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Layla Lets Her Freak Loose

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I was sitting by myself at a table for four in the mall’s food court. Halfway through eating my chicken fried rice, three black guys that I’d seen earlier walking around and flirted with very briefly, came over and sat in the empty chairs. They were all wearing thug tee shirts and baggy pants that hung half off their hips.“You don’t mind if we join you do you,” one of them said.“It’s a free country, last time I checked anyway,” I replied, and then added, “You guys not eating? What are you doing here?”“We’re eatin’. Wes, go get us burgers and fries.”The guy I figured was Wes jumped up and headed to the burger place. I also figured Mr. Talkative was the leader of their small group. He went on, “We think you’re the hottest chick here. You buy anything so far?”I kind of chuckled to myself. Hottest chick, yeah right. Although I did look good. Braless in a cropped tank top and pretty short shorts showed off my assets—emphasis on ass—quite well.I answered simply, “Nope.”“You go to the University?”“Yup.”“So, what you lookin’ for? Maybe we can help?”Yeah, right. These three guys are going to help me pick some intimates that I was looking for at Victoria’s and a few other stores. “I was looking for bras and panties. You experts in them?”He put on a big smile. “Oh yeah! We be total experts in dem. Looks to me like you don’t wear dem much anyway, at least the bra part.” He tapped the other guy’s shoulder and they both snickered. “So, what’s yo name anyway? I’m Coal and dis here’s Junior. Here comes Wes with our burgers.”He tossed a stuffed bag on the table, set down a cardboard tray of drinks, and sat down as the other two ripped open the bag and grabbed the food.“I’m Layla. The all-American meal I see. That your go-to grub?”“You right there! Can’t beat a good burger and crispy fries. No offense, but we’re not real big on Chinese food.”“None taken. To each his own,” I said as I finished up my rice. “I’m gonna take off pretty quick. Nice meetin’ you guys.”“Whoa. Wait a minute. What you gonna do? Why don’t you hang with us for a bit? We’ll treat you real good.”Well, there it was, their pickup line. I figured something like that was going to happen. “Un-huh. Treat me ‘real good’. What’s that mean?” From the beginning, I’d figured these guys were thinking let’s pick up that white chick and we’ll all get to fuck her. I wasn’t really down for that at the moment and I had a party to attend that night, plus these guys didn’t strike me as university students. That last part was really neither here nor there, it’s just how they struck me. Actually, they were good-looking in their own sort of ghetto-ish way, and I was having fun with our banter.“Well Layla, when you go to those fancy fraternity parties you ever smoke some weed?”“Sure,” I replied quickly. It was one of my weaknesses—I do have a few.“Well, we just happen to have some available. Good stuff. If you be interested we could go to our crib and get down with some. We get it from a local grower and supervise its resale,” he said with another quick chuckle.“Let me guess. You guys live in the Morgan Apartments just a couple miles from here.”They all started laughing. “Guilty as charged Miss Layla. You afraid to come to the ‘hood? All us black folk hanging around in dat big complex, woo.”Laughing, I shot back, “I’m not afraid. Should I be?”“No reason dat I know of,” Coal replied.I was weakening. It was a tempting offer. I was a minor league pothead, but I was also able to maintain a three-point-six grade point average.Thinking these guys were cool to joke around with, I was convincing myself that I’d have fun, maybe even… well, that would require some musing about letting my freak loose. I should explain. I’m the girl that fits the expression about being a lady in public and a slut in the bedroom. I hide my wicked, naughty desires in a cloak of innocent propriety quite effectively, but when turned loose those desires take over.Having mostly decided, I said, “How ‘bout I follow you back there?” as I quickly snapped their pictures. “They’re already in the cloud. I have any problems and my friends will know. The cops will have the pics. We cool?”