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Subject: Little White Pills, Chapter 6 Hope y’all enjoy the next installment. It ended up being pretty long, but I thought a flashback should answer some of your questions–and maybe lead to a few more. As usual it’s all a work of fiction. And don’t forget to donate to the good folks at Nifty to keep the web site up and running! . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 6: “Early Results” It s a bitterly cold February night, but no one in the Tipsy Penguin s very worried about that: the Superbowl s wrapping up, and even though there were almost no local fans, enough folks were happy to see the underdog Saints finally win one that the sports bar s the source of plenty of raucous cheering. College students, professors, townies, and local skiers all squeezed in to tch the game and hoist some beers at the popular sports bar. Between the crowd and the booze no one noticed one group off in the corner whose cheers weren’t really in sync with the action on the screen. They were good-natured and spending well though, so they fit right in. Nearly anyone who glanced at them would have thought they were faculty, or maybe from the athletic department: they looked a bit more fit than the average professor, and some of the men clearly were gym regulars. The faculty wouldn’t have recognized any of them however, because they weren’t professors–although they were researchers. In fact, they were members of one of Ollo Pharmaceutical’s premier neurobiological research groups, and they were celebrating a recent breakthrough. After years of research into the exact chemical pathys that governed human sexual response, they’d finally hit the jackpot with batch SN4965. That mix of chemicals had been very effective in ramping up the subjects’ libido, but it s Barb Farnsworth’s idea to combine it with one of the topical gels that had really been the breakthrough. They were still working out the details, but batch SN4965 plus a number of the gels clearly showed all the signs of being a genuine combination of Viagra and Spanish fly, at least in males. Well, male rats. Still, if they could get this to work in humans their company would make billions, and their careers would all be made for life. They just needed to get the wheels turning to move to the next stage of their research…. . . . . . . . . . . . . Andrew turned up the TV and tried to focus on tching “Avatar” on HBO while he ate his pizza. It sn’t as good as in the theater in 3-D, but he needed something to drown out the sounds of makeup sex coming from Greg’s bedroom. Andrew didn’t know why the two of them were even still together–it seemed like every week Melissa s saying she s done, it s over, she s leaving for good–but maybe the makeup sex s the whole point. Still, he wished they’d be a bit quieter about it. Especially in August, when the heat meant that all their apartment windows were open and the sound really carried. Their neighbors must be sick of it by now–or maybe they got off on it, since they’d never complained. For a while Andrew had jerked off in his own room, listening: Melissa s hot, no question, and hearing her get boned s a real turn-on, especially when he didn’t have anything of his own going on. The thought of sinking his thick 7 1/2″ dick into the redhead’s pussy had been the topic of a number of fantasies. But by now it s pretty tired. He s sick of the drama, and the fantasies had gotten old. Honestly, if he didn’t need the money so badly he wouldn’t even have a roommate. Luckily for him Greg had turned out to be a decent Craigslist find: the stocky blond s into sports too, they liked the same movies, and he s a good drinking buddy. It could’ve been worse: one of his college buddies had landed a shit job in LA, and s crammed into a two-bedroom dump with three other guys, and two of them were dicks. Andrew’s bank job s at least related to his finance degree, he s learning a lot, and his roommate sn’t a prick. In the mean time, rent s coming due. Not to mention the cable bill and his gym membership (at least Greg’s job there got him a discount). And student loans. Fuck. Still half-tching the movie he picked up the campus paper; maybe he could earn a little extra helping the new students move in or something. At least all that gym time would be good for something. Plenty of help nted there, but they needed people during the week when Andrew s at work, so that s out. Plus the pay s worse than he’d thought. Keep looking…. Hmmm…some medical research place s looking for volunteers for a bunch of studies. He didn’t have arthritis, eczema, or gout, and he sn’t depressed, so those were out. He got excited when he saw the study that paid $25,000–until he saw it s “to evaluate drugs that aid in heroin withdral.” No thank you. The next one looked promising though: they were looking for non-smoking men ages 18-27, in good health, “for research into human sexuality.” And it paid up to $10,000. The “up to” meant there s going to be some fine print, but this s y better than the $75 a pop his buddy Steve had made as a sperm donor. He tore out the add to remember to call the next day, then went back to the movie. Just in time for the blue guys to kick some ass. . . . . . . . . . . . . The next day on his lunch break he called the number; a bored-sounding woman answered the phone. “Ollo Pharmaceuticals, how can I help you?” “Um, I’m calling about a study? A test study?” “Please hold, I’ll transfer you.” “Research studies, this is TJ, can I help you?” The guy who answered this time sounded a little more lively at least. “Yeah, I’m, uh, calling about study…248J? There s an ad in the paper?” “Sure! So you’re interested?” “Yeah, I think so. I mean, I nt the money for sure, and I’m healthy so I guess I can do it, right?” “Well, we have to screen you pretty thoroughly, make sure you’re compatible with the program, but we’re definitely looking for volunteers. And if we don’t accept you you’ll still get 50 bucks for coming by. More if you pass the more rigorous round of screening.” “So how do I get the full ten grand?” “Basically if you pass the tests and then stay for a weekend of evaluation we give you $2,000 when you leave. After that you can come back up to four more weekends if you nt, and each one pays out another two grand. But you don’t have to do all the screening stuff for the other visits.” “So I need to be there the whole time? In the lab?” “Yeah, for the weekends. The tests all have to be really well-controlled, so we need you here from early Friday evening until you check out Sunday afternoon. But you don’t have to do the weekends all in a row if you don’t nt to.” “Okay, that’s cool. Could I do it this weekend?” The rent sn’t due for two weeks, but Andrew would rather get the money with a little time to spare. There s a slight pause before TJ answered. “Well, here’s the thing. We need our volunteers to be healthy, which means no drugs for at least a week before you come in, including no booze for four days. We’ve had too many guys fail the drug tests, so now the policy is to require you to it for at least a week. I could schedule you for next weekend though if you nt.” “Oh. That’ll be okay I guess. So do I just show up, or what?” “You can just show up, but if you nt I can get some info now, and send you an information packet you can look at. Or I can send you to our web site–if you do that you can fill out a bunch of the forms in advance, and then you don’t have to show up so early Friday. Sound good?” It did, so Andrew rattled off the usual information to the guy and promised to go to the web site. “Okay Andrew, you should be good to go for next Friday. One last thing: a lot of guys miss this or ignore it in the info packet or whatever, but this is a sex study. So we need you to save up for us if you know what I mean.” “So…no sex or anything until then?” TJ laughed. “We’re not that cruel man, just for the four days before. But no jerking off or anything either. We’ll check your hormones and so on during the initial screening, and if you’ve been getting off you’ll probably fail. Just nted to make sure you knew.” “OK, um, sure. No problem.” “All right, great. See you next week.” They hung up. . . . . . . . . . . . . The next ten days went by quickly: Andrew s busy at work and didn’t think too much about the study. It sn’t like he did any serious drugs anyy; just the occasional toke. By Thursday night the no-jerking-off rule s having some effects: he s definitely hornier than usual, but he just made an effort to avoid checking out any porn sites or the magazine under his bed, and he could more or less put sex out of his mind. Luckily Melissa hadn’t been around for a few days for whatever reason, so he didn’t have that reminder of his situation. The no-booze rule s actually the hard part: Greg nted to go out on Thursday night like they did most weeks when he sn’t with Melissa, and Andrew almost forgot about the drug test before he said no. “What are you talking about ‘Drew? Not even one beer? Come on man, it’s almost the weekend.” Greg s clearly ready to start early. “Nah, I can’t man.” Andrew shifted his tall frame uncomfortably in the easy chair. He had hoped he could slide under Greg’s radar on this–it s kind of embarrassing. “Whadya mean ‘can’t?’ You on probation or something?” “No, it’s just…I’ve got this study thing I’m doing this weekend and I can’t do any booze before.” “Like, one of those medical studies?” “Yeah, it’s for heart pills or something. I dunno, I go in for the weekend, pop a couple pills, and make a couple hundred bucks.” Andrew definitely did NOT nt the big blond joining him for the study–that would be amazingly awkrd. And he also didn’t nt to admit how badly he needed the money. Greg shrugged. “Okay, well whatever. I can spot you some money if you need it.” “Nah, I’m good thanks. I didn’t have anything going on this weekend anyy.” “Okay. I’m gonna head out and meet up with Brad and Jose. Come by Dundee’s if you change your mind.” With that he headed out, leaving Andrew alone to pack an overnight bag and try not to think about sex. . . . . . . . . . . . . The next day after work Andrew headed to the address for the testing lab. It s a little earlier than he needed to go, but he figured if he stopped by the apartment Greg would just tempt him to have a drink or two, and that would be it for his two grand. The place s actually a bit harder to find than he thought: it s tucked ay at the end of a small back road he’d missed the first time he went by. Nice view of the mountains though. When he got to the lobby the receptionist (who sounded just as bored as when he’d called last week) directed him down to the check-in area. He s surprised to see about twenty other guys in the iting area already, most of them filling out the forms he’d plowed through on-line earlier. It s an interesting mix: some of them looked like they hit the gym more than he did, but a lot of them looked pretty rough, and one or two of those looked like their money s going to go to a meth fix. There were a few military guys too, or at least they had buzz cuts; probably from the Air Force base downstate. Andrew pulled out his phone and scrolled through Facebook, iting. About 15 minutes later a stocky twenty-something guy with vy brown hair came out, wearing scrubs. “OK guys, listen up! If you have your forms filled out, or you did it on line already, please sign in up here. We’ll be doing a brief physical and a quick drug test. If you pass that, you’ll get 100 bucks and when you’re all done we’ll bring out some dinner. Those of you who are left, we’ll do a more detailed set of tests and an interview. If you pass all that, you get another 100 bucks. We’ll then see which of you are the best match for our trials this week, and those of you who are will be invited to stay the weekend for more money. OK, go ahead and sign up, and we’ll call your name out when we’re ready for you. I’m TJ, if you have any questions come see me after we’re done with the first round of stuff.” So that s TJ from the phone. The guy sitting next to Andrew leaned over and grinned. “This is just like the military man. Gotta love those forms!” He s a lean Hispanic guy, built like a light-weight boxer, with his black hair in a buzz–he must have been one of the Air Force guys. He reached out his hand. “Hi, I’m Jamie.” He had a faint Texas tng. “Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Andrew.” “All aboard the jerk-off express, right man?” Andrew colored a bit, then laughed. What the hell, they were all in this together. “Yeah, right. Might as well get paid for it.” Jamie nudged the guy to his left, a tall blond guy with a boyish face who also sported a buzz. “This is Dale. He ain’t real bright-like, cuz he’s from thuh country.” The last sentence sounded like Cletus the Yokel had said it. “Shut up Jamie. You’re just jealous North Carolina kicked you out when you were born for being such an ugly baby.” Dale had a bit of a southern accent, but he did have all his teeth. He stuck out his hand. “Hi Andrew.” They shook. “So you guys are from the base?” “Yep. Along with a couple of other guys.” Dale pointed out a big surly-looking blond guy sitting by himself, and a sweet-faced but scrawny kid checking out his phone. “Carl’s the squad asshole, and I don’t know the other guy.” The three of them chatted for a bit, iting. The military guys were mechanics; they’d seen the ad and some of them had decided to make a road trip for the money. It turned out Dale had played baseball in high school too, although he hadn’t since then; he s impressed that Andrew made varsity in college. Periodically they were interrupted for the first round of screening, which turned out to be height, weight, blood pressure, and a whiz quizz. Andrew s happy to see he s holding steady at 198 pounds; at 6′ 2″ it s a good weight for him–as long as he kept it in muscle and not beer gut. By the time everyone s done the group s down to about 15–no surprise the meth heads didn’t make the cut, but apparently a few others didn’t either. TJ led them to the cafeteria, where the standard rubber chicken breasts were on offer. Jamie ved Andrew over to join him and Dale, where they were eating with a Boy Scout-looking guy with a mop of curly blond hair and a beefy build. “Hey Andrew, you made it, have a seat. Meet Hayseed.” Dale rolled his eyes. “Carter, loser.” “Whatever, he looks like a poster boy for 4H. And he’s from Io.” Carter shook his head, but s smiling: he s obviously used to guys like Jamie. He shook Andrew’s hand with a rock-hard grip and smiled. “Hey.” Jamie s right: with those deep blue eyes he did look like something off a movie poster about mom and apple pie. The guys kept chatting as they ate their cafeteria food. Eventually Jamie and Dale got called ay, leaving Andrew and Carter to hang out. Carter turned out to be pretty cool. He s a senior in college and lived in an old house off campus with some of his buddies. From the comments he made it sounded like all five of them were total pussy hounds, which reminded Andrew of his own recent abstinence. And not just the last four days–he hadn’t gotten laid in almost six months, which made Carter’s jaw drop. “What?! OK, you have to come by our house when we’re done here man–we’ll get you hooked up. Damn…” They were interrupted when TJ called out “Andrew? Andrew H?” He stood up. “Well, this is it. See ya later.” Just at that moment they heard a door slam, and someone faintly screamed out “Fuck you you pervs. Fuck your fucking money!” More slamming, and a minute later one of the military guys–the squad asshole, Andrew forgot his name–stormed out, looking furious. TJ just let him go, looking faintly bored; it didn’t look like this s the first time he’d seen that reaction. The two guys looked at each other and Andrew shrugged. “More money for the rest of us, right?” “Right on man. See you later.” . . . . . . . . . . . . TJ led him down a hally and opened the door into what looked like a small doctor’s office. “Just hang here Andrew. Isaac will be in in a sec for your tests and interview.” A minute later a boyish redheaded guy in his late twenties opened the door. Like TJ he s in blue scrubs with a company logo; he also looked like he spent a lot of time working out. As he closed the door Andrew could see the blue tip of a neck tat sticking above his shirt collar. The first twenty minutes went like a typical doctor’s exam. Isaac drew some blood, checked his pulse, the usual. Then he pulled out the stack of forms Andrew had filled out. “Okay Andrew, I’ve read your paperwork over, it looks good, and you passed the drug test. We still need to see how the blood test goes, but I’m also going to ask some questions. Check a few things, make sure you’re a good fit for our program, okay? Remember that anything you say is completely confidential.” “Okay, sure.” Andrew shifted in his seat. Don’t blow it, he thought, just be cool and think of the money. “Okay, so you’ve abstained from any sexual activity for at least the last four days, right?” A brief crack in Isaac’s professional facade appeared and he grinned slightly at Andrew, eyebrows raised. “No jerkin’ it?” Andrew blushed. “No no. No. Definitely not.” “Great.” He looked down and made a check mark on a form. “When s the last time you got off?” “Um…Sunday.” “Okay.” Some writing. “With someone else?” “Uh, no. Just me.” Andrew could feel his face turning red. “Hey, no shame man, we all do it. When s the last time with someone else?” “About, uh, three months ago.” Carter’s pity s enough, he didn’t need Isaac’s too. “With a girl? Guy? Both?” “Girl. It s a girl.” “Okay.” More writing. “About how many sexual partners would you say you’ve had? Rough estimate?” Andrew paused to count, then added a couple. “Maybe twelve?” “Okay, great. All women?” “Yeah, definitely, yeah.” “Ever thought about messing around with another guy? Remember, your answer stays in this room, it’s all good.” “No, no. I’m not gay dude.” “Okay, no problem. Ever fantasize about two women?” “Yeah, sure, absolutely.” This had gone so far past embarrassing that Andrew found he s starting not to care. Now that he thought about it, it really sn’t that awful to talk about. Still, he wouldn’t mind a change of subject. “Got it.” Isaac made one last note, then looked back up at Andrew. “Okay, so you know this is a program to study male sexuality, and if you read the forms you’ll know we might be testing some experimental drugs on you. No one will know if you get a placebo or one of the real things, including me. You understand that, right?” “Yeah, sure, I read the forms.” “Great. So here’s what’s going to happen. Assuming you’re a good match, we’ll hook you up to a bunch of instruments and basically monitor you while you tch some porn of your choice, whatever gets you off. To make sure they work right, we’ll have to strap you into a chair that keeps the sensors monitoring you accurately. These chairs cost something like $200k each, so we don’t nt bad data coming from them. Are you okay with being strapped down? No claustrophobia or anything?” Okay, that s definitely going to be a bit different, but hey, for this money they could do what they nted. “No, no problem.” “Great. Don’t worry, the chairs are comfy I promise.” Isaac smiled disarmingly. Andrew gave a little mental start when he realized what Isaac’s comment meant. “Now while you’re in one of your sessions you’ll be undisturbed unless you need something, but I will be setting things up and running some tests, and you’re gonna be naked the whole time. So if you’re not cool with someone lking in right after you shoot a load, this is not the program for you. You don’t need to be thrilled by it, but you need to be able to deal with it. If you don’t nt me to be the person running things you can talk to TJ after this and he’ll arrange for another tech to work with you.” Andrew grinned awkrdly–he hadn’t thought about that aspect of things–but he’d made it this far and survived, so what the hell. “Any chance for some hot female nurses?” Isaac laughed. “Sorry, just guys amigo. For some reason we don’t get a lot of hot women looking to hang out with horny guys for their job. Let’s see…right. Another thing I need to rn you about: we’ll also be attaching some sensors to your body with adhesive, including to your chest and groin. They’re not too big but believe me, you do NOT nt these things grabbing on to any hair. Do you manscape?” “Do I–it, what?” “You know, do you shave your pubes?” “No.” A few of guys on the baseball team had talked about it, and from what little Andrew had noticed in the locker room maybe they did, but he’d never thought about it for himself. “All right, let’s see what you’ve got and I’ll let you know. Stand up and take off your shirt.” Andrew obeyed. Isaac ran a hand briskly over his pecs, which were smooth except for a little bit of hair in the middle of his chest. “Okay, your chest will be fine. Let’s check down below. Drop your pants please.” He slid out of his shorts and boxers, feeling self-conscious. Not that he had anything to be ashamed of: his cut dick looked good even when it s soft, and his balls were good-sized. But after Isaac’s question he realized he s sort of a mess down there: black pubes everywhere like a bad hipster beard. Isaac shook his head at the sight. “That is not going to be fun for you at all, man. You’re