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Lost in Thought

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Sitting in silence his mind starts to wander, as it often did at times like these, yet this time it was different. His thoughts not the same mindless thoughts that had always filled the empty spaces. These thoughts were of someone who had recently taken over every aspect of his life without him having knowledge of it. He slowly closed his eyes and the thoughts suddenly became very sharp in his mind.

He could see her face as if she were sitting directly next to him with her long blonde hair draped evenly over her shoulders. Her piercing green eyes seem to call out to him and to his desire to be with her. Within moments he could feel his passion for her swelling up within his jeans. He pictures her taking his full man hood in her hand and tugging at him gently, up and down, while her soft wet lips encase the head of his cock, her warm tongue exploring every part of him, down the length of his shaft, moving her hair away from her face so that he can watch her every move with such intense. Thinking to himself, how can just the mere thought of her arouse him so.

Letting his mind release him from reality, he slowly connects back to tuzla escort his wanting thoughts. Visualizing in his mind all the things he would do to her the moment their flesh could finally touch. He sees his lips gently kissing at her mouth, waiting for her lips to open so he can feel her tongue exploring his for the very first time. Grabbing at the hair behind her neck, pulling her head backwards as his lips make their way toward her awaiting breasts, her nipples hard from the want of his mouth around them. His tongue circling the outline, until he takes the whole of it into his mouth releasing with a gentle tug of his teeth.

He feels her body slightly jolt from the excited feel of the bite. Her entire body longs for his touch, she begins to quietly moan as his hands finally make their way to her now warm treasure, knowing with merely a touch of his hand her wetness will take over. Teasingly he caresses her clit with just the tip of his finger, at the same time putting just enough pressure to send her back to an erect arch. Then without warning glides his fingers down her slit to the place he knows she is craving the feel of him inside her. tuzla escort bayan He quickly moves his body into place so that his face is directly between her now openly spread legs. She reaches her hands down to spread open her lips so that he has full access to her pulsating clit.

His tongue immediately finds the spot that her wanting body has waited for. Licking with a fast yet precise stroke. Sucking and nibbling at her warm flesh, while at the same time his fingers are thrusting back and forth in her wet pussy. He feels her clench around his fingers to let him know what ever he is doing must be exactly what she wants. He reaches up to her breast with the other hand gently squeezing her hard nipple between his finger and his thumb sending spine tingling shocks throughout her body. Suddenly he feels a change in her disposition the beginning of her long awaited orgasm, he pushes his fingers inside her, deeper, faster, harder, until she grabs his head and forces him to stay there, to not move until her passion has exploded sending her into a fit of ecstasy. She lets out a moan to release herself to the desire he has now given to her the escort tuzla way no other man ever has.

She reaches for him, pulling him up onto her knowing she is now ready for the feel of him inside her. He slowly rubs against her now impatient pussy when suddenly she can wait no more and grabs his ass and forcefully pushes all of him deep within her, letting out a sharp gasp at the unbelievable feel of his rock hard cock. Her legs up to her chest, her hands explore every facet of his body, her fingernails pushing softly from the small of his back to the tops of his shoulders. She starts to gently bite at his nipple hoping to send the same jolt of pleasure through his body that she had felt earlier. Glenching his face with both hands, her mouth finds his and begins to kiss him passionately as the raw emotions of their passion spills out between them. Within moments his want for her had now reached an overwhelming climax, which he could no longer contain. With one last hard thrust inside her he feels his body collapses from the release of his desire. This is the feeling he has longed for his entire life, a feeling of pure love for another person……….

As he finishes his thoughts of unbridled passion he has now dreamt of; he is left to once again remain lost in his thoughts of how he can still miss her when she has been in his mind this whole time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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