chest, her hands sliding up and down his bare chest, nails raking his flesh. This served one thing and it showed as he suddenly growled, leaned himself up and grabbing her thighs he pushed her over, then grabbing her waist he hauls her rounded juice ass up into the air and with hands smacking to her cheeks and gripping, his hard cock found her redden cunt and slammed in. Marsha yelped at the sudden change, yet screamed out as she was turned and rammed in from behind. “OH BABY FUCKKKK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AMMMM!” she half howled, half begged.

Wayne grunted louder his hands grabbing at her hips, yanking her back as his hips drove forth, his engorged cock stabbing into her sweet willing cunt hard and deep, panting already he tossed his head back, the feeling of her cunt hot and moist about his cock had him already loosing his fight with his control. But he did not care, harder he rammed his cock, the louder his sweet loving slut screamed. She had slumped to her elbows her ample tits jiggling with the hard fucking impact of his cock in her, each thrust making her hard nipples grind into the carpet. Marsha panted, eyes closed, cunt throbbing her clit aching she tried to say it but so hot was the sensation she merely did it. With a hype squealing she let loose a orgasm that made her whole body shake and he grunted in answer as a thick wash of her juices splattered to his pounding crotch, he lost it.

“YESS baby fucking CUM!” He roared as his balls tightened suddenly and his hard cock sunk deep and erupted within her milking cunt.

Marsha stood in her bathroom. Three weeks had past since she and Wayne did away with using any type of protection in their love making. She bit her lip, a foot tapping the tiled floor of the bathroom, her hand bouncing the long white tube up and down against the counter. Waiting. She looked down, and took a breath and lifted the pregnancy test up. Opening her eyes she looked at the small window…………

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