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Later that night

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The taxi rolled to a slow stop on the icy streets, the head and tail lights illuminating the wintery surroundings of the sleepy cul-de-sac. As Alexis slid her long legs out of the taxi, making her escape, she noticed drops of cum had dripped from her pussy onto the black leather seats. Allen Gains quickly followed her out of the cab, sliding along the same seats, the cum smearing itself on the rear of his pants. Had he not seen the cum on the seats? Did he know he had just worked it into the fabric of his pants? Perhaps he knew and didn’t care? These were all questions that were floating around Alexis’ mind as her friend for the night paid the fare.She was shivering for the first time that night as they walked through the gate and up the stairs to the house. She began to shiver even more when at first she couldn’t find her house key. Fishing through her purse, it was eventually found and jammed into the old lock of the front door. Alexis and Allen weren’t getting off that easily, however. It took several tries and countless rounds of jiggling the key in the lock before they heard the distinct click, and the door opened before them.The house was warm, her husband having lit the fire while Alexis was out on her reconnaissance mission. Shoes were slipped off, coats hung up and light switches flicked as Alexis went in search of the missing piece. He was found in the bedroom, the bedsheets invitingly pulled back, his back up hard against the headboard, reading a porn mag. His erection was tenting his pyjama bottoms, his man-nipples were stiff and his face was starting to become flush. Alexis smiled.“I found a friend.”“A friend?” he asked.“Yes,” Alexis said. “A friend.”Alexis motioned şişli escort for Allen Gaines to come into the bedroom. He seemed to hesitate a moment, standing on the precipice. That edge between the bedroom and what surely would be a fun night ahead full of hot, steamy sex, and the real world. The world where he could back right away, leave this house and never think about this again, only asking himself the occasional ‘what if?’He took the leap. He made that jump and took a few steps into the bedroom. He didn’t flinch or seem weirded-out by Alexis’ husband being half-naked and sporting a hard-on. He was unfazed by it all. The only thing the two men did was nod at each other in greeting.Sensing she would need to take the lead, Alexis stripped off and left her clothes in a neat little pile on the floor at the foot of the bed. Crawling on her hands and knees up the bed to her husband, she pulled his pyjama bottoms down and took out his cock, which hardened further in her hand. Stroking it slowly, she looked up at her husband and winked mischievously.The backs of her thighs were cold, and the sudden rush of air she felt on her pussy and ass was somewhat erotic. She was, of course, already wet and cummy from earlier, and it did not take long for the warmth from her core to radiate out to the rest of her body. Sucking her husband’s cock was keeping her face otherwise occupied, as well as generating more heat.Allen Gaines walked up behind Alexis, dropped his pants and rubbed his growing cock in time to the rhythm he saw before him. He found the sound of her husband’s gasps and moans highly arousing and it was not long before he was ready for round two. Lining up escort şişli his slick and shiny cock head with her wet and sloppy entrance, it only took one full stroke for him to ram it home. This pushed her head further onto her husband’s cock, and she took him all the way down her throat. The moans and groans of the two men soon filled the room, as did the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and the gagging and choking that was coming from Alexis.She felt a new sense of arousal overtake her senses at that point. It was a feeling that was altogether different than the regular arousal she felt when masturbating or when she and her husband had sex. Having the extra energy from the third person in the room really added something to the mix. A bit of je ne sais quoi, to what was already a fulfilling and hot sex life that existed between her and the husband.Several times Allen Gaines’ cock slid out of Alexis and rested in between her ass cheeks. She was lubricating furiously at this point, finding it highly arousing to be speared by two cocks. Add this to the earlier load of cum he had given her from their alleyway rendezvous, and it made for one wet pussy.Her head was keeping and steady motion on her husband’s cock, her mouth creating a tight suction. When her jaw become sore, she glided her lips back up the shaft and wrapped a hand around him, putting her tongue to good use and sucking on the head, or licking all over the shaft or going lower and sucking his balls, the hairs creating a different sensation in her mouth. The only time she stopped sucking was to moan loudly or spur Allen on with chants of “fuck me.”His second load of cum came quicker than he mecidiyeköy had anticipated, and her filled her almost to the brim. Cum pooled in the entrance of her pussy and slowly dribbled and leaked out of her after he had pulled out, his erection wilting. Not one to let the feeling of her impending orgasm subside, Alexis stopped sucking her husband’s cock and demanded he fuck her.Her husband found her incredibly wet, warm and slick as he too was able to ram it home in one full thrust. Does he know he’s fucking amidst two loads of cum? Allen thought. Or does he just think it’s one big load? Is there any way of telling? It felt like a small victory to Allen, to have her husband not know that his wife was filled with two lots of his cum, and soon a third, going by the expressions on his face, and the slew of grunts and groans he was expelling.Alexis was very aware of how wet she was down there, and the amount of cum she was leaking. She could feel it drip from her pussy, and what wasn’t coating her husband’s cock, was making a mess of her thighs and the bedding below. Putting two fingers to her clitoris, she rubbed like crazy, her fingers too becoming soaked and sticky.It seemed a fitting ending to the night that Alexis and her husband came at the same time. At least that was the thought that immediately struck Allen when he heard the mixed moans coming to a peak at the same time, and witnessed the two bodies shaking uncontrollably. It was almost comical, really. Her husband was the first to start shaking and moaning, and then Alexis followed, almost as if he was powering her; transferring some of that orgasmic sexual energy to her, cunt first.With a sigh, her husband pulled out, his cock utterly drained and slicked with cum. Giving Allen Gaines eye contact for the first time that night, he nodded his head at the young man and smiled.“Thanks for your time again, Al,” he said.Allen smiled, walked nearer Alexis’ husband and shook his hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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