“Very clever, Layla. We cool. No probs, just fun. Let’s go,” said Coal.With that, we headed for the mall parking lot. Being the quintessential poor student, I drove a scooter. The boys, as I was now beginning to think of them, had a customized Escalade—poor indeed!During the short drive, I’d thought about whether or not I should really do this. I could turn left and head back to the university or turn right and follow them to the apartment complex. I considered how things might go if I really went with them. I had no safety worries and admit that the thought of sex had more than a minor appeal at that point, especially if they happened to be endowed like the black guys I’d seen in porn and once in real life. Giving in to kocaeli escort my dark desire, I decided to see how things played out.Having followed them out of the mall parking lot, less than ten minutes later we were turning into the Morgan parking area. Going all the way to the back of the complex, they pulled into a spot and I parked next to them.We walked toward Building 15. They were all prominently numbered. Four guys were hanging out by the entrance, all of them ogling me up and down. They were all smiling and laughing in a low snicker. I imagined what they were thinking—those thoughts fueled my growing naughty feelings. Coal gave them a look and they immediately got quiet and looked away. One said, “Huh, sorry, Coal. No disrespect, man.”“You better avert or you wake up blind, chuckle-head.” Then he turned to me. “Don’t pay dem morons no mind. Dey ain’t got a brain between dem.”Having gotten accustomed to stares long ago, I just giggled while not giving away my inner thoughts.“They’re just wishin’ I was goin’ to their ‘crib’,” I said.“Probably, but I don like my friends being disrespected.”Smiling I said, “I’m cool dude and ready for some smoke.”“Cool, baby. We just gonna chill and enjoy ourselves.”I may have been crazy, but I was feeling better and better about my decision to come with these guys. People may live different lives but once you get to know them we’re all human at a basic level. I was confident that the day was going to turn out just fine.We went into the building, up the stairs, and about halfway down the hall. Coal opened the door to number 1524 and led me in, closely followed by Wes and Junior. The shades were closed and the TV was on. A girl was sitting on the couch watching it.“Neequa! What the fuck you doin’ here? You supposed to be out taking care of bidness.”She jumped up saying, “Sorry Coal. I got delayed.” All she had on was a pair of panties. Her large boobs jiggled alluringly, as her black nipples, pierced with gold rings, completed the picture.“Get yo ass dressed and git out! Go see what Big Boy might have for you.”“Okay, okay,“ she said as she grabbed around for her clothes and pulled them on. Her shorts were like Daisy Dukes and her top was cropped just barely below her ample boobs. Hurrying to get out she winked at me as she passed by and said, “Have fun girl,” as she disappeared out the door. I thought it was a pity she wasn’t going to stay.“Ah… What’s with—?” I said and was cut off by Coal.“Don’t pay her no never-mind. She’s a friend who sometimes takes advantage of my friendship. You smell the pot, right?”“Ah… yeah.”“Well, then you get the idea. C’mon, let’s sit down. You drink beer? Like music?”“Yes and yes.”He patted my butt and urged me forwards toward the couch. “Hey!” he called out, “get us a couple beers and roll us a big one. We gonna share it.” I plopped down on the couch and he dropped right next to me. Picking up a couple of remotes, he clicked off the TV and asked if I liked Marvin Gaye as he pushed a few more buttons and Gaye’s soft, sexy voice started to play.“Sure. Who doesn’t? He was one of the greats.” His voice would put almost any girl in the mood. I know it did me. Right about then Junior arrived with two cans of cold Bud.“Wes be right here with the doobie,” he said.“Good. Make sure it’s rolled tight,” Coal instructed.“You got it boss,” Junior said as he hurried away.Coal picked up the beers and handed me one. “Here’s to Layla. Chill and enjoy yourself baby girl.”Smiling, I replied, “Thanks! I intend to,” and took a big pull on the can. “Ah, that hits the spot. I’m beginning to think this might just turn into a good afternoon.” I sighed and snuggled a bit closer to him. He put his arm around me, his fingers dangling just above my left boob. I wondered if he was going to slip down the last inch or two. I took another drink and let out a satisfied sigh.“You feel good girl. You happy?” Coal asked.Now I was seriously flirting. My freak was clawing its way out. The dimly lit room, the mellow music, the beer, a strong man holding me close, what’s not to like I thought. Right about then Wes showed up with the joint.“Here ya go boss. Nice and tight, just how you like ‘em,” He said with a chuckle as he handed it and a lighter to Coal and disappeared. I hadn’t really put together just how much of a boss-gofer relationship they had. I’d pictured them as pretty much equals, but that clearly wasn’t the case.“Aight. Now leave us be. I call if I need somting.” Turning to me, he said, “You ready for some smoke?”I batted my eyelashes and said in a baby-style voice, “Okay Daddy. You’ll take good care of me, right? I’m just a little thing.”He laughed and said, “Yeah, right. Little miss innocent. Sit on my lap. Straddle me and we’ll share smoke. You done dat befo?”Straddling a guy, sure. Sharing smoke, I was not totally sure what he meant. So I continued kocaeli escort bayan with my baby talk as I moved my legs over to face him. “Oh Daddy, you’ll have to teach me about sharing. I can feel your potency. You won’t take advantage of lil‘ ole me now will you?” More eyelash batting.He laughed again as he fired it up and took a couple of quick puffs to get it going good. “Sharing smoke is inhaling deeply and then slowly breathing it out into the other person face as dey inhale. It’s kinda a double hit. More bang for your buck, so to speak.”