going to need to gaziantep escort trim that. Assuming we accept you, you’re going to nt to clean that up before we start tomorrow morning. We can either leave you some clippers or I can do it now.” The thought of another guy giving his junk a haircut made Andrew blush again. “I can do it myself, thanks. Is the beard okay?” “Yeah, your goatee is fine, and your haircut is short enough. Just remember, you’ll need to trim the penis shaft right down to the base, your balls, and all the y down to your anus. You’ll also need to trim your bush down to about a half-inch so it doesn’t get caught in anything. Got it?” Andrew nodded. There s a knock on the door. With a quick “excuse me” Isaac stepped out, and Andrew took the opportunity to get his clothes back on. A minute later he s back. “Good news Andrew, your blood work looks good. Just a couple more things to cover and you’ll be done for the night. We’ll get a room for you, and you can catch a movie or whatever you nt until lights out.” Andrew let out a breath–it looked like this might actually work. He could finally get caught up on his bills, and without having to sponge off Greg! Now it s Isaac’s turn to look a little uncomfortable. “One last thing. Some of the sensors will need to be positioned at your rectum, and we may need to take your temperature there periodically. After you’re done with breakfast and before we start for the day, we ask you to use an enema to make sure you’re clean down there.” At Andrew’s look of shock he put up his hands. “I know, I know, it’s probably something you’ve never done, but believe me, it’s a much better option than us both having a shitty day because you didn’t do this. We’ll leave one with instructions in your bathroom. Don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes, and it’s really not that bad. All right?” “Ehhh…I guess.” Andrew sn’t thrilled, that s for sure, but he could see Isaac’s point. “Just how big is this butt probe anyy?” “The temperature one is actually pretty tiny, thinner than a pencil. There’s a bigger one, but it only has to touch your skin, not go inside. Don’t worry, nothing will go up your butt that you don’t nt to.” “All right, that’s cool I guess.” “Great, glad to hear it. Oh, one other thing: how big is your penis when it’s erect? Do you know? We try to customize the equipment.” “Uh…seven and a half inches I think? Maybe eight?” Okay, it sn’t quite eight, but Andrew needed to keep a little self respect here. “Impressive. Okay Andrew, that’s it for me. Any questions from you? No? Okay, I’ll lk you out to your room; we’ve brought your stuff around for you.” . . . . . . . . . . . . By the time he got to the common area everyone else s there. Only eight of them had made the cut apparently, including Jamie, Dale, and Carter. Andrew noticed that all of them seemed to be really fit–when the ad said “healthy males” they weren’t kidding. It looked like his gym membership had actually paid off. Andrew plunked down on a chair; there s a movie on but no one s paying attention. Jamie leaned over tords him. “Hey man, did you get the pube talk?” One of the other guys, a big hispanic guy with vy hair spoke up. “Yeah, what s up with that?” He looked like his nose had been broken at some point, and his voice sounded a little stuffed up. Carter looked at them with mild disbelief. “Come on guys, you don’t do that? What are you, hippies? I won’t go down on a chick if I need a weed whacker to do it, and they like me to return the favor. Believe me, they show their appreciation.” A debate broke out over shaving or not, which then turned into standard locker-room type bullshitting, until TJ stepped into the room. “Hey guys, just nted to let you know, 15 minutes to lights out. We’ll get you up for breakfast at 7:30, so try to get a good night’s sleep. If you need anything during the night we’ll have a tech on duty down the hall here. Just remember the stuff we talked to you about during your last exam, and remember the no-masturbating rule still holds, okay? Any questions?” No one had any, and after TJ left the group broke up and headed to their separate rooms. Like the others, Andrew s feeling a little edgy again. The whole thing would be just fine, he s sure, but it s still a little freaky thinking about getting off for a bunch of strangers, even if they were just looking at instruments while he did it. He s starting to see why this paid so well, he thought as he rolled over and went to sleep. . . . . . . . . . . . . Breakfast the next morning s actually pretty good, although no one s ake enough to talk much. It didn’t help that there s no coffee–TJ apologized, but said the the caffeine would interfere with the results. Jamie had asked if falling asleep would, which got a good laugh. There sn’t too much chat after that though, and no one brought up the enema situation, for which Andrew s grateful. There were only so many awkrd conversations you could have in one weekend. Now he s just iting to get going. He’d gone back to his suite and done the shit/shave/shower routine as Isaac instructed, and s sitting on his bed in the scrubs they’d provided, trying to read the paper. He’d alys hated sitting around like this. Soon enough there s a knock on the door, and Isaac stepped in. “Hi Andrew, you ready? I’m all set up for you bud.” Andrew got off the bed and stood up. “Sure, let’s go.” “You did all the prep work like we talked about? All cleaned up?” “Uh, yeah, I think so.” “Great. Let me just check out your haircut real quick, make sure you didn’t miss anything. Could you drop your pants?” Andrew did. He had to admit, trimming his pubes hadn’t been that bad, and it did look better. His dick looked bigger too. Maybe Carter had a point. He startled a bit as Isaac grabbed him and lifted up, looking closely. “Good, nice job up front, you’ll be fine there. Let’s check the back. Could you turn around and spread your legs wide for me? Thanks. Hmmm…bend over and touch your toes please Andrew.” Andrew blushed as he did so. Having another guy inspect his asshole s definitely not how he’d ever expected to start his day. “Okay, stay right there a sec Andrew. Looks like you missed a spot or two. I’m just going to touch it up and we’ll be good to go.” Andrew heard the clippers start, then sucked in his breath as he felt them lightly scrape beneath his balls and around his asshole. It twitched involuntarily a little when Isaac suddenly blew on it a couple of times to clear the trimmed hair ay, and then it s over. “All right, you’re all set bud. Go ahead and pull your pants up, and we’ll head out.” Andrew did so, face still pink, and Isaac clapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it man, I do this all the time. It’s no big deal.” They headed out, Andrew feeling marginally better. Isaac led him down another hally to another room. “Here we are.” The room s dimly lit, with a row of cabinets on one ll and a small desk with a computer. What caught Andrew’s attention though s the big pile of equipment in the middle of the room. There s something that looked like a dentist’s chair, but with stirrups, and studded with small metal plates. Straps dangles off it at various points. At the head s a rack of electronics with mysterious things hanging off it, and near the foot s another box with a metal shaft coming out horizontally. It too s connected to some sort of computer equipment. There were other boxes and…stuff of some sort bolted on here and there, but Andrew had no idea what any of it s. “So, welcome to the lab, or at least one of them. We call this thing the Orgasmatron–” Isaac gave him a grin and a wink”–but basically it’s just the world’s most expensive porn theater. Why don’t you hang your clothes up over there and get in, and I’ll explain what you need to know while I hook you up? Don’t worry, it’s not as uncomfortable as it looks. You’re not going to get it up lying on a bed of nails, right?” Andrew nodded doubtfully as he stripped, then worked his y around the gear to settle into the chair. It actually s pretty comfortable, he realized. It s mostly covered in soft fabric, and it s heated so the metal plates weren’t even cold. The only awkrd thing s having his legs spread apart in the stirrups, but at least they were comfortable. As he lay back he relaxed a bit, and Isaac started fastening the straps. There were a lot of them, around his torso and ist, and arms and legs. He realized that he’d be able to lift his head a bit, and move his arms below the elbows, but that s it. “So the first thing I’m doing here,” Isaac said as he worked, “is making sure you won’t shift around and lift off any of the sensors. Let me know if anything is too tight.” That done, he put some sort of mesh cap on Andrew’s head; it fit like a ski hat. “This is to monitor brain ves while you do your thing. I have no idea how the research folks use this stuff, but they seem to think it helps. Now to put on those extra sensors I told you about.” He began applying several sticky pads to Andrew’s body, on his chest, hands, and feet, then one on his inner thigh near his pubes, and finally one small one right on his balls. Andrew s glad he’d shaved thoroughly. “Oh, I forgot to ask: when you jerk off, which hand do you like to use?” “Huh?” “Which hand do you stroke with, right or left?” “Oh. Right I guess.” Despite almost five days without relief, Andrew felt anything but horny right at that moment. “Okay.” Isaac grabbed a plate with a large rubber-covered joystick and clipped it into the right armrest, then began connecting up some wires to it. “So here’s how this works. You won’t actually be touching yourself when you masturbate. Instead, I’m going to put your penis into this here.” He tapped a black cube resting on a bar. “We call it the Dick In A Box.” Andrew had to chuckle at that. “There are a bunch of sensors in the grip that’ll mimic what you do with your hand. Basically you do whatever you nt, and it’ll work just like you’d hope. Why don’t you move it up and down and squeeze it a couple of times and I’ll just make sure it’s hooked up okay.” Andrew wrapped his hand around the shaft. It did feel kind of like his dick, and s about the same size. It even had a bulge at the top. He gave it a tentative stroke up and down, and then a squeeze, while Isaac tched something on the computer screen. “Great, that looks good.” Isaac leaned over and clipped another joystick module into the left arm slot. This one s smaller and looked more like a standard joystick. “What’s that one for?” “We find that some guys enjoy some anal stimulation while masturbating, so we let you do that. I’m not going to ask–it doesn’t matter to me what you like–but I’ll just tell you how it works and you can