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Lena’s New Life Ch. 20

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

You may want to read Chapter One to get the premise, although the story has progressed quite a bit from its beginnings, and maybe Eighteen to catch up. Thanks to all the readers who have stuck with the tale, and voted.

Civil comments always welcome.


Later that week Lena got it into her head that she and John needed an extra special night.

Of course, sex between them was frequent, almost nightly, and sometimes twice in a day. Some sessions went two, three, even four times. Their sex had usually been good; now it was great, often spectacular, always vigorous and enthusiastic. And sometimes, when the mood was on them, they pushed the limits to satisfy their desire for the kinkiest, nastiest and hottest sex ever.

Tonight the mood was on Lena.

Recently freed from her slavery, she wanted to flex her muscles in her new role as the Slut Wife. She told him in the morning to be ready ‘for fun’ when he got home, and dropped him nasty and seductive voicemails and text messages all day. She made her arrangements, prepared for John to return home from work, and made sure everything was ready. When John walked in she was bathed, shaved, perfumed and made up. She stood at the front door wearing only a short silk robe, opened to her navel, and held a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“Would you like to hit the showers, dear?” she asked, giving him a seductive pose and sidelong glance.

He took a glass with him to the shower. When he was finished he was cleaned and shaved, and returned to the bedroom, still dripping, with a towel around his waist. She was waiting for him, naked on the bed, sipping champagne and fucking herself with a dildo. She put on her sultry teasing sex voice, the one that sounds like a blend of exaggerated whisper and ecstasy.

“O-oh, baby’s all clean and wet,” she cooed, “and ready for action, I hope.” Her eyes dropped from his face to the front of his towels where a bulge was beginning.

“Not completely ready, yet,” he replied. He removed the towel to expose his dick as it started to harden. He put the towel on his head and began drying. “I might need some assistance to be fully ready,” he hinted. Rubbing his head made his body shake, and his hardening member bobbed up and down as is grew.

“You’re in luck, baby,” she said, shifting her position to the edge of the bed. She put her glass on the nightstand, but left the dildo inside her. “The dick hardening department is open for business, and I am the department expert!” She reached for him, pulling his body forward while he toweled, and opened her mouth to receive his growing dick into her mouth.

“M-mm, yummy,” she said, pulling off with a wet sound. “I love your dick in my mouth.” She opened, sucking it back in, feeling the shaft hardening in her mouth, swelling to full size, the loose skin stretching to silky smoothness on her tongue. The head, full and round, pushed against the back of her throat as she pushed herself down on it, then pulled back. She looked at his dick, glistening and wet, shiny with her saliva, the thick veins pulsing, the fat head purple and swollen. “That is a beautiful cock,” she said, looking up at him, “Just thinking about it make me hot. Seeing it like this, all hard and slick, makes my pussy wet!”

She sat up, one hand still on the base of his shaft, and he threw the towel aside. His damp hair was tousled and standing up; and he smelled shower-sweet, his skin warm, damp. In between sentences she enveloped his dick into her mouth.

“My pussy is so hot thinking about this.”


“I was so hot I had to fuck myself with a dildo.”


“Want to watch me?”

As she pushed her mouth down onto his rigid shaft, her free hand went between her legs. She pulled one foot up to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide. The dildo was still inside her, and her free hand played with it, swirling it around, then pumping it slowly in and out.

“M-mm, I’m fucking myself while I suck your dick.”


“I’m imagining I’m getting fucked by another man while I suck your cock.”

Suck. She thought she felt his hips thrust into her.

“His hard cock is fucking my wet pussy.”

Suck. He groaned, reacting to her fantasy talk.

“Want to see how wet that makes me?”


She pulled her mouth off his dick, holding it at the base of the shaft, and with her other hand, pulled the dildo out of her pussy, bringing it up next to his dick. It was one of her realistic ones, flesh colored, with veins and a mushroom head, about the same dimensions as John. She held it at the ankara masaj yapan escort base, the way she was holding John’s, side by side. John’s was slick with her saliva; the dildo was slick with her pussy juices. She could smell her scent on it.

“O-ooh, see how wet my pussy is from getting fucked!”

And she descended on the dildo, hearing John moan as she sucked her own wetness off the artificial cock. She swirled her head, relishing the musky tang of her own juices, feeling her pulse rush at her nasty action. She switched then from the dildo to John, then back, and again, alternating, feeling the heat and pulse in one, and tasting her own arousal on the other.

