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Subject: Little Peter 3 LITTLE PETER By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. There is no such boy nor any such video. Compliments, comments or complaints to ail Please donate to Nifty! It’s important to keep this resource alive. THREE Posted as: Little Peter and his little Friend 10 years old 4 feet 4 inches 67 pounds Men of a certain kind, men like me, lust for boys like Caleb. I posted a couple of videos of us to the dark web and I was freaked out when someone was able to contact me. I didn’t want to be on the news and have a mug shot. What he wanted was simple. He wanted a dildo of Little Peter little peter. Actually I thought it was a good idea and told Caleb that every size months we could make a mold and then a latex reprioduction of his boyhood. Caleb thought it was funny and fun and was excited to see how his dick would grow. The other guy had to convince me he wasn’t LEO but he did. Pictures of him and his boy. Cool pics. Eventually I sent a dildo we made to a deed drop UPS store box. Then he proposed the boys meet. He lived in Phoemix – the dead drop had been in Scottsdale – and it’s not that far away. Arianna, Caleb’s mother, has gotten herself knocked up. She’s in love with the baby daddy and Caleb is baggage. She doesn’t mind dumping him off. I love having him. and away we went to Arizona. The house was big, Spanish Mission style. It was expensive. The guy, Dave, was just a regular guy, not bad looking, a bit of a gut but not overweight. His young friend, Dawson, was a delight. Golden blond, I think usually but now sun bleached almost white hair, a rich tan, big bright green eyes, a smile of perfect teeth. He’s hot but not as hot as the true Little Peter, who is my true sexy boy. “They have a pool, DJ!” Caleb cried out as soon as we entered and could see through to the inner courtyard. “And we can swim naked!” Dawson said excidtedly “Can we?” “Sure:” I siad “DJ likes to see me naked” Caleb said to Davwon “My dad does too” They ran off excited together, new best friends. Naked, Dawson ran full steam at the pool and jumped in the tuck position, a perfect cannon ball. Caleb followed right behind. They were perfectly proud of themselves. Both were a delight to see naked, runnign around, their lean little bodies, being boys and having fun “I know you probably look down on me for molesting my own son” Dave said “No. He’s a hot boy. Hot as hell. Caleb is not my son, not biologically, but look at them. Fuck” “I’m glad you’re here.” ” I probably ought to film them some as they play” I got the camera pursaklar escort and me and Dave hung out as the boys played. Dawson took a running start for the pool and jumped in the tuck postion, perfect cannonball with a huge splash. That made Caleb try to one up him. Neither Dave or I stopped them or reminded them to be safe. Let them be boys. They wrestled and laughed and had a good time and we enjoyed watching them. I filmed them and ended up getting about 10 mintutes of usable footage for an intro. It’s heavy on little boy asses – perfectly round and firm – and little boy crotches- beuatufully hairless with miniatrue cock and balls – a true delight. The boys played to the camera some, going off and sharing a small conspiracy, then running up to us, turning around and bending over and showing their asses, cheeks apart, the first time wtih a fart. then they would laugh and jump back in the pool and do it again a couple of times. Mostly they weren’t shy – they lined up side by side in a failed arrempt to the swing their cocks around, helicopter. It ended up being two boys gyratig herky jerky. But then, probably mocking us, they would run up to us covered up. But Caleb discovered he could do the peek a boo routine with his dick. We served them pizza for dinner and they tucked into it like they had never eaten before. They stayed naked and Dave and I did too. They made fun of us for being more than half chubbed up. They knew the effect they had on us and they thought it was funny. The funny thing is that they felt free to come around and touch it. Caleb with me, Dawson with his dad. “You boys want to go to the bedroom and play there while Mr DJ films it?” Dave asked “Make a porno?” Dawson asked.I nodded and he smiled. “Yeah!” “Yeah!” Caleb joined in cheering. They marched to the bedroom chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck”. That was a good omen. They were naked and on top of one another. Giggling mostly. But they were hard. Caleb just sort of collapsed on top on Davwsom and wiggled a little. Then he kissed the boy. Then they both laughed and Little Peter rolled over onto his side. But Caleb, the little devil, went to stroke his hard dick and Dawson followed on his a split second later. I zoomed in to film the two preteens choking the chicken. I could see in my peripheral vision that Calen had a devilsih grin on his facce. He whispered something in Dawson’s ear and he smiled to. I was wise enough to know I should go wide angle and let what happens happen. They sprung up and Dawson got on this hands and knees and Caleb got rize escort behind him as if he were fucking the kid doggy and started making wild mock fucking motions. “Ride ’em Cowboy!” Davie called