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LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTERI am an extremely lucky man. I know full well that I had nothing to do with the hand of cards that life has dealt me and I am very thankful and aware of my good fortune. I was born into a middle class family and I have always been a decent looking k**. Not striking, mind you, and I did not stand out in any way by my looks, but I was what you would call a “nice looking boy” while I was growing up.I had tried the usual assortment of sports as a k**, and I did reasonably well with most of them, but again, I was not a standout. I was blessed physically, and it is what has led me to my good fortune. I was born with a large cock, one that was not overly long, but one that was very thick. Fully erect it measures just over 8 inches, but it is extremely thick, and has long veins running down the shaft and alongside it. I also have a large set of balls, and I tend to cum a great deal. Now, I know everyone says that size doesn’t matter, and all that jazz, and it may be true, but size is definitely not a bad thing to have.While I was in college and enjoying the crazy weekend parties, I ended up with a couple of different girls from my dorm, and my reputation as a cocksman started to circulate among the women. This led to numerous encounters, and I had a blast throughout college. It was at one of these parties that I met my wife Kelly, and my luck just continued to roll on through.Kelly was one of those beautiful, classy girls that were out of everybody’s league. I had seen her around campus, and we were sort of friendly, but Kelly was the kind of girl that you do not even dream of having a chance with. A tall, slender beauty, she came from an extremely wealthy family, and she was very intelligent. Even though her family could have bought the school, she earned an academic scholarship and had a free ride.She was friendly and involved with various activities, but she carried this classy air about her that scared off most men from even asking her out. It was during our junior year that we met at a campus party, and she was obviously very drunk as she came up to me. We engaged in some mindless chitchat, and she surprised the hell out of me by inviting me back to her place. It is a night I remember vividly, and a night that I often remind my lovely wife of.We made it back to her room, and it was neatly decorated with fashionable items. We sat down together on a small sofa as she got us both a drink. We continued to talk, and it was obvious that something was on her mind.”Kelly, what’s up?” I asked her, her eyes immediately looking down at her hands in a nervous response. “Come on, what is going on? This is the first time that we have ever really spoken at length, and you invite me back to your place. Obviously, there is something you want to talk about.”Although she now blames it on the alcohol that she had drank that night, I love to rub it in and give her a hard time. Her response was perfectly in tune with the way my life had played out up to that point, so I was not all that surprised when she told me her motives.”Well, you know… like… I um, I heard something about you,” she mumbled, a cute smile spreading across her beautiful face. “I heard something… and I wanted to know.””What is it? I’ll tell you.””Umm, well… ummmm,” she said as her face turned bright red. The alcohol had reduced her to my level, and all the class and dignity that always had set her apart from me seemed to disappear as she continued on. “You know, come on, you know what it is.””Kel, I have no idea what you are talking about,” I answered, my mind drawing a complete blank. “Just tell me.””I heard that you have a big cock!” she blurted out, her face a bright crimson red, and her eyes reverting back down to her hands. I was stunned, as it was Kelly who was asking me. Now, I have had women approach me like this before, but this was the untouchable Kelly, the girl that nobody could get near. I could not believe my ears.We ended up talking a little more, and then we ended up in bed all night. From that night on we were inseparable. What had started as a keen interest in my cock, had developed into a wonderful union and a great life together. Soon after college, we were married and we found a great house together. Her parents welcomed me to her family with open arms, and I was given a job with her father’s corporation. Kelly was already set up with a monstrous trust fund, and they had given us a ton of money when we were married, so we lived a very comfortable life. Soon after we were settled and things were moving along, we had our daughter. Kristen was the exact replica of her mother, blonde, slender and beautiful. She carried with her that inherent grace and class that her mother has always had, and she grabbed everyone’s attention when she walked into a room. Again, my life remained lucky, and I was blessed with a perfect daughter. Enough of my history though, now on to the point of this story.Kristen was now in early teens, and she was developing into an amazing woman. She still carried her mother’s beauty and allure, but her