Nis 17

Library Adventures

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It seemed like any other day at the library to Jessica. She got to work early that day and in between shelving and helping patrons she spent her time reading Africa’s World War. The book was very interesting, but her thoughts kept drifting. The night before she had stayed up texting her friend from Georgia, Kevin, and now she couldn’t get him off her mind. They had such a playful friendship now, but they used to want more from each other. Sometimes she felt that there was still something else beneath the surface, unspoken. She knew that they weren’t just friends. And today she couldn’t get thoughts of him out of her mind.

She sat at the front desk in her navy blue cardigan that subtly outlined the curve of her breasts. As she read about the Rwandan children, her mind drifted– imagining Kevin’s hand on her cheek, imagining Kevin running his hand through her brunette locks, reaching the back of her head, and emphatically pulling her forward, into his kiss… She jumped as Valarie said “Jessica, please go shelf D-F, the books are getting piled up back here,” interrupting her daydreams.

“Of course,” she said, walking into the back room to get the book on a cart. After she had loaded the books onto the cart she pushed it through the library towards the elevator wishing, like always, that it wouldn’t make so much noise on the tiled floor. Unbeknownst to Jessica, as she entered the elevator, Kevin walked through the front door of the library.

Kevin walked up the front stairs of the library wearing his white button up shirt and a pair of blue jeans. His hair looked ruffled like he’d had a long night. He didn’t even notice the blonde admiring his physique as he threw open the library door, with determination in his eyes. As he walked through the glass door he began searching for her. He had spent the previous day being teased by her. He knew that he wanted her, and that she wanted him. And he wasn’t planning on waiting any longer.

Kevin strode up to the front desk continuing to search for her as he walked. He asked the librarian at the front, “Excuse me, I’m looking for Jessica Fox, do you know where I can find her?”

The librarian looked up from her novel and said, “Sure, Jessica is upstairs shelving books in the far section of the library, section D.” He thanked her and rushed off, choosing to sprint the stairs instead of taking the elevator. When he got to the second floor he walked quickly down the rows, his heart güvenilir bahis beating faster and faster and the letters descended, getting closer to D. He hadn’t noticed anyone else since he got upstairs, attributing it to the fact that not many people hung out at the library at 8pm on a Sunday.

He saw a cart full of books sitting in between two rows and knew he was close. He slowed down, thoughts racing, realizing he hadn’t planned anything after this point. He stopped by the cart, turning to look down the aisle. He saw Jessica, with a goofy smile on her face, humming while she bent over to put a book on the bottom shelf. He stood watching her for a minute, while she listened to her ipod, completely oblivious to his presence. He smiled to himself and forced a cough.

Startled, Jessica turned around, pulling the buds out of her ears. She saw Kevin standing at the end of the aisle, smiling at her so thoroughly it came through his eyes. At first she thought she must be delusional. “Kevin couldn’t be here, it’s impossible,” she thought, but she walked slowly towards him anyway in disbelief. He let out a chuckle noticing her genuine surprise.

“Kevin?! What are you doing here??” she asked finally accepting that she wasn’t dreaming. He stood at the end of the aisle looking strong and sexy with his hair all out of place.

She flung her arms around his neck, squeezing tight, breathing in the scent of him as he answered, “I think you know, Jessica.”

Jessica pulled back, arms still clasped around the back of his neck, searching his brown eyes. His stare radiated his determination and lust. She beamed at him, and then let her eyes flicker to his lips and back again. Kevin didn’t need any more of an invitation. He placed his palm on the small of her back and pulled her in closer, so their hips pressed together. Their lips were mere centimeters apart. Jessica’s breathing became heavier, hardly able to stand the anticipation. But Kevin was enjoying the fervor in her eyes and the longing for him he could feel pulsing through her body.

Very slowing, he reached one hand up and placed it against her cheek, gently caressing it with his thumb. He moved his head in the last centimeter and pressed his lips to hers. Electricity shook through both of their bodies as that simple, but long awaited kiss pressed on. Jessica let out a quiet sigh of pleasure as Kevin began pressing kisses across her check and down her neck. She reluctantly türkçe bahis pushed him back. As soon as their bodies weren’t touching her thoughts became more coherent. What was she doing? There were people around. Kevin sensed her apprehension and said “There’s no one around Jessica, it’s just us,” and he closed the gap between them.

