Mar 14

Life Change for sister and I pt.2

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Life Change for sister and I pt.2Waking up to the clapping sound, “I better get out there and make sure everything is under cover right quick.””I’ll help cause I’m not staying in here without you, with all that thundering going on.” then a flash of lightning lit the sky up.I pulled my, now hard dick, out of Clare’s pussy to hear, Clare moan, “I wish you could leave that in my pussy, while we check out everything.””Then we wouldn’t get anything done, but yet, I wish the samething too.” as I was unzipping the tent door, just as the clap of thunder sounded out again, off in the distance.As I stepped out the tent door the clapping thunder quit, and as I was slipping on my flip flops, Clare stepped out the tent door and slipped her flip flops on.It didn’t take us long to make sure everything was secure and covered, but just as we was finishing up, it started to rain, “Go ahead and get into the tent Clare. I believe we have everything taken care of out here.”Clare stepped through the tent door, then I stepped into the tent and started zipping the tent door closed, just as it started down poring, “Wow, that rain is pretty cold.” just as I finished zipping the tent door closed.I had gotten my tank top and Clare’s tank top from the tree limbs we had left them on, so I used them to dry my face and chest with, then tosed them over in the corner of the tent, slipped off my flip flops and sat on the air mattress next to Clare, “Please hold me Leanard, I’m scared.””Everything will be okay sexy, nothing to worry about.” as I put my arm around Clare and kissed her and put a hand on one of her tits, giving the tit a squeeze.”Mmm.” came from Clare into my mouth as we kissed, then we fell back and still kissing we both moved to get our full bodys onto the air mattress, then I felt her put her hand on my dick and wrap her hand around it, then started stroking it.After kissing Clare on the lips for a little bit, I started kissing my way down to her shoulder, then on down toward her tit and kissed around it, then kissed around her other tit, then onto the first tit to the nipple, which I kissed then sucked it into my mouth and then gave it light nibble, then kissed over to the other tit, and did the samething to that nipple.”I love the way you kiss and lick and suck on my tits baby. It makes my pussy so wet, like no one has ever done to me before.””How am I so much different than other guys?””They dodn’t have the loving touch that you have. They are so rough with the squeezing, and they bit instead of nibble on my nipples, then they pinch my nipples so hard, it hurts.””Did you tell them that it hurt, and to ease up and be more gentle with them?””Yes, but they would usually say something like, oh baby you know you like it rough like this, and keep on pinching them hard and biting them hard too.””You should have just stopped them and left then.””I did with most of them, but the few that was just a bit more gentle, I would just let them get their rocks off, then leave.”After giving Clare’s tits and nipples another round of kissing, licking, sucking, and nibblings, as well as a squeeze on each tit, I started kissing my way down her belly to her belly button, where I stopped and licked around the button, then flicked my tongue into the button, that made her jerk, “Oh baby, that tickled.” then I did it again, making her jerk and giggle, before I kissed my way on down her lower belly.The whole time I gave Clare’s tits, and nipples, attention, and then kissed my way down to her belly button, and licked and kissed the button, she kept stroking my cock with her hand, and was still stroking it as I kissed on down on her lower belly.I stopped kissing and licking right at the top of her slit, “Do you shave or wax, your mound here where there is usually hair, or has it not started growing yet?” while keeping my mouth close to the slit, so she could feel my breath on it as I asked the question.”I shaved it at first but it got to where I was having to shave it to much, and had a hard time keeping up with it, to keep the stubble away, so I started waxing it, and now I don’t have to wax as often, as I did when I first started waxing. Now quit teasing me, and lick my pussy please, I need to cum so bad, right now.””Let me see here.” then I stuck a finger in her pussy hole, and wiggled my finger around in her pussy, feeling how soaked her pussy is, “Wow babe, Your pussy is soaking wet in there.””Yes it is. Now I wonder why it’s so soaking wet?”I then pulled my finger out and sucked her juices off of my finger, “Mmm babe, your honey is so sweet, I think I’m going to have to eat some, before I finish licking and sucking your pussy.” then I stuck my finger back into her pussy.”Oh fuck me. I need to cum so bad baby, please.”I then stuck my tongue between her pussy lips and licked back and forth between her clit and my finger a few times, then I licked and sucked on her clit, which then seemed to set her off with a gusher.When Clare squirted cum out of her pussy, it got me in the