do what you nt.” “Uhh, I don’t think I need to worry about that.” “That’s fine, don’t sweat it. Just in case you change your mind, I’ll tell you how it works; I don’t nt you getting something you didn’t expect. It’s pretty easy: push the joystick forrds for deeper stimulation, backrds for less. Right goes faster, left goes slower. Go ahead and move it around so I can make sure it’s working okay, please. Don’t worry, it’s not hooked up to anything yet.” Andrew did, resolving to keep his left hand firmly planted on the arm rest. “All right, just one last thing here and you can start relieving some tension. I’m going to put some goggles on you so you can tch whatever you nt.” Andrew tched Isaac reach over his head to grab something, then pull down a set of what looked like black ski goggles. There s a thin cable coming out one side, and a clear plastic tube that connected at the nose. “What’s the tube for, oxygen if I pass out?” Not his best joke, but Andrew s trying to be cool about all this. “Good question. Sometimes they do pheromone tests, so it’s possible you’ll notice some smells during your testing. It’s not supposed to be real strong; you may not even notice anything. The fancy bit is these goggles–lift your head up for a sec, there you go.” Isaac had snugged them down over Andrews eyes, with an elastic around his head holding them in place; it s pitch black with them on. “Those should be comfortable, and they should block out any outside light. Are they good?” “Yep.” “Great.” Andrew sensed some activity around his head and heard some clicks, presumably as Isaac hooked them up. “These are going to act like a movie screen for you, but you’re going to see nine movies at once. A big one in the middle, and eight smaller ones around it. There are sensors in there that know which y your eyes are pointed, so if you look at one of the other movies for a while it’ll become the new center movie, and you’ll get new ones around the edge. That y you can browse around and find anything you nt to get off to.” Isaac’s voice lowered briefly. “I think we even have some furry porn in there man. Seriously.” Wow, thought Andrew, that s..prehensive. “So it’s like Amazon? Customers who liked big boobs might also like these movies?” Isaac cracked up. “Good one. Yeah, that pretty well describes it. I’ll have to remember that.” Andrew heard typing from the computer behind him. “Okay, I’m firing up a test run for you with food. Check it out and make sure it works; play with it a bit to get used to it.” Andrew heard some noises from near his feet as Isaac worked on something, and then an image of broccoli appeared in front of him. The picture quality s really good. Around it were images of some other vegetables, and as he focused on one he suddenly s looking at lettuce, with some new vegetables around it. He kept going, getting used to how it worked, as the vegetables transitioned into side dishes and finally into a sliced turkey, and stopped there. Suddenly he felt something rm, firm, and possibly wet lightly touch his asshole. He lifted his head, even though he couldn’t see anything. “Dude, what are you doing?” “Sorry Andrew, meant to rn you. That’s just the last sensor. This new one doesn’t have to go inside you, but it does have to touch your skin to be effective. It’s all set up now though, I’m done. This is, ah, connected to the left joy stick, just to let you know.” “Oh. Okay.” This s definitely a weird experience, but the sensor seemed to be staying put, and with it at body temperature it s actually not that noticeable, especially compared to the straps, goggles, and other gear. “All right, let’s see how the goggles did. You should have seen some broccoli, and then…ended up at a turkey, right?” “Yeah, that s it.” “Good choice–I love turkey. I just have one thing left to do and you’ll be ready. I’m going to put a sensor on the shaft of your penis, and then hook it up to the Dick In A Box, okay?” Andrew nodded. He felt Isaac work a narrow elastic band down his flaccid penis and settle it in at the base, then clip something to it. He had an impression of activity over his groin, and then he heard a sucking sound. He felt Isaac lift up his penis, and suddenly the head s sucked into a rm wet tube. Isaac made some more adjustments and the tube lowered down his shaft, the suction pulling it deeper in as it went. The wet friction and the suction felt amazing, and Andrew could already feel himself starting to get hard. This sn’t going to be that bad after all, he realized. “Well Andrew, it looks like you’re all set to go. Unless you’ve got any questions I’m just going to put some earphones on so you can get a sound track, and then leave you to do your thing. Take as much or as little time as you nt; I’ll be in once you’re done.” “No, I’m good.” Wow, the suction s like a dick pump. Andrew had never gotten fully hard this fast. He hardly noticed when Isaac put some ear phones on him and lked out. Suddenly the turkey on his screen changed into an array of three boxes labeled “Straight,” “Bisexual,” and “Gay.” He focused on “Straight” and new choices appeared. He navigated through them, trying to decide where to start. As he did he started idly stroking the right joy stick, just like he did when he s picking out porn on his computer. The sensation s great, like a pussy he could control himself. He settled on “Nurses/Medical” and a porno appeared, featuring two blonde nurses with big titties who quickly began making out. Nice, he thought, and picked up his stroking. Suddenly the movie changed–it s a similar scene, but now one of them s a redhead. He realized he’d been thinking about Melissa in the back of his mind again, and had started looking at that movie because of the redhead. He started paying more attention to the alternate movies and they started changing. Nearly every time the new movie s one he found hotter than the previous one, even if he couldn’t alys put his finger on why. He s working the joystick in earnest now, and breathing heavily as he tched a redhead go down on a blond girl’s snatch. He sn’t completely sure, but he thought he could even smell her pussy. “Yeah baby,” he whispered “eat that snatch. Dive in there. Fuck yeah, just like that.” Andrew s working the joystick hard now, more than ready to cum after five days without. As the blonde girl reached orgasm he felt himself tip over the edge. Stroking furiously he let out a loud “Aaah!” and blew his load, at least four shots’ worth. He lay back panting, while the screen went black. Faint slurping noises came from above his ist, where his cum s sucked up into the Dick In A Box. A minute later he faintly heard the door open and someone come in; his earphones came off. “So how s that Andrew?” Isaac asked. Andrew took in a deep breath. “Wow, that s something.” Isaac chuckled. “Yeah, I figured you’d like it; no complaints from any guy so far. I’m just going to check some readings here, make sure everything went right on our end. You comfortable? Need anything?” “No, I’m good.” “Okay, just hang out for a minute then.” Typing noises came from nearby. “This looks really good, we got all the baseline readings we needed. I think we’re ready to get started.” “Get started? I thought that s it.” Andrew s sure he could come again: he’d gone three times in one night before, and that s without saving up for a few days, but he needed a bit of a break. He could feel his dick softening, even with the suction, and knew from experience he wouldn’t recover for a little while. “No, that s just a baseline run. Now we’re going to test out some of our trial medication–maybe. I’m going to ask you to take a pill, and we’ll let you masturbate again, and see if there are any differences in your response. But it’s a blind study, so you might just get a placebo instead–none of us techs knows who will get what. Don’t worry though, there’s no rush. You can have plenty of time to recover if you need it–most guys do.” Andrew heard some ter running, then Isaac gently lifted up his head. “Okay, I nt you to take this pill. I’ve got some ter here for you to help sllow it.” Isaac fed him a small pill and let Andrew sllow it, then laid his head back down. “I’m just going to do a few bits of calibration on the equipment and make sure everything is optimal, and then I’ll leave you alone to do your thing. Hang on a few.” More clicking from the keyboard, which went on for several minutes, with an occasional “Hm” from Isaac. Andrew just lay there silently; even though Isaac s obviously used to the whole experience, he himself sn’t entirely comfortable just chatting with a stranger right after he’d gotten off. And knowing he s going to repeat the performance made it especially awkrd. Finally Isaac wrapped it up. “You’re good to go again Andrew, whenever you nt. Lemme just put the earphones on and I’ll leave you to it. No rush, whenever you’re ready.” “Um, okay. Hey, could you maybe turn the heat down a little? I think it’s gotten kinda rm in here.” “Sure thing. How about I just turn down the heater in the chair, that okay?” “Sure, thanks.” “All right, there you go. See you in a little bit.” The headphones went back over his ears, and shortly after he heard the door close. A minute later the goggles came to life, back at the menu screen. He s still recovering, but Andrew could feel his dick getting rmed up again as he scrolled through the menu options. “Medical/Nurses” s still there, but maybe he’d try something a little different this time…”Threesomes” sounded hot. The movie jumped right in with a big-titted blonde and a redhead going down on a skinny guy with tats everywhere, but a big cock. Andrew tched for a couple of minutes, but he sn’t as into it as he’d thought he’d be: tching this skeevy-looking guy s a distraction. He let his gaze roam, and now it s two Asian women with long black hair, and a much better-looking guy: a better body, not so many tats, and a nice cock. Watching him get his knob polished s definitely an improvement, and Andrew started pumping the joystick to work his hardening cock. His gaze still ndered though, looking for something even better. Soon enough it s a new three-y on the screen. One chick s making out with a really hot guy–he had a broad muscular chest, nice and smooth with nice nipples and a six pack that s better than Andrew’s. Her friend had her face buried in the guy’s crotch, bobbing up and down. Unfortunately the camera angle s bad and her hair hid the action, so after a couple of minutes Andrew started looking around some more. He loved getting blowjobs, and the thought of tching one s a real turn-on at the moment. suriyeli escort The next movie s more like it. It s a good closeup of a chick