“Gotcha! Sounds like a good idea.”“Okay. I’ll go first. Get ready to breathe in when I exhale.”With that, he took a big toke, held it for a few seconds, and then slowly began to release it toward me. I was ready and began breathing in as the smoke surrounded my face. Damn, I thought as I took it in, this is good shit! No ordinary street weed.He finished and I said, “Wow! Great stuff. Even second hand I got a good hit. Okay, my turn. I want a virgin toke.”“I don’ handle no weak ass shit. People pay top dollar for this cuz it’s the best. Go for it girl!”I took a really deep breath. I could feel my whole body tingle. Then I slowly let it out into his face as he breathed in deeply.“Damn and damn. This is some super good shit! I gotta take it slow… Daddy.”He smiled and said, “Tol’ ya,” as he put the joint down in a tray. “How ‘bout I check you out a bit as we mellow?” his hands were already beginning to move up my sides.“Check away Daddy. I hope you don’t mind small tits. Your friend has huge ones.”“Size be only for the eye. Pleasure be in the mind.”He began tweaking my hard nips. I moaned softly. God that felt good. Now was the moment. Stop him or proceed to the inevitable. I choose inevitable.“Oh yes, Daddy. Squeeze them. Rub them. They’re yours.” I grabbed the hem of my top, pulling it up and off. I’d crossed the Rubicon and was not looking back.He lifted my chest to his mouth, engulfing a nipple, circling and flicking it with his tongue as he sucked on it. Putting my arms around him, I knew I’d made the right choice. “Oh god yes, Daddy. Suck my tits. I love it!”He released me long enough to ask, “More smoke?”“Fuckin’ a,” I almost shouted.He set me back on his lap and relit the joint. “Exhale,” he told me as he took a deep drag and held it. Then, raising his thumb, he began to breathe out. I inhaled as the cloud enveloped me. Ahh, the feeling. The feeling that was already there now became overpowering, the desire to suck his cock. I felt its hardness pushing against my ass.He handed me the doobie. My turn. I took in the deepest breath I could and slowly released it back to him.“Again?” he asked.“No,” I said as I pushed myself off his lap and to the floor on my knees. My fingers were sure as I unbuttoned his beltless shorts. They came down easily and his cock sprang up. Good god, I thought as my eyes feasted on the black beast. So thick. My hands did not close around it. Two hands holding it and still its head was there, waiting for me, enticing me. Leaning forward, my mouth took it in, kissing, licking, sucking as my hands moved up and down. The thought of it in me was both terrifying and thrilling. I closed my eyes and abandoned myself to the enjoyment of his hardness sliding in and out of my mouth.“Oh yeah. Dat’s it, Baby Girl. Suck my dick. It’s gonna be fuckin’ your sweet pussy soon. You want it don’ ya?”“Mm-hmm,” was all I could manage. My mind was in a whirl from the weed and the thought of this monster fucking me. I briefly wondered if Junior and Wes were similarly equipped. That was a somewhat scary but intriguing thought.He kept encouraging me and praising my skills as he ran his hands through my hair. A few times he tried pushing me down to take it deeper. Each time I gagged. Sometimes I could do that, but he was just too thick.Eventually, he lifted me up saying, “Get those shorts off and sit on my lap. Rub it up and down your slit. I want you to feel it down there.”Giving him a provocative look, I whispered, “Yes, Daddy.”Dropping my shorts, I climbed back into his lap and held his cock. He pulled me into a kiss as I began to rub it against me. I was getting a small taste of how much I was going to be stretched. More bliss as I rubbed it against my clit and our tongues intertwined.With his arms around me, he stood, picking me up as if I was a feather. His shorts dropped to the floor and I brought my legs around him, which pulled his cock slightly into me.“Oh god,” I blurted, as I thought, damn that feels good. This is going to be great.“Time to be on a bed,” he said and started walking. That motion pulled him more and more into me. Once there, we broke the kiss, but he managed to stay in and keep slowly filling me more and more.