mouth, my face, and all over maraş rus escort my hand and forarm, and the bedding got it too.I kept licking and sucking Clare’s pussy and clit while still finger fucking her pussy for a little bit more, then I added another finger and just finger fucked her, while looking up at her face, noticing that she wasn’t stroking my dick any more, but just holding my cock in her hand.After just finger fucking Clare for a little bit, I then pulled my fingers out of her pussy, then sat up on my knees and held my fingers to her nose and mouth, which she then pulled my fingers down to her mouth with her other hand, while keeping a hold of my cock and sucked my fingers clean.When Clare finished sucking and licking my fingers clean, “Oh baby, I see why you like to eat my pussy so much. I must say, it does taste pretty good.””Like I said, you have the best tasting honey pot I’ve ever tasted.” then I laid down with my head down at the foot of the bed, “Now babe, how about you sit on my dick, with your back toward me here.”Clare rolled over toward me lifting her leg up and over my head, putting her pussy over my face, and gave my dick a few licks and sucks, as I licked her pussy a few times, then she started moving down as she sat up on her knees, and lined my cock up with her pussy.Clare brought one knee up and put a foot where her one knee was, to get a little more lift, to get her pussy right over my dick, then she lowered herself just enough to rub my dick head along her pussy between the lips, to get her juices on my cock, then she lowered herself down onto my dick, and slid my cock in all the way to the hilt, then moved her foot back, and put her knee back down where it was a moment ago. “Oh fuck baby, your cock is back home, where it belongs again, and damn, does it feel good, to have it back home, in my pussy again.””Oh yes it does sexy. There is no place like home for sure, and my dick has found a good home to go to.””I told you that you do not have a dick, you have a cock, and a damn good cock at that, fuck, it feels so damn good. Your cock was made for my pussy for sure, it fits so damn good in my pussy. There is no other dick, or cock, made for my pussy but the cock, that you have stuck in my pussy.””Yes I will agree. Your pussy does fit my cock, like a pussy is supposed to fit a cock.”Clare started lifting up then sliding back down, with her hands on my knees, at a some what fast speed but not real fast for a few strokes, then she leaned back, putting her hands on my shoulders, as I reached around and started squeezing her tits and lightly pinching her nipples, “Oh fuck yes baby, that is how I like my nipples pinched.”After bouncing on my dick a few times with her hands on my shoulders, Clare sat up straight on top of me and kept on bouncing, as I put my hands under her ass cheeks, and started helping her out by lifting her up and letting her down on my dick for a little bit, then I reached up and pulled her back down on top of me, with her putting her hands back on my shoulders, then I reached down and lifted her butt up off of me, then I started lifting my ass up off the bed as fast as I could, pumping my dick in and out of her pussy.”Oh fuck me, I’m about to cum again, damn, fuck me, I’… cumming, fuck yes, I’m cumming again, fuck me, it feels so damn good, shit.”When Clare said she was ‘cumming’ she went to squirting cum out all over the bedding, and the tent floor at the head of the bed, and I think she squirted on the tent wall too.Clare forced me to let her down with her orgasm, trying to get as much of my dick into her pussy as she could, and leaned forward laying down on my legs, with cum flowing out on top of me, as she rode out her orgasm.When Clare calmed down some, she sat up, looked over her shoulder at me, “Damn baby, that was so,.. damn good, fuck me. No one, has ever done that, to me.””You liked that hu.””Liked hell, I loved it, it felt so damn good. You make me cum so damn much, like no one has ever made me do before.”I then reached up and took a hold of her tits, which she laid back on me, then I rolled us both over, “Now get on your hands and knees, for me to fuck you doggy.”With out pulling my dick out of her pussy, and keeping a hand hold on Clare, she got on her knees, and laid her head down on the wet bed, with her butt up in the air, with me behind her, and my dick still stuck in her tight, soaking wet, hot, pussy.Once we were in position I reached down and around and got a hand full of tits in each hand, I started pumping my dick in and out of Clare’s pussy at a slow speed, and after squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples some, I then sat up straight on my knees behind her, and got a good hand hold on her ass cheeks, and speeded up with the pumping in and out of her pussy.”Oh fuck me, you are so damn deep, in my pussy again, and damn, does it feel fucking good, damn, I’m about to cum again, fuck.”I then started pumping Clare’s pussy with my dick as fast maraş rus escort bayan as I could, and after just a few strokes, she went to squirting cum out of her pussy again, all over our