between a guy’s muscular thighs, sucking on a nice fat dick. It s thick and cut, curving slightly as it rose up above a set of smooth balls. Andrew felt his dick twitch at the sight, and his pulse sped up. He noticed a faint musky, masculine scent, and he breathed it in deeply as he sped up the machine’s motion along his shaft. “Yeah,” he whispered, “take that fat cock in your mouth. Lick it, yeah. Taste that juice.” Man this s hot. He licked his lips, only half are that he s mimicking the woman’s tongue. What else s out there? A new movie came up before he realized he’d selected it. It sn’t a closeup, and he could see that the guy getting sucked off s really hot. What riveted his attention though s that it s a threesome with two guys: a chick and a really hot guy were passing the cock back and forth between them. He’d never seen a guy giving head before, and the sight made his cock pulse. He couldn’t be sure, but it felt like he s dripping precum, which he didn’t normally do very much. He’d never tched two guys doing anything together, and hadn’t realized what a turn-on it would be for him. It felt forbidden and dirty and hot, all at once. He s gripping the joystick hard now, but barely pumping–he didn’t nt this to end too soon. The camera zoomed in, and as the guy deep-throated his buddy’s cock, he moved a finger in and started circling his asshole. Andrew s suddenly are of a rm tingling at his own hole–it had been there for a while, but he’d been too distracted to notice. It s pleasant, but kind of itchy, and he tried to squirm around a bit to rub it. The straps held him tightly in place though, and all he could do s tickle himself when he moved. Watching the guy on the screen get the same treatment s really hot, and Andrew tried synching his movements, imagining a finger brushing his own hole. He wished he could see what s going on better, but the chick’s head kept getting in the y. The movie changed again, and now it s just two guys; both looked like body builders. The blond one lay with his legs spread wide (like mine with these damn stirrups, thought Andrew), while the shorter one leaned across his body, working his mouth over his cock head; the blond’s balls were pulled up tight in excitement. The camera had a nice clear view of his shaved hole, and Andrew tched fascinated as the short guy played with it, rubbing and pressing, and occasionally adding spit to keep it slick. Andrew wished he could feel what it s like–it looked so hot–and then he remembered the left joystick. He gave it a tentative nudge forrd and s rerded as the probe firmly pressed against him. It still sn’t like what he saw on the screen though, and he nudged the stick to the right. Hell yeah, he thought as it started making short, slow pumping motions; he should have tried this years ago. His breathing came deeper as the stimulation on his asshole increased, and his hips began hunching slowly against the straps. The guys on the screen were progressing ahead of him though: the shorter guy had half his friend’s cock in his mouth, and his finger had disappeared up to the second knuckle. The blond s squirming from the attention, little moans coming from him as the finger pumped and prodded. Andrew suddenly realized the guy kind of looked like Greg. God, how hot would that be, fingering Greg like that while he went down on him? He inhaled deeply, imagining the musky scent s coming from his roommate’s crotch as they played together. Or what if Greg s doing it to him? He pushed forrd on the left joystick some more, nting to know what it felt like. He could feel the probe starting to enter his asshole now, slick and slowly pulsing. Where it went he felt more of that intense tingling, but also a rm glow that made the pressure feel really good. He pushed harder on the joystick, nting to feel the probe inside him like the finger in the big body-builder’s ass. Correction–fingers: the black-haired guy had slipped another one in there while Andrew had focused on his own ass, and s vigorously pumping them in and out as the blond rolled his head back and forth in pleasure. “Come on man, fuck me!” “Yeah,” Andrew whispered, “fuck him.” The pressure in his own hole s growing as the probe thrust its y in, and he whimpered slightly in mix of discomfort and growing pleasure. He didn’t dare do more than minimal stimulation of his dick—he s afraid he’d explode at any minute, and he nted to see more. He took in a deep breath, shaky with anticipation. The blond s finally getting what he nted as his buddy gripped his ankles and spread his legs, leaving his hole wide open to get fucked. He groaned as the cock slid slowly in, and Andrew did too, wishing he s with them. He pushed further on the joystick, and suddenly the probe popped past his ring. It had a bulbous end on it, and now that the fat part had gotten in the rest went much more smoothly. Andrew ramped up the controls in sync with the action on the screen until the probe s thoroughly reaming him out. He didn’t know which s more exciting: the thought of sinking his dick into a tight ass (Greg’s?) or having someone do it to him. He did know that the sensations coming from his ass were amazing, and he realized that he s moaning as loudly as the guy getting fucked. It still hurt a little bit, but as he opened up the thrusts felt better and better. He sn’t going to last much longer. The blond looked like he s in the same boat. He’d reached down to start stroking himself, while his other hand played with a nipple. “I’m gonna cum soon man.” Andrew decided he would too. He started working the right joystick in time with the movie, letting the machine bring him to the edge. For the next few minutes he and the body-builder were in synch, both squirming and moaning as they got their asses pounded, barely holding off from coming. Finally Andrew couldn’t take it any longer. He ramped up the action on his dick, and four strokes later he exploded with a shouted “Fuuuck, yes! Aaaaaagh! Aaaahh! Aaah!” The combined pleasure in his dick and ass s unbelievable, like nothing he’d ever experienced. He lost track of how many spurts came from his cock, and didn’t care. He’d never come this hard. He lay back, panting as he recovered. The goggles had gone dark, and he s are of the probe, still in his ass but no longer pumping. Despite the tingling it still felt pretty good; he sn’t in a rush to pull it out just yet. Was this from the pill? Or had he alys nted to try this? He felt like he should be more upset, but if making it with a real dude s anything like what he’d just experienced he sn’t going to complain. It sn’t like he had a girlfriend at the moment anyy. Still, it made him feel strange to think about another guy like that, even if part of him s already thinking about doing it again. Through the headphones he faintly heard the door open; Isaac must be back. He s suddenly are that the probe s jammed up his ass; there s no y he could have missed that when he lked in. Too late now. Sure enough, a second later the headphones came off and Isaac commented “Hey Andrew, how’d that go? I see you decided to try some anal stimulation. Did you enjoy it?” Aaron let out a breath. “Yeah. Yeah, it s pretty good. Really good.” “Mmmhmm, a lot of guys find they really like it. Your readings were really high–looks like you had a really good orgasm. Did you?” Andrew blushed, but he s too relaxed to care very much. “Yeah, it s great. I think maybe that pill helped.” “It might have. I don’t know if you got a sugar pill or the real thing.” Isaac sounded non-committal, but there s a faint note of tension–excitement?–in his voice that s new. “I’m going to do a few sensory tests now. I’m going to give you some gels with different flavors, and you tell me how good you think they taste. A one is disgusting–you never nt to taste it again–and a ten is delicious–you’d love more of it. OK?” “Sure, go ahead.” Andrew discreetly nudged the joystick to withdraw the probe from his ass; it just felt really weird trying to have a normal conversation with that thing up there. Although the thought of Isaac tching him like that s kind of a turn-on in a weird y. “Here’s the first one. Open up and I’ll put a stick with the gel in your mouth to lick off, okay?” Andrew opened his mouth and felt a thin plastic stick touch his tongue. He licked off the gel, which tasted like lemon juice. “Four.” He heard a couple of key clicks. “All right, here’s the next.” This one tasted like…beets maybe. “Three.” Several more followed, most tasting like various foods. There s one fishy one he really didn’t like, and then there s one that he really did. He couldn’t quite identify it, but it s salty-sweet, with a meaty character. That got a nine. The last one s kind of weird: sort of like the one he really liked, but with a chemical flavor as well, and his mouth and tongue felt rm where the gel touched them. He gave it a six. “All right Andrew, all set for now. Are you still comfortable? Do you need anything before we do some more tests?” Andrew had recovered from his orgasm faster than he had thought, and s starting to feel kind of horny again. He’d be ready to go another round soon, and didn’t nt to delay things. Although… “Uh, well, one thing…” He paused, feeling awkrd. “Sure, what is it?” “The, uh, gel or whatever? From the, the anal thing? It’s got a really tingling feeling. It’s kind of annoying.” “Oh. