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Female Ejaculation

LENNIE”S FIRST DATE PART1I live on a farm about twelve miles outside of Lubbock, so I guess you could call me a country k**. Other than the bus ride to school and the limitation on extracur-ricular activities, living so far out isn’t bad at all.Our “farm house” is as modern as any you’ll find intown, and we have all the conveniences everyone else has.The main restriction of country living has been its effect on my social life. It’s a rare occasion for a friend from school to come to see me, and with no neighbor k**s any-where near close, Lennie, my year-younger sister, and I sometimes get a little lonely. Because we’ve had to depend on each other for friend-ship, Lennie and I get along a lot better than mostbrothers and sisters. I con-sider her a good friend,and she views me the same way.Lennie (that’s short for “Marlene”-Mom and Dad were Dietrich fans) and I look a lot alike. We’re both blond with freckles and built on the lean side. (I like to think of myself as “wiry” and Lennie as “petite,” but I guess most people would classify us both as “thin.”) A lot of girls think I’m nice-looking, or at least Lennie tells me they do. Lennie’s nice-looking, too. Although she is slender, she blossomed early and is endowed with really nice breasts, firm, I’ve heard boys at school talk about how they would give anything to get in her panties, so I’m not the only boy who thinks she’s sexy and pretty.Even though we were close friends and confided in each other, we hadn’t even talked about sex, so I really didn’t know how much she knew or how she felt about it. Since Mom and Dad only let her double date, I figured she had not an opportunity to go very far with any boy. I believed that even though she was almost s*******n years old, she for a certainty was still a virgin.Being a virgin was something I could identify with, because I too was still afflicted with that condition. Not only was I still a virgin, but I had never toucheda girl sexually and had never seen naked breasts or a pussy except in girlie magazines. I had had many a fantasy about seeing and touching a naked girl and finally going all the way and losing my virginity, but thus far the only sexual pleasure I had experienced was from masturbation. Although this exercise gave me some relief, it didn’t last long, and I seemed to grow hornier with each passing day.My situation pretty well rocked along like this until the time Mom and Dad had to leave town for the weekend to attend a funeral. Because we had a****ls that needed feed-ing, I got the chore of staying home and taking care of them. That suited me fine, because I had no desire at all to go with Mom and Dad.When Lennie found I was staying home, she pleaded to stay home too. Mom and Dad allowed it on the condition that neither of us have a date while they were gone. They did agree that I could go see the movie at the drive-in as long as I took Lennie with me. I hadn’t planned to leave her at home by herself anyway, so that wasn’t any big deal. After final admonitions to behave ourselves and eat well, Mom and Dad finally left on Friday morning just as Lennie and I hurried to catch the school bus.After school was out and Lennie and I rode the school bus home, I went down to the barn and took care of my chores- feeding the cattle, filling the hog trough, and putting seed in the chicken feeder. When I finished and got back to the house, Lennie had cooked supper and had it on the table. She’s a good cook, and I complimented her on the meal. She seemed pleased by the compliment and said that she liked trying to be a “good wife” for me. She smiled and said there were a lot of things about being a wife she didn’t know about yet, but she was looking forward to finding out about them. I laughed and told her she still had a ways to go before that happened. She just smiled again-a soft, enigmatic sort of smile-and said, “Well, maybe so, maybe not. In the meantime, why don’t we get cleaned up so we can go to the movie. You are taking me to the movie tonight, aren’t you?””You bet,” I replied. I couldn’t resist teasing her a little and added, “You finally get to go on a one-on-one date, but it’s with your brother.”With that strange smile back on her face, Lennie said, “Well, make fun of me if you want, big brother, but I could do a whole lot worse. A lot of my friends would love to be in my place tonight.””Yeah, I’ll bet. Who are you talking about-skinny, buck-toothed Sally?”Lennie laughed and said, “Well, I’m sure she would too, but I was talking about Lauren.””Lauren Wilton? You mean Lauren Wilton wants to have a date with me? How did you find out? She’s so quiet, I’m amazed she would have