out. I touched his arm to remind him that we were making porn. “I’m a little fucker, DJ!” he said. He kept at it but the joke lost it’s appeal and I told Caleb to suck his friend off. Dawsom lay on the led, his legs spread apart wide and I got a good shot of his balls and erect member as Caleb climbed between. Caleb dived on the dick and began to bob furiously until both boys started laughting too hard to stop. But then he took his friend down for real. Dawson looked at his dad and smiled. He liked what Little Peter was doing. My boy, my precious boy, was good enough, sexual enough, to suck on Davwson’s little balls and lick his taint before working the dick. Caleb stroked his own hard self as he did. “You like that Dawson? What Little Peter is doing?” Dave asked. He was stroking himself, watching the boys go at it Dawson nodded. He did like it. He was liking it a lot. Caleb worked it and Dawson moaned some. Then he stopped and looked over at me. “You waant him to suck you?” Caleb nodded. They switched places and Dawson laid down prone on the bed, his face in Caleb’s crotch. He licked and sucked on his pencil nub and it was clear that the kid, like Caleb, was far more experienced sexually than their years suggested, He sucked on Caleb’s nob and Caleb squirmed a bit as he did. I was able to film them on the bed like that, Caleb sitting up, his lean muscles tight and Dawonon laid out, his beautiful little ass up. Both boys perfectly hairless and lost in the sensation of the moment. I know I was lost in the moment. I was hard as rock in my jeans. Dave was still fapping it, watching. “You wanna 69?” I said They were game and Dawsom flipped over, still hard, and Caleb got over him, lowering himself onto Davson’s face as he settled down on the boy’s crotch, gobbling up that dick. It waas a beautiful sight, looking at them going at it, their perfect little bodies on top of each other. After filming them going at it with each other, I had an idea. “You fuck Dawson?” I asked Dave. “In the ass?” “Yeah” Dave answered simply. I don’t know if he was surprised that I didn’t fuck Caleb or if he was a little ashamed that he did. “Hey, Dawson, why don’t you sit on Little Peter’s dick?” “Okay!” Dawson readily agreed. I shot it from Calleb’s head, down the length of his lean body, his slender pole sticking up. Dawson eased himself down on it, his own tool sticking ankara rus escort straight up. When Davwons settled down, resting on Caleb’s groin, my boy squeezed his butt cheeks together to push his dick in. Was he actially in Dawson’s ass? I don’t know but it didn’t matter. Caleb craned back and looked at me, grinning. “I’m fucking, DJ” I nodded. “You’re not a virgin anymore” He laughed. “Not a virgn. I’m a sex machine!” Whether he was or wasn’t didn’t matter. It felt good to them. Dawson particularly. His breathing got ragged, shalow, and he leaned back, a look of ecstasy on his face. Then Caleb too. Shallow, irregular breathign. A tense baody. A look of pain. A little grunt from one, a little moan from the other. Then Dawson whimpered and shook a little before relazing completely. Caleb wasn’t far behind, A prolonged orgasm, a full 2 minutes, whimpering and looking like he was going to die and then pure peace. Dawson fell down onto Caleb’s chest. laughing as hard as he could and Caleb too. “Like it?” I asked The agreed that they had, enthusiastically. Dave and me were horned up — watching preteen boys dry cum is enough to set any man off — and we needed relief. Caleb, though, wanted to touch Dave’s and then he opened up and took Dave’s tool in his mouth, sucking it while strking his own hard little dick that had never deflated. He couldn’t get a whole lot of it in and I think Dave was more aggressive with face fucking Caleb than I would have been but my boy took it and flogged his stiffy the whole time. Dawson stroked on mine and it felt good and hte boy was well trained in the oral arts. Dave had seen to that. He used his hand and his tongue and he, too, stayed hard, fapping it. Dave had been jacking off the whole time and he blew quick and Caleb, for the first time, swallowed. I meentioned that to him and he just shrugged like it was no big deal. But he laid down on the bed prone and pulled his ass cheeks apart. He won’t let me fuck him btu he likes my wieight on his as I use his ass cheeks to rub out a load. He does like for me to stick a finger in his ass underneath my cock and massage his small prostate. Before I could cum, he shivered underneath me, his second orgasm. 10 1/2 Little Peter’s Bathtub BJ 11 Little Peter’s tickle torture (alternative: Little Peter gets a little pussy) 11 1/2 Little Peter’s Big Balls 12 Little Peter gets fucked 12 1/2 Little Peter Cums 13 Little Peter and the 6th grader 13 1/2 Little Peter fucks ass 14 Little Peter does Bukake (altermative Little Peter has a girlfriend) 14 1/2 Little Peter has a boyfriend 15 Little Peter parties 15 1/2 Little Peter has a slumber party 16 Little Peter fucks a 12 year old 16 1/2 Little Peter gets gang banged (alternative Little Peter fucks his mother) 17 Little Peter goes emo 17 1/2 Little Peter gets double penetrated 18 Peter’s solo

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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