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. Let me see what the computer says…that s batch 294…see note below…mmm…okay. Yeah, there’s another gel that should take care of that. Hang on a sec.” Clinking noises came from the cabinets as Isaac apparently hunted through them. Andrew hoped he’d be quick. His cock s back to fully hard now, and he really nted to get off to another one of those movies. “Okay, this should feel a lot better. Let me know if this works.” Andrew sucked in his breath, surprised, at the sensation of cool gel being applied to his asshole. It quickly rmed up, and as Isaac massaged it in he felt the tingling fade and the rm itching glow increase. Isaac’s finger began circling his hole, rubbing the gel in and making him think of the blond in the movie. He wiggled his ass, hoping to increase the pleasure. “Does that feel good Andrew?” Isaac’s voice s lower and huskier, no longer the neutral medical professional tone he’d been using. “Yes. Yes, real good.” “Good. I still need to apply more gel, but while I do I’m going to try something else. Let me know if you like it.” Andrew heard a few clicks at the keyboard, and then the Dick In A Box tightened its grip and started to slowly jack him. He let out a faint “ah!” in pleasure and surprise. “Is that good?” He took in a deep breath. “Yeah. Oh yeah.” “Excellent. Let’s take care of the rest of that tingling.” A blob of gel got squirted on his asshole, and then Andrew felt a finger slowly sliding up his ass, probing and stretching as it went. He couldn’t help himself–little gasps and moans kept coming out as Isaac’s finger worked deeper and deeper, bringing that wonderful rm glow wherever it went. “Oh God” he squeaked. “More.” He’d never imagined that getting finger-banged by another guy could be so hot. “Mmmhmm. Do you like how this feels Andrew?” As he said it, Isaac leaned against the chair, and suddenly Andrew felt a hard cock under the cotton scrubs press against his right hand. He turned his hand over to grasp it, fascinated by the feel of another guy’s rod, and squeezed gently; he felt it twitch and Isaac pumped his hips into his grip. “Yeah, that feels really good.” He gave Isaac another gentle squeeze. “Mmmm…great. Do you like this?” Another finger slid into his ass, stretching him out pleasurably, and Andrew moaned. “Yeah, I thought you would.” Isaac pumped slowly into his hand as his fingers worked over Andrew’s hole; both of them breathing deeply now. The slow pumping on his cock s starting to get to Andrew, and he wished it would speed up a bit. Suddenly Isaac pulled his fingers out and backed ay from Andrew’s grip. “Okay, time for some more tests. I’m going to add some anal stimulation for them; you’ll like that won’t you?” “Oh yeah, do it,” Andrew breathed. He heard Isaac typing, and then felt a welcome pressure against his ass. The probe pushed in, slowly and relentlessly stretching him open. It felt even better without the tingling sensation to distract him and Andrew arched his back in pleasure, gasping and straining against the straps. Finally it reached maximum penetration and began slowly pistoning in and out. The sensation of the bulbous head repeatedly pressing against his sensitized prostate s driving Andrew nuts. “Isaac,” he panted, “can you make it go faster?” “In a couple minutes. We still have a couple of tests to do.” “Hurry. Please. This is–I need to come man.” “Just hang on, you will. Don’t worry. Now open your mouth, we’re going to repeat the taste test, same as before.” What the fuck?! thought Andrew. He’d never been edged like this before, and it s making him crazy. And he knew Isaac s into it, so why were they still doing this bullshit test? He mentally gritted his teeth–the sooner this s over the sooner he could get off. It went faster this time anyy, since he knew what s coming. At least until the end. The last flavor he recognized as the mysterious salty-sweet taste from before, but he hadn’t realized just how good it really tasted. He savored it as he rolled his tongue around. “Ten, for sure,” he said. “You liked that huh?” “Yeah, it s–ah–really good.” It s hard to carry on a conversation with his dick and ass getting worked over like this. “You nt some more?” “Yeah!” This time it sn’t a stick Isaac put in his mouth, but his thumb. And the gel s even more delicious–fresher-tasting somehow, and a little sweeter. Sucking it off Isaac’s thumb s a surprising turn-on too, and he could feel a little tingle from his cock head that said he s leaking more precum as he suckled on it. “Boy, you really like the stuff. Want some more Andrew? I can give you a lot more if you nt.” “Yeah, let me have it.” “Okay, stick out your tongue for me.” Andrew did, and a rm droplet fell onto it. He closed his mouth and sllowed with a little grunt of satisfaction, then stuck out his tongue again for more. For a second he thought Isaac s back to pressing his thumb against him, and then he realized the shape and texture were wrong, even if it s coated in the same delicious liquid. Then the figurative light bulb went on, and he lunged forrd as far as he could to take the dripping head of Isaac’s penis into his mouth. He sighed in pleasure at the novel taste and feel and smell of going down on a guy. Isaac gave a low moan too, and fresh precum leaked into Andrew’s mouth. Even better, the machine picked up its pace slightly. Not fast enough to get off, but the pleasure increased. Isaac put his hands on Andrew’s head, guiding his bobbing motions as he began to gently pump into his mouth. “That’s it Andrew, you’re doing great, your mouth feels so good and rm on me right now, mmmm…yeeesss. Do you like that? You like giving head?” Andrew managed to nod and get out a muffled “mmhmm.” “Like” s an understatement–he fucking loved this. He concentrated on working his tongue around Isaac’s fat shaft in different ys, seeing which would give him the most dick juice. From the sighs he heard and the increased thrusting he felt, he must be doing something right. “Yeah Andrew, that’s it man, you’re a natural. You like how that machine is working your dick and ass while you suck me?” Andrew nodded. “Well keep it up man. I’ve got some of those sensors on me, and they’re hooked up to the computer. The closer I get to blowing my load the faster the machine works on you. Why don’t you see if you can make me come with your mouth Andrew? You feel so good on my dick right now, I bet you can do it. I’ll give you a nice load of that cum you like so much too, right down your throat. Get in there and show me what you can do.” He pulled out for a second and moved around so his rm crotch straddled Andrew’s face, then slid his cock back where they both nted it. The thought of a whole load going down his throat s inspirational. Sucking cock s awesome he decided, and to hell with anybody who said it sn’t. He couldn’t it to get Isaac off, not to mention himself. He concentrated on relaxing his throat, hoping to get the whole shaft in–with Isaac’s new position it s a lot easier. Soon enough he’d succeeded. The machine s working his dick much faster now, and he s going to nut pretty soon if it kept up like that. It seemed like Isaac s too: he s panting and thrusting harder, his hands holding Andrew’s head in a vice grip as he started pumping his hips. He groaned when he got all the y into Andrew’s mouth, his cock head sliding down the back of his throat and his trimmed pubes tickling Andrew’s nose, while his smooth balls rested on his soul patch. “God Andrew, you’re taking it all. Your mouth and throat feel sooo good. Keep blowing me buddy–I’m gonna give you my load real soon if you keep this up. Oh Jesus!” Andrew had begun whimpering as the machine picked up pace, hammering his prostate in earnest now. His increased his sucking and bobbed his head faster and faster, hoping he could get Isaac off soon. God he needed to cum so bad! As he pulled back he paused briefly to probe the piss slit with his tongue, then swirl it around the ridge and head. That s usually enough for him when he s getting head; maybe it would do the trick here. It did. Isaac gave a gargled shout and clamped his hands on Andrew’s head, then spurt after spurt of rm, delicious goo coated his tongue and throat. He sllowed as fast has he could, but still felt some leaking out of the corners of his mouth. He didn’t care: when Isaac started to come the machine ramped up to maximum, and Andrew’s orgasm followed a few seconds later. He gave a muffled shout and spasmed in his restraints as the Dick In A Box milked him dry, while the probe sent his twitching ass to heaven. This s even better than the last time. A little less intense maybe, but the sensation of Isaac coming with him and in him at the same time s an incredible experience. The taste of fresh spunk s one he’d never forget. After a minute or two he felt Isaac start to soften, and knew he s too. He reluctantly let the redhead’s shaft slip out of his mouth, then lay back, utterly drained. Three times in one morning s a record for him–it would probably be a while before he s ready for more. He did hope there would be more though. Isaac lifted the goggles off his head, still straddling his face, and smiled down at him. “I s hoping you’d be into this man. I’ve been tching you since yesterday, wondering if I’d get a chance to make it with you. You are one hot dude, you know that.” Andrew grinned up at him, then leaned forrd to take Isaac’s balls into his mouth. He gently tongued them for a minute while Isaac closed his eyes and sighed, milking a last white drop to fall on Andrew’s cheek. He let them out of his mouth and lay back, grinning. “You too man, you too.” Isaac laughed, then swung off to stand by the side of the chair, pulling up his pants. “Okay, we agree we’re both totally hot. Let’s get you out of that thing and go have some lunch. I think you earned it.” . . . . . . . . . . . . When he got to the dining room he could see most of the guys were back; Dale and Jamie anyy, and a few others he recognized. Not Carter yet–he couldn’t help wondering what s taking the “farm boy” so long. A picture of Carter’s stocky body naked on one of those chairs while the machines worked him over popped into his head, and he could feel a twitch in his groin. Crap, he s going to have to tch himself–the scrubs he s wearing wouldn’t do shit to hide a boner. Grabbing a sandwich and a drink, he sat down at the table with the others. Compared to last night the group s a lot quieter, and he noticed everyone seemed to be focusing on their food. He wondered if at least some of the others had had a similar experience to his. As he sat down he heard the other two techs bringing in Carter and the last guy, chatting casually. At least the techs were–he saw that Carter and the other guy were a little uncomfortable-looking too as they grabbed their food and sat down across from him. “Hey Carter.” “Hey Andrew, how’s it hangin?” Carter looked up from his sandwich, then paused. “Uh, you’ve got something on your face there bud.” A couple of the guys looked over as Andrew rubbed his cheek. “No, it’s in your beard.” His voice took on a slightly distant tone and he reached across the table. “I’ll get it for you.” He pressed his broad thumb against Andrew’s chin, wiping, and when he finished Andrew s horrified to see a glob of white goo on it. His face turned instantly red as the guys next to him stopped talking to stare at Carter’s thumb; it s obvious to everyone what they were looking at. Carter held it there for a few seconds; he seemed to be thinking. Then he brought it to his mouth and licked it clean. In the dead silence that fell over the table Andrew could hear a faint “mm” of satisfaction as Carter sllowed, then a whispered “holy shit” from a guy at the end of the table. “Fuck yeah,” he heard rus escort Dale mutter. Jamie cleared his throat, then looked around the table. “Okay, so did anybody here NOT get up to some freaky shit this morning? Anybody? Right. Good for you Andrew, glad you got some.” There