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Like a deer in headlights!

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Cowgirl Position

Like a deer in headlights!The following story is something I can post through voice texting. So forgive any errors made.My high school girlfriend and I have had an interesting sexual relationship for several years. It became super charged One night when I decided to pay her a unscheduled late night visit. It was common and encouraged that I feel free to visit her through her bedroom window late night when everyone is sleeping. This was something that happened regularly. Most of the time she would visit me through my bedroom window at least three times a week. She really enjoyed riding my cock and grinding her pussy in my mouth while I lay on my back. She was of mixed race with beautiful golden brown skin and a gorgeous pussy. She always kept her pussy hair short.well as I mentioned our sex life got really interesting after I discovered that I wasn’t the only one that got to enjoy the pleasure of her sweet golden brown cunt. There I was standing outside of her window with my cock twitching in my pants anticipating a late night blow job that I was hoping to get upon my arrival but instead of finding my girlfriend sleeping in her bed , upon quietly sliding the window open as I normally do. Making sure I don’t make any noise when entering her bedroom. She always left the window unlocked so that way I could come in. Once I have the window open 3 inches I stopped dead in my tracks and held my breath. I couldn’t see much of anything as my eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the night but my ears were working just fine. And the noise that my ears were a witness to immediately put a pit in my stomach. What I was listening to were the unmistakable moans of my beautiful girlfriend and the familiar slapping of skin heard when holes are getting stuffed with cock.I was desperately trying to focus. I couldn’t believe that my high school girlfriend Was cheating on me. I remember feeling hurt and angry and wanting to make a lot of noise so that way one of her relatives would catch her in bed getting fucked by someone who was definitely not supposed to be there. But as my rage was boiling and my mind was just about made up. Wanting to end it with a commotion. My eyes stayed fixated on the ass that was rising and falling , Plunging dick into her pussy. I wanted to know who was screwing my soon to be ex girlfriend.she loved to talk dirty pretty much all the time. Not just during sex. Pretty much anytime we were alone she would mention something very hot and sexy. Which was perfect. Being a horny bahis siteleri young man I was always ready to fuck. And as much as she like to talk several people in my high school knew not only about my sex life but also how desired my cock was to my girlfriend. I used to wear very loosefitting pants that contoured easy. Not only was my bulge visible most of the day. But when I was hard, people new it. A girl in one of my senior classes even gave me a Magnum condom after she witnessed the shape of my tool when I was showing her the vent holes in the crotch of my pants. It truly was an innocent conversation about how comfortable my pants were but when I went to show her and because I wore boxers my cock and balls were easily made out when I slid back in my chair and let the cloth fall against myself. To be honest I was embarrassed and my dick isn’t big enough to use a Magnum condom effectively but I guess with all of the so-called hype and a great shape of my dick girls must’ve had their own fantasy about what I actually had. But back to you finding my high school sweetheart getting fucked in her bedroom.trying to focus on who was stuffing my Sweet girlfriend pussy I stood there. About to irrupt in anger yet fighting my curiosity. Thinking maybe I just crawl in there and kick the shit out of him. Screw it if her parents walked in and found her and this asshole naked with his dick flopping back-and-forth as I threw his ass around the room. But then I heard her speak. By the tone in her voice I knew she was talking dirty to this person. Which made the pit in my stomach bear more of a weight. That is until I heard what she was saying. At first I heard a males voice which was un Audible. But I could make out what she was saying. And she was telling him how great my cock is. “ I wanted to suck his dick on the bus but there were too many people so I had to wait till we got off the bus and walked down the ally.” What I heard next I couldn’t make out at the time. But two weeks later win I had time to reflect and forgive her she told me what he was saying. He wanted to know details about our sex life. He was asking her about how I liked my cock sucked. How big was I, and if she ever let me cum in her mouth.” Oh yeah!” As she exhaled into a moan. At this point I figured that “oh yeah” was from her ecstasy of the pleasure of this guys boner. At this point my eyes are now adjusted and the light that is cast from the inside of her closet is providing better clarity as to the canlı bahis siteleri actions going on in her bedroom that