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Libby’s Love Affairs

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Having an affair wasn’t something she had planned, but Libby found herself right in the middle of what seemed like someone else’s life. The phone calls, the emails, the anticipation of planning another get away with him was like reading the script from some bad soap opera. Yet here she was again looking out the window at the cloud filled sky watching for the peak of Mount Rainier, butterflies in her stomach, the silly giddy feeling of being a teenager again racing through her body, barely able to sit still waiting for the wheels of the plane to finally hit ground.

In a whirlwind, Libby had retrieved her carry on from the planes overhead storage bin, collected her jacket and purse and was soon walking out into the crowds at the Seattle/Tacoma airport. It was crowded and the sea of faces prevented her from truly focusing in on just one face, the ONE face she desperately wanted to see, she kept up her pace walking to the luggage area, the planned meeting spot this time. He was picking her up and somehow it all seemed much too good to be true. She wondered if he might tease her as he had joked so many times on line and on the phone and hide behind a pillar, watching her and toying with her as she waited impatiently.

Her eyes scanned up and down the crowd, seeking out those dark curls that framed his handsome face, his smile, his eyes, SOMETHING. Damn she was frustrated. Then suddenly, almost by mistake, she set down her carry on bag and turned and there he was, just about 4 feet from her, standing, smiling, arms open. Libby dropped her jacket, her purse and threw herself into his arms. Tears ran down her cheeks and she was embarrassed by this fact, she quickly wiped them away with her hand before pulling back to look into his eyes again.

“Oh God sweetheart” John whispered into her hair. “God, how I have missed you.”

She pulled back and smiled shyly, he always had such a powerful affect on her. Without thinking she traced a finger along his lips still not able to even utter a word or sound for that matter. John parted his lips slightly and gently sucked the tip into his mouth, she sighed out loud and felt herself press even closer.

“We better pick up your things babydoll and get to the car, I can’t hold out much longer here, feeling your body so close to mine.”

Finally she spoke, “oh my, yes you’re right………God John, oh my God, I have missed you so.”

Sighing even louder, she turned to pick up her things, John grabbed the overnight bag and her hand and led her towards the parking garage. As she walked along side him, she wondered what it would be like to be his all the time. To walk at his side, to feel his hand so strong and protective against hers.

As soon as the hotel room door shut, John fell to his knees, grabbing Libby around her legs and pressing his face against her warmth, smelling her desire, rubbing his chin against her and Libby swooned, steadied only by Johns’ strong hands on her very round full ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh God Libby, I have missed you, I want you so badly.”

Her fingers wove into Johns’ hair and she leaned against him, aching with the need to be filled by him again. His hands slid underneath her skirt reaching up to her very full ass cheeks and squeezing, his face rubbing against her mound, her desire only grew stronger as her legs weakened. Finally John slid up along her front, rubbing his face against her clothed body, his arms around the small of her back

“Libby, I have never met a more desirable woman than you, I’m not just saying that babydoll.” “I mean it.” “You are so incredibly beautiful, inside and out.”

Libby looked up at him, her eyes filling with tears, he gently kissed them away.

“Please,” she whispered, “please John, make love to me again, please my baby.”

His fingers moved to her chin, lifting her mouth to his, he kissed her. His tongue tracing patterns along her lips, fingers caressing her all the while dancing her slowly to the edge of the bed. Libby couldn’t help trembling but as her hunger for him grew, her body started to take over her emotions and her hands moved along his back, caressing down to his ass. She grabbed him firmly and slid her tongue into John’s open mouth and he greedily sucked it deep. She could feel her nipples harden and the tingle between her legs as he probed her mouth with his hot wet tongue, his hands starting to remove her blouse. Then a barrage of kisses along her neck as the buttons gave way and her naked skin revealed itself, her full breasts heaved as she tugged his shirt free and her hands were soon sliding up his bare back nails lightly skimming his flesh. She could feel herself falling as the back of her knees pressed against the edge of the bed and soon John’s weight was pinning her there as he kissed and licked her neck and cleavage, driving her mad with hunger for him.