legs, and the bed, and my balls, and getting my belly wet too.Just as Clare started squirting cum out all over, “Oh fuck me, I’m cumming again, shit.”I kept on pumping her pussy as fast as I could, even thou it was hard to do, with the way Clare’s pussy muscles squeeze down on my dick every time she cums, and she kept on cumming for a little bit, till I had to stop pumping in and out so fast and slowed down to a slow speed, while she rode out her orgasm. Clare finally collapsed down on the bed flat on her belly and chest, and I followed her down keeping my dick stuck in her pussy, and then got into position to pump her pussy with my legs on each side of her hips.When Clare finally calmed down some, “Oh fuck me baby, that felt so damn good, shit, you made me cum so much more, than you did the first time. How in the hell, do you do that, to me?” between breaths.”Just like I’m about to do again maybe.” as I started pumping my dick in and out of her pussy again, at a some what fast speed, about like Clare had, when she first rode me reverse cowgirl after I ate her pussy out a bit ago.Clare was trying to match my strokes in and out of her pussy while trying to lift her butt up again, but I kept her penned down, then I put my arms down, placing my hands on each side of her about where her tits were smashed into the bed, to get more of a down stroke position with my pumping of my dick in and out of her pussy, “Oh fuck me baby, I’ve never been fucked like this before, and I’m about to cum again, damn, fuck, I’m cumming again, shit.”When Clare said she was ‘cumming again’, I felt her cum squirt out behind us, and could feel it getting our legs wet some more, and then I laid my groin down on her butt and pushed my dick into her pussy as far as I could, as she rode out her orgasm and kept a slow steady in out movement, till she was able to calm down some.When Clare finally calmed down some, “Damn, that felt good. How do you know, how to fuck, like you do?””It’s called looking things up on the internet on my computer, to find out what a woman likes for her lover to do, and watching porn, when I can get away with it. That’s the only answer I know to give you, but then a lot of it, I guess just comes natural too.””You need to speed up and fuck me fast and hard again, right now, cause I need to cum again all ready.” As Clare and I was talking, I kept a slow steady in out motion going, and then I speeded up as she had told me she needed me to do, which I started pumping my dick in and out as fast as I could for a few strokes, then I repositioned to get the down stroke more again, while trying to keep the speed up, then it wasn’t but a few strokes, “Of fuck, sexy, I’m about to cum too.””Oh yes baby, cum with me, damn, I’m about to cum, oh shit, I’m cumming now, cum with me baby, in my pussy, fill my pussy up again, with your cum baby.”Clare went to squirting again, and when she did, I started cumming into her pussy at the same time, “I’m cumming in your pussy sexy, fuck, your so damn tight.” as I slammed my dick into her pussy as far as I could get it, and she pushed her putt up and back into me, to get me into her as far as she could.”Yes, I can feel your cum squirting deep in my pussy baby, it is so damn ho, fuck, it feels damn good.”When I finally calmed down some, I collapsed down on top of Clare and just kissed around her neck and shoulders, from one side to the other, and back on the back of her neck again, with my dick still stuck in her pussy.”Oh fuck me baby, I love you so much. You have made me cum more, than anyone has.””I love you too sexy. You make me cum a lot too. Your pussy is so damn tight and hot.”Clare raised her head up and turned it around as far as she could, and I leaned my head down and around to her the best that I could, and we kissed each other with passion again for a little bit, then we broke the kiss off and rolled onto our sides, with me putting my arms around her, and each of my hands on each of her tits, squeezing them a little, with my still hard dick still in her pussy.”With our sheets and blanket all wet like they are, we may get a little cool before sun rise, now that the rain has stopped and the wind has died down, it is a little bit cool in here.””Maybe we should have brought some plastic with us, to line everything, so we could have a dry bed to sleep in, when we finish fucking.””You may be right, but then, it would mean pulling my dick out of your pussy to unwrap the bed.””You may need to pull it out any way, so we can get turned around to cover up with the wet covering, which should be better than not covering at all.””Get up on your hands and knees in the doggy position, I should be able to keep my dick in your pussy for us to get turned around, and get the cover over us, before we do get to cold.”As rus escort maraş Clare turned back onto her belly, I moved with her, and then as she got up on her hands and knees I got up on my knees behind her, and then as we was turning, my some what soft dick slipped out of her pussy, “Oh no, we didn’t make it this time. I guess we will have to practice more.” “We might