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Little Bro Disclaimer

Sleeping in the lower bunk with his younger brother in the top bunk, a boy awakes when the bed starts shaking to find his ten-year-old brother jacking off in the top bunk. He decides to show his bro some other fun stuff to do. This story was given to me by one of my readers who said he was tghe older brother in the story. I”ve put my own twist on it, but the basic story is his.

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Little Bro

“What the fuck you doing, Bro?” I said, waking up to the bed shaking. We were at our cousins’ place, and he and I were sleeping in their bedroom in their bunkbeds. I was sleeping in the bottom bunk, and my ten-year-old brother was in the top bunk. We were visiting, and my aunt had moved my cousins, two kids seven and eight, to couches in the den, giving us their beds since we were guests.

The shaking stopped: “Nuthin,” he said, so I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, but before I could get to sleep, the shaking started again.

I jumped out of the bed to stand beside the bunkbeds looking into his face. “What the fuck are you doing?”


Not buying it, I pull back the covers to see he had his underpants down around his knees, and he had his four-inch hard dick in his hands. “Fuck,” I said, “you were jacking off.”

Hell, he was only ten and had nary a hair above his dick.

“No, I wasn’t.”

“No? You got your pants down around your knees, and you got your hand on your hard dick. What are you doing, if you weren’t jacking off?”

“I was just holding onto it,” he said.

“And that was making the bed shake?”

“Well, maybe I was moving my hand a little.”

“Hey, it’s no big deal if you were jacking off. I do it all the time. I just didn’t think you were old enough to do it yet. Can you spurt?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hey, if you could, you’d know it. No white stuff spurts out of your dick when you do it?” He shook his head. “Let me see you do it.” Holding his dick with his thumb and first two fingers, he began stroking his dick. Watching him, watching my little brother jerk his four-inch, hairless, dick was fucking hot. My dick was raging gaziantep escort hard. “Let me do it,” I said, and when he nodded, using my thumb and first two fingers of my right hand, I began stroking his dick. “You like that?”

“Yeah,” he said, not taking his eyes off my hand stroking his dick.

He looked disappointed when I stopped, but I said, “Come down and get in my bunk with me, and we’ll fool around some more,” and with that I slid his underpants off his feet. He came off his bunk to stand on the floor beside mine, his four inches standing proud, jutting out from his crotch, his balls gathered into a tight, round, pouch below it looking like one big ball. I knew right then I was going to suck it. “Lie down,” I said, and he lay down on my bed. I crawled in after him, crawling between his legs. “Want me to show you something that feels really good?”

“Uh huh.” Taking that as permission, I took his dick into my mouth, glancing up at his face. His mouth was open, and his eyes were wide, but he didn’t tell me to stop, so I kept at it. Not long after I started, he was shuddering and moaning as if in pain, “Oh…oh…oh,” and I knew he was cumming. It was a dry orgasm, but I had no doubt he was cumming.

“Did you like it?” I said afterward, looking up at him and grinning.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Want me to do it again?”

“Fuck yes!” he said, so I blew him again, and he had another orgasm. I loved blowing him. I could deepthroat his four inches. It wasn’t like I’d sucked a lot of cocks. At that point in my life, his was the only one I had sucked, but I’d often wondered what it would be like to suck one.

“Think you can get to sleep now?” I asked.

He grinned: “Yeah,” and he climbed back up in his bunk. It wasn’t long before I could hear soft snores coming from it, and I knew he was asleep. I lay thinking about having just sucked my little brother’s cock, though, and couldn’t go to sleep. My dick was raging hard, and soon, it was me jacking off and shaking the bunkbeds. I spurted all over my t-shirt, pulled it off, wadding it up, and tossed it on the floor.

As usual, I awoke with a hard-on, and thinking about the night before, I started jacking off. This time, it was he that said, “What are you doing?”

“Nuthin,” I said.

“Yeah, right,” he said, peering over his bunkbed at me. My hand, stroking my dick, was moving my covers. “Let me see,” he said, so I pushed back the covers with my other hand and let him watch as I finished. His eyes got wide when suriyeli escort I spurted onto my stomach. “Fuck!” he said, “Can I do it?”