talked about it.”Lennie grinned and said, “She’s just quiet around you. Around other girls she’s not that way. She’s told me a lot of things about herself-some of them really per-sonal. One of the things was that she has a bad case of the hots for you.”I was totally surprised by Lennie’s revelation. Lauren Wilton was a girl about Lennie’s age, and even though she was quiet and a little on the shy side, I had always thought she was pretty. Not only pretty, but sexy, with a cute cheerleader-type body. I began to think that maybe there was more to Lauren than met the eye and that I should think about asking her for a date. I wasn’t sure what Lennie meant by “hots,” but it did sound as if the prospects might be better than just a little hand-holding. Even though Lauren’s brother and I were friends, I wasn’t averse to the thought of trying to find out just what her “hots” amounted to.I was also surprised by Lennie’s using such a word to de-scribe how Lauren felt. I had considered Lennie to be completely innocent and naive about sex and was taken aback that she seemed to be a little more knowledgeable about the subject than I have given her credit for. I realized from the digitalbahis yeni giriş way she described her relation with Lauren that girls talked among themselves just as boys did and recognized she might be a whole lot further down the road of knowledge than I thought.I also realized that maybe I had been wrong about her. Maybe she really wasn’t a virgin, maybe she had already in fact been laid. As good looking as she was, I could see where boys would want to plow her little garden-in the deepest, most secret of my masturbatory fantasies, I had even thought about my being the one to do it. “What a kick that would be,” I thought.”What if she’s already been screwing while I’ve just been pulling my pud. Somehow or other I’m going to have to find out about her. I’ll have to find out more about Lauren, too.”By the time I had taken a shower and changed clothes, it was getting dark enough to start heading toward the drive-in. Lennie was already dressed and waiting for me. She had on a tank top and hip-hugger jeans that accented the firm mounds of her breasts and showed her cute lit-tle bottom to its full advantage. If she hadn’t been mysister, I would have been tempted to whistle in admiration.As we started walking toward the pickup, Lennie linked her arm through mine and with a big smile said, “Hi, big-brother date. I’m glad you’re taking me to the movie all alone. This way I can see what it’s like to go out with a boy on a one-on-one date. Double dates are okay, but a one-on-one date would be a whole lot more fun, if you know what I mean.”I laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess it’s hard to sneak a kiss with an audience watching.”Lennie squeezed my arm and whispered, “Yeah, it makes it hard to do that, too.” She laughed at her own remark be-fore getting into the pick-up.When we got to the drive-in movie, it was closed. A sign in front of it said they were having electrical power pro-blems and would reopen in two days. “Well, what do we do now?” I asked aloud.”What about that drive-in over in Hale County? It’s only about twenty miles and we can be there before the movie is very far along.””Gee, I don’t know, Len. I understand all they show there are adult movies.””Why do you think I want to go?” Lennie said, grinning. “I’ve always wanted to see an adult movie, and now we have the chance. We can both pass for eighteen, so we’ll lie about our ages. Come on, Rickie, don’t be chicken. Take me to see the sexy movie over at the Hale County passion pit.”Well, you don’t get by giving me a dare like that, so I gunned the pickup and we got to the movie in only twenty-five minutes. It was already dark, and I guess in the dark Len and I looked old enough because we were allowed to buy tickets without any questions asked. I doused my lights and we drove into the movie and took a space on the last row, one of the few left. I was still trying to get the speaker into the window, when Len whispered, “God, look at that!”The “that” she was referring to was a completely naked girl with tits and pussy showing for all to see. She was in the arms of a man dressed in just a pair of shorts and they were just starting to kiss. The camera zoomed in on their mouths and you could see their tongues touching and playing sensuous games with each other. I finally got the speaker working and we could hear the girl moaning softly as the man dropped his hands to her ass and softly caressed her firm buttocks. After they had kissed and caressed each other for a few seconds, the man picked up the girl and carried her through a doorway.The next scene showed the man and