“Please, please John, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri suck my nipples baby, God I miss you sucking on my huge nipples.”

John groaned loudly, tugging her blouse away completely then pausing to take in this glorious sight. Libby, flush with desire, her lacy, champagne bra cupping her full breasts, the nipples pushing thru the lace inviting John to do just as Libby had begged. He smiled down at her, she could be such a lady, so sophisticated, so articulate, and now here, so washed with her ache, her hunger to be consumed. He knew she couldn’t be treated as any other woman, she needed to be teased. She needed to feel her desire grow until she was almost in pain with it.

John lowered his head with a wicked twinkle in his eye, held her wrists and started the slow torture of licking her beautiful breasts through her lacy bra. Libby squirmed, thrusting her body towards him, but he was unrelenting. Slow licks, up and around her fleshy breasts soaking the fabric of her bra, but avoiding her nipples completely. He ached almost as much as she did to take those lovely rock hard nipples deep into his mouth and suck, but he kept up his attack, her squirming turning close to thrashing as the need grew stronger by the minute.

He let out a stream of hot breath across one nipple then slid up to Libby’s side, his face almost touching hers. As he leaned over her, she smiled at him despite the urgent rising need she felt, Libby was so moved by this man, by his love and patience and complete giving when they were like this. Face to face, flesh to flesh. His gray eyes penetrated her soul.

“I truly love you, Libby.” “You just don’t know how I have looked for THE woman of my dreams all my life and here you are, laying before me.”

She knew the tears would start streaming and she hated that weakness within her for so long that the floodgates seemed to burst.

“Oh God John, I adore you, you must know that by now.” “I could not wait to get away from home so I could be with you again baby.”

He kissed her tears yet again, his fingers so very lightly brushing across her little stone nipples. Libby gasped at his touch feeling as if she might cum right then with just the slight touch of his fingertip on her aching tight nipples.

He gently pulled her up and slid his hands around her back, unfastened her bra and let the creamy round flesh spill out before him. She heard him gasp as he took in the fullness of her globes, her wrists free, she cupped them and smiled up as she watched his fingers moving to brush across those nubs before replacing her hands, cupping them and laying her back down once again.

“I’m going to devour these luscious tits of your Libby.”

She tingled with anticipation as he lowered his mouth and gently took in her left nipple, teasing its peak with his tongue, then sucking deeper. She groaned and the charge soared directly between her legs, her body quivering in response, then his fingers took control of her right nipple. Libby’s hips started to slowly arch upward and John let out a groan sending vibrations through her nipple. He twisted the right and sucked harder on the left, nibbling, then sucking, then harder bites all the while twisting and tugging on the opposite nipple.


She could barely take it any more and she knew as before, John could make her explode without ever touching her pussy or her very erect clit. He quickly switched nipples, his mouth on her right now, his fingers working the slippery wet left. He would not stop until this incredible sexy creature was creaming her panties, his desire, his love drove him on as she wiggled and squirmed and he knew she was close to her first explosion. Her legs started to shake and he increased his efforts, pushing her breasts close together licking back and forth, pinching, twisting, licking and sucking. He could never get enough of her incredible tits and her body responded to his touch the way no other woman’s ever had.

Libby couldn’t believe it, even though he had done it many times before, she was cumming, HARD. Her body thrashed and writhed underneath his, and John kept up his attack on her sweet, hard, slightly sore nipples. She felt the wetness oozing from her pussy and lost herself in this incredible sensation, knowing in her heart that this man loved her the way no other man ever had and perhaps never would again. Even as he slid back up to her face, kissing her softly, John continued to work her swollen nipples, extending her pleasure as long as he possibly could. Libby finally managed to regain some composure and shyly smiled at her lover.

“God, John, I know you have done that to me so many times before, but each time it takes my breath away.”

She pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply, loving the feel of his warm wet tongue in her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mouth, invading hers, probing, seeking, driving her arousal to even greater heights. Libby’s desire quickly grew and soon she was pushing John onto his back, straddling him with her still partially clothed body and removing his shirt. Their mouths never parting she stripped his shirt and caressed his strong chest, fingers playing with the soft down of his chest hair. Her fingers sought out his nipples and gently rolled them into full erection to match the bulge that was pressing into her between his legs.

Part 2 *************** John looked up into Libby’s eyes and saw the passion this woman had for him, it was still astounding to him even after all the times they had been in exactly this position, face to face, making passionate love to each other, that she could move him so deeply emotionally. She buried her face in John’s chest and slowly, seductively licked his naked skin, drinking in his smells, savoring the taste of his flesh. Her mouth was persistently licking, kissing, sucking and nipping at him with passion and desire. The fire between her legs was astounding, she had never wanted a man more than she wanted John, she slid down his body so her hands were at his belt buckle.

Libby looked up at John and caught him gazing adoringly at her, she blushed and her fingers started pulling his belt loose, sliding down his zipper. She slid her hand inside his pants and found his thick erection through his boxers and she heard him gasp as her fingers took hold of her lover’s cock. John was already bulging and straining against the constraints of his clothing and Libby was all too eager to set him free. Her fingers worked his boxers down and his thick hard shaft popped free.

Without touching his bare cock, Libby slid his pants and boxers down over his legs and pushed them to the floor. She knelt on the floor and slowly crept up, caressing his feet, his ankles, his calves moving up to his inner thighs. Her hands were so greedy to touch him again, the feel of his body under her fingertips sending electric sensations throughout her entire body, God, she loved this man so deeply. John moaned softly and gazed down at his beautiful lover, her curly hair a little mussed, her face flush with desire.

Her touch was so soft, yet sure, knowing just where to linger to set his mind spinning. Then her lips were on him, kissing, licking, sucking and softly nibbling on his nakedness as if he were a fine delicacy, fingers still prodding, caressing and touching him everywhere. Libby used her own partially naked body to further entice him by rubbing her soft globes up and down his legs as her hands and mouth moved closer to his stomach.

Slowly she climbed back onto the bed and gingerly stood at the foot of the bed above John. She reached down to grab the hem of her skirt and smiled at him.

“Is there something you would like to see again John baby”?

His eyes laughed up at hers and he just nodded his yes. Libby taunted him by raising her skirt just slightly and then turned carefully around so that her ass was facing him. She lifted a little more and leaned forward until her inner thighs were showing, she looked back and asked.

“Would you like more?”

John groaned deep in his throat.

“Fuck you are such a tease, YESSSSS!!! I want MORE. ” I want it all!”

And with that he reached up and pushed the remaining fabric of her skirt up, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her down into his arms. His hands slid inside her panties and pushed them away moving quickly back to cup her mound massaging it just slightly and burying his face in her neck, kissing, sucking, biting.

“I need to be inside you again sweetheart.”

Libby knew she couldn’t take much more either and she turned towards John and locked her mouth on his. He kissed her deep and hard, pushing her back onto the bed while his hands worked her skirt off and down her creamy thighs. His hands quickly massaged back up her legs to her round ass which he grabbed firmly and started to press his rock hard cock against her driving them both to the brink of need.

“I need you like I have never needed any other women.” He whispered into her hair and started kissing down her neck.

“Oh, John, please, please make me yours again, I need you so badly.”

Libby’s hips rose and pushed against him, her legs parting, urging him to plunge his hardness into her depths. John kissed her breasts again, her tummy, stopping for a moment to poke his tongue into her belly button making her groan loudly. Libby bucked her hips up again.

“Please John, I can’t take much more.”

But he did not stop. He lowered his face and licked her inner thighs, kissing and licking and looking up one final time before burying his face between her legs. He rubbed his güvenilir bahis şirketleri wet mouth against her netherlips and Libby pushed up, her fingers reaching down and tangling in his dark locks. Her moaning was animalistic. She could never get enough of him between her legs and he was always so happy to oblige.