curves were much more pronounced. I am not sure if it was my genes, or my luck being passed on to my daughter, but she was developing into an incredible thing of beauty, and I was dreading the day when she started to date boys.As the summer wore on, the area was hit with an incredible heat wave that just blanketed the state, and several people died from heat exhaustion. It had gotten so bad that the central air conditioning that we had in the house did not even really cool the place off. As it was late on a Wednesday, I turned the television off and locked up the house. Heading down the hallway towards our bedroom, I passed Kristen’s room, and I noticed her door slightly ajar.Looking in on her, my breath stuck in my throat, and my eyes grew as wide as they ever had. Kristen was lying face down on her bed with the sheets kicked off of her. I figured that because of the heat she had kicked all of her blankets off of her bed. Now, I was aware of her rapidly developing beauty, but I had not seen her naked in a long time. Her body was amazing, and I could not help but stare.Hr ass was a sculpted piece of work, round and taut in a perfect teenage fashion, and her skin looked so smooth that I had to hold myself back from taking a taste. One of her legs was bent, and her thighs looked amazing, firm and full as they ran down from her ass. Like her mother, she had a tiny waist that flared in from her slender hips, and she had her arms extended out over her head, her blonde hair astray across her shoulders and arms. As I looked at her with unbridled lust, I realized that my cock was harder than it had ever been. I was not looking at my cute daughter, I was looking at a sexy piece of work, and she had me turned on like I could not believe. I stood there for several minutes, actually hoping that my daughter would roll over and show me her breasts. The torture of wanting to see it made it all the more stimulating, and I could feel my cock throbbing for attention in my pants. Reluctantly, I turned away and walked to my bedroom, my cock sounding the charge as I quickly slipped out of my clothes and into bed with my wife. She was still awake, and she turned to kiss me, our bodies coming together.”Oh, I guess someone wants to play,” she cooed as she felt my raging erection against her body. She smiled at me with those sexy lips of hers as her hands went to my cock. “You know that I love it when you fuck me. You know how much I love this cock. Give it to me, Tom. Fuck me.”Since the first night we had spent together, her pussy would grow wet at the feel of my erection. At times like this, it served a great purpose, and eliminated the need for any foreplay. I love foreplay as much as the next guy, but in situations like this, I needed some fucking. Kelly slid her leg across mine, and she sat up on top of me, her hand guiding my thick cock to her amazing pussy.”God! You’re fucking hard tonight,” she moaned as she slowly sank down on my cock. Even after all of our years of fucking like rabbits, she still had a snug pussy, and she slowly slid down on my throbbing rod. “God I love your cock. Fuck me Tom, do it.”I looked up at her and I grabbed her by her narrow hips. I held her slightly up as I drove my cock into her body, raising my hips up off of the bed. She loved it like this, with her over me but with me thrusting up. It provided wonderful penetration, and it hit every spot in her body. I just loved to fuck her, and I began to drive into her, my mind still on the incredible vision of my daughter’s hot body. I could feel the juice run along my cock and onto my balls as my wife came on top of me, my cock pounding deeper into her.”Yeah… so good, Christ you feel so good,” I moaned to her as her pussy convulsed around my shaft. She loved to squeeze my cock with her pussy and hold it tight inside her lips. This allowed her to feel the cum as it traveled up my shaft, and it usually made her cum again as I came. I held her up as I repeatedly drove into her, my cock slamming back and forth.”Yes… YES! YES! Yes,” I moaned as I came, my cock pulsing shot after shot into her inner depths. She came with me, her body falling forward on mine as her pussy continued to grab and milk my cock. We kissed and hugged as my cock continued to pulse and shoot inside her, and we both drifted off to sleep in the embrace, my cock still in her pussy.***The next morning, I went into the kitchen to start some coffee while my wife jumped in the shower. As I sat down to take a look at the paper, Kristen came bouncing into the kitchen with a tight T-shirt and shorts on. Her breasts were very obviously pushing against the front of her tight shirt, and my mind raced to the previous night where I had stared at her naked ass in hope off seeing her breasts. It was sheer torture to be looking at her like this, and she ceased to be my daughter. Luckily I was seated at the table, and she could not see the mountainous erection that was in my shorts.”Morning Daddy,” she said with an innocent smile and a quick kiss. If she only knew what was on my mind, I would surely be locked up and the key would thrown away. She sat down and talked with me for a