She pulled off to talk between switches.

“What a slut I am.”


“I’m sucking two cocks at once!”


“It’s so fucking hot!”


“I can taste my pussy on the cock that fucked me!”

Dildo. John groaned.

She pulled off then, and put the dildo down, and looked up at him. “Did you like that? Did you like watching your slut wife get fucked while she sucked your dick?” She was stroking his dick now as she spoke. “Did you like seeing me suck that other cock? Do I look hot and sexy with a big cock in my mouth? Does it look as good as it feels?”

“Hell yes!” John shouted.

She sat back, one hand still stroking him, gently now. “Here’s what we’re going to do. You are going to lay on the bed, and I am going to tie you up. You are not going to talk, except to tell me when you think you are going to cum. You will not cum until I tell you that you are allowed, so you have to tell me every time you get close. If you cum before, I will not untie you.”

“All I have to do is tell you when I’m getting close to cumming?”

“You have to give me enough warning that I can stop whatever I’m doing.”

John grinned. “You got it, baby. I’m in!” He climbed onto the bed and lay on his back, spread-eagled.

Lena walked around the bed, pulling up the straps and restraints she had placed during the day. She strapped the restraints around John’s wrists and ankle, then tightening the straps that secured them to the corner posts. As she tightened the last one, she said, “Good boy. Now remember, no cumming until I tell you to, no talking except to warn me, and you must do everything I tell you.”

“You didn’t say that before!”

“Oh, sorry! Did I forget?” She leaned down to him, darted her tongue into his lips, adding, “You don’t have much of a choice now, do you? Besides,” she finished, standing upright and shrugging off the silk robe, “I’ll think you’ll love what I have in mind!”

She looked down at his dick, noting that it had softened slightly during the tie-down. “Now remember, you are only allowed to warn me. No other speaking.” She pointed her finger at him. “Starting now.” He nodded his agreement. “Good. Well, to start, we better get this meat stick back to full strength.” She climbed on the bed next to him, reaching for his member, stroking it lightly. “Poor baby, not getting enough attention.” She looked at him and pouted, her lips pushed out and pursed. “I wonder if I can help him?” She held the shaft straight up, and lowered her head to it, engulfing his cock in its semi-hard state. She pushed her nose all the way to the neatly trimmed edge of pubic hair bordering his shaved dick and balls. She pulled off, and dropped her head between his spread legs, grunting her pleasure as she lathered his ball sack with her tongue. She stroked him until he was fully hard, “There, that’s better,” and then began sucking him in earnest, a real blowjob, not just stimulation, but sucking and pumping to bring on his orgasm. She was pumping her mouth and her hands, drooling saliva, grunting and moaning around the shaft. She felt the head sliding back and forth over her tongue, between her lips, felt his hips pumping up to meet her mouth. Damn, she loved to suck his cock! She thought about her fantasy then, sucking another man, John watching as a different cock pumped her mouth, and then she heard John call out.

“I’m close,” he managed, and she pulled off, and let go of his shaft. She was hot, and anxious, and she wanted to impale herself on it, imagining sucking another dick as she fucked John, but there was so much she wanted to do, and if he came now… She resisted, and looked up at him. She rubbed his chest, with one hand.

“Good boy. Very good. Next time, just say ‘stop’, OK?”

He nodded.

“Good. Well,” she said, still looking him in the eye, “all that dick sucking has made my pussy all wet again. Want to see?”

He nodded, but she didn’t care, and wasn’t looking for a response. “It doesn’t matter, dear, you’re going to see whether you want to or not,” she chided him, lifting a leg over him, and crawling up until her crotch was at his chest. She lifted up then, squatting over his chest, her legs spread, her wet hole open and pointing at him. She watched him staring at it, then mecidiyeköy escort looking at her. With one hand on the headboard for balance, she used the other to spread her lips, showing him the full red and purple insides of her swollen and aroused pussy. She groaned as she rubbed at her clit, smearing her juices. “M-mm, it’s so wet, damn, I can smell my slut pussy from here. Can you smell me? You see how excited I get sucking cock?” Two fingers slipped inside her hole, finding her G-spot, playing there, then slipping out, coated in her fluid. “O-oh, yeah, I’m so wet. Open.” He opened his mouth and she slipped the fingers into him, playing with his tongue as he sucked the musky sweetness from them.