girl on a bed. He was on top of her, thrusting his buttocks in and out like he was giving her the screwing of her life. If I hadn’t known they were just acting, I would have sworn they had both come all over that bed. Upon completion of their climax, the picture faded and the scene changed to another couple, this one fully dressed.The new couple didn’t stayed clothed very long. The man soon had the woman’s blouse and bra off and was licking and nibbling on her nipples. He wasn’t any dummy and soon he was on top of her going through the same sort of copu-lation movements the earlier couple had used.Just the sounds they were making, much less the hot action, had me completely aroused and my cock was rigid, completely filling the front of my jeans. I was breathing hard and aching to put my hand on my cock and relieve the pressure that had built to such a fever pitch. Glancing sideways, I saw that the movie was having a similar effect on Lennie. She was squirming on the seat and breathing as hard as I was. She scooted across the seat right up next to me and grabbed me by the arm. “This movie is something, isn’t it?” she whispered.”Yeah, it sure is.””Do you think they’re really doing it? The way they’re pushed together I can’t see that part, but it sure looks like he’s doing it to her, doesn’t it?””They’re probably just faking it, but it sure does look real.”Lennie whispered, “God, I’ve never seen anything like this. The only thing wrong is that the girls show everything, but the fronts of the boys never show. You get to see the parts you want, but I don’t.”We sat there watching the movie for a while, neither of us saying anything, the only sound sighs and moans coming from the speaker and our hot breathing. Lennie was still up close against me, her hand clutching the upper part of my arm. My cock was throbbing against its denim cage and I was almost in pain. Lennie must have felt similarly, because she put one hand down to the inside of her thigh and squirmed her bottom around on the seat.She leaned toward me and whispered, “What does watching a movie like this do to you? Does it get you excited?””Oh, God, yes! How about you?”Lennie replied, “Yeah, it does me that way too. Seeing those couples make out digitalbahis giriş like that makes me horny as hell.” She put a hand down on top of my thigh and leaned over so that she had her mouth against my ear. “What happens to you when you get horny? Do you get an erection like the sex-ed books say?”Lennie’s touch was like electricity. My cock had been hard before, but now it stretched even further out, swelling like I had never had it do before. Barely able to catch my breath, I answered, “Yeah, I get a hard-on.””You’re hard right now?” she whispered. Without waiting for an answer, she moved her hand between my thighs right up to where it covered the hard shaft of my cock. She rubbed my bulge and whispered, “God, Rickie! The whole front of your jeans are swelled out.” Leaving her hand on my cock, just barely caressing the bulge, she said, “What do you do when it gets like this?”Taken aback by her question, I stammered, “Well, I..I take care of it.” Determined to even the score, I asked her, “What do YOU do when you get horny?” She laughed softly and answered, “I use my hand and relieve myself. How do you do it?”I laughed along with her and said, “I beat off, too.” Still leaning against me, Lennie said, “Do you need to beat off now?””Oh, God, YES! I’m practically dying. How about you?” “In the very worst sort of way,” Lennie whispered. “Do you think maybe…?” “It would be okay to do it here, in front of each other?” I said, finishing the sentence for her.”Yeah, that’s what I was going to say,” Lennie said, laughing nervously. “We will probably both enjoy the movie better if we did. Yeah, let’s do it.”I had no more than gotten the words out than Lennie had her hands at her waist unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down to where they were around her knees. Even in the dim light I could see her push a pair of bikini panties down to join the jeans. Having bared herself for action, she leaned back against the seat and spread her legs apart. Immediately one of her hands was inserted between her thighs, up into the darker shadow I could see there at their juncture. She soon had her hand in motion, and a sigh of pleasure came from her lips.Seeing her behave in such a lewd and open manner made me hornier than I had ever been in my life and I soon had my jeans and shorts down to my knees just like her. My cock sprang up tall, bumping against the steering wheel. Lennie must have been watching me as I had watched her because I heard a gasp from her as my cock stood rigidly, quivering slightly.”God, Rickie, your