Nis 17

Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who is petite with long black hair. She strides naked from her Hotel bathroom and into the bedroom. Her right hand holds a bottle of lotion. She has smooth, light skin. Her tits jiggle and sexy hips sway while heading toward the bed.

Ling falls onto her back who bends her knees up. They drop open showing her thick, black pussy. She squirts lotion onto her fingers and caresses her high cheek-bones. Both of her feline eyes blink.

She says, “I gotta make a move on some good wrestling cock.”

It’s Saturday afternoon inside the university gym. Ling watches a wrestling match on the floor. Sampson (19 yrs.) stands at 5’11” who weighs 174 lbs. He competes for the visiting team who wins his match. His hand unstraps the head gear and he yank’s it off of his sweaty black hair. His hand is raised as the winner and he heads toward the locker-room.

Ling says with a smirk, “I invited this guy to my party at the hotel. I hope he shows up.”

Inside the locker-room. Sampson strips naked and quickly jumps onto the weight machine. He raises his hands into the air as his weight is tabulated. It’s recorded and he steps off the machine. Coach Lyle throws a towel over Sampson’s shoulder as he walks toward the showers.

His hands are placed on the wall and Sampson leans pendik escort on them. The water hits the back of his neck and runs down his muscular back, then over his round buttocks.

Coach Lyle walks up to the showers. He asks, “You going to that big party tonight?”

Sampson smiles and turns around, “How do you know about that?” as the water hits his back.

Coach laughs, “C’mon, everybody knows. You too tired?”

“Yeah, but I can take a nap at the hotel. I hear every wrestler is going too” Sampson answers as he grabs a body-wash bottle. His fingers snap open the top and he squirts some onto his palm. He sets the bottle down and begins lathering up his solid chest.

Coach says, “Just letting you know. Kathy followed you here to this meet. She’s not giving up.”

“Yeah, I know coach. She’s nice, but I want something different. I told her that but…,” Sampson says while lathering up his abdominals.

Coach finishes his sentence, “But, she doesn’t listen right?”

“Yep, you got it coach. I avoid her though” Sampson says as he turns around and the water rinses off his chest and abs. He turns around again.

Coach replies, “Just don’t miss the bus Sunday morning.”

A few minutes later in front of his locker. Sampson wipes down his wet body with a towel. He steps over and grabs his iPhone. escort pendik He touches it and checks his messages. He opens a message from an Asian chick named Ling. There’s a picture of her face and Hotel room number.

He whispers, “She’s different. I’ve never fucked an Asian chick before. Maybe I’ll get lucky.”

It’s Saturday night inside Sampson’s Hotel room. The big screen TV plays one of Sampson’s wrestling matches from his past. The volume is low and that screen is the only light in the room.

The naked bodies of Ling and Sampson are on top of the bed. They’re both in the “doggy-style” position. She’s kneeling onto her elbows with her hair falling over her face. His big hands are wrapped around her tiny hips as he pulls them back hard. He thrusts his 7 and ¼-inch cock into her wet, black pussy.

He looks down at his hard shaft as it slides in and out. His mouth is dropped open because she’s fucking hot.

He is so deep that his flesh hits against her flesh… Slap… Slap…

She screams loudly, “Unnhh… Uh-Unnhh… Unh-Uh… Unnnhh!!”

He keeps pulling her hips back long and hard… Slap… Slap…

“Uh-Unnh… Unnnhh… G-God… Sampson!” she yells.

His eyes never leave his cock sliding in and out. His flesh hits her again and again.

He grunts, “Fuckk!”

“Unnnhh… pendik escort bayan Huh-Unnnhh… Unnhh… Uh-Unnhh!” she screams.

His hands grip her hips even tighter as he thrusts faster… Slap-Slap-Slap…!

She responds, “Uh..Uhh..G-God..Uhh..Uh..Uh-Uhhh!”


“Samp-son..Uhh..Uh-Uhhh..Fuck-Me..Fu-Fuck!” she yells.

“It’s cumming. It’s cumming!” he grunts.

He pushes in one last time and holds his cock inside of her.

Sampson explodes, “Uh-Uuuuuuuhh…! Uuuuuuhh…! Fuck… Fuck!”

His cock pulls out and he rolls over onto his back. They both breathe hard as she stays kneeled over. Her thick, black pussy sticks out.

He says, “Fuck baby. You have the biggest bush I’ve ever seen. Incredible.”

“Thanks. I’ve been watching you for a long time. You were worth the wait” she responds.

Sampson climbs off the bed and walks into the bathroom. He pulls off his condom.

On Sunday morning. Sampson is fast asleep under the bed covers.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Someone’s at the door.

Coach Lyle screams on the other side, “It’s coach. The bus is gonna leave soon!”

Sampson quickly wakes up, “Fuck me, the bus.”

He throws off the bed covers and climbs out naked. He staggers to the door and looks around. Ling is gone.

His hand opens the door, “Come in coach. Let me get ready.”

Coach follows him inside. Sampson searches for his jockey shorts and pulls them on.

He says, “Coach, this Asian chick was different and fucking hot.”

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