minute, and it was a struggle to isveçbahis yeni giriş keep my eyes off of her chest. Just to make matters worse, her nipples decided to harden as she sat across from me, and they made perfectly puckered indentations on her chest. I thought that I was going to cum in my pants right there.One thing that I need to make clear is that I love my wife dearly, and we have a wonderful sex life. I also adore my daughter, and I would never do anything to hurt her. Seeing her last night, however, had set off a switch in my brain, and I was now crazy with lust for my daughter. I was not sure how far I was willing to go, or if there would be anything happening, but her sweet naked ass became a constant thought in my mind. It was like the Windows wallpaper on my computer, except that it was the wallpaper on my brain. As she got up and went back to her room I got a delectable view of her perfect ass in her shorts. I could not wait to look in on her again that night.I spent the rest of the day in a trance, my mind constantly thinking of my daughter and her sweet ass, and how I could take care of my problem. I knew that my wife would cut my balls off if she knew what I was thinking, and I was not quite sure how my daughter would feel about her dad wanting to jump her bones. I mean, we were close and all, but she was young and I wanted to fuck her. Not your normal father to daughter conversation. That night I stayed up late, my cock throbbing in my pants in anticipation as I watched ESPN’s Sports Center for the last time.Turning off the television and the lights, I made my way down the hallway. Sure enough, her door was slightly open, and I quietly moved over to check out my daughter in her sleep. The initial view was disappointing as she actually had the sheet covering part of her naked body, but on a second glance, my cock was rewarded.Kristen had the sheet covering her legs, but it ended half way up her ass, revealing the luscious curve at the top of her ass. She was laying on her stomach, with her arms extended up over her head, and I could see the two perfect dimples on her lower back, just above her hot little ass. I let out a low moan as my eyes traveled up her slender back.She was laying slightly on her side, and I could see the sides of her breast as it pressed into the mattress beneath her. I looked very hard at her, searching for a view of her nipple, and more of her breast, but the bare view of the side was all I would get that evening. Seeing this new flesh was more than enough to have my cock straining against my pants, and I quickly went to my bedroom.”God, you’re so fucking hard!” cried my wife as she rode my had cock later that night. “What has gotten into you lately?” As she rode my thick cock I explained to her that I had come across a sexy movie on cable that had turned me on. She told me that I should see more of them as she loved it when my cock was this big and hard. We cried out together as I pumped a massive load of cum into her waiting body, my mind on the thoughts of my hot little daughter and her amazing body.***The next day was torture again for me, as every time that I would see Kristen would find me looking for exposed flesh. She was cheerful and playful with me as always, but she stopped being my daughter in my mind, and I took this playfulness as a flirting gesture. It was how we had always acted together, but with my newfound interest and lust, I liked to pretend that she was flirting with me. Unbeknownst to me, Kristen set the next motions in action all by herself.I was out with some buddies on Saturday, and the girls stayed home. Kelly told me later what had transpired as they were alone. The following is what was said:Kristen was laying out back in the sun while Kelly was doing work in the house. Kristen came in after a while, and she sat down at the kitchen table and began asking questions.”Mom, um, uh… do you like having sex with dad?” she asked, causing my wife to drop the soda in her hands, and to turn her face a bright, crimson red.”WHAT?!” Kelly as she bent to clean up the fallen soda. “Where did that come from?” They both laughed at the reaction, and it set the mood at ease. Although the question was out of left field, my wife and I shared a very close relationship with our daughter, and we were used to being open and frank in our discussions with her. Kelly sat down at the table to talk to our daughter.Kristen explained to my wife that everyone at school was talking about boys and sex and all, and that she did not understand what was going on. She was confused about everything, and on top of it, she had heard us having sex on occasion. Kristen went on to embarrass my wife even further, asking her why she moaned and cried out so much as it sounded like she was in pain.My wife went on to explain that people moan and cry out when they are having sex as it is a wonderful sensation that runs throughout your body. She went on with the whole birds and bees discussion, telling her about orgasms and climaxes. She finished this little tale by describing my mammoth cock to my daughter, and how much she enjoyed having it deep inside her body. I asked her later if she thought telling her about my cock was such a good idea, and Kelly told me that she had gotten so turned on by talking to her about sex that she just had to describe my cock to her. Over the next couple of days, I noticed that Kristen was now checking me out like I had been spying on her, and I also realized that the innocent flirting that had been going on between us was now full blown with sexual overtones. My little girl was realizing what a hot sex pot she was, and it increased the tension between us.