penis is so big and hard. I had no idea boy’s got that big.””I’ve never seen a boy’s penis before. I wish there was more light so I could see it better. Is it okay if I touch it?”Could she touch it? Oh, God, I had fantasized about a girl holding and stroking my cock, and now here was one asking me if it were okay to do so. Finally, I managed to whisper, “Yeah, if you want to.”Lennie reached out her hand and ran her fingertips up and down the length of my cock, sending shivers of pleasure through me. I gasped at the touch and jerked my hips in reaction. She pulled her hand back and asked, “Oh, God, Rickie, did I hurt you?””No,” I stammered. “It just felt so good for someone else to touch me that I couldn’t help the reaction.”She reached out her hand again and wrapped it around my cock, holding it lightly in her grip. “If it feels so good for me to touch you, why don’t you let me give you the relief you need. Tell me what I’m supposed to do.””Just hold lightly like that and rub your hand up and down. That’s all it takes.” After a few strokes, she had the hang of it and all I could do was moan in reaction.After just a few strokes, she stopped and whispered, “Rickie, would you mind touching me like I’m touching you. That way we can give each other relief at the same time. Please, will you do me like I’m doing you?””No,” I whispered back, “I would like to do that very much. I’ve never touched a girl before, though, and you will have to show me what I’m supposed to do.”Lennie took my trembling hand and guided it between her thighs. I felt the crinkled hair of her pubic area and then I felt the swollen lips that were nestled in its midst. Moving a finger between those lips, I found she was wet and slick there, like someone had coated her with something like slickum. It was incredibly hot, too, like the heat of her body had concentrated in that one spot. I moved my finger up and down the slickened furrow and found a little bump right at its top.Lennie jumped as my fingertip moved across it, and she grabbed my hand, whispering, “Yes, right there. Feel that bump? It’s my feel-good spot. Just make sure you touch it real often.” I was soon stroking my finger up and down her wet furrow, moving it from top to bottom and lightly touching the little bump each time. She muttered “Ummm, yes,” and thrust her hips toward each of my hand strokes. “Yes, yes,” she whispered softly, “keep doing it just like that I’m so hot it won’t take much more.”I could hardly believe Lennie was talking like that. Even though her remark about having never seen a cock before convinced me she was still a virgin, she seemed to know as much and to be as interested in sex as I was. From the way she was reacting to my touch, her excite-ment was at least a match for mine.And talking excitement – now that she had me stroking her to her satisfaction, she had returned her attention to my cock and matched her hand movements on it with those I was using on her wet pussy. I couldn’t control my hips, but thrust them up to her hand, meeting each of her hand strokes with an upward push of my rigid shaft.Lennie was reacting in a similar manner, pushing her wet sex toward my hand and squirming her hips around in little circles. We could see the man on the screen moving his digitalbahis güvenilirmi ass rapidly as though he were screwing the girl hard and fast. From the moans coming from the speaker, I could tell the couple on the screen was building up to the same sort of massive orgasm that was rushing upon Lennie and me. Almost as if we had discussed and agreed to such action, Lennie and I increased the pace of our motions, racing with the couple on the screen, seeking to reach orgasm at the same time as our cinematic counterparts. After a few moments of this action, it was impossible to dis-tinguish the sounds we were making from those coming from the speaker.Although having my hand in a girl’s pussy for the very first time and seeing the couple screw on the screen had worked me up to a level of passion I had never before experienced, I wasn’t the first to come. Lennie was first. She threw her head back against the truck seat and pushed her hips hard against my hand, clamping her thighs tightly together. Her whole pelvis shuddered and moved with rapid little jerks. She moaned softly, “Oooohhhhhh, yesssssss! Oh, God, I’m there! Oh, God, I’m coming, commminngg, cummmiinnnng.” Her moans faded off and she slowly relaxed her thighs from my hand, her breathing still labored. She opened her eyes and said softly, “Oh, God, I came like I never have before.” She gripped my cock in her hand once more and asked,”Did you come, too?””No,” I whispered, “not yet. I’m almost there, though.Just do what you were