His tongue licked from the bottom of her slit to just the tip of her clit before dropping and starting all over. Her legs locked around his head urging him to dig in deeper, to take hold of her aching clit, but he knew just how badly she needed to wait. His attack on her sweet outerlips continued, licking back and forth, always just touching the tip of her sweet swollen clit. Her juices were leaking out, her desire completely heightened by this continuing attack. John would not relent. Ever so slowly his tongue parted her lips and he pushed his tongue inside her sweetness, then dropped back down to lick from the bottom to the tip once again. Libby grabbed the bedspread, clutching it and twisting her body back and forth and still John would not relent. His cock was bulging against the bed but this woman excited him beyond his own need. He simply had to give her more than he had ever given any other woman.

After an eternity, John finally used his fingers to pull her open. Libby gasped loudly at the feeling of being so open and felt his eyes drinking in her wet flower. She looked down and watched as he looked upon her as a great painting or sculpture, studying every detail of her swollen, wet and very hungry womanhood. He used his thumb to push her hood up and her aching clit bulged out at him.

“PLEASE John, I am begging you.”

As if suddenly surprised to see her there, John smiled up at his love.

“Tell me princess, tell me what it is you want me to do”?

Libby was trembling with her need, with the ache that was so powerful within her.

“Please make me cum John, please suck my clit into your mouth and make me yours again.”

Her head fell back as his mouth closed over her sweet, pulsing, hard bud and the intensity of the sensation of his soft sucking drove her over the edge almost immediately. Her screams and moans filled the room and John followed her wave through, sucking and gently nibbling until her legs were shaking, trembling and he could feel the fluttering in her belly. Before her orgasm subsided, John was between her legs with his thick, swollen wet cock head poised at her entrance.

Libby reached down between them and pushed his head into her soft wet opening and he eased into her slowly but with one motion to that his cock was buried completely inside the woman he so deeply loved. As their bodies met, the warmth of their skin pressing against one another, John cupped her head and covered her mouth with his in a deep hungry kiss without moving his body. Libby gasped at the incredible power of his kiss, not just physically, but the emotion that accompanied it. She kissed back, groaning into his mouth, sucking his tongue, licking at his lips, his teeth, twisting under him, loving the feeling of him being deep inside her warm sweet hole again. Her hands moved down his back, nails digging into him softly, clutching him to her, needing him as she could never need another man. Then slowly John started to move, not taking his mouth from hers, still kissing, sucking, licking her sweet mouth. She tasted her wetness in the kisses and moaned as her pleasure continued with him inside her so deep and hard and pulsing.

They moved together slowly, taunting the other, John setting the pace and Libby keeping it, loving the feeling of being one with him again. She knew if she clenched too tightly or moved too quickly he would cum too fast and she wanted this feeling to last. He pulled slightly away so that he could watch her face and she his and Libby smiled at this knowing how important it was to both of them to see each other as they made love once again. His hips kept the motion steady and she met every stroke, working her hips up to meet him, her hands grabbing at his ass cheeks, pulling him in as deep as she could.

“I love you, John.”

She knew she didn’t need to speak the words because they could be seen so easily in her eyes, but he smiled and started to drive inside her with earnest. The walls of her sweetness massaging him tighter and stronger, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Feeling him swell even more inside of her, Libby started to squeeze down slightly and push even harder against him as he drove inside her.

“Yes, yes, yesssss, oh God, Libby, fuck me, my sweet baby.”

She wrapped her legs around his back and his strokes became shorter, faster, harder, his finger moved to her sweet bud once again and Libby gasped as she felt the new sensation of the deep penetration and the touch of his fingers on her clit again. She was cumming again, harder than the first two and her twitching and clenching was more than John could handle. His seed started shooting out of his cock head and into her tight pussy, filling her with his warm thick liquid.

This story to be continued if there is enough interest, thanks for reading, I would appreciate any/all comments.

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