***I stayed up late on Thursday night, again hoping to catch a quick peek of my daughter’s body before going to bed. Besides giving me a major rise, it had also given my sex life a boost as my wife was starting to really get off on me coming to be with a throbbing erection. I turned off the lights and headed down the hall, slowly walking up to the slightly cracked door to my daughter’s room.I nearly came in my pants as my eyes focused on her lean body, stretched out on her bed. For the first time, she was sleeping on her back, and her breasts were completely visible to me. I groaned to myself as I stared at the perfect firm teenage chest, her pink nipples standing out and making my mouth water. One leg was bent, and the sheet was sort of drawn across a portion of both legs. I had to stifle another moan as I noticed her hand resting on her crotch.Her arm was bent at a slight angle, and he hand was directly on her panties, her fingers seemingly reaching down at her pussy. It was all I could do to hold myself back from jumping on her amazing body, and I reluctantly pulled myself down the hall to my bedroom. There was a light sheen of sweat breaking out on my forehead, and my cock was throbbing in my pants.I quickly slipped my clothes off and jumped in bed, my thick erection pressing against my wife’s naked body. Kelly quickly woke up, rolling over and grabbing onto my cock. We kissed as she rubbed my shaft, my hands kneading her breasts as our tongues dueled together. She surprised me by pulling me on top of her, and she quickly guided my cock home in her tight pussy. She usually liked to be on top and in control, so it was a little different to be on top of her body, but my cock responded like a champion and drove deep inside her.She called out my name as my cock slammed into her, and I grabbed her legs and pushed them back on her chest as I filled her up. I had her body open beneath me, completely at my mercy as I drove back and forth. We both arrived at a sweaty, screaming orgasm, and we fell asleep with me on top of her.”Morning Daddy,” purred my daughter as she came into the kitchen the following morning. She had taken to wearing more and more revealing clothing when she was around me, further fueling my speculations that she was flirting with me, and I kept on having to hide my erection from her. I figured that something was going to happen sooner or later, but I was not going to be the one to initiate anything.Today was one of the worst, as she chose to wear a half T-shirt that barely covered the bottom of her breasts, and she was obviously not wearing a bra. She had on a skimpy pair of shorts that did their best to reveal her hot little ass, and my cock was practically screaming her name. As soon as I finished with breakfast, I ran to my room and beat off. Can you believe this one? My daughter had gotten me so hot that I had to go beat off in my bedroom.I could not wait for the nighttime to see what sort of peep show I would get this time. I slowly made my way down the hall to her doorway as I headed for bed, and I again peered around her doorway. Again, the sight nearly made me cum as this time her hand was inside her panties. She was on her back with both breasts visible, and she had her hand buried between her legs. As I tried to get a better look, I realized that she was playing with herself, and I could see her fingers moving beneath her panties. I was desperate to cum, and I was torn between watching my sweet young thing masturbate, and going to bed with my wife.”Do you like that better Daddy?” my daughter said, her words shocking the hell out of me. “Come here.”I slowly walked into her room in a trance, my cock throbbing away against the front of my shorts like a hood ornament on a car. I was telling her that I should be going to bed when she told me to be quiet.”I have seen you watching me the past couple of nights,” she explained, her fingers still working away at her pussy. “And it makes me hot to think that you like to look at me. Do you like watching me touch myself like this?”I simply nodded my head, my eyes drawn to her slender hand as it moved around inside her panties. I slowly raised my eyes up to her chest, and the pink swell of her nipples took my breath away. I said nothing as I stood there and watched my daughter rub herself silly.”Mom told me that you were big,” continued Kristen, her words surprising me with the control and comfort that she was exhibiting. “And I told her that I saw you watching me the other night. No, no, it is all right, she knows what I am doing. She isveçbahis giriş was hoping that you would look on me again tonight. Mom!!” As she called out to my