were relieved grins all around as they all realized they were in the same boat, and Andrew could have kissed Jamie right then. He leaned over. “Thanks man, I think you saved my ass.” “You mean saved it for later, white boy.” Jamie gave him a direct look, and for a second Andrew imagined their hard, naked bodies rubbing together; he blushed and Jamie grinned. “Uh-huh.” They had nearly all finished their lunches when TJ poked his head in. “Okay guys, we’ll be ready to start up again in a few minutes. Go take a bathroom break if you nt, then just hang here until we get you.” He left. A big guy with a buzzed head–he looked like a football player–grabbed his crotch and made a lewd grin. “Time to get our rocks off boys!” Another football jock–he must have been a friend–spoke up. “That’s right Warjowski, get your rocks off to some boys.” Warjowski blushed furiously–and then his friend did too, looking ay. Andrew noticed Dale tching them both closely, while he absently rubbed his thumb over his crotch. Was he thinking of going down on Warjowski? Maybe they both could–they could jack each other while they shared the big guy’s cock. That would be hot…he began slowly rubbing himself, imagining all the options. Andrew gave himself a little shake as he realized what he’d been doing, and caught Dale tching and playing with himself; they both had bulges in their scrubs. He leaned over and in a low voice said “I swear I’m gonna have to get off real soon. If they don’t come get me I’m gonna have to sneak out, or something.” Dale s still looking at Warjowski. “Or something….” He slid his hand into Dale’s crotch, adding his own rubbing motion and making the southerner flex his now-hard cock involuntarily. “What were you thinking of?” Whatever Dale s thinking of s left unsaid as he door opened and a tech stuck his head in. “Dale, Carl, and Carter, we’re good to go guys.” Apparently Warjowski’s name s Carl, because he got up with the other two. There s no hiding Dale’s hard-on as he stood up–his dick s easily as big as Andrew’s–and he just looked down at it and shrugged. “Don’t be jealous guys,” he drawled as he headed out the door. He sn’t the only one flying a flag: Carter had pitched a tent in his pants, and Warjowski had a growing bulge. It didn’t look like jealousy s what anyone in the room s feeling though. The broken-nosed hispanic guy and the other football player started working on their own crotches as they tched Dale go by, and Jamie had leaned back in his chair to play with a nipple. “Nice ass Warjowski,” he called out, and the hulking guy blushed as he left. Jamie looked at Andrew’s face, then down at his crotch. “Right, like you’re not thinking about tapping that.” “Mmm…well….” Andrew tried to sound noncommittal, but he s remembering the movie with the two muscle guys fucking, and now imagining Warjowski on the receiving end, squirming and gasping as Andrew slid his cock in and out. He couldn’t resist squeezing himself through his thin scrubs, and a wet spot appeared; Jamie s staring right at it. “Yeah, me too man. So fuckin’ hot….” Jamie squeezed his own good-sized bulge, creating a matching spot. His gaze locked with Andrew’s, and he began to slowly jack himself through the fabric. “So hot….” The door opened again and a different tech stuck his head in. “Jamie, we’re ready for you. Carlos, Ted, you too.” Carlos s the guy with the broken nose, and Ted s one of the guys Andrew hadn’t talked to. As Jamie stood up his crotch s level with Andrew’s face, and he pushed his hips out, bringing it close. Andrew could smell the fresh precum, and licked his lips subconsciously. Jamie lay a hand lightly on the back of his head, as though he were going to pull him in, but didn’t. He just paused for a second and in a low voice said “See you soon Andrew,” and then he s out the door leaving Andrew and the other football player with their hard ons poking up. Shit, thought Andrew, this guy is freakin’ hot too–I wonder if he’d be up for something real quick? He sn’t as beefy as Warjowski, but he s a big solid guy: broad chest, big arms and thighs, and what looked like a very fat six- or seven-inch cock tenting up the front of his scrubs. His vy black hair softened his face a bit though and made him look less intimidating. Andrew wondered if he s a good kisser; suddenly he realized he s just staring at the guy, and he blushed slightly. “So…kinda freaky huh?” The guy stared at him intently, then slid his palm down over his bulge. “Yeah, I’m just so fuckin’ horny. Look how hard I am man.” He squeezed the fabric tight, letting the outline of his cut head show through the fabric. “You nna suck it? C’mere man. Suck my dick.” Andrew remembered how good Isaac had tasted, and he almost got up. But something in the guy’s tone made him balk–he didn’t nt to be some football bozo’s bitch. So instead he flexed his dick–bigger than the other guy’s–and stared back hard. “Why don’t you come over here and suck mine?” A look flashed across the jock’s face; gambling that he read it right Andrew squeezed his shaft, making his wet spot grow visibly. Yep, the guy s definitely fixed on his crotch. “It’ll taste real good, I promise. Do it man–you know you nt to.” The guy looked ay, face partly hidden by his longish hair. Andrew heard him take a deep breath, and then he stood up, muttering. “Can’t believe I’m suckin’ a dick man. Shit….” That didn’t stop him from kneeling between Andrew’s legs though. He paused there, then looked up. “Me next man.” When Andrew nodded he took a breath, then lowered his face to hover over Andrew’s groin, mouth just above the tip of his dick. He paused, and Andrew heard him take in a deeper breath, then let it out in a low grunt as he pressed his face in, tongue lapping at the wet cloth. Andrew groaned and pulled the guy’s head down. Jesus, he s closer than he’d thought. The guy s slobbing on his knob like he s starving, and the wet cloth s rubbing against his helmet in a y that felt just right on his ultra-sensitive head. Plus the feel of those muscular hands working over his thighs and ass s something new and sexy–y different than when a chick did it. “Dude, I’m gonna–aaah!” One of those hands had just wrapped around his shaft and given it a solid stroke, and that s the excuse his dick needed to cut loose. The guy suctioned down on his head for the first couple of shots, then frantically pulled the scrubs down as Andrew kept going, taking a shot on his cheek before he could wrap his lips around Andrew’s cock head to slurp up the fresh goo. He moaned as he sllowed, even as excess juice leaked from his mouth to drip onto Andrew’s balls. Finally it s over. Andrew, panting, opened his eyes–and froze. He hadn’t noticed the door open and one of the techs come in. He s now eyeing them both calmly enough, but Andrew s pretty sure he saw a quick grin for a second before the guy cleared his throat. “Okay Steve, we’re ready when you are.” Steve pulled his mouth off Andrew’s shaft like he’d been shot, his face turning instantly red. “No rush man, it’s cool. Why don’t you finish cleaning Andrew up here before you go? I know you like to.” He put a hand to the back of Steve’s head and gently pushed him back down, Steve resisting at first but then giving in. Soon his tongue s working its y over Andrew’s smooth stomach, down his treasure trail, and into his pubes, lapping up all the jism he could find. He finished with a tongue bath of Andrew’s balls, giving him shivers as the rm tongue lapped against his newly-smooth skin. Finally Steve sat back, then stood up. “You owe me Andrew.” He gave a hard stare that said he meant business, but the effect s undercut by the white glob on his cheek; Andrew just gave him a lazy smile and nod as the tech led the hulking guy ay. Wow, he thought, my first BJ from a guy. Nice. He pulled his scrubs back up, but they were a mess. Between his cum and Steve’s saliva there s a giant soaking wet spot in the groin that would be impossible to hide. He had no doubt the pants would be well-starched when they dried. On the other hand, it didn’t look like anyone else in the lab would mind, assuming theirs weren’t just as stained by the end of the day. Several minutes went by before Isaac poked his head in. “Hey man, sorry for the delay–had to reboot the computer.” His gaze went to the scrubs, and he grinned. “Guess you found a y to keep busy. You do that yourself, or did someone help out?” “Umm, Steve.” “Oh yeah, football guy. That figures–his tech said he really got into giving head. Come on.” He ved Andrew up. “So he and his tech…like, uh, you and I?…” “Yeah. We can usually tell from the tests what you guys like. Depending on the guy and the experimental plan we like to help out where we can. The machine is good, but sometimes you need the real thing. Am I right?” He turned around and grinned as he said it, and Andrew had to grin back. They were back to the same room as in the morning now, and Isaac paused at the door. “You know…Steve might really enjoy having those scrubs for the next set of experiments. You nna give them to me and I’ll pass them on? We’ll get you a clean set.” Andrew shrugged, then stepped out of them and handed them to Isaac. The redhead pressed them to his face, breathing in deeply. “Oh yeah, he’s really gonna like this. Why don’t you go on in and take your shirt off, then settle in the chair. I’ll be right back.” He padded off down the corridor. As Isaac lked off Andrew noticed the corridor sn’t completely silent: he could hear muffled sounds from the room across the hall. He padded over and pressed his ear to the door, curious. Moans, and then faintly “Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Ride my ass man–deeper! Ah! Ah! Ah!” That sounded like Carter for sure–God, he’d be a hot one in the sack. Andrew could feel himself plumping up at the thought as he padded back to his own room and got into the chair. A minute later Isaac returned with fresh pants and started strapping him back in. “Looks like you’re back in business,” he noted, sliding Andrew’s half-hard shaft into the Dick In A Box. “Yeah. I guess that pill just made me super horny or something.” “Did you like Steve going down on you?” “Yeah, that s really hot.” The memory made Andrew flex his now-hard cock inside the rm silicone sheath; he s sure he’d started leaking again. Isaac put the goggles back on him. “Yeah I bet….okay, you’re all hooked up Andrew, same idea as before, but this time we’re trying something a little more interactive. You ready to try something with one of the other guys?” As he asked he pinched Andrew’s nipple, making him gasp in surprise. Damn, that felt pretty good. “Yeah, sure. What do I do?” “We nt to monitor your interactions