“Yeah, suck my pussy off those fingers. See how wet I am? Doesn’t my pussy taste good?” She pulled her fingers out, returned them to her silky folds, spreading her lips and exposing her clit. Her vaginal muscles clenched involuntarily as her fingers brushed her hard button. “Look at my pussy, baby. See the liquid just dripping out, soaking my pretty lips. See my clit, all hard and standing up. She wants your attention. She’s calling you, baby. She’s saying, ‘lick me, lick me’!” She shuffled forward, her hot slit just out of his reach, and her middle finger slipped onto her clit, rubbing it as the other fingers held her open and exposed.

“I want you to eat me. Eat my pussy. Get that tongue inside me and lick my hole out. Lick my clit, suck on it, suck my lips, lick my clit till I cum all over your pretty face. I want to flood your face with my cum. Stick your tongue out, now. As far as it will go.”

She watched his mouth stretch open, and his tongue stretch out, straining to her. She shuffled closer, lifting up slightly, then removed her other hand from the headboard. Using both hands now, she spread herself wide open, pressing her open love hole onto his pink tongue. She watched it disappear inside her.

“Oh-h, yeah, that’s hot, so hot to see your little tongue going into my slut hole, yeah.” She pressed herself down onto his mouth, feeling the tongue moving inside her. “Oh, I can feel it moving, feel it licking me inside!” She shifted her hips and her clit brushed his nose. “Oh, that’s good. Now, hold your tongue still, as far out as you can.” She waited for it to be still, then, still holding herself open, lifted up off his face, watching the pink muscle emerge from her opening. “Hold still,” she repeated, and slowly, gently, she lowered and raised herself on him. “I am fucking your tongue! Oh, I’m riding on it like it’s a dick in my pussy!” She watched it going in and out, saw the nectar of her pussy dripping onto his tongue, in and out as she moved, the tip of his tongue entering her, coated with her liquid.

“Oh, your tongue is so good to me, licking my sweet hole, fuck, that’s good!” She shuddered, then shifted her hips back, until her clit was at his mouth. “Now make me cum. Lick my little clit until I fucking cum.” She shifted her position, changing from a squat to a kneeling position, pressing her pussy down onto his mouth, feeling his tongue tip dancing around her hard clit. Engorged with blood, it swelled up, and her hands pulled back the lips and hood, exposing it to the full attention of his mouth. The direct contact was almost too much, and she shook between wanting it to stop and wanting it to never stop, the exquisite sensation almost overwhelming. She felt it build in her, her body tensing from her pussy to the top of her spine, felt her vaginal muscles clench as her mouth opened and her breath came in short gasps as her anus tightened. And then her orgasm exploded, and she was screaming, screaming her climax, her hips pushed down in total desire as if trying to fuck his entire head. She felt his tongue still at her clit, and she pulled from the direct contact when it was too much to bear, then pressed him again as the pleasure subsided, regaining the crest, her entire body now shaking uncontrollably. Still she shouted, not just sound, some words now, “fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over, and her pussy spilled a torrent of her juices into his mouth, onto his face, until finally the wave receded, and she collapsed, pushing herself to the side so as not to smother him as she recovered. To the side and backwards she fell, shifting to get her legs out from beneath her, she lay on her back, her head pointing to his feet, one leg draped over his chest, her crotch propped up on his side, legs open, her pussy pointing at him, gaping open, calling him for more pleasure.

“Oh, dear, I do love those earth-shattering orgasms!” she managed when her breath returned. She lifted her head up to see John staring into her pussy. “You like?” He raised his eyebrows, and nodded. She watched, and clenched her Kegel muscles, and saw John’s eyes open wide as the entrance to her love hole closed, and then reopened as she relaxed. “Cute trick, right?” He nodded.

She pulled her leg off him and rolled over, noticing that his mersin escort dick was at half-mast again. “Oh, poor little Big Boy, he feels neglected!” She looked back at John. “Say Stop.” And she leaned over him, sucking him again until he was hard. Once she had him fully erect she began talking in between her plunges.

“You know, being in control is so much more fun.”

Plunge. She was facing away from him, talking out loud.

“Although, I really could not have done this alone.”

Plunge. Swirl. Her ass was raised, pointing in his direction.