wife, I tried to ask Kristen what was going on. As I was stumbling over the words, my wife walked into the room wearing her sexy robe.”Hey babe, Kristen has told me everything,” she said with a smile, walking over to kiss me in front of Kristen. She went on to explain about Kristen’s growing curiosity over sex, and her immediate interest in my big dick. When my daughter told my wife about me spying on her, she was intrigued rather than pissed off. They set about a plan of seducing me, and using me to instruct our daughter about sex. My wife laughed as she told me about helping Kristen put on the revealing clothes. “I knew something was up when you kept coming to bed with those massive hard-ons. She really turned you on that much?”I simply nodded yes, sitting there like a deer in headlights. I could not believe what they were telling me, and my cock was standing up and trying to get my attention. It wanted to come out and play, but I was so lost in their words that I was not even thinking of that. I decided to ask a couple of questions.”Are you sure this is going to be OK? I do not want to screw up her head.””I figure that she has to learn or she is going to get pregnant or a disease. Would you rather have her learn about sex in a loving environment, or would you like her getting banged in the back of a car?”We all laughed at my wife’s analogy, but I did see her wisdom. Rather, I saw the chance to fuck my daughter, and I was willing to agree to any wisdom that would get me there. My wife grabbed my daughter’s hand and pulled her out of bed, telling me to come to our bedroom, and our big bed.”My God, she is beautiful,” I whispered as I saw her lean body climb out of bed. She stood in front of me fully naked, her nipples extremely hard and very pink. Her flat stomach sloping down to the trimmed hair of her pussy, creating a perfect valley. I followed right behind them, and they sat down together on our bed as I walked into the room, my wife letting the robe slip from her naked body. I stood before them, both of them naked in front of me, and my wife stopped me as I began to remove my clothes.”Kristen, your father has a very thick cock, and it is going to be painful,” she explained, setting the ground rules for the evening. “It will give you the most amazing sensation that you will ever feel, but it is going to hurt you. We will take our time and do it right, and I just want you to be ready for some of the pain.””OK, I am ready,” she squealed back, her young body ripe and ready to be plucked. Following her statement there were no more words. My wife took my daughter’s trembling hands and placed them against the lump in my pants. She moved her hands up and down against my throbbing erection, and my eyes were glued to her breasts the entire time. My wife stood up behind me, and ran her hands over my shoulders.”She is beautiful,” she whispered into my ear as she ran her tongue along my ear lobe.”Just like her mother,” I replied as my wife moved her lips to my neck, and her hands slid down over my stomach. Kristen was staring at the lump in my pants with wide eyes, her hands moving over it as she stared on. My wife began to nip and suck on my neck as her hands went to my pants and began to pull them down.”Oh my God,” uttered Kristen as her mother pulled my pants down and revealed my rock hard erection. The veins were in full bloom along the shaft, and it was terribly hard. Kristen slowly brought her hands to it, and it jumped as she made first contact, the feelings were indescribable. I stared on in disbelief and wonderment as my beautiful daughter reached out and grabbed hold of my cock.”Ahhhhhh!” I moaned as she lightly ran her fingers along my shaft, her nails lightly tracing the thick veins. Looking down at her, I noticed the goose bumps that broke out all over her body, and I noticed the incredible rise and swell of her perfect nipples. Although I had been spying on my daughter now for many nights, this was the first opportunity that I had to fully appreciate her body. I was amazed.Her breasts were full and round like her mothers, with perfectly pink, puckered points in the middle. They were firm and upright, complete in their youthful splendor. Her stomach sloped down to her tiny waist that flared in with amazing curves that her mother did not have. The beauty of her pussy astounded me.She had a thin, shaven strip of pubic hair directly above her pussy slit that ran in a straight line. Her pussy was a piece of work, as her lips stood out in a tightly compacted V, showcased between her recessed pussy mound. It was a delectable line that ran straight from her clit down, flaring out slightly as it wrapped around her delicate opening. In the midst of my reverie and admiration, my wife pulled my shirt off, kissing my neck and exposing me completely to my young daughter.”It’s so big and hard,” awed my daughter as her hands continued to run along my rigid shaft. My wife told her to taste it, and we held our breath together as we watched Kristen lean forward to kiss my cock. It was an incredible moment as my wife and I watched our only daughter lean in and kiss my cock, her first cock and her father’s