doing before.”Lennie resumed her stroking of my cock, moving her hand up to the pulsating head. Seeing Lennie orgasm had made me almost come and pre-come now covered the purple knob. She moved her hand into the wetness and said, “The top is all wet. Are you sure you didn’t come?””No, I’m just wet from excitement, like you were. Keep that up just a few more strokes and I’ll get there. You’ll know it when I do.”The couple on the screen had finished and the man was now standing, leaving the girl on the bed with her knees up and legs spread apart. Her pussy was wide open and I could see a little of the pink flesh inside her labial lips. I imagined that it had been my cock that just explored that hair-covered joy hole and filled it with my hot outpouring. Lennie’s stroking had made my whole cock slick with pre-come, and her strokes and touches were giving me almost unbearable pleasure.That pleasure coupled with my fantasy about the girl on the screen did it for me and it was now my turn to jerk and thrust and moan. I pushed my hips up, thrusting my cock hard into her hand. It swelled and jerked and a huge glob of sperm erupted from it and shot up into the air, hitting the dash board of the truck. It was immediately followed by another one, and then another. Now it was no longer shooting in the air, but spurting more weakly, just flow-ing over Lennie’s hand and dripping onto my groin. Lennie was still stroking it, her hand covered in jism, slick and wet. I had grunted with each spurt of sperm and only now began to relax and quieten down. My cock was still rigid and hard, even though it had quit jerking and come had finally stopped flowing. I put my hand on Lennie’s and stopped her motions, but she kept her hand on my rigidity, just squeezing lightly with little loving caresses. I managed finally to whisper, “In case you didn’t figure it out, I just came.”Lennie whispered with a trace of awe in her voice, “Oh, God, did you EVER! I had no idea it would be like that.””You liked touching me?” Lennie whispered. “Oh, God, yes.Did you like my touching you?” I replied.Lennie’s hand squeezing my cock harder and she murmured, “Yes! Yes! I loved it. I’ve been wanting a boy to touch me there for the longest, and it finally happened.”Lennie’s hand on my cock was beginning to feel real good again, and I knew that if she kept stroking me I soon would be baptizing the truck with another load of my jism. I put my hand down on the inside of Lennie’s thigh and ran it up to where I made contact with her pussy. “Want to do it again?” I asked softly.Lennie put her other hand behind my head and pulled my face down to hers. She put her lips against mine and just brushed them lightly together. “Yes!” she whispered, “I want to do it again, and then again, over and over until we can’t do it any more. But I also want to see what I’m doing. I want to be able to see your penis, to be able to look at it in full light, not the darkness here in the truck.” She brushed her lips against mine again, a little teasing kiss that made my cock throb even harder, and said, “There’s no one at the house, Rickie. We’ll have it all to ourselves. We can take off all our clothes and see each other completely, touch each other all over. We have the whole weekend alone, and we can do anything we want to. I can really play like I’m your wife.”I remembered her comment earlier about being my wife and the enigmatic smile she had on her face when she said it. There were all sorts of things she could mean by the statement, and I could hardly wait to find out what promises it held. I reached under the seat and got out a box of paper napkins and between the two of us we soon had the truck and ourselves cleaned up and our clothes back in place. All the evidence of our mutual passion was now cleared away. All, that is, except the scent of passion that still filled the truck.Lennie sat up tight against me as we rode home, her hand between my legs, lightly rubbing across my bulging cock. I wanted to touch her too, but needed to keep both hands on the steering wheel. I mentally vowed to make up for lost time just as soon as we got home.Just before we came to a filling station, Lennie said, “Rickie, stop here. I need to tinkle real bad.”I stopped the truck and Lennie went to the girl’s room. I was glad she wanted to stop because I needed to go pretty badly myself. When I went into the restroom, I saw a condom dispenser on the wall. Although I couldn’t imagine Lennie’s and my needing them, I nonetheless used up all my change and got four of them. In any event, I would be prepared if the chance to use them came along…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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