Now, how could I deny my little brother if he wanted to jack me off? “Sure,” I said, and he climbed off his bunk and stood beside mine. Except for his t-shirt, he was naked, and his four-inch dick stood at attention. It made my mouth water, and I knew I’d end up sucking it again. Reaching under the bed where I’d tossed my t-shirt, I grabbed it and wiped my cum off my stomach, hand, and dick.

“It stinks,” he said. Now, by then, the smell of spunk turned me on, but I guessed to the uninitiated, it did stink. The odor was certainly distinctive. I didn’t know anything else that smelled like it.

“Well, get in bed with me,” I said, as he stood by my bunk, but he continued to look at my dick which was already hard again.

“Your dick is huge,” he said. “How big is it?”

“A little over six inches,” I said, “not exactly huge, but I guess it’s okay. Some guys in porn videos have much bigger dicks.”

Hell, seeing the dicks on some of them in those videos made me feel totally inadequate.

“You got lots of hair down there, too.” I was seventeen. I even had a line of hair stretching up to my navel. “Do you think my dick will get as big as yours?”

“Probably,” I said. “I don’t think mine was any bigger than yours is when I was your age. Now, get in bed with me,” and he climbed in bed beside me. I felt the heat of his body next to mine. My dick throbbed, it turned me on so.

“Can I touch it?” he said.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, and he wrapped his hand around my cock. I almost came then and there. He began stroking it. “Oh, yeah,” I said again, and reaching for his dick, I stroked it as he stroked mine.

“Uh…” he said.

“Feel good?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” he said, as he continued stroking my dick.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum,” I said, squirting onto my stomach and all over his hand. His eyes were wide. When I was through spurting, I lifted his hand to my mouth and licked my cum off it.

“Ewww,” he said.

“It doesn’t taste that bad,” I said. “Try it,” and after dipping my finger into some spunk on my stomach, I held it up to his mouth. His nose was wrinkled, but he tentatively stuck out his tongue and touched the spunk I had on my finger.

“Ewww,” he said again.

I grinned: “Guess it’s an acquired taste.”

“Would you do what you did last night?” he said.

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“Suck your dick?”


“Will you suck mine?” I asked.

He shrugged: “Okay.”

“You first. I’ve already sucked yours twice.”

Leaning over, he took the head of my dick into his mouth. I loved having his hot, wet, mouth on it, but all too soon, he withdrew from it. “I can still taste it,” he said.

“Fuck!” I said, but we switched places, and it was me with my mouth at his crotch. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked on them. From the way he squirmed, I could tell he liked it.

“Oh,” he said, and after a minute, “Suck my dick like you did last night.” Letting his balls slide out of my mouth, I went down on his dick, taking it in all the way, butting my nose against his pubic bone. He started humping my mouth, a totally reflexive reaction I supposed, since he had certainly never fucked before. “Oh…oh…oh…,” he moaned, shuddering with another orgasm.

Fuck! I was twelve before I’d had my first one. Sure, his were dry, but they were orgasms just the same. I could just imagine what he’d be like at twelve when he could spurt. He’d probably have his dick in hand 24/7.

We got up and had breakfast with the rest of the family. The little fucker picked up a link sausage and let it slide in and out of his mouth while looking at me with a grin on his face. I shot him a shut the fuck up look and hoped no one else had seen him.

After breakfast, we drove home, him and me in the backseat, Mom and Pop in the front, totally unaware that their older son had sucked their younger son’s cock or that the younger son had jerked off the older son. I’m sure they were aware I was jacking off. Pop had already had that father-son talk with me about all boys doing it, but that was when I was thirteen and had been doing it for about a year. I’m sure he had no idea his ten-year-old was doing it.

That was the only time we fooled around. Back home, we each had our own room, and no way I could have explained why I was in his room in bed with him; besides, it wasn’t long afterward that I went away to college, so it just never happened again. Too bad, though. Sucking my little brother’s dick was hot. I’ve sucked other dicks since, but his was the first.

email: ech

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