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Life with Vivien Ch.04

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When Vivien arrived home that evening, she was a little annoyed to see that Josh was still there. “Did you have a nice day?” asked Vivien stepping out onto the patio.

“It could have been better,” said Josh, who was lying on a nearby lounge chair, “there really isn’t much to do here when you’re on your own.”

“Hey! I’m home alone all the time, and I rarely have trouble finding something to do!” said Vivien, turning on Josh, “If you were so bored why didn’t you just go home?”

“I found stuff to pass the time,” said Josh, avoiding looking at Vivien, “It just wasn’t much fun.”

“Sis, I need to talk to you about something,” said Russell, who was looking out over the patio railing & motioning for Vivien to join him, “now!”

“Sure, what is it?” asked Vivien, as she walked over to where Russell was standing, and leaned against the railing beside him.

“When I got back from the campus, I found Josh going threw your underwear drawer,” said Russell, giving Josh a strange look over his shoulder.

“Did he take anything?” asked Vivien, calmly.

“No, I made sure of that!” said Russell, still looking at Josh over his shoulder.

“Than there’s no problem,” said Vivien, shrugging. This caused Russell to look over at Vivien so fast that she could actually hear his neck crack.

“Are you insane?” asked Russell, dumbfounded, “a guy was found going threw your underwear drawer, and you don’t think that’s a problem?”

“Of course I think that’s a problem,” said Vivien stifling a laugh at her brothers’ reaction, “but you say he didn’t take anything: so I’ll talk to him about going threw my stuff, and the cleaning crew will deal with whatever else he did in there.”

“Wait,” said Russell, confused, “so you know what he could have been doing in there, and yet you’re not mad about it?”

“Nope,” said Vivien, smiling, “Im disturbed yes, but not mad.” “Come on! Im best friends with Zoey for crying out loud!” continued Vivien, in response to the very strange look that Russell was now giving her, “I couldn’t possibly be mad at Josh for something that may or may not have happened in my closet, when I’ve got someone like her for a best friend.”

“Touche,” said Russell, looking out over the railing, “so what now?”

“Well, I guess now’s as good a time as any.. for this,” said Vivien, before she stood upright, and walked over to where Josh was sitting. “So Josh, I’m heading up to my cottage tonight, and was wondering if you’d like to join me,” said Vivien, standing over Josh, and looking at a point in space that was slightly to the right of Joshs’ head, “before you answer, you should know that I plan on staying up there for a few weeks, so you’ll need to pack a lot of clothes.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” exclaimed Russell now standing at the foot of the Joshs’ lounge chair, “the guy goes threw your underwear, and you reward him by taking him up to the cottage. You’ve never even let me go up there.”

“This has nothing to do with what may or may not have happened in my closet,” said Vivien coldly, now glaring at the point in space beside Joshs’ head, “but don’t worry, we will have a pleasant little chat about that once we’re airborne.” “You should be happy about this, it’ll give you plenty of alone time with Tiffany,” said Vivien, as she turned to face Josh. “Wipe that smile off your face!” said Vivien angrily when she saw the truly evil smile that Russell was directing at Josh, “he’ll land same time as I do.” Russell didn’t wipe the smile off his face, instead he slowly walked inside; the whole time glaring at Josh, with that truly evil smile on his face. “And ‘that’ is why he’s not coming with us,” said Vivien cheerfully, as she turned back to Josh.

“Wait, he thought you were going to push me out of a plane — in flight?” asked Josh, fearfully, “you’re not, are you?”

“That’s the gist of it yeah,” said Vivien, shrugging, “but I would never do that — unless you had a parachute — and Russell knows that. He’s just mad; Russell may be a pacifist, but when he gets mad, he gets really mad.”

“So what you’re saying is?” asked Josh, afraid of the answer.

“What I’m saying is; I would never push you out of a plane without a parachute, but Russell — when he’s as mad at you as he is right now — probably would,” said Vivien, watching as the colour drained from Joshs’ face, and he broke into a — presumably cold — sweat.

“So we’re leaving now, right?” asked Josh fearfully, his eyes darting between the patio door, Russells’ Juliet balcony, and back again.

“Sure, why not,” said Vivien shrugging. “It’s probably a good idea if we take the back way,” continued Vivien, glaring up at Russells’ Juliet balcony — where she knew Russell was watching — and motioning towards the nearby stairs. So Josh & Vivien went down the stairs, passed the pool, down another flight of stairs, passed a private tennis court, and threw a rod-iron gate. Once threw the gate, Russell & Vivien still had to climb down a rugged hillside before they got down to the highway. When they finally got to the highway, güvenilir bahis they were happy to see an SUV waiting for them on the side of the road.

