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Lonely Night

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Lonely NightdeleteddeletedParty, disco, boys, mini skirts, off-shoulder tops, kissing and fondling had became my life. Nothing increased from that. Most saturdays and sundays, I used to visit some party thrown by some of our group’s member. We are around 15 people, mixture of boys and girls. We are 6 girls and 9 boys in this group. Saturdays and Sundays we have usually late night parties. After party, as we depart, some boy and girl are fondling each other, and rest return to home with artificial smile and light kiss on chick. But all of we girls have kissed and let boys play with our parts, but I suppose we none had gone beyond fondling and touching. I am Sapna, 21 years, with 32-28-32 fair and slim body.As usual, one night, after party I departed and one of my friend, Sanjay also departed. I was just standing, looking at sky and he came beside me, “you look no well today, any problem.” I said, “no, its alright, just this environment makes me off-mood.” He started telling me jokes to make my mood and I was giving few smiles at certain moments. Then he said, “let’s walk from here and then will drop you home.” It was just 10:00 and usually our party gets over at 12:30 or 1:30. So, we started walking along street. We talked about our studies, after college life plans and some jokes too. The street besides us is silent and dark. We are walking from half an hour and didn’t see any vehicle or other person walking. Along street came one huge garden. It’s a famous garden and usually its half crowded, but as it is 11:00 at night, some two or three couples and group are seen. We got inside and sat under one corner karşıyaka escort tree and it is much dark at that tree, as light was off and it is at end of garden and after that is a big wall. We sat and started talking. As usual, I am wearing knee lenght skirt and sleeveless top.While we talk few minutes and sanjay’s hand is rubbing my bare leg below knee. This doesn’t awake any feeling in me, as I had kissed him several times, he has fondled my breasts, pinched them over cloths and slap my ass several times. Sometimes also rubbed my pussy over skirt. So this was usual for me. I let him do whatever he is doing now. He came closer and removed rubber from my hair and made my hair free. I am talking about my friends and conflict with one my friend. He is listening and slowly rubbing his hand on my leg, taking it above knee, towards thigh. I didn’t care about it. He moved further and rubbed his hand to thigh part, just near to pussy and I spread my legs. Somehow I like his touch to this area. He came in front of me and look straight in my eyes and then lean forward, we kissed. He is intense and hard this time then ever I had kissed him. He put his hand under my top and fondled my breasts. I am kissing him more tightly, as he tooks my breasts out of top and bra. I broke kiss and remove my top and bra to set my boobs free in open air. I am worried about environment, where we are, just want to feel myself. I opened his shirt and we both stand, kissing passionately. I opened his pant zip and removed his pant and underwear at one stroke to free his 7 inch tool. He looked in my eyes and escort karşıyaka I knew what to do now.I made him lay on grass and took his erect tool in my hand. Gave him naughty smile and keep rolling his tool in my hand. Shaking his tool little bit and showing-hiding dick head. Then took his tool in mouth and gave a small kiss. Then took half inside and outside. And slowly started taking it full inside and taking out. He is getting crazy and moaning, “yes, sapna, suck it please…ahhhhhh” I wanted to tease little bit and thus took half inside and got it out. He then grabbed my hair from back and forced me to take it more and deeper and I am doing it. I took it whole and sucking faster now. He is going to climax and yes, yes, now he shoots inside my mouth. I suck it whole, clean his dick, lick it and came to top on him and we kiss. He tastes his own cum and we kiss more erotically.He said, “you teased me lot. Now, I wont tease you but directly fuck you, that will give you more pleasure and pain too.” He immediately rolled me on grass, removed my skirt and panty. Surprise to see I am wet. Didn’t took a moment, he enters me. I am virgin till now and so as he. I am tight and as he pushed inside, cry comes from my mouth. To stop this cry, he immediately kissed me, locks his lips on mine. Goes on pushing inside me and till he is full inside, pushes inside and then stops. Some blood comes out as my hymen is broke and I become woman now. He unlocks my lips and I see at him and give him smile. He starts moving and me too raise my hips. He is pumpning me hard and faster and I am moaning softly karşıyaka escort bayan and trying to moan as low as possible to avoid anyone coming to our pleasurble moments. I have caught tree root and holding tight. He is pumping hard and faster. I have widen my legs more, to get him inside, deeper and more deeper, touching my g-spot.He pumps deeper and deeper and making soft moans, “yes, take it inside…yyessss” He slows down and takes his dick out. Yet we are not finished.He makes me sit in doggy style. We have seen in porn movies, boy fucking from back. This lets dick more inside and deeper. I position in doggy style and he enters in my pussy again. He begins slowly and this time allows me move. We both move slowly, while he pinches my nipples, kisses by back and presses my boobs hard and squeezes it. I see at him and give him naughty smile. He comes closer and we kiss. He starts moving faster now and soon he is pumping me hard, more faster and deeper, “aaaahhhh yyyessssssss get it more inside…yyessssssss.” He slows down for few seconds, pumping me slowly, pinching my nipples,caressing my hair and back, and makes slow movement. He gets dick out and lays on grass. His dick is straight, facing sky. I get on top of it and enter him in me and remain sit, without making any movement.We kiss for few minutes, he sucks my boobs, sucks nipples, one by one, squeezes them, pinches them and me enjoying his caressing. I am getting excited and start moving myself, slowly, up and down. I move faster, more faster, my boobs are jumping wildly and we are getting more excited. We are both intense and near to orgasm. We both move in rhythm and both cum togather. As his cum goes inside my love-thing, I lay on him, breathing softly and we both close eyes for few minutes.We lay there for few more minutes, till we get in normal rhythm of breathing and get dressed. And, return to our home with last kiss of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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