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Look at All the Stars

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“Look at all the stars,” I think to myself. I was stretched out, head back, in a bubbling hot tub in the darkened private courtyard. My boyfriend and I had decided on a whim to escape winter for a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We’d spent the day walking around town (over 20,000 steps according to the FitBit) and I was tired. The hot tub was working miracles.

The door to our cabana opened. Looking over, I saw my boyfriend walking toward me with what I hoped was a glass of wine. It was… clever boy. He stepped into the tub, handing me my glass. I sat up, taking it from him. Even though it was pretty dark, I saw his eyes dip to my chest. Apparently he likes my new bikini. I smile, silently congratulating myself on the choice.

After a sip, I set the glass on the edge of the tub and slide back down again. He mirrors me, stretching out opposite of me, our legs lightly touching. We share a good silence, confident enough in our relationship not to feel the need to fill the void with idle chatter.

His leg moves, gently rubbing against mine with his foot, his calf. I can feel his hairiness against my smooth…mmm. It’s just enough touch to let me know it’s on purpose, that’s he’s planning more than just a quick soak. I let him take the lead, content to just float and feel.

He sits up enough to grasp my toes. Even though I’m very ticklish, his hands are slow and firm, rubbing rather than teasing. I melt some more as he massages the sole of my foot, stretching my toes out and working out some of the soreness from our excursion. My hands come to rest on my belly, more touches to add to the slow burn I’m feeling.

Taking his time, doing it right, he moves up to my calves, rubbing and massaging. He’s now nearing the center of the tub, causing my legs to spread as he moves between them. He holds one calf, massaging from the bottom as he strokes the top. I know my legs are silky smooth, thanks to the waxing I splurged on before we left. He moves to the other leg, gliding strong hands and up and down them. The man really knows how to get me going.

When he moves past my knees onto my thighs, he shifts so that my ass rests on his knees and my torso lifts out of the water. Our eyes have adjusted to the dim light enough so that I know he can see my nipples pushing against my bikini top. I decide to give him a show, sliding my hands up my stomach to my breasts, giving them a feel on the outside of my suit, then reaching back for my wine so I can sip. His breath catches but his hands never stop, massaging first my right thigh and then my left, moving back and forth so each gets equal attention. He hasn’t so much as brushed my pussy but I know that’s his goal.

As I set my glass down again, he surprises me, floating me away from the edge. He maneuvers so he’s behind me and I’m partially sitting in his lap. My hands come to rest on his knees, feeling the hairs, the firm skin, and the taut muscles under. His hands fall on my shoulders, beginning a wonderful neck and shoulder massage. I feel him untie the top of bikini so he can glide those strong hands up and down, pressing and manipulating any tightness into absolute Jello.

With some slight pressure he makes me bend forward so he can slide hands further down my back. The back ties of my bikini slip away as the massage continues. He hasn’t touched me in any of my normal erogenous zones but I’m definitely winding up, my pulse hammering in my chest. I rub my hands up and down his legs, letting him know what he’s doing is working.

Shifting again, he leans against the side of the tub, pulls my back against his chest, my ass firmly into his lap. I can feel his cock, hard underneath his suit, digging into my ass. I leave my hands on his thighs and begin to very softly rub my ass against him. Running his hands into my hair, he massages my scalp, then down bursa escort to my temples. My eyes close and I move my head against him.

After an eternity of my slow grind on his cock and his hands in my hair, he slides down my arms, over my hands, then onto my stomach. My bikini top is off somewhere in the tub but the warm air feels so nice against my chest. Not as nice as his hands as he finally cups my breasts, skin rough against my very hard, very sensitive nipples. Now we’re getting down to business! The slow burn has become an inferno as he plays my body like a guitar. Firmly pressing and squeezing, then pinching and pulling my nipples just hard enough to hurt so good… he knows my body and what I like. And when he makes me stand and sit on the edge of the tub, I can’t wait.

As I’m sitting he slides my bottoms off and pushes my legs apart. Starting at my knees, he begins to kiss and lick me as I’m spread bare for him. Slowly but ever closer, he kisses his way towards my pussy. I’m so wet, my lips spreading wide for him. When he finally gets there, he starts with a little tongue flick against my clit, then dipping his mouth down he licks me from bottom to top, nibbling my clit again at the end. Oh, what a feeling! He begins to eat me, his tongue and lips everywhere at once. His hands cup my ass, pulling me harder against his mouth, his tongue pushing into me as his cheeks, rough from a day without shaving, tickle my thighs. He goes lower, rimming my ass, his nose now buried in my pussy. My hands are in his hair now, pulling him against me.