“I can see why you had them build another entrance down here,” said Josh as he opened the front passenger door, and looked back up the hill, “those last few hundred feet are brutal.”

“Yeah,” said Vivien, sitting in the drivers’ seat, and looking up the hill threw the open passenger door, “but can you hurry up and get in, we’re burning daylight.”

Just over 2 hours later the SUV drove onto the runway of a small airport, stopping a few minutes later under the wing of a DHC-6 Twin Otter — on amphibious floats. “Ok, here’s the thing,” said Vivien opening her door, and stepping one foot onto the ground, “I need to do a pre-flight inspection, and you need to go home and get some clothes.” Then Vivien climbed completely out of the SUV, turned around so she was looking at Josh and added, “make sure you pack something that’s at least semi-formal, we’ll be having dinner at a nice restaurant tonight.” That said, Vivien closed the door, climbed onto the nearest float, and preceded to inspect the different parts of the aircraft; thanks in large part to an extensive checklist that had long since been memorized.

By the time Josh returned, Vivien had completed the inspection, had been cleared for take off, and was now looking at a map, with one arm hanging out an open cockpit window, her legs crossed & her feet resting on a tiny mech hammock that hung down from the dashboard. “Someone looks comfortable,” said Josh, who was standing just in front of the float that’s on the same side as the open cockpit window. “So, where do I put these?” asked Josh, holding up two large suitcases.

“Just bring them into the cabin with you,” said Vivien, using her thumb to point at a pair of small double doors near the rear of the aircraft, her eyes never leaving the map.

“Are we ready to go?” asked Josh a few seconds later, as he ducked into the cockpit and sat down in the other seat. “I’m aloud to sit here right?” asked Josh, after quickly realizing his possible error.

“Sure, go nuts,” said Vivien, taking her feet out of the tiny hammock but still not looking up from the map, “if you ask me, it’s the best seat in the plane.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Josh, noticing a small screen in the middle of the dashboard, “wait, if that’s what I think it is, than why do we need the map?”

“That’s just weather radar,” said Vivien, looking at the screen over the top of the map, “we have the map, to make sure that — if I need to — I can find a safe landing spot in a hurry.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” said Josh, “but you still haven’t told why you said that this is the best seat in the plane.”

“Because it is,” said Vivien, finally storing the map, and looking over at Josh. “You get the best View,” said Vivien, waving her arm at the large windows in-front-of & beside them. “Instead of the crappy one you’d get back there,” continued Vivien, using her thumb to point into the cabin. “And unlike me,” continued Vivien reaching to the other side of the wall behind her seat, returning it a moment later holding two pairs of sunglasses, and what looked like two blue-tooth headsets, “you don’t have to worry about keeping us in the air.”

“What are those for?” asked Josh giving the headsets a strange look.

“Simple,” said Vivien, smiling and pointing at one of the engines with her thumb, “those bastards out there might be silent now, but they wont be for long.”

“I should have realized that,” said Josh smacking his forehead.

“Yeah, you should have,” said Vivien, smiling as she finally brought her other arm inside, and put on one of the headsets. “Brace yourself,” said Vivien, as she quickly started activating the avionics.

“For what?” asked Josh, before jumping when the engines suddenly kicking-in, causing Vivien to burst out laughing; loud enough to be clearly head even over the roar of the engines. “It’s not that funny,” said Josh, after grabbing the other headset, and putting it on.

“Oh yes it is,” said Vivien, after forcing herself to stop laughing, but still struggling to keep a strait face. “You know, you can open your window; we’re not going that high today.” “Here you’ll need these,” added Vivien handing Josh the other pair of sunglasses. Once Josh opened his window, Vivien applied more power to the engines, causing the Otter to start down the runway. Within what felt like no time at all, they were in the air and had started up the coast.

“Okay, time to talk,” said Vivien a few hours later, after looking down at a red & white lighthouse that was build on a huge rock outcropping, “what were you doing in my closet today?” “We’ve been over this,” continued Vivien, when she saw that Josh had gone white, and was now looking at the large– and presumably jagged — rocks that crowded this section of the coastline, “I’m not going to push you out of the pane — without a parachute.”

“You’ll just get mad or thing I’m some kind of pervert,” said Josh, looking türkçe bahis over at Vivien for no other reason then to get his gaze away from the rocky coastline.

“How about you let me be the judge of that,” said Vivien, frowning, “now answer the question.” “Before I reconsider your premature exit,” added Vivien, jokingly.

