Ağu 04

Long Haired Lucy Submits to Nicky

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[Read the first two parts before starting this since it is a continuation]

Nicky then adjusted himself in the seat so that Lucy could turn her body towards Nicky and sit. She sat on Nicky’s lap with her legs on either side of him. She put her hands around Nicky and pulled him closer to her voluptuous body and his cock was throbbing against her pussy. Lucy’s fingers grabbed Nicky’s hair and they started kissing each other’s lips hungrily. Both of them started moaning with ultimate pleasure.

Since Lucy was almost as tall as Nicky, sitting on his lap aligned her plump breasts in line with Nicky’s face. He stared at those two big, firm, plump mountains for a moment before bringing his hands around Lucy grabbing her long braid and sinking his face in them. Lucy’s breasts were so big that they felt like soft, big pillows and Nicky started rubbing his face on them.

Letting go of the braid, he grabbed the sleeves of her t-shirt and brought them down releasing her heavenly breasts. They wobbled a little before coming to rest and the two pink nipples were big and erect. Nicky placed his palms on her breasts holding them and admiring them.

“God! I have never seen such perfect breasts. Your nipples are so pink!” Nicky said without taking his eyes of her breasts.

This turned Lucy more.

“I know.” She blushed and her face got red.

Still holding her breasts, Nicky gave Lucy a long and wet kiss sucking her lips and her red cheeks. He could sense that Lucy was satisfied and happy.

Then he held her two breasts to his face and started rubbing his face on them. Lucy placed her hands on Nicky’s head and pulled him harder to her with her fingers entwined in his hair. At the same time, Nicky started squeezing her big tits with his strong arms. He started rubbing her nipples with both of his thumbs for a while before starting to suck on them.

Simultaneously squeezing the breasts, he used his tongue while sucking to tickle and rub on her nipples. This combined effect on her breasts raised Lucy’s senses and she felt electric shocks passing through her nipples.

“Oh Nicky! Don’t stop.” Lucy moaned.

Nicky squeezed them harder as if he was kneading dough and Lucy held on to Nicky very tightly by joining both her legs twisting ordu escort them around Nicky.

“OH MY GOD!” Lucy screamed with pleasure. “Fuck, I love it.”

Nicky’s cock pressed deeper into her. Then Lucy pulled his head up and started drilling his face with passionate kisses. She looked like a wild cat moaning with pleasure.

Nicky grabbed her plump buttocks and started kneading them. Then he got up from the lat machine still holding her to his body with her legs twisted around him. He started dry humping her while she was still kissing Nicky holding on to him.

He placed her on the floor and started undressing himself while Lucy got herself out of her clocks. Now, they were both naked with Nicky’s cock in full length waiting for Lucy’s mouth.

As Lucy got on her knees ready to take his cock, Nicky couldn’t stop himself from admiring her. What a great body she has, thought Nicky. She surely has got everything from thick long hair to perfectly formed features, everything a man could ask for. She is truly a Sex Goddess.

Lucy grabbed his cock and started sucking it slowly working its length. At this angle, the sight of her long hair was amazing. Her perfectly thick and silky hair, slightly dishelved at the crown because of his grip on her hair earlier, pulled back tightly and braided from her head flowed all the way to the floor like a silky black rope with a thickness of a person’s wrist. It was so long that the mere sight of this thick mane could bring anyone erect and even drive someone mad at a closer range.

Nicky thought of the fact of how lucky he was to make love to a women like this, who was sexually wild. And he is certainly not going to miss this opportunity and utilise it to the maximum.

Without wasting a moment, Nicky quickly grabbed Lucy’s wonderful braid of long hair with one hand and placed the other on her head. He was enjoying the pleasure immensely as slowly she increased her speed.

“Remove your grip from my cock, Lucy.” Nicky instructed and she followed.