night. I could clearly see the firm ass rising and falling. He has her on her back her legs are spread in the air. Her toes are resting on the bars that are used to support The bunkbed that is attached to her full-size bed she is now being a slut on. He has his arms supporting himself up. The back of her knees are resting on his shoulders. He is kneeling on the bed with his legs spread wide. I have a clear view of his cock and balls being kissed by the closet light. I can see how heavy his balls are . Every time he arches his back I can see his shinny cock glistening with her pussy juice just for a second until it slides back in her cunt, getting balls deep in my sweet girlfriend. The view is as vulgar as it sounds. There I am standing outside originally with hopes of plunging my throbbing dick in my girlfriends mouth for a quick blow and go only now to have a clear view of my sweet slutty girlfriend receiving what looks like to be a decent size cock up Her what I now Perceive as a whore pussy. The first Clearview I have of his meat sliding in her had me pissed off. The second pump of his dong had me curious. The third Time his dick pulled completely out. And now I have a clear view of the huge dick that my soon to be slutty ex girlfriend, has been soaking with her beautiful twat. It was 8 1/2 inches of thick meat. My cock is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of however I was totally envious of the size of this guys tool. And the fact that my girlfriend was allowing someone else to stuff her tight hole with such a behemoth.I was now transfixed despite my anger and despite my shock. I couldn’t help but continue to watch my beauty having what looks to be the time of her life by being This huge cocks cum dumpster. I watch him reach in between his legs and grab his massive prick. I see the tip of his dick which is relatively small compared to the rest of his member, Parting her Glistening pussy lips as he plunges it balls deep in one stroke into her gaping hole. I watch them fuck for a few more minutes. I noticed my aching cock straining against my pants. I watched him pull out. Grabbing his dick and jerking off shooting his load all over my girlfriends naked body. I am so horny ,pissed off, and jealous. He reaches up grabbing a hold of The metal rails on the top bunk. Pulling himself up. He turns around light from the closet brushing his canlı bahis skin. He is now facing the window that I am looking through. His wet dick still fat and pulsating. Glistening with the juice of the girl I thought I would want to marry. He doesn’t see me as the light reflecting off of the window obscures my silhouette. I watched him walk toward the window his dick swinging with every step. Bouncing up and down. He reaches for something a few feet away from where I am standing. It’s a cloth that was lying on the floor out of sight. I am now shocked to see the person I was jealous of wasn’t a rival from school. I couldn’t believe my eyes whenever I looked up to find that the person Who is standing before me with his dick covered in my girlfriends nectar. Cum still dripping from his bouncing dick was none other than her older step brother. Who I always viewed as a nerd, And was never at the slightest intimidated by.But there he was. No matter how superior I felt next to him. I couldn’t help but stare at his glistening cock. Getting squeezed by his right hand. Milking whatever cum was left in his shaft, literally 2 feet away from my face. He is completely unaware of me standing there as he dabs his cock with the cloth in his left hand. Trying to dry his member of my girlfriends snatch. I am frozen in place Gawking in disbelief as to what I am witnessing. My head is spinning with the fact that my high school girlfriend is getting fucked ,who knows how often by her stepbrother. Even though they have no blood relation the truth of the situation has me dumbstruck. I hear the bed creak as I turn my gaze to the left to see my naked golden brown skin girlfriend rise from her back. She’s looking down at her tits. Her gaze looking over the white river of dick sauce now sliding in between her tits and down her stomach. I can’t believe how much cock milk is on her chest. She stands up giving me a clear view of how massive The mess is. Her golden brown hair disheveled her tan glowing skin elegant clean and sexy. Coupled with her C cup tits and brown perky nipples. I can easily make out thick Globs of cum running down her body. Starting from her neck, curving around her tits, streaking down her flat stomach and gathering in her beautifully kept pubic hair.her gaze finally meets mine. She is frozen standing there naked covered in cum. Her stepbrother still feet in front of me oblivious to my presence and wiping his huge dick off. One hand around the base of his prick the other hand towlling off his member.The look on her face is some thing I know relish. She was beautiful standing there well fucked with a river of spunk flowing over her body. The look of shock and disbelief on her face. Like a deer in headlights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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