“Well to be honest,” said Josh, smiling meekly — fully aware that Vivien had been joking about that last part, “I was looking for that thing you wore that first time we had sex..”

“As a memento of finally getting into my pants?”asked Vivien, finishing Joshs’ sentence for him.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” asked Josh, surprised.

“Lucky guess,” said Vivien shrugging.

“So.. you’re not mad?” asked Josh, cautiously.” “Hell no,” said Vivien smiling, “I’m actually a little flattered. In fact; when we get back, I’ll personally hand it to you.”

“You’d actually do that for me?” asked Josh, hopefully.

“Sure, why not,” said Vivien, shrugging, “sorry but I’ve got to switch frequencies.” That said Vivien reached over to the dashboard, turned one of the dials very-slightly to the left, and asked, “Watch Tower, you out there?”

“Sure am, hun,” said a young womans’ voice, coming from both headsets, “my god V, is that you? Where have you been girl, you were supposed to come up ages ago.”

“Yeah its me. It’s a ‘long’ story,” said Vivien, smiling over at Josh, and laughing when she saw that he was blushing, “don’t worry, I’ll fill you in over dinner.” This caused Josh to open his mouth, but Vivien shushed him before he could make a sound. “So is everything ready?” asked Vivien into her headset.

“Yep,” said the voice, “the road’s clear, the door’s open, and the water’s boiling.”

“Thanks Watch Tower,” said Vivien, “I’m still about two hours out.” “Oh, and Watch Tower,” continued Vivien after a short pause, “I’m bringing a guest.”

“A guest?” repeated the voice, with what sounded like sadness, “V, you replaced me? How could you?”

“Don’t worry Watch Tower, nobody could ever replace you,” said Vivien, rolling her eyes, “like I said, it’s a long story.”

“This one, I gotta hear,” said the voice clearly intrigued, and without even the slightest hint of sadness. “See you in two.”

“Better make it two and a half,” said Vivien, “I still need to get changed.” That said, Vivien reached over to the same dial as before, turned it very-slightly to the right, and said,”okay, go.”

“What the hell was that?” asked Josh, “I thought we were have dinner; you know, alone.”

“Listen, it’s tradition for me & ‘Watch Tower’ to get together for dinner whenever I come up,” said Vivien, frowning, “besides you get to be alone almost every day, for the next few weeks. I think you can spare once night.”

“Sorry, I didn’t..” began Josh, thinking he’d made her mad.

“It’s ok, you didn’t know,” said Vivien calmly. And with that the conversation died away into a comfortable silence.

Two hours later, the Twin Otter touched down in Victoria –British Columbia — Harbor, and half an hour after that, it pulled up to a small dock outside of a 2-story seafood restaurant. “Get changed, then get out., said Vivien bluntly, using her thumb to point into the cabin. “If you peek, you’ll regret it,” added Vivien, a few minutes later when she heard the double door open.

After sticking her head out the window to make sure that nobody could see into the cockpit, Vivien reached under her seat, retrieved a large package, then opened the package, set it aside, and preceded to take off all her clothes — right there in the cockpit. Half an hour later, Vivien emerged from the aircraft threw the double doors, having styled her hair, and put on a form fitting black one-shoulder dress — that stopped just above her knee, and showed some cleavage — and a pair of black open-toed sandals.

“Wow!” exclaimed Josh, when Vivien caught up with him, “you look great!”

“Why thank you,” said Vivien smiling, making sure to take note of the look of flat-out lust that was plastered all over Joshs’ face. That said, Vivien took Joshs’ hand in hers’ had walked towards the restaurant. Once inside, they were quickly lead to an upstairs dining room.

“Wow,” said Josh, as he & Vivien were shown to a secluded booth overlooking the waterfront, “this place has some great service, we didn’t even have to wait.”

“It helps when you’re friends with the owners,” said Vivien, as she looked out the booths’ window, passed her silhouetted aircraft, at the horizon — nearing sunset.

“It also helps when your parents payed for half the building,” said a young blond woman in a blue sleeveless dress, suddenly appearing at the end of the booth, and carrying three plates of nachos.

“You’re Watch Tower?” asked Josh, recognizing the womans’ voice.

“Only when I’m at work,” said the women, sitting down beside Josh and distributing the nachos, “normally I go by Katelyn. “Or Kat to my fiends,” added Katelyn, looking across the table at Vivien.

“He’s single,” said Vivien, deciphering the expression güvenilir bahis siteleri on Katelyns’ face.

