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Living with Lust

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Will and I in moved in together when we both started college in September. We had found the place separately and didn’t meet each other until the day we moved in. My first look at him comprised mostly of his ass, and I had to admit it was pretty easy on the eye. When he stood up and turned to look at me I saw that his top half was just as impressive. In that first conversation I took in his spiky brown hair and stubble covered chin. I couldn’t help but notice his deep brown eyes, that old cliché that still got me every time. I knew that I was checking him out with that sweeping look women hated so much from chauvinistic men but I was sure I was being subtle. I was wondering what kind of shape he was in beneath his shirt when he asked if I had a boyfriend. That woke me up and I blushed as I remembered poor Harry who I hadn’t called in three days. I internally scolded myself for checking out another guy and walked into the house with the first of my boxes.

The first few weeks living together went by relatively peacefully. We were on different courses so we didn’t see that much of each other and when we did things were friendly but distant. He seemed to forget I was there sometimes. Perhaps it was all those busty blondes he’d bring home every weekend that made him overlook my presence. I was still with Harry who strangely took an immediate dislike to Will. He saw the weights in his room and pronounced him “vain”. I secretly thought that Harry could use some exercise himself but bit my lip and kept quiet. I seemed to be biting my lip around him a lot and Will noticed things weren’t so peachy.

He asked me one night what was going on and I was immediately defensive. I knew myself that things weren’t going well but for some reason I didn’t want Will with his one-girl-a-week habit to comment on it.

“Everything’s fine.” I retorted, turning back to the TV.

“Well things don’t seem fine. I haven’t heard your bed squeak for at least a few weeks.” He said laughter in his voice.

We had never discussed sex before and his bringing it up made me blush. I immediately thought of the bangs and moans and even the screams I would hear coming from his bedroom. I was trying to ignore him and he knew it so instead of leaving me alone he started to tickle me. His hands were dangerously close to my breasts so feigning laughter I ran out of the room and into my bedroom. I sat in my room breathing heavily wondering why his hands on my skin freaked me out so much. I went to bed about 15 minutes later but didn’t sleep for a long time.

The next day everything changed. Will found a girlfriend much to my ill-disguised surprise. She was a brunette for one and didn’t have massive breasts although she did have a great figure. I was still with Harry so sometimes the four of us would watch a movie together. Seeing Will and Emily together made me scrutinize my own relationship. It was getting old and boring and I knew it was time for a change, so, I broke up with poor Harry. He actually took it very well and after a fortnight it felt like I’d been single forever. I was having a great time; getting dressed up, going to clubs and best of all bringing home hot guys. I felt like I was giving Will a taste of his own medicine and I was sure those scowls he was giving me every Sunday morning were because he was tied down now and I was having all the fun.

Scowls were one thing but as time went on he became more and more withdrawn around me. I would get ready for a night out and ask his opinion but instead of his usual lewd remarks he would look me over once and bursa escort leave the room. I didn’t know what his problem was but next thing I knew Emily was giving me dirty looks too whenever she thought I wasn’t looking. A week later they had split up and as she left our place for the last time she looked at me like it was all my fault. I brushed it off. I had a date that night and I intended to bring my guy home and make some noises of my own.

The next morning after the lovely Steve had left with a pair of my panties in his pocket I strolled into the kitchen in a long t-shirt and not much else. Will usually slept in on a Saturday morning so I wasn’t expecting him to be sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. I immediately felt self conscious but I ignored it remembering how ignorant he had been towards me. We scowled at each other as I made myself a cup of coffee. I turned away from him and was sure I could feel his eyes on my back making me wish I had worn a longer t-shirt. I turned round to see him leaning back in his chair openly eyeing me up and down.

“What is your problem?” I asked him.

“Just thinking how much of a slut you’ve been acting recently.” He replied calmly.

I was so fucking angry. How dare he speak to me like that? It had nothing to do with him anyway and I told him as much. He just gave me a look and there was something in his eyes I couldn’t quite make out. He looked me up and down one last time and walked back to his room, leaving his empty coffee cup behind him. I decided that if he thought I was a slut I would do the thing properly. I went back to my room and started to get ready for my second date with Steve.

I strolled into the living room to where Will was stretched out on the couch watching a football game. I stood right in front of the TV, my hands on my hips blocking his view.

“So?” I asked innocently, “Is this slutty enough for you?”

Will finally looked up and his jaw visibly dropped making me grin. I was dressed in a black corset top that gave me an amazing cleavage, pushing my breasts up and out. I did a little turn letting him see how tightly the material of my black skirt clung to my ass. I sat down next to him letting the skirt ride up so that my black stockings and garter belt were visible to anyone who cared to look. I may have looked like a slut but I looked good and I was beaming with self satisfaction. I checked my purse before I left making sure I had my cell and my cash. Realizing my keys were still in my room I went to go get them. As I came back into the living room I saw Will close my phone like he had been having a conversation.

“I hope you don’t mind.” He said casually, “I called Steve to let him know you won’t be going out tonight.”

“And why would I not be going out?” I replied, trying to keep my cool.

He looked me up and down slowly and said “Because there is no way I’m letting you out dressed like that.”

That was when I lost it. I stood up and started screaming in his face telling him exactly what I thought of him. I was just working up enough anger to hit him when next thing I knew I was pinned against the wall and his face was dangerously close to mine. His entire body was pressed up against me and I could feel a definite bulge pulse against my stomach. My heart was pounding and we were both breathing so heavily I couldn’t think.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

He kissed me. He kissed me so hard I felt like my body must be denting the wall. For the twenty seconds his lips were against mine I forgot to breathe. Next thing bursa escort bayan I knew his hands were all over me and as his fingers brushed over my ass he started to whisper in my ear all these things. How he had always thought I was beautiful, how Emily was just a poor substitute for me, how seeing me with other guys made him insanely jealous. I was so shocked I couldn’t, didn’t speak. Next thing I knew he was pulling down my skirt and taking off my corset so that I was standing before him in just the garter belt, stockings and a silk thong. He took a step back so he could look at me. I blushed and moved to cover myself.

