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Little Minx Visits the Office

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Today I had my client Mr. X call me again from his office. I am a busy working girl these days, but he was working late after another busy day of meetings and really needed some down time to help him relax and get through the hectic weekly schedule of a typical businessman in London. Luckily I had exactly what he needed and he knew it!

Putting the phone down I jumped in the shower to freshen up, got dressed and grabbed my bag. Preparation is the key to this job and I had come a long way since answering my first Craigslist advert. Nowadays I keep three fully stocked Birkin purses by my door for times of need. As I glanced at the route on my phone I frowned a little. Getting out to his building meant travelling a bit further east than I liked to go to meet a man, but since Mr. X’s company expense account was ultimately paying for it all, I just shrugged and took a taxi through the crowded streets of London. Not using public transport was a major perk of my line of work.

Mr. X worked on the 37th floor of the ‘Onion’, a bulbous-shaped skyscraper over by the river Thames. Going into his building I was of course dressed discreetly in my best plain office-looking style; a white blouse, matching dark jacket and skirt, black tights and short sensible heels. My blonde hair was pulled tightly back and only if you looked under my knee-length skirt could you have seen that my ‘tights’ were in fact part of the lacy garter belt I’d picked out for Mr. X after our last meeting. I was looking forward to showing them off to him at our meeting.

Of course first I had to sign myself in as a visitor at the main desk. Secretly smuggling myself into a public building to meet a client always makes me feel illicit and sexy. So when writing down my details I made sure to give the young security guard a little flash down my blouse. Somehow I had forgotten to button it all the way up. Poor man, when he saw me looking back at him, he got very flustered and dropped the pen I had just given him back. I smiled bursa escort at him and jumped confidently into the escalator to see Mr. X.

When I reached the 37th floor it was deserted. Even his secretary had gone home for the evening. Smiling, I walked past the rows of empty cubicles and tapped lightly on his door. Luckily he has his own private office in the centre of the place; I hate the modern open-plan designs so many businesses use these days. To stay out of sight you have to do it under desks and the floor is always so hard and dirty. I like hard and dirty, but my designer outfits generally don’t.

“Come in,” Mr. X called, sounding distracted.

Well, that didn’t sound like a man on the edge of his seat. Cautiously I popped my head around the door and saw that he was on the phone to someone. He mouthed the word ‘sorry’ at me apologetically and carried on talking to whoever was on the other end of the line.

“No Ron, it was just my secretary with a message for me. No, no it isn’t urgent. What were you saying about the Peterson account?”

Not urgent? Mr. X was going to have to work hard to make that comment up to me. No woman likes a man to ignore her, and I am very hard to ignore when I don’t want to be.

Meeting his eyes over his desk, I drew off my jacket first. Mr. X waved at me and held up five fingers. I pouted at him and reached up to let my hair ripple down from its stern-looking bun. Then, when I was sure I had his attention, I silently started to strip as provocatively as I could. I took my blouse off first, bending forwards to let him see my heavy breasts shaking about in sleek lingerie I’d selected for him. Slowly, I turned the other way and ground my ass at him, my hands unclipping my sensible skirt and drawing it back to show him peeks and flashes of my tight firm cheeks. I finally let the skirt fall with a last wiggle and let him look; a thin strip of gauzy material was all that covered my ass and the juncture of my thighs from him. Quietly, bursa escort bayan I turned around and let him see my hands running up and down the front of my sheer black thong.

By now Mr. X was definitely trying to wind up his conversation with Ron.

“So, um… look maybe we should continue this tomorrow-“

I didn’t stop though. This was way too much fun. Instead I marched around his desk and knelt down in front of him. I gave him one adoring stare to let him know what was coming, and then I carefully slid opened his zipper. His cock was already bulging through his boxers, so I let it slip out and gave it a thoughtful lick. Mr. X seemed to like that, so I started doing it some more.

I’m afraid that Ron may have noticed Mr. X wasn’t really paying attention to him by the end. When I put him in my mouth I think he had to stop talking. But I’m pretty sure he really lost his train of thought when I start to alternate between licking and sucking, while my free hand stroked and squeezed his shaft. Either way shortly afterwards the conversation was terminated by a hoarse-voiced Mr. X insisting that he would have to call Ron back in the morning. Ron sounded quite concerned as he hung-up, and told Mr. X he hoped he felt better soon. Hearing Mr. X’s incoherent reply before he hung up gave me a huge rush. Making a man so horny he can’t speak always gets me hugely wet.

I met Mr. X’s gaze while I bobbed my head up and down in his lap and raised my eyebrows enquiringly. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was a terrible human being and he wanted to get inside me now.

I stood up and gave him a moment to watch me slide my slinky thong down myself; then I turned around and got on top of him. I felt his warm hands come up to cup my ass, helping to support me. Luckily the heels I was in gave me the extra height I needed to straddle him safely. I kept one hand on the desk in front of me and reached down with the other to guide him towards my eager entrance.

The escort bursa chair creaked a bit, as it took my weight and his, but I didn’t mind. I sank down onto him and felt him fill me up. I always like Mr. X being in me when I’m on top; his cock is curved in just the correct way that it hits me right on my special spot. I always hold out for a bit before I make him come, and I let him know I enjoy it. This time, because I was already so wet from thinking about his colleague listening to us on the phone, it felt divine. Mr. X certainly seemed to think so, because he was telling me so as soon as we started. I gasped back he was welcome and gave his dick a friendly squeeze. Mr. X squeezed my ass back with his hands, so I leaned forwards and began to ride him slowly and steadily.

Normally I focus on what my client needs to come, but this time I wanted Mr. X to wait for me. I pictured his secretary coming back and catching me on top of her boss with only my heels on, of Ron hearing me putting my mouth on his college’s cock and making him arch and kick. I used my free hand to stroke myself, pressing my hard little clit against his warm cock as I glided up and down it. I felt his hands clutching at my ass as he tried to come inside of me, and squeezed him tightly with my vaginal muscles. It felt so beautiful I didn’t want it to stop.

My rhythm and the light touches to my clit set things building in me. The universe between my thighs slowly expanded, lifting me up. I was rising up above Mr. X’s lap, towards the ceiling of floor 37. Then my climax thudded lovingly up through me, and everything sharply contracted right back down to Earth as the shudders worked through me. I rested myself against the desk with my palms and gasped until I ached. Feeling me buck and grind against him pushed Mr. X over the edge too. His own orgasm felt huge inside me. His cock twitched and leapt about as he came into me with a long groan. When it finished he leaned back into his chair with a heartfelt sigh and slapped at my bare bottom on his lap.

“Little minx!” he said playfully.

I smiled the secret smile of a girl who knows she’s getting paid for getting laid. Who said you can’t ever love what you do at the office?

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