“Actually, I should be thanking you.”

Plunge. Lick. She raised a leg and straddled him, her ass up in the air

“You liberated me by making me a slave!”

Plunge. Deeper. Hold. Release.

She raised herself up on her arms, and put her head down, looking between her tits and her legs, to talk to him. “When you made me your slave, I didn’t have to worry about what I was doing, or whether it was ‘right’, or ‘normal’, or anything. You made all the decisions, and I did what I was told. But I learned that there was no reason to avoid those things; in fact, they were fun, and I looked forward to doing them!”

Plunge, Swirl, Repeat.

“Now I can do anything, because you taught me it was OK!”


“Don’t forget to say stop!”

And once again she went into aggressive blowjob mode, stimulating him with both her hands and her mouth, supported on her elbows, bouncing her head down, over and over, snorting, drooling and grunting as she sucked his luscious hard shaft. She wiggled her ass for effect, kept going, rubbing stroking sucking and plunging, over and over until she heard him.


And she pulled up, releasing him, and waited, still as his pending ejaculation subsided. She watched his cock straining, eager to cum, his balls tight to his body, glistening along with his beautiful cock. Her ass was on his chest, and she looked over her shoulder. “I bet you’re building up a nice big load in there for me, aren’t you?” His face strained with the urge to finish.

She spun around, and kissed him, deeply; a wet sloppy kiss with her puffy blow-job lips. She moaned into his mouth as their tongues wrestled. “M-mm, yeah,” She kissed him again. “I wasn’t kidding about thanking you. It really is all because of you. I want you to know I appreciate it.” She sat up, straddling his chest. “And to show you how much I appreciate, I will let you lick my pussy some more!” She spread her legs, leaning back. “My wet pussy.” Closer. “My hot, juicy, steaming slit.” Closer. “My tunnel of ecstasy.” Closer, almost to his mouth. She looked down into his face. “My cunt.” And she pushed it onto his mouth, cramming it at him, feeling his lips working at hers, kissing her hole like he had kissed her mouth, tonguing it, sucking the lips, moving up to her clit, finding it with his insistent tongue. Teasing, pressing, flicking at it. “Yeah, lick me, baby. That’s right, lick my slut hole. Oh yeah, I love your tongue in me, that feels so good, yeah.” She rubbed her hips down onto his face. “Oh, look what you did, what a slut I am, I love this so much, it feels so good.” The sensations were filling her, and she threw her head back, leaning back on her arms. She listened to the sound of her wet hole rubbing against John’s face, listened to his tongue slathering her, feeling his mouth on her. The wet nasty sounds of uninhibited lust, and the sensations she felt combined to inflame her desire and create an added urge. She momentarily resisted, then embraced that urge and took action to satisfy it.

She shifted her weight forward, pulling her knees up, spreading her legs wide and leaning back on one arm behind her. Confused, John was straining to reach her pussy with his tongue, but it was too high, too far. She looked down at him; his neck strained forward, stretching his pink tongue to reach her, but only managing to touch the lowest edge of her open pussy. His eyebrows lifted, questioningly. “You know what I want,” she whispered, and clenched her hips forward again, his tongue slipping down past her pussy. “Do it.”

John looked at her, and he knew. “Do it,” she whispered.

And John relaxed his neck, and lowered his chin, and his tongue snaked down, and the tip touched the wrinkled rosebud of her ass.

She watched as his tongue touched her, then her head dropped back and her eyes closed. She felt the light tickle as he brushed it, flicked it, then the soft insistent push as he wriggled his little pink organ on her hole, and the sensation shook her; she moaned in ecstasy, eyes closed, as nerve endings stimulated only by her own fingers and toys were attacked by his eager tongue. “Oh, fuck, that’s sweet, lick me, John.” She looked down at him, and her voice became insistent, commanding. “Lick me. Lick your slut’s ass!” With one hand she grabbed his head, pulling it toward her as she thrust her hips. “Fuck! That’s fucking hot!” She felt his little wet muscle penetrate her, and she grunted her satisfaction. “You like that? You like fucking my ass with your tongue?” She held her position for a few minutes, enjoying, relishing John’s attention and enthusiasm, and then, in a rush, amazed at herself. A year ago she wouldn’t have even thought something like this, and now, she could think it, do it, enjoy it, and even talk dirty about it!

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