cock. My wife moaned into my ear as Kristen’s lips kissed the fat head of my cock.It’s so hot, I love it Daddy,” she said with a smile as she looked up at me, her lips returning to kiss my cock. I almost lost it right there, with my baby girl holding my cock in her hands, and kissing it with her little mouth. It was sheer agony, but a wondrous form of agony. My wife slipped down to her knees, and she moved over next to our daughter.”Here Kris, let me show you this,” she told her as she grabbed the shaft in her hands. She went on to explain the art of a hand-job and the wonders of a blowjob, and I stood there and watched them toy with my cock. I groaned out to both of them as they leaned in together, each of them running their tongues along the sides of my shaft. I could not believe it when their tongues met and they took a minute to kiss each other, their tongues meeting and playing with each other directly over my swollen shaft. I was tempted to pump my cock with my own hand as I watched my wife and daughter French kiss, but my wife turned back to my cock, slowly running her lips down along the shaft, her hand at the base to hold it up straight.”Oh fuck, this is incredible,” I moaned out to them as Kelly bobbed her head on my cock, her mouth doing magical things as my daughter looked on with rapt attention. My wife’s mouth was incredible on my cock, her wet lips sliding along the shaft as her tongue pressed against the underside, all of which was heightened by my daughter staring on. My eyes did not leave my daughter’s naked form as my wife sucked as much of my cock into her mouth.”OK, k**do, your turn,” announced Kelly as she pulled her lips from my cock. As the shaft was coated in her saliva, she demonstrated to Kristen how to use her hands to pump my shaft while she sucked the head into her mouth. Kristen immediately wrapped her hands around me and began to imitate her mother, bouncing her head on my cock.”Oh Christ, this is not going to take long,” I muttered to my wife. The vision of them in front of me, along with the wild sensations of my daughter’s mouth had me tripping over the edge of an amazing climax. Kristen did her best, and she was soon able to get more and more of my cock into her mouth. As Kelly sensed my oncoming orgasm she jumped down next to Kristen and grabbed my cock.”Ohhhh, watch this honey,” she said to Kristen as she pumped her hands on my cock. Kristen pulled back and looked on with wide eyes as my cock head flared. My wife pumped me with both hands, using their saliva as lubricant, and my climax came flying out.”AAGGHH!!” I yelled as I came, my cock unloading a bucket load of cum from the pent up nights of staring at my daughter. It felt like I could come all night, and my cock pulsed and shot as my wife continued to pump my shooting shaft. Looking down at her I responded with a terrific blast of cum, as she had taken my cock and directed at my daughter. Her face, neck and chest was dripping and coated in my cum, and I moaned again as I saw my cum cover her amazing chest. “OH YES! YES!”It was a terrific climax, and I must have dumped a gallon of my jizz on my baby girl. My wife continued to aim my cock at our daughter’s chest, and Kristen just stood there and took it all. Her erect nipples now shone with my cum, and my cock continued to pulse in my wife’s hands as it slowly began to soften. Kelly then took my cock and wiped the remaining drop of cum from my cock head against our daughter’s nipple. It was an incredible feeling as I felt the hardness of her perfect nipples that I had fantasized about rub against the head of my cock.”It feels so hot, I love how it feels on me, and I really like that feeling of it landing on me,” Kristen told us as she looked down at her cum covered body. I had slumped down to my knees as my wife released my cock, my body spent and wasted from the moment and the orgasm. As I sat back, Kelly turned to me and gave me a smile.”She is so beautiful with your cum all over her,” she told me, and then she turned to Kristen. “Here, lay back on the bed for me. Time for your next lesson.”I watched them as Kelly laid our daughter back on the bed, and I sat up a little to watch the scene unfold. My wife leaned in over Kristen and kissed her on the lips, their tongues emerging together to test the waters. Kelly slowly moved her lips down, slurping and sucking on her skin where my cum had landed. Kristen was moaning as her mother slowly licked her body, and the sight became too much for me. I got up on the bed on the other side of my wife, and I leaned in and kissed my daughter, her tongue surging into my mouth.”That is so fucking hot,” whispered my wife as she looked up and watched me lick my own cum off of my daughter. I placed my lips on the burning hot skin of my daughter’s chest, the one I had been fantasizing and dreaming about, and I savored the cum that covered her. My tongue slathered out all over her firm breast, isveçbahis güvenilirmi licking up and sucking all of my cum into my own mouth. I moaned to her as my lips circled her painfully erect nipple.Her nipple was coated in my cum, as several globs had slid down the slope of her