have made it, had my dick been hard still.”Clare turned around and took a hold of my dick, “I need to clean up my mess any way, and this looks to be the best time to do just that.” then she sucked my cock into her mouth.When Clare finished cleaning my cock off, we pulled the sheet and blanket up over us as we got laid back down, to find our pillows wet from her cum, which we just flip the pillows over, even thou it was a little bit damp and cool, from all that has happened tonight.Once Clare and I were laid down, we French kissed for a little bit, then she turned over and put her sexy little round butt back up against me and put my, some what soft dick, in between her ass cheeks, for it to be cradled in her ass crack, and I put one arm around her and held onto one of her tits, and we both fell asleep at the same time.I woke up at sun rise with a nice firm soft tit in my hand, and a very hard dick in the crack of a soft but firm ass, that was sliding up and down along my dick.I slid my hand down from Clare’s tit to her bald pussy, to feel a very wet pussy, and when my hand got to her pussy, she lifted her leg up for me to reach her pussy easier, “That’s it, roll over here onto your back.” as I pulled her over and I moved back, to give her room to roll onto her back.Once Clare was on her back, I got in between her legs and lifted them up and lined my dick up to her pussy and started rubbing the head up and down between her pussy lips, till my dick was wet from her pussy juices, at which time I stuck my dick into her pussy all the way in to the hilt.”Oh yes baby, fuck my wet pussy, damn.”I started pumping my dick in and out Clare’s pussy as fast as I could, with her legs up on my shoulders on each side of my head, which I turned my head and kissed her ankles, first one then the other, as I pumped as fast as I could.It wasn’t long till I felt that feeling that one get’s just before a guy cums, as Clare started in with, “Oh fuck me baby, I’m about to cum, fuck me, I’m cumming, cum with me baby, fuck me.” “I’m cumming with you sexy.” as Clare’s cum squirt out all over again, like it had during the night.When we both quit cumming, I collapsed down over her into a hug, as Clare put her arms around my shoulders, I then went to kissing her neck and ear lobe, “Damn sexy, you are sexy as all get out, and I love you so damn much.””Oh baby, I love you so much too. But I do need to go pee.””I do too.” as I then got up and helped pull Clare up off the wet bed, that we had made.The two of us slipped our flip flops on, and then I got the tent door unzipped and stepped out holding Clare’s hand, as she stepped out of the tent door behind me, and then I lead the way to where we usually did our bathroom dutes, and we both peed with me standing beside her, as she spread her legs and did a little bit of a squat and peed.As we finished peeing, “Oh fuck.””What wrong now sexy?””I forgot to bring some tp with us, for me to wipe myself with.””I guess you can either drip dry, or, I can step in behind you, as you bend over, and I can us my dick to wipe your pussy for you.””Then I would want your cock back in my pussy, and then we will miss breakfast, because my legs will be to rubbery to stand up, to do any cooking then.””I guess you have a point there, cause I would have to put my dick back in that hot tight honey pot again for sure.”Clare and I got back to camp and fixed breakfast on the camp stove, and then I put a pot of coffee on for us to have some coffee when we finished eating, and then we spent the rest of the day nude while we just sat around the camp talking, and even went to the lake to find the water was still very cold at noon after we had ate some dinner, and then when it was all most time for dad to show up with a chest full of ice, we then dressed to go down and meet him, to get the ice chest full of ice.As Clare and I got down to the parking spot, we saw dad and mom putting the ice chest down under the tree that he said he would, and when they saw us, they both smilled, then mom asked, when Clare and I got close enough, “How is it going between the two of you? It looks as if you two are doing good, for being the first night together.” “Yea, I’d say so, cause I’ve never see them two smile like they are right now.” our dad answered.”Yes we had a great night together.” I agreed to confirm the answer.”I’m glad that it went good for you two.” “You might want to get your ice up to camp before it decides to melt to much more, than it has all ready.” dad said as he started toward the driver’s door.”I love you two k**s and please be careful.” as mom then started to the passanger side of the pickup.”I know now, that I have some work to be done for sure.” I heard dad say to mom as they were getting into the pickup.”What do you think they meant by that?” Clare asked me holding my hand.”You heared him too I see. And to answer your question, I do not know. I guess we will find out when we get home.” as we watched dad and mom drive off toward home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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