As soon as Vivien said that, Katelyn cuddled up to Josh, and asked, “what’s his story, V? You never bring guests up with you, so what’s so special about this guy?” At this point, Vivien started telling Katelyn about everything — non-FBI related — that had happened since the grad party. “This Zoey sounds like my kind girl,” said Katelyn smiling, after Vivien had finished talking, “getting you to let a guy into your pants, without making — or in this case letting — him beg & barter for it, first.” At this point Kayelyn noticed that they’d finished off the nachos, so she called over one of the waitresses and told her to go down to the kitchen and get their food. “So how long are you up for?” asked Katelyn, once the waitress was out of hearing range.

“Indeterminate,” said Vivien, as she looked back out the booth window, at the horizon — now in mid-sunset, “at least a couple of weeks.”

“Sweet,” said Katelyn, smiling, “you know, I’m was planning to head over this weekend, maybe we can hang out while I’m over there.”

“Yeah right, you were going to head over first chance you got once I came up,” said Vivien smiling, “but yeah we’ll definitely hang out while you’re over there.” At this point, the waitress returned with three lobster dishes.

After dinner, Josh & Vivien said goodbye to Katelyn, and headed back to the Twin Otter. When they got back to the aircraft, Vivien turned to Josh, and said, “I’m changing first. If you peek, I guarantee you’ll regret it.” That said, Vivien stepped onto the nearest float, opened the double doors, and climbed inside — leaving the double doors open. A few minutes later Josh heard Vivien call, “ok, ready.” When he got inside, he saw that Vivien had changed in to loose-fitting pjs, and that there were now two large sleeping bags in the isle.

“We’re sleeping here?” asked Josh, looking down at the nearest sleeping bag.

“Yeah,” said Vivien, as she climbed into the other sleeping bag, “you got a problem with that?”

“No, not at all,” said Josh as he closed the double doors, before he too; got ready for bed and got into a sleeping bag.

Late that night, Vivien heard the sound of Josh unzipping his sleeping bag. “V, are you awake?” asked Josh quietly, suddenly crouched over Viviens’ sleeping bad.

“Yeah,” whispered Vivien, fighting off a yawn, “what do you do want?” Vivien got her answer as soon as she looked at Josh for — even in the dim light coming in threw the small windows — she could clearly see the lustful expression on his face, and the tent in the crotch of his pajama pant. “Come on,” said Vivien, rolling her eyes, as she partially unzipped her sleeping bag, a clear invitation for Josh to join her.

The next day, Vivien awoke with Josh still inside her, so she squirmed around a little in an attempt to wake him up. “Good morning V,” said Josh, propping himself up on his elbows — when he’d finally woken up — and smiling down at Vivien

“Good morning to you too,” said Vivien smiling up at Josh. After an early morning quicky, the two friends, packed up the sleeping bags, got changed out of their pjs — Vivien putting on white T-shirt & a pair of jeans — had breakfast at the restaurant, then went back to the Twin Otter to wait for clearance to take-off.

A few hours into their flight, they came upon a very peculiar sight, for on nearby hillside, in the middle of a huge clearing, was a small, old — and almost entirely intact — church. It wasn’t the church itself that made the sight peculiar, but what was sticking out of it; for growing out of the exact center of the churches’ roof, was a gigantic oak tree. When Vivien saw this, she angled the aircraft into a shallow turn, causing it to start circling the sight.

“That thing’s got to be a hundred feet tall,” said Josh, looking down at the giant oak threw Viviens’ window.

“A hundred and seven, actually,” said Vivien, calmly, “want to hear what it’s called?”

“Let me guess,” said Josh, shaking his head, “Holy Oak?”

“Don’t look at me like that,” said Vivien, in response to the disappointed look that Josh was directing at her, “I didn’t name it.”

“Than who did?” asked Josh, looking down at the tree again.

“I don’t know,” said Vivien honestly, “whoever they were, their name’s been lost to history.”

“Um, okay,” said Josh, looking over at Vivien. “So, are we going to move on soon?” asked Josh, as they circled the ruins for what must have been the 6th time.

“Almost,” said Vivien, her eyes scanning the surrounding hillsides. As soon as Vivien saw what she’d been looking for, she swung the aircraft into a sharp turn in the other direction, and forced it into a steep dive — pulling out just when it appeared they about to crash.

“What the hell!” Screamed Josh, as they pulled out of the dive.

“Sorry about that,” said Vivien, looking out her window at a nearby river, “Before we go on, there’s something I have to do.” That said Vivien, piloted the Otter over the river, and pushed the aircraft into a shallow dive. As soon as the floats touched water, Vivien pulled back on the engines, steered the aircraft into a large area of still water, then killed the engines completely.

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