breast and were hanging from her pink point. As I sucked it into my mouth, she squealed back to me, and I lightly closed my teeth around it. She began to squirm and moan beneath me, and continued to attack her, my tongue and teeth working over time to suck all of my cum and to taunt and tease her nipple.”I want to taste her pussy,” my wife told me as she slid down between our daughter’s outstretched legs. She willingly gave me the other breast to devour as she began to sample Kristen’s pussy, and I could feel her body begin to shake and quiver beneath me. Her first of many orgasms ran through her body as her mother worked on her pussy, and I continued to toy and play with her nipples at the same time. “Ohhh god YES!” cried out Kristen as her body erupted in climax, and she grabbed my head with her hands. She pulled m to her face, and we embraced in a deep, soul-shattering kiss, our mouths locking tightly together. My wife looked up and saw the tender moment, and she moved away from beneath her legs, allowing me to full embrace my little girl, and hold her tight to me.Her breasts pressed directly into my chest, and they squashed between us as our bodies locked together. I did what was once unimaginable to me, and I slid my hands down to her perfect, sculpted ass, the sight of which had started this whole fantasy world many nights ago. Her ass felt even better than it had looked, taut and firm and I lifted her up off of the bed with my hands.”Mmmmmm, oh yeah Daddy… so good… so good,” moaned my daughter as we continued to kiss. Kelly sat back and watched us together, her own hands rubbing herself as she watched father and daughter together in front of her. My cock had blossomed again to a fully erect state, and it was firmly lodged against her stomach, my balls rubbing against her drenched pussy mound. I continued to hold and clench her wonderful ass in my hands, and we whimpered and moaned together as we kissed and touched.My wife’s reaction had surprised me from the beginning of the night, and I was thoroughly amazed that she had arranged this whole seduction set up with our daughter. I was further amazed at how she had orchestrated the events so far, from showing her how to blow me, to directing my cum to her chest, and even to eating out her pussy. I was still surprised with her next directive.”I have to see you fuck her, I have to see that,” she said simply as Kristen and I slowly parted. I turned to her and looked on as my wife slowly crawled over to us, her body covered with sweat and juice. She looked at Kristen as she continued. “Kris, I love to ride your father and be on top. I will help you with this one, and we will see if you like it.” Kristen nodded in agreement and looked at us for instructions.”Honey, get on your back,” my wife told me as she pulled Kris to the side of the bed. I positioned myself on my back in the middle of the bed, and Kelly and Kristen crawled over to my body. Kelly reached out for my cock, the shaft twitching in her grip as she held it up. “Kris, I will help you get this monster in, and you are going to have to be patient. Give your Dad a kiss, and then straddle his legs with your own.”My daughter leaned in for a brief kiss, and then she did as her mother asked and positioned herself over my body. Kelly got behind our daughter as she squatted over us, and she again warned her that it was going to hurt a little. I stared down at my daughter as she seductively perched her body over mine, her arms on either side of my chest as she spread her legs over my waist. Those amazing breasts of hers hung directly in front of my eyes, her amazing nipples still ripe and erect as they suspended out from her chest.”You are so beautiful,” I told her as she looked up and smiled at me, a little nervousness visible on her face. She leaned in and kissed me again, out tongues playfully darting together, and I groaned into her mouth as I felt her rock hard nipples graze across my chest as we kissed. She squealed into my mouth and lifted herself up, and I looked down to see what was happening now.My wife had bent down and licked our daughter’s hot pussy while I kissed her. She was using her tongue to really lube up her virgin twat, and Kristen bucked and squealed in response. I reached for her firm teenage breasts, and I began to tug on her nipples while my wife ate out her pussy. We soon had her nearing an explosive climax, and her pussy was saturated with her juice and cum.Immediately after her climax, when her pussy would be the wettest, my wife reached for my cock and held it up against our daughter’s sopping twat. She pressed it directly against the wet slit, letting the juice stream down onto the head of my cock and along the shaft, and all over Kelly’s fingers as well. Kristen threw her head back as she felt my cock against her pussy for the first time, and her breasts jutted out forward, her nipples straining against the taut skin.”Oh yeah, that feels so good Daddy,” groaned my little girl as my fat cock pressed against her twat. I watched with swelling desire as my wife rubbed it against her steaming pussy slit, and then rolled it over her swollen bud of a clit. Kristen