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Letting It All Hang Out Ch. 01

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This is my story and was also published elsewhere.


I recently joined a bicycle club where I net up with some singles and married men and women. One of the women was very friendly and flirty during a recent ride. I found out from the club leader that she was recently divorced and has a habit of hitting on the single guys in the club.

I told him I wasn’t interested in her even though she has an awesome tight petite body but I prefer my ladies to have some meat on their bones.

After one of the more intense and longer rides, I was tired and sore when we got back to the parking lot where we started. While changing and getting ready to leave for home, my left hamstring cramped up causing me to wince in pain and hop on the other leg trying to stretch it out. One of the younger guys in the club, Jack told me to lie on my back on the grass and he would massage it out.

I layed down on the grass while Jack massaged and stretched my leg out. Once the cramp was stretched out and the muscle uncramped, I told him he could stop. I thanked him and asked where he learned how to do that. He told me he was a part time massage ther****t. He gave me his business card and told me to call and set up an appointment. He then asked if I had access to a jacuzzi. I told him I had one at home and was going to get in it as soon as I got home.

He asked if he could come over and use it someday. I said sure, when do you want to come over. He said how about today? I said sure.

Jack then asked if Bob could come over too. I told him that would be fine with me. I gave them the address to my house as well as my cell phone number. I loaded my bike in the back of my truck and left to go home. As soon as I pulled into my driveway my phone rang, it güvenilir bahis was Jack who said they were on their way over and asked if they could bring any drinks or food? I told them I was okay but if they needed anything to stop and get it.

By the time I unloaded my bike and put away my biking clothes they were at my front door. I had already removed the cover and turned on the jacuzzi to warm it up. I showed them where it was in the backyard, handed them some towels and told them they could change in the bathroom. They looked at each other and began to strip right in the living room. they were both naked in no time, grabbed their towels and headed to the jacuzzi.

Jack turned and said “I hope you don’t mind if we go in naked.”

They both had great muscular bodies that were shaved completely smooth. Jacks cock was at half mast already about 6″ long, nice and fat. Bob stripped as well, letting me see his cock, about 7″ long, fat as well even though it wasn’t hard yet.

I stuttered for a second, said “I don’t mind” as I stripped my clothes off to join them. My bodies not in as good of shape as theirs, but I am in my early forties and work in an office.

They hopped in the jacuzzi floating on their backs with their cocks sticking up proudly, my cock was hard at this point, I’m average, about 8″ when hard and average thickness. Jack looked up and smiled as I walked out and climbed into the jacuzzi.

After we had been in their awhile relaxing and talking getting to know each other better, Jack said he needed a recovery drink. Bob stood up and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi. Jack moved over in front of him, looked at me and said, “this is my FAVORITE recovery drink, turned back to Bob and took all of Bob’s cock into his mouth in türkçe bahis one deep throating action.

Bob looked at me, motioned me over with his hand. I stood and walked over to him. As I got near him, he reached out and started stroking my inner thighs, working his hand slowly up to my throbbing cock. Slowly he stroked up and down my cock speeding up as he stroked.

I looked over at Jack, his ass in the air. Reaching over with my left hand, lightly massaging his ass cheeks which were firm and smooth but soft. Jack’s legs started to spread as my hand neared his crack working down to his asshole.

Bob’s head moved closer to my cock, opening his mouth while looking into my eyes. I smiled at him as he took just the head into his mouth. It felt sooooo good, his tongue was expertly teasing the head and foreskin.

Jack had stopped sucking Bob, backed his ass up onto my hand allowing my finger to go inside of him. His tight hole opened just enough to allow my finger in to the knuckle. His moaning let me know how much he enjoyed it.

Bob was really working my cock with his hand as well as his mouth at this point. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I told Bob that soon my load would be shooting down his throat. He stroked and sucked harder and faster when I told him that.

Jack then reached his hand up to my ass cheeks and started to massage them. Soon his fingers where between my cheeks pressing at my hole. My natural reaction was to spread my legs open some and bend over to give him easier access. When his first finger slid inside of me, I blew my load down Bob’s throat.

Jack stood up along side of me as Bob sucked the rest of mu cum out of me. Bob looks up at us, smiles and Jack bends over passionately kissing Bob on the güvenilir bahis siteleri lips, their tongues dancing in and out of the others mouth.

When they stopped, Jack looked at me, inserted a second finger in me and started to work in and out of me. I naturally bent over even more putting my face in Bob’s crotch. His cock was still hard as I took it as far down my throat as I could in one gulp.

Jack stood up right behind me, his cock up against my left cheek. I pushed my ass further back onto his hand, Jack took the hint and inserted a third finger into me as I pushed harder onto his hand.

Bob grabbed my head, forcing me further down his cock. As he hit the back of my throat, the first instinct was to swallow. Bob held my head tightly keeping his cock in the back of my throat.

Jack removed his hand, and rammed his cock deep into my ass in one stroke. I moaned in pleasure, it felt so good. Having a cock in my ass and one in my mouth at the same time.

Bob held my head still while Jack pounded my ass fast and furiously.

Soon Bob let go of my head telling me to start sucking you “BITCH”. My mouth quickly went back to sucking his beautiful cock. I wanted him to cum and quickly.

Jack was pounding my ass, Bob was pounding my mouth.

Soon Jack said that he was going to cum, Bob joined him and said he was too. I wanted both at once. Stopping from Bob’s cock, I looked up and said I wanted both at once.

Jack was pounding me harder, I was sucking and stroking Bob for all I could. Jack said he was going to cum, Bob said me too.

I felt Bob’s cock oozing pre-cum down my throat and Jack’s cock enlarged. Soon I felt the wonderful feeling of Bob’s cock start to pulse and then, BOOM. His cum filled my mouth as I swallowed all that I could, some dripped out of the corners of my mouth.

At the same time, my ass was filled with Jack’s cum, unfortunately I didn’t feel it very well with Bob shooting load upon load of his cum into my mouth.

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