with someone else now. We’ve linked up your machine to one of the other guy’s, and we nt to see how good you can make him feel. The connections are crossed though, so what you do to your penis he feels in his ass, and vice versa. Got it?” “So if I pump my dick he feels like he’s getting fucked?” “Yep, we even used a probe that matches your penis size. Just start by stroking from the tip of your penis to the base if you nt to give him anal stimulation. Think of it like rolling on a condom, but you’ll be working the probe into him. Once you’re in you can just use the controls like normal. There’s feedback from the sensors in your probes that’ll stimulate the other one’s penis–it should feel like the real thing. And the same goes in reverse: if you nt to get your ass worked over, he’ll feel it on his dick. Also, you’ll be able to hear him to get an idea of what is working best, but he won’t be able to hear you.” “Okay.” Wow, thought Andrew, I’m going to be cyberfucking a guy. Holy crap. “One last thing Andrew: there’s a bonus depending on the duration and intensity of his orgasm, up to $1000. So don’t get your rocks off too soon.” “Okay, cool. Are you, um, gonna stick around?” “Sorry man, not for this one–don’t nt you getting distracted. I’m gonna finish the setup and then I’m out of here. Have fun.” Andrew some keyboard clicks, and then Isaac closing the door. The goggles lit up but there s no movie this time, just a short green bar–weird. At the same time he could feel the slick rm probe pressing against his ass, iting to penetrate his hole. Shit, he’d forgotten how good that felt. He heard a chime, and a computerized voice in the headphones saying “commence testing.” What the hell, his ass felt pretty good, might as well go with that for a bit. He began working the left joystick, setting up a slow steady pumping that worked deeper and deeper. Yeah, that felt real nice, the y it filled him up while hitting that sweet spot. He found himself squirming in the restraints, trying to work his ass around the probe. As he did, he noticed that the green bar the goggles showed s growing, and he could start to hear deep breathing in his headphones. Oh right, the other guy. He picked up the pace a bit, still keeping it slow, and the breathing got heavier. For a few minutes he lay there, enjoying the feel of getting slowly plowed. The guy on the other side seemed to be a little more sensitive though, because his breathing s coming more rapidly, and the green bar s definitely growing. Andrew tried clamping his ass down as the probe started to slide out the next time, and that definitely had an effect. There s a muttered “Oh Jesus. So fuckin’ tight.” The next several strokes brought more of these comments, the volume slowly increasing and the green bar steadily growing. “Come on bitch, faster. Ride my cock. Faster!” Holy crap, that deep voice had to be Warjowski’s. Well he hadn’t been Steve’s bitch, and he sn’t going to be Carl’s either. He slowed the probe y down and began working the joystick connected to his penis. Sure enough he felt a tight constriction right ay at the tip of his cock; he worked his fingers on the control rod and felt the tightness work its y party down his head. There s a yelp in the head phones, followed by Carl’s “Da fuck man? Cut that out!!” But the green bar had given a noticeable jump up for a second–maybe the football player didn’t nt to admit it, but his body seemed to like the stimulation. Remembering his own experience Andrew held off on going any deeper right ay, but he did start working the ring ever so slightly up and down the tip. Carl complained–“I said knock it off dude! Keep ay from my ass–this fuckin’ thing is too big!”–but the sensations transmitted to the Dick in a Box felt more like squirming around his head than trying to pull ay. Andrew could feel the resistance lessening slowly, and he could see the green bar pulsing in time with his movements. He increased the depth of his strokes slightly, until the tight ring s almost to the ridge of his cock head. If the probe s working accurately then Carl’s ass s the tightest thing his dick had ever met–this felt great. The thought of the muscular jock laid out in front of him, strapped down and helpless as Andrew pressed his cock into his hole, made him moan. “Take my fuckin’ cock Warjowski,” he whispered, and flexed his cock hard as he worked the ring past his fat cock head. “Goddamnit!! Slow down fucker–you’re gonna split me in half with that thing! Fuck!” The green bar had dropped when Andrew popped the probe head past Carl’s ring, and he felt a little bad for the guy. He could hear Carl panting rapidly as his ass adjusted to the probe’s new position, so he held still for a minute. Slowly the tightness eased up a bit, and Carl’s breaths seemed to be coming under control, while the green bar started to creep up again. As it did the squirming movement started up again–Carl might be saying “no,” but his ass seemed to be adjusting to the new sensations pretty fast. Andrew sped up the probe in his own ass a bit to give some encouragement, then gave his dick an experimental flex again. God, this s a tight fit–his dick s getting one deep massage out of this. The green bar popped a notch, and he heard a hitch in Carl’s breathing. “Gotcha, bitch,” Andrew whispered, and started his strokes up again, slowly working the tight ring a tiny bit farther down his shaft each time. He loved edging himself like this–it made the payoff that much better. Carl sn’t quite on the same page though: he let out a yelp and cursed as he panted, trying to cope with the intrusion. “Goddamnit, stop! I–uff–I don’t do this shit man! Uff. I mean it! You’re–uff–you’re–uff–too big. I don’t–uff–I don’t–uff–take it up the–ah–fuckin’ ass! Jesus! Fuckin’ stretching–uff–fuckin’ wrecking me man. Unh! God–uff–damnit! You’re too–aaaah–too big. Fuck! So–uff–so fuckin’ big….” The panting noises were louder now, with an almost inaudible moaning starting to be heard. “Jesus! Sooo–nngg–so big. Fuckin’–ah!–fuckin’ rubbin’ my hole–nnnnggg–everywhere. God, that–ah–that rubbing! Jesus! Grrrghhh!” The last grunts trailed off into heavy panting, and the bar s entering yellow territory as Andrew slowly worked the loosening ring halfy down his shaft. He kept to tiny teasing thrusts, letting Warjowski get more and more torqued up with each push. The constriction on his shaft continued to ease, but the panting s getting louder and the little grunts and whimpers more frequent. This s too hot to take any more–he needed to start stroking in earnest. He worked the joystick faster, pushing tight grip of the jock’s sphincter down to the base of his cock, and held it there for a minute The reaction s everything he’d hoped for as soon as the probe started sinking in again, and his cock loved it–no wonder guys talked about trying to get girls to do anal. And Warjowski’s ass s in a league of its own: it s like getting worked over by a rm slick vise. “Gaah! Stop it–unh–stop it! This is too–ah!–too much! This thing is–Jesus–you’re fuckin’ fillin’ me up! God, what are you–ah ah–what are you doing to my ass? That fuckin’ rubbing–God, I can’t take it! I don’t do this shit! I don’t–fuck–I don’t–it’s too much dude! It’s–you’ve gotta give me a break man–you’re sliding and–and stretching me and–God that rubbing–my ass can’t take it! Please man! AHHHH OH GOD WHAT–AHH–WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OH GOD!” Andrew had nearly bottomed out when the bar spiked up into the orange and he knew he’d found Carl’s sweet spot–it sounded like Carl knew too. He could imagine Carl, dripping cock standing up straight from his helpless body, covered in sweat, desperately trying to get Andrew’s cock deeper in his tight virgin hole. His own cock pulsed at the thought–it s time to start working that ass in earnest. He pulled up on the joystick slowly, giving Warjowski a chance to miss what he had. “Aaaahhh! No, it, don’t–don’t pull out dude. Please, you can fuck me, just hit that spot again. Please, it felt so good! I need you to hit it again. Don’t stop man–my ass feels so good. I need your cock in there. Come on! Don’t fuck with me, just put it back in!” Andrew obliged, pushing back in with one continuous stroke that Warjowski matched with a long need-filled moan, loudest at the end when the probe found his prostate again. He picked up the pace, tching the bar edge deeper into the orange zone with each thrust; from time to time he’d double-tap on the jock’s sweet spot, or hold off for a few seconds when he s almost all the y out, just to mess with the big guy; doing that s starting to push the bar into the red. His whole cock s alive to the sensations, and he could feel his asshole twitching around his own anal probe as his balls started to tighten up. Warjowski s babbling now as he learned to appreciate having his ass reamed out, and Andrew could imagine his beefy frame quivering in the restraints from the new sensations he s experiencing. Thinking about it made him realize he s panting and quivering himself, and almost at the point of no return. He stopped the motion on his cock and slowed the probe in his ass y down before it s too late. Carl s not happy. “Goddamnit, don’t stop! Please man, I need to come. Just keep fucking me a little longer, come on! I’ll do anything you nt, I swear! You can fuck me any time, I just need to get off. Come on man, my ass is yours, for Christ’s sake just get me off! God, I need to feel that thing in my ass some more so I can blow. Fuck me, damn it!” With that he clamped down, squirming up and down as much as he could to entice Andrew into starting again. The pressure from his muscular ass s unbelievable; Andrew’s cock s getting squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. Fuck the money, he thought, I can’t take this any more. He ramped up the probe in his own ass at the same time as he started pounding Carl’s in earnest. The bar s solidly in the red now as they both started moaning and cursing incoherently. Less than a minute later Andrew heard a shout, and felt Carl’s ass spasming as he came. The probe in his own ass swelled and twitched too, sending Andrew over the edge. He exploded into the silicone sheath, flooding it with his cum. As he came down off his high he could hear heavy panting in his earphones, then a satisfied groan. “Holy shit dude, that s amazing. Really amazing. Thanks man, I owe you one. Wow.” The sound feed cut out with a click and Andrew lay back, wondering what the next experiment would involve. All this, and he’d be able to cover his rent and bills for the next couple of months too? Best. Weekend. Ever.

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