continued to buck and grind against it, and I could not wait to get inside her.”Ready baby?” my wife asked our daughter as she pulled her body backward towards my cock. Firmly holding my cock in her hands, my wife placed her other hand on the perfect ass of our daughter and guided her down. I reached for her hands, and we held hands tightly as my wife began to shove my cock into our daughter’s virgin pussy.”Unnnghhh GOD!” cried out Kristen in a machine gun burst release of breath. The combination of nerves, fright and pleasure had her in an extremely confused state, and my wife and I did our best to soother her and calm her. I continued to massage her breasts and rock hard nipples as my wife pushed my cock home, hoping that the pleasure would grow and would quiet her down.”So fucking tight!” I grunted once the head of my dick shoved its way inside her body. The feelings were unlike anything that I had felt before, and any concern over my daughter’s fright was lost as the intense feelings washed across my body. Her pussy was like a silk glove on my cock, tight and unyielding. I groaned out again as I felt my wife’s fingers rub against my shaft as she pried our daughter’s pussy lips open. Kristen began to cry as my cock ripped her pussy wide open, and tears began to stream down her face. I lifted my body up to her, hugging and kissing her, and she responded with a deep kiss, her tongue driving deeply into my mouth. Her fingers were digging into my arms as my cock continued through the tight passage that was her virgin pussy, and she gamely put up a fight to handle it all.”It looks so sexy,” whispered Kelly from behind, her eyes glued on my cock entering our daughter’s tiny pussy. I could feel her soft lips stretch wide around my shaft, and Kristen moved up a little bit to adjust the path I had chosen.”There, right there mmm…” she whimpered to me as she shifted her pussy around my cock. Moving slightly allowed her to better accommodate my cock, and with a sudden pop she sat down on me, fully impaling herself on my rigid length. Her body shook with the fullness of my cock, and she clenched her eyes tightly shut. Holding her tightly in my arms I kissed her and ran my hands through her hair, telling her how beautiful she was.She sat there and let her body adjust, my cock stretching and pushing her pussy extremely wide open. She wriggled a bit, my dick still fully embedded inside her, and her body slowly opened up to me. The sensations that were dancing around my cock were like anything I had ever experienced before. As I was getting accustomed to the wonders of my daughter’s pussy, my wife made a move that made the situation an unbelievable paradise. Sitting up on her knees, my wife stood upright behind our daughter, and she slid her arms around her stomach as Kristen rode my meat. Pulling her upright, I watched with wonder as Kelly’s hands went to Kristen’s breasts, her fingers closing on the erect nipples in the center. I groaned out with them as Kristen turned her head to kiss her mother while riding my dick at the same time.Watching my wife toy with my daughter’s nipples was too much for me, and it was also too much of an added stimulation to our daughter. Kristen moaned and shook as she kissed her mother, her body erupting in climax, and her slick juice pouring out of her pussy. I drove deeper and faster into her tight little body, my hips raising up to slam into her as my climax came rushing forward to meet hers.I cried out as my cock exploded deep inside her, bathing her insides with my hot seed. They continued to kiss as I came, and Kelly continued to tug and twist Kristen’s nipples as her body shook with a mix of my cum and her own orgasm. I held my hips up off of the bed, pushing deeper as my cock spurt and shot inside her, her moans and cried my reward. I felt her insides swell and expand around my shooting cock, her juice running all along my shaft.”Oh God, so good… cumming again… oh Daddy! You’re making me cum again!” she screamed as she turned from her mother and sat down firmly on my cock, the last bits of my cum blasting deep inside her. I was completely wasted from the events of the evening, and Kristen slumped forward on me, our bodies joining in an embrace as our kisses attacked each other. She squealed into my mouth as we held our bodies together, and she moaned to me that her mother was eating her pussy out.While I hugged and kissed our daughter, Kelly attacked her pussy with her tongue, sucking her sweet virgin juice and my cum into her mouth. I held my daughter and kissed her deeply as I felt her body orgasm over and over against her mother’s face, my cock soon growing hard again between our bodies.The girls blew me together, swapping their kisses and my cum when my cock erupted yet again, and we soon fell asleep together afterwards. Kristen moved into our room with us, and we proceeded to have the wildest sexual encounters imaginable with three people. My beautiful daughter is now 17 years old, and she has not yet gone out on a date. She is content to share her love life and her sex life with her mother and father.END

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