Once again her sensibility vanished as his warmth and scent made her head swim. Instead of pushing him back again, she reached up, took a hold of his shirt and pulled him to her, barricading herself between Kevin and the shelf of books behind her. She pulled his head forcefully down and kissed him hard, sneaking her tongue between his lips. He kissed back just as hard, gently pulling at her hair in lust. Kevin hugged her close again as his tongue dance with hers, this time his hands drifted down her back pulling her groin tight against his. She ground herself against him for a while then backed away and began unbuttoning his crisp white shirt, before discarding it and dropping it to the floor. She unbuckled his pants and drew the zipper down; she could feel him already hard for her. “Undress for me,” he whispered into her ear.

Her chest heaved as her pulse raced. Her trembling fingers began to slowly unbutton her blue cardigan. Kevin noticed her red lace bra and his jaw dropped. She continued unbuttoning slowly, unveiling more of her ivory skin to him with each button. As she reached the last button Kevin patience vanished. He grabbed the cardigan and pushed it back and down her arms, letting it drop to the floor. Then his hands dropped to her waist and he unbuttoned her jeans. When his fingers brushed against her skin warmth coursed through her body. Kevin tugged at the jeans, crouching down and forcefully pulling them to her ankles. She quickly stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

She stood in front of Kevin wearing matching set of red lace undergarments. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra, throwing it on top of some books on the shelf behind them. They stood, breathing hard, and admiring one another as the anticipation heightened. Kevin stood with his jeans unbuttoned and boxers visible, his bare chest rising and falling with his breath. Jessica stood coyly with her bare, ivory breasts heaving. Kevin reached out, simultaneously groping her breast and wrapping an arm around her bottom as he lifted her and set her on the metal latter that was to her right.

He stepped back güvenilir bahis siteleri and quickly pulling off her red underwear tossed them behind himself. She sat perched on the ladder in front of him, legs spread, waiting for him to step forward. Instead Kevin knelt down, and pressed his lips to her thigh. He began moving upward, leaving a trail of tingles on her skin. When he had reach the top of her thigh he moved up her hips, then her bellybutton, finally reaching her breasts as she wrapped her legs around him. Kevin gently pressed his lips against each pink nipple, and traced his tongue around them. Jessica moaned in pleasure, grabbing his back and pulling him forward, silently begging him to fill her.

Kevin stood back up, face to face with Jessica. She clasped her legs tighter around him pressing him to her waist and she pulled him closer, pressing her chest against his and planting a passionate kiss on him. Jessica reached down, taking ahold of Kevin’s hard member and guiding it into herself. They both let out a sigh of pleasure as he completely filled her. Kevin reached one hand beneath her knee and raised it, pressing his palm against some books, and pinning her to the shelf. She used her other foot to steady herself as Kevin fondled her breasts.

As he slowly began moving in and out of her she let her head fall back in pleasure, sighing. The sight of her carnal bliss exciting him even more, Kevin began pumping harder and rougher and Jessica grabbed ahold of his back, digging her fingernails into him as she leaned forward and kissed down his neck and shoulder, anywhere she could reach. Her free leg squeezed him tight meeting his thrusts with her own. Jessica could feel her climax approaching as Kevin thrust quicker into her. He let her leg go, and she wrapped them both tight around him and Kevin enclosed her in his arms, pressing their bodies together hard.

Jessica’s head lay on his shoulder, fingers pressing into his back. Kevin plunged into her, erupting, as Jessica moaned, “Ohh, Kevin,” in ecstasy gently biting into his shoulder.

The two didn’t budge for a couple minutes while they reveled in their abandon and waited for their hearts to stop racing. Finally, Jessica’s raised her head and met his eyes. She gave him a gentle kiss and lowered herself to the floor.

The two dress quickly, sneaking playful peeks at one another. Kevin dressed quicker though, and stood admiring Jessica as she searched for her bra. “Haha, help me!” she laughed, standing topless in her blue jeans. Kevin wrapped his arms tightly around her, then pulling back, reached and grabbed her bra off the bookshelf behind them. She smiled and finished dressing quickly.

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