“You like dat black dick don ya girl?” he said with a roguish grin.Grinning back, I said, “Fuck yes, you wanton izmit escort seducer of helpless girls.”He paused, saying, “I guess I’d better stop. I don’t want no problems.”Bucking up against him, I replied, “Don’t you dare! I was kiddin’. You better fuck me silly. Make me cum and cum!”With that, he got serious, as if he wasn’t before. Adapting quicker than I expected to, he was soon pounding me as I clawed the bed and screamed out my orgasms. I rode the peaks of orgasm to the valleys in between. Time after time I was squealing in lustful delight as I was lost in my own world of wicked rapture.Suddenly he pulled out and almost before I knew it, I was flipped onto my knees. Then: THWACK-THWACK, as his hand spanked my ass.“OW! Shit, that—”THWACK-THWACK“That smarts!” I shouted, as the stinging shot through me. I desperately wanted him fucking me again but there was something about the exquisite burn he was creating… something inexplicable. It was double-edged, pain and pleasure mixed, a yin-yang thing. These thoughts only took a fraction of a second.THWACK “Bad girls know dey need to be spanked—THWACK—are you a bad girl?”My mind was reeling. Everything seemed incomprehensible. “YES!” I shouted. “I’m fuckin’ wickedly bad.”“And what do bad girls need?”“Spanking?” I replied tenuously, just as I felt his cockhead sliding up and down my slit. “NO! Fucking! This bad girl wants fucking!”“But you know you want both don you?”Knowing I’d crossed another watershed, I replied quietly, “Yes.”With that, he only pushed in a couple inches and started rapidly fucking me.At first, that surprised me. “Oh god, yes! That’s what I need. Fuck me!” But soon I realized what he was doing and I wanted it all. “Deeper! Quit teasing me. I want it all.”He said, “You mean like this?” as he rammed in fully.I gasped for breath and instinctively tried to pull away. He jerked me back as I gasped out, “Fuck yes! Just like that!” This bad girl was majorly back in her groove.Soon I was into the peaks and valleys of sexual thrills. The peaks were mind-blowing orgasms that racked my body. The valleys were the wonderful feeling of his thick cock pumping in and out of me. There was no downside to this, just the decadence of continuing pleasure punctuated by the almost other-worldly ecstasy of orgasms.His stamina amazed me. He never stopped, barely slowed, and that was only occasionally. Sometimes he’d grab my hair and pull me up and back, deepening his penetration. There were the sporadic smacks to my ass, which only served to galvanize my physical response. I had no idea of time. Everything was something of a blur.When he once again grabbed my hair and pulled me seemingly tighter than ever I was beginning to think that I might actually pass out from the continuously increasing arousal state he had me in. At that moment he groaned and I felt his cock begin pulsing his hot jizz into me. That feeling pushed me into one last, huge, body-trembling orgasm. Staying in me, we fell sideways to the bed, gasping for air as our hearts pounded to send blood through our exhausted bodies.I spoke first. “Oh my god. I never imagined it could be this good. I came so much I… I really don’t know what to say.”He kind of chuckled and said, “I guess you enjoyed it.”“Enjoyed it!? I thought I was going to die. Not really, but I mean… holy crap! You’re like a machine, a big black fuck machine. I’ll never be the same.”“Guess dat’s good?”“I guess time will tell about that.” At that point, I really did wonder about that. “How many other girls have you done this to?”“You mean white college girls?”“Yeah.”“A few. It’s not exactly an everyday thing.”“So, I’m not the first to get this treatment?”He grinned. “No, you’re not the first.”“You’re not real talkative about this.”“What do you want me to say? It happens from time to time.”“Do they come back for more?”“Some do… have. You wouldn’t be the first, if dat’s what you mean.”I laughed and said, “Do I need an appointment?”He grinned (he did that often). “I’ll give you my cell. You’re always more than welcome.” By this point my body had returned to a fairly normal state. I’d turned to face him and could feel spunk slowly leaking out. He went on, “You know you’ve got two guys out there hungering to be in here with you.”“Oh god! I’d totally forgotten. See what you did to me. Do I have to? That’s stupid, of course I don’t. Do I want to, that’s the question. Or maybe it’s can I take anymore?”“All dat’s up to you.”“Are they as big as you?”“No. Maybe a bit more than average but not like me. You ever do two guys at once?”“Kind of. One after the other, but not at the same time.”“So, new experience for you. If you’re up for it. Dey’ll treat you right. I guarantee dat.”“Will they eat my pussy with your spunk in it?”“If I tell them to. You like dat idea?”It was a fantasy I’d harbored. “I’ve always liked the idea… and I’ve pretty much recovered from your ravishment of me.”“Is dat what I did?”“In an amazing way. Put your number in my phone. It’s in my purse. And send them in. I’ll just lie back, relax and see how things go. Tell them what I expect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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