May 24

living with my cousins

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Blast Off

living with my cousinsWhen I was nine I already had a healthy sexual appetite, which did me no good with my one and only older sister, but somehow I was able to convince most of my cousins to play sex games. They were all about my age except for one who was 13. She was a little tougher to convince, since her parents had already talked to her about sex, and the things boys would try.My other cousins were pretty much as adventurous as me, so I concentrated my efforts on them. Mostly we would show our privates to each other, but sometimes I was able to get them to sit on my lap naked, so I could rub my cock against them. One of those times, the 13 year old came out to the garage and caught us. She scolded her siblings and sent them into the house, and then turned her anger on to me. I was still sitting there in shock with my little dick exposed, so I tried to get up and pull up my pants when she came over and smacked me, and told me to leave them down. She pushed me back into the chair and told me she would fix me for messing with the younger girls. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was scared shitless. She kept circling the chair, and then asked me if I wanted her to tell her parents what she had seen. I pleaded with her not to tell, so she agreed as long as I did exactly what she said. She went to the garage door and locked it, then told me to take off all my clothes. Not feeling like I had any choice, I stripped naked and asked her what was next. She told me to sit down and then went to the workbench and got some rope. She proceeded to tie me up to the chair, and at this time, I really started worrying about what she was going canlı bahis to do. She asked me how it felt to be taken advantage of, and I told her that I didn’t like it. I also told her that I hadn’t taken advantage of the other girls, because they had done everything willingly. The friggen suspense was killing me, and just as I was about to ask what was next, she started undressing. Before I could think about anything, she told me that if my pecker got hard looking at her naked body, I would be punished. As soon as the words hard, and pecker left her lips, you can imagine what happened. My 3 inch hard dick was sticking straight up pointing at her. She reached in my lap and gave it a slap, while at the same time she squeezed my balls. It only hurt a little bit, so my dick stayed hard. She looked a bit puzzled and said to me that she would have to come up with a more severe punishment.As I wondered what torture was coming next, she took hold of my pecker to see if it was still really hard. She didn’t squeeze it really hard, but the excitement of her holding it, made it throb. She told me that I was a horny pervert and she was going to tease me mercilessly, as punishment. She moved towards me as if she was going to sit in my lap against my pecker, but she stopped just short of touching me with her pussy. There I was with a throbbing hard pecker, only an inch away from a beautiful pussy, and nothing I could do about it. I bucked my hips trying to get at it, but she managed to keep it just far enough away.Then after a few minutes, she got on her knees between my legs, and started to blow her breath on my pecker, again an inch away. bahis siteleri She flicked her tongue, and spit on my pecker, but was careful not to touch it. She was right about this punishment. It was worse than getting slapped and squeezed. I kept thinking to myself that if I could get the ropes loosened, I could give her a real surprise. As she tortured me with her breath and tongue, I wriggled my hands behind the chair trying to get loose. When I felt like I couldn’t take much more of this, I felt the rope loosen, and my hands came free. She didn’t notice my hands because she seemed focused on her torture. When I felt that she was looking down at my cock and couldn’t see my hands, I brought them around front and carefully placed them near the back of her head. She still hadn’t noticed so I made my move as she was spitting again on my cock. With her mouth opened spitting, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down, as I bucked my hips upwards.My cock went right into her mouth and I held the back of her head so she couldn’t move. Being older and stronger than me it didn’t take long for her to get her mouth off my cock. She cussed me up and down and swore that I would pay dearly for that trick. I guess at the time I hadn’t thought of it, and fortunately neither die she, but it was just dumb luck that she didn’t bite my cock off.By now I was really feeling horny and daring, so I told her to bring it on, I could handle whatever she could dish out. Big mistake. She went to the workbench and found an elastic band that she used to smack my cock and my balls. It hurt so much that I broke out in tears and was sobbing. I guess canlı bahis siteleri that brought me some sympathy, because she sat in my lap and said she didn’t mean to hurt me that badly.As much as I was hurting, I couldn’t help but feel her naked pussy against my deflated cock, and it started to throb and grow. She could feel it and asked me if I was feeling better. I told her that I was still hurting, but her beautiful pussy was making my cock hard, and I couldn’t control it. What happened next shocked the shit out of me. She said that she felt as if she had to help with the pain, so she got between my legs and began licking and sucking on my cock, for real this time. Having a willing mouth on my throbbing cock was indescribeable. The licking and gentle sucking was making me crazy. Since my hands were still free, I gently held her face with both hands and moved her head up and down on my cock. She didn’t seem to mind and continued until I felt a strange sensation working up from my balls to my cock. It almost felt like I was peeing, but different, in a good way. My cock throbbed wildly and then it finally stopped. I felt as if some liquid had oozed from my cock, because she pulled away and asked me if I came in her mouth. Now obviously she knew what that meant, but I had no clue.She explained to me what had happened, and she really didn’t seem to mind that she had to swallow my tiny bit of oozing liquid. She untied the rest of the ropes and let me get dressed and also put her clothes back on. She told me to forget everything that had happened today, and if I didn’t tell, neither would she. As I was walking away, she said to me “one more thing-next time I was playing sex games, not to start without her”. I made sure of that, but I had special plans for her and it would be just the two of us. In the next chapter I will write about how my plan unfolded. my cousin

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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