His hands are on the move again. His mouth moves up but I feel a finger, gentle but firm, pressing against my ass. It penetrates a little as his other hand begins to toy with my pussy. 1 finger, then 2, then 3 are in me… 3 in my pussy, 1 in my ass, sliding in and out. His clever mouth is now focused on my clit, capturing it between his teeth and tugging. Pushing deep into me, he latches on my clit at the same time and sucks as hard as he can.

I explode.

My hips buck against him but the fingers never slow, the sucking does let up for an instant. My pussy is pumping juice out, coating his fingers and chin. I’m dimly aware I’ve knocked my wine glass over but who the fuck cares?!

Just as it begins to be too much, he slackens off. First the finger slides out of my ass. Then the 3 big, insistent fingers buried in my pussy withdraw, leaving me feeling a little empty. The suction on my clit goes away but he continues to flick it gently with his tongue for a second, then once again licks me from bottom to top. The man keeps telling me how much he loves the taste of my pussy. He’s getting a feast tonight.

I lay back on the concrete edge of the tub, feeling cold spilled wine against my skin as he continues to softly caress me. I feel completely limp and totally energized… a really weird, wonderful feeling.

After forever, he lifts himself out of the tub and kisses his way towards me. The warm water dripping off him hits my skin, little prickles of heat. His lips brush against mine, then more insistently until our tongues intertwine. I like the taste of me, too.

He’s still wearing his suit which just seems wrong to me, but I’m not going to risk concrete burns on my ass for him. I break the kiss and push him up.

“Grab my glass, sweetie… I’ll see you inside.” I push up, leaving my suit behind and head towards the room. Into the bathroom for our towels, then back into the main room. We really lucked out when we found this place; tall king sized bed, a lounging chair in a corner, and plenty of space to play in.

My man has my wine glass (not broken…cool) and heads toward the bottle to refill me. I take the opportunity to throw his towel on the chair and give myself a quick dry off. The AC in this place really works!

He turns, bursa escort bayan waits for me to toss my towel towards the bathroom, and hands me my wine. I catch him ogling my nude form, so I make sure to give him an eyeful. Hip cocked, chest out so the girls are front and center, looking directly into his face (not his eyes… they’re occupied). A fuck me pose, basically.

He gives himself a quick shake, then turns to grab his towel. I take a quick sip of wine, then set it down to slide up behind him. I’m not as slow or as patient as he was; my hands find the tie on his suit and jerk it to the ground. He kicks it off and tries to turn but I shove him onto the chair while he’s off balance, making him fall. His nice, hard cock bounces for me then lays throbbing on his belly.

I grab a hold of it, tilting it up and swoop down to take a hard lick at the head.”You were so nice to me baby,” I say as I raise my head to look at him. “Now it’s my turn.”

I settle onto my knees, putting me at just the right height to blow his mind. Gotta love a thoughtful hotel chair! I run my hands up his legs, which are still a little wet and slippery, pushing my thumbs into his inner thigh as they near his crotch. My man is a fastidious man-scaper, keeping his balls shaved smooth and just a little scruff of fuzz above his cock. I push his legs apart a little farther, grab his cock with my right hand, and, making full eye contact with him, suck one of his balls into my mouth. He sucks in a big gulp of air and his balls try to suck up on me. Since I was here first, I keep sucking…gently, firmly, and lots of tongue and lips. I love playing with those suckers!

At the same time, I keep my hand wrapped around his cock, gripped so the skin slides on the shaft. Wouldn’t do to blister the little guy before I get to him! I keep looking at him, even though his head is back, mouth open, and eyes closed. Nothing says I love sucking on you like good eye contact! And helpful boy, he slouches down a bit to give me better access.

Time to get that cock in my mouth. I’m not sure if I want to take him all the way yet…I really want to get fucked tonight, but I do enjoy playing with him, taking him to the edge and making him sweat. I let his soaked balls slide out of my mouth and slide my tongue, pushing hard, right up his shaft to the top of his cock. It’s drooling precum, nice and salty to my taste buds.