Now Nicky increased his grip on her braid and putting some pressure on her head with his other hand, he fucked Lucy’s face. He started slowly at first and then increased his rhythm. Without releasing his grip on her braid, he grabbed a handful osmaniye escort of her on the crown of her head with his other hand and increased his speed two fold fucking her face violently. He had a look of animal fury in his face and the pleasure he derived from this was immense.

He stopped himself just before his climax and controlled his cock to postpone it. Then he looked at Lucy’s was who was surprised at his appetite.

“Seems like you like my long hair very much.” Lucy winked with a smile.

Nicky all of sudden blushed a little with Lucy’s sudden question after all she was very much older than him.

Lucy got surprised at Nicky’s sudden shyness and grinned mockingly. “Oh my! Seems like the little boy got shy after doing different things with my pretty long hair, huh?”

“Oye! This is too much. Yes I like your long hair and what about it?” Nicky fought back. “After all you must be knowing the effects of your hair on other men otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered growing it this long and maintaining it, would you?”

“True. But I never thought you had a hair fetish” Lucy laughed.

Nicky did feel a little shy at the mention of his fetish but masked it by taking action again. “Enough with the playing, let’s get on with it.”

With that, he kissed her face again by holding her head on both sides as his fingers dug into her hair. Somehow the mention of his hair fetish has gotten him hard again with a new high.

He broke the kiss and directed her mouth to his cock with a vice grip on her hair. Lucy placed her two arms on either side of Nicky’s thighs for grip and sucked him with a hunger. With his hands still on her head, the view of her long braid shaking and wobbling turned him on more. So, he grabbed her braid by both his hands and pulled it up.

He brought the end of the braid to his face and started to smell her hair. It was so thick even at the end which made him to cover his face with her hair and inhaling deeply the scent of her hair. It was a Marvellous sight with Lucy sucking his big cock while her long braid was pulled up and devoured by Nicky.

With her end of her braid still covering his face, Nicky felt around the length of Lucy’s braid with his other hand before finally gripping the braid ostim escort hard at the nape of her neck. Lucy gave a sharp wail at his tight pull. Then, Nicky kissed her hair for a moment before coiling it around his right forearm which took a while since the braid was very long.

When Lucy’s long braid was completely around his forearm, he gripped the braid tightly at her nape, making her look into his eyes while sucking his cock. It was a wonderful sight, Nicky’s muscular forearms tied tightly by her thick long braid.

Nicky felt waves of electric shock in his penis every time Lucy’s mouth passed its entire length. With his right hand grip on her braid, he placed his left hand on her head and started drilling her mouth violently. Then he deepthroated Lucy by inserting his entire length into her mouth and then he pressed her nose letting her choke for a couple of seconds before releasing her.

He deepthroated her two more times giving her very little time to breathe which made her eyes water. Then he released her nose and gave her ample time to breathe and then without warning, he increased his grip on her braid intensely and also grabbed a handful of her hair at the crown of her head and started thrusting his cock in her mouth, face fucking Lucy with a violent fury.

Lucy felt a lot of pain on her head, as her beautiful tresses were manhandled by Nicky’s strong hold. Lucy did not have a moment to think about what is happening as Nicky was taken over by his animal instincts. Moreover, he was pulling the coiled braid on his right hand upwards and it was giving Lucy an intense pain and Nicky seemed to be oblivious to this.

Nicky was enjoying every moment of fucking Lucy’s face with her hair in his control and he was almost ready to come in her mouth as well. With a final thrust, he brought Lucy’s head into him and deepthroated her one last time. Pulling Lucy’s hair with both his hands, he shot load after load of his cum into her mouth which for Lucy, felt like bullets hitting her throat and blood flowing down her oesophagus.

After he released his hold, Lucy’s face was very red and tears started flowing down her face automatically and her hair was a mess after Nicky’s violent treatment. She completely destroyed her face.

Nicky came to his senses and felt bad for losing his control and kissed her by holding her face gently and then hugged her. Then, he started smoothing her hair very softly and gently for a few seconds before whispering to Lucy’s ear, ” I LOVE YOU!”

To be continued…

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