“Don’t move.” He said.

My stomach muscles tightened at this command and I wondered frantically how he had found out about my secret obsession with being dominated. No-one knew about it not even Harry, especially not Harry. My knees buckled as his dark eyes swept over my neck, my heaving breasts, my narrow waist and my silk covered pussy, his eyes lingering there the longest. He told me in a dark voice to turn round so I was facing the wall with my damp palms holding me up. I stuck my ass out a little with the intent of breaking the tension. There was silence for five straight seconds and I swear neither of us was breathing. Suddenly his hand came down on my ass so hard and fast he had to grab my hips to stop me from falling. My ass was stinging and my panties were so soaked I could feel the tops of my thighs becoming sticky.

“There will be no more slut behavior in this house from now on. You’re mine and you will not leave unless I let you” He told me in a voice that allowed no protest.

I didn’t know what to do or say. It was like all the rebellious walls I’d built up around him had fallen away and I was ready to do anything he wanted if it would make him happy. I wanted to look round at him, to show him that I was willing to do whatever he asked of me. I started to move and was rewarded with an even harder smack to my ass causing me to jump and moan at the same time. He came up behind me, so close that I could feel his heavy breaths bathe my neck and more importantly his straining erection bump against my skin through his jeans. I groaned and arched my back longing to feel some kind of pressure but he grabbed my long hair right at the root and brought his mouth to my ear whispering that I better not think of moving again until he told me to. I bit my lip feeling tears come to my eyes as the combination of his breath in my ear and my soaking cunt killed me with frustration.

Suddenly I felt his long fingers move down the back of my neck, trailing softly down my skin until they were at the waistband of my panties. His hand snaked round to my stomach rubbing against my hip bones. I was shaking with the tension being held in my stomach. Instead of his hand going south he dragged it up slowly until it was just under my naked breast. My nipples had been hard for a long time now but I’m sure he knew that anyway. I was waiting for more exquisite torture but instead both his hands grabbed my breasts roughly, kneading them and twisting the nipples mercilessly. I groaned continuously as his jean covered crotch started to hump against my ass while he used his hands on my breasts to pull me back harder against him.

Just as I thought I was about to die from his incessant teasing he slipped one hand down inside my silk thong. I was rewarded with a moan from him as he felt my completely bare pussy against his probing fingers. He slipped two fingers inside me without warning whilst still grinding himself against ass. escort bursa I swear I could’ve came just from his hand but before I had a chance he took his fingers away and slipped them inside my mouth watching as I licked up my own juices. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his bedroom throwing me on the bed before he shut his door.

I could only imagine how I looked sprawled out on his bed with my hair tousled and my legs spread open. By this point I had my juices all over my thighs and as I looked up at him with wide eyes I wanted to appear submissive to him. I wanted him to take me as hard as humanly possible. He leaned forward and pulled me up by my hair so that I was on my hands and knees, my face directly in line with his crotch.

“Take out my cock.” he told me.

I unbuttoned his fly with shaking hands trying to get his dick out as fast as I could. Once it was out I licked my lips looking at how big and hard it was, imagining how good it would feel in my tight little cunt. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards his erection and I was only too happy to oblige by wrapping my lips around the head. I put my fingers around the base struggling to get all the way around and slowly started taking him into my mouth. His cock was so wet and I ended up with saliva running down my chin as I slid my mouth up and down his dick as fast as I could. His fingers were tangled up in my hair and his groans were increasing and I knew he could cum at any moment. Instead of having his hot cum fill up my mouth he pulled my head back and told me to get on top of him.

He pulled off his jeans and t shirt letting me finally have a look at the body of the man I had been living with for months. It was just as hot as I’d imagined. Broad shoulders, defined abs and pecs and those hip bones that stood out in a way that made me wet just looking at him. He told me in an amused voice to stop staring and grabbed my hips, pulling me up on top of his erection. I rubbed myself against him knowing how good the silk would feel on his cock. I looked down and he was staring up at my body in wonder.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered.

I just can’t believe I’m finally getting to fuck you.” He whispered back.

He gave me one more sweeping look before pulling my panties to the side and impaling me on his cock. I had never felt so full before and I had to just give myself a second to get used to his size. I started slowly grinding on top of him soaking us both with my juices. I started moving up and down and his hands squeezing my ass only made me bounce on his cock even harder. The room was filled with our moans and I begged him to make me cum. He slipped his hand down and started rubbing my clit and it was all I could do not to scream. My cunt on his dick was a blur as I thrashed around on top of him and his groans let me know he was close to coming too. He thrust upwards with his hips putting his cock deeper inside me than it had been yet and with a cry we both orgasmed. The world was spinning around me and my whole body was shaking. I flopped forward and lay on top of him as our breathing became synchronized.

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed and immediately worried that he regretted what had happened. I headed for the shower so that I didn’t have to face him in the kitchen for fear of what he would say. Last night had been the most amazing sex of my life and I wasn’t ready to hear that it was a mistake. As I stood under the shower with the water cascading over me I felt someone get in beside me. As I turned to look at him he threw me up against the wall.

“Ready for round two?” He asked, a mischievous grin on his face.

I knew he didn’t need an answer so I kissed him instead and hoped that there would be many more rounds to come….

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