Inspiration hits. I pull off his cock and grab my wine glass. I take a big sip of the cool, tart pinot, holding it in my mouth. Down goes the glass, and I hover over this cock again. My right hand lifts him up and I let a little dribble of wine fall, nice and cool against his hotness. He jumps and looks up at me. I meet his eyes then let a little more dribble onto him. He jumps again, the big baby. I swallow my wine, then take him into my mouth. I’m no deep throat queen but I make sure my lips touch my hand as I grip him, and that my nice, cool tongue wraps around him.

I begin to slowly pump him and slide my mouth up and down him. Lots of suction, lots of lip pressure, lots of tongue, but nothing fast or hard enough to have him blowing his stack just yet. My left hand fondles his balls, which are still wet and slick from earlier. I let my pointer finger dip down a little, tickling his taint. His cock jumps in my mouth and I grin to myself. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…

Making sure to keep my right hand moving in time with my cold little mouth, I push my finger lower, finding his puckered little asshole. I tickle it, probe it, trying to judge if it’s slippery enough for what I want to do. It appears to be. Slowly, firmly, I push my finger into his ass. He groans loudly and I feel precum flood my mouth. I’m worried he’s going to cum but he clamps down (ow, my finger!) and holds it off. Good boy.

Leaving escort bursa my finger where it is, I move my right hand down to his balls and his cock in my mouth. I love the feeling of control a good blow job gives me; a man literally in the palm of my hand. It’s a rush! I settle in and continue to blow his mind, among other things. Nice and slow, enough to keep him rock hard without sending him over the edge. It’s an art!

And all the while I’m thinking, “What comes next?” What should I do…let him finish or escalate? It’s really no decision; a week in an exotic locale, no place to go and plenty of time to get there… we escalate!

I continue for another few minutes, then slide my finger out of his ass to the sound of another groan. I slip my lips slowly up him one last time, then sit up.

“You need to come with me,” I instruct. I stand, and, taking his hand, lead him to the bed. “I want you to sit with your back to the head board. I’ll be right back.” I dart to the bathroom for my handy dandy bottle of lube, the back to the bed. I climb up beside him, facing him. Taking his still hard cock in my hand (poor man, been hard for so long) I drizzle lube on him, sliding up and down to make sure he’s good and slippery. Then, spinning around, I assume reverse cowgirl position.

We’ve done this in the past of course…who hasn’t? But this time will be different. I squat up a little and reach behind me for this slippery little (not so much) friend. I slide it across my clit (mmm), drag it through my pussy lips, and down to my ass. I try to aim it by feel and look at him. “I want you in my ass. Now.”

His eyes get big. He’s never even brought this up before. We both enjoy a little ass play with skinny little fingers but this is a horse cock of another color. Clever boy doesn’t ask, “Are you sure?” or anything so ridiculous. He helps position his cock for me and nods when it looks right. I turn around, put my hands on his ankles and, trying to relax, push back.

The pressure is intense. I take a deep breath and push harder, trying to get the crown in. The darn thing doesn’t seem to want to go…until suddenly it does. Oof, that’s big. I stop cold, not moving, getting used to the feeling. He moves his hands to my hips, steadying me, supporting me, comforting me. I take a few deep breaths, then slide down very, very slowly.

So full.

“So tight!” he says at exactly the same moment. His cock is completely in me now; I can feel his little tuft of fuzz tickling my ass cheeks. His cock twitches and my ass twitches back. It’s not nice feeling exactly, but I can sense that it could be, once I get used to it. Just like having sex for the first time; in order for it to feel better you have to keep things moving. And so I do, sliding slowly up, careful not to pop him out by accident. Up, then down again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

And it starts to get good. Very good. Good enough that I speed up and, taking one hand off his ankles, touch my clit. It’s hard, popped out, and very ready for my touch. It doesn’t take more than a couple swipes before I feel my orgasm start to come. I can’t believe I’m cumming so fast; a girl could get to like this!

He knows it when I go. Partly because I’m not quiet about it, but mostly because he feels my ass clamp down on him. That’s all it takes to set him off, too. I can actually feel his cock swell when it fires off, the hot cum coating thing inside of my ass. I keep pounding up and down, making the feeling last and last, wave after wave of pure pleasure, fingers savaging my clit to milk every last bit out of this orgasm that I can.

His hands on my hips finally slow me down. I come to rest on his softening cock, trying to keep it in me as long as possible. He stays pretty firm, all things considered, but finally he pops out. I flop forward onto my knees then face down on the bed with a big grin on my face. I feel the bed shift as he moves around to drape himself alongside me.

“Best. Vacation. EVER,” he murmurs. And I whole heartedly agree. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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