May 20

Leaving The Friend Zone Part 2 Birthday Surprise

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Leaving The Friend Zone Part 2 Birthday SurpriseLisa already lived a few weeks in my house. Mostly she was wearing tight fitting clothes but that was all i could see from her body. One day she walked into my study. She was wearing a white blouse, which last 2 buttons were open to show some cleavage and a pair of tight fitting jeans. She wore her glasses which she only needed to read.”Um Thomas.””Yes.””You know what day will be tomorrow.””No.””What!”She came closer and gave me a hug. Her breasts were pressed against my chest.”Tomorrow is your birthday.”She was right. I forgot my birthday.”So how about if we go clubbing to celebrate your birthday?””Sounds good to me.””Can’t wait for it.”And with that she moved out and i stared just on this masterpiece of an ass.A few hours later i was waiting in the den. She came down the stairs. She was a stunner. She was wearing a red low-cut top and a white skirt that was just a bit over her ass. She combined it with black heels. Her hair was open. I was standing open-mounded. “Like what you see?”,she said with a wink.We headed off to a club. My observation proved me that Lisa was the hottest chick inside. It was fun to watch one guy after another getting burned when they approached her. The canlı bahis more we drank the closer she was to me and her dancing moves became hotter. We left the club and were home close to midnight. She was tipsy and giggling all the time. We went to the bar and i made us a drink. She looked at the clock. It was past midnight. She gave me a hug.”Happy birthday Thomas.” And with that she gave me a kiss. I was stunned but quickly returned the kiss. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and moved her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced around each other. I grabbed her and carried her into the kitchen and set her down on the counter without breaking the kiss. I quickly pulled her top down and took her bra off. She broke the kiss.”I need you!”I took one of her nipples into my mouth and gently sucked it while twisting the other one. She moaned in delight and held my head onto her chest. “Lower”,she whispered.I kissed my way down while licking her belly button, she shivered. She spread her legs i kissed my way up from her left knee to her pussy. Goose bumps built on her skin.”Stop teasing me!”, she whimpered.I obeyed and moved her black thong aside to get access to her honeypot. She was completely shaven. My tongue moved her already bahis siteleri wet slit up and down. She moaned in pleasure. I inserted it into her vaginal-tunnel what made her scream in pleasure. My hands kneaded her breasts while my tongue darted in and out of her. I moved my tongue up to her clit and put one of my hands of her breasts and fingered her hole.”Yes like that. Don’t stop!”, she moaned.Several minutes of that stimulation made her breath quicken. I pulled my dripping fingers out and kissed her entrance while i squeezed her clit. She squirmed and cried out in pleasure as her orgasm overcame. I lapped up all of her juices. I moved up and kissed her to give her a taste of herself. She was panting and covered in sweat. her hair was a mess.”Please take me now!”, she begged me.I took of my pants and shorts to free my already hardened cock. As i pulled out a condom she said:”Don’t worry i’m on the pill and i’m clean.”I moved closer and kissed her as i slowly eased my dick into her tight pussy. We both groaned.”Fuck my little Latina-cunt”, she said with an faked Spanish accent.I slowly pumped her pussy while it adjusted. We kissed again and she held herself around my neck and wrapped her legs around me. Her hands moved canlı bahis siteleri my back down and left a few scratches. I increased the speed. She moaned into my mouth. I continued this until her breath quickened. She moved her head onto my shoulder and moaned in pleasure.Her inner walls contracted around me and she moved her mouth to my neck and bit me there. She left a love bite on my neck. I stopped. She was panting.”That was intense.”, i said.”Yeah! But you still have to cum for me…or better in me! So you can now use my pussy as your own toy for your satisfaction. Just pump until you cum.” With that she laid back and tightened the grip of her legs around my waist. I didn’t need to be told twice and started to pump her hard right away.”Yes that’s it. Fuck me! Fill my little cono with your lefa!”, she said with her acted accent while playing with her tits.I didn’t last long and was on the verge of cumming as i felt her tighten again. She screamed in ecstasy and milked me. Spurt after spurt was shooting inside and hit her cervix as i groaned. I moved down and kissed he while my softened cock slipped out of her filled pussy. We both panted. “That was the best present of all time.”, i said.”Well that wasn’t your present.””What?””Sorry i got carried away.”, she said with a smile. “Your real present is waiting for you. Wait in your bedroom for me! I’m gonna take a quick shower to refresh.”And with that we both moved away from the counter.TO BE CONTINUED

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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