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Love Me ’til Dawn, Chapter 11

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Love Me ’til Dawn, Chapter 11Chapter 11. A Kind of Loving.The following evening the three of them were together after dinner each relaxing in their own way. Alice was reading the romantic novel she had brought with her and Lorraine was on her laptop computer attempting to keep up with the backlog of emails that had accrued. George however, was fidgety and was distracting the other two. Lorraine felt under some pressure so she quickly finished her task and turned to face her.“OK George, what is it?” she asked.“Last night,” she replied, “the sexual offer you gave us and then what happened between us in that store afterwards.”“Yes it was very provocative,” said Alice as she placed the bookmark into the page and put the book down covetously.George continued with determination, “I am going to call in that promise you made to us, and I know that what I am about to do will fulfil that oath to both Alice and me. I watched her eyes last night through the mask, she needs to see, she wants to know.”Lorraine gulped; her freckles were hidden behind the blood rush to her face as she blushed. George wanted to dominate her in front of her friend. She had no choice but to accede, she had dug her own hole and was now about to be buried in it.George went to the cupboard and took out a reel of electrical insulation tape and then walked over to Lorraine. “Stand bitch!” she said assertively. Lorraine stood. George escorted her to the centre of the room and wrapped the tape around her ankles many times. She began to tear the clothes off her, ripping the buttons from her blouse, yanking the clasp on her skirt and tearing the material of her thong. “Kneel down!” she commanded. And Lorraine, now totally naked, knelt catching her fall with her hands. Those same hands were then quickly whisked behind her back and bound together with the tape. George then took a hair band and pulled hard on her red hair, pulling it back off her face, twisting it into a ponytail before wrapping the band around it. Lorraine was now totally in her control as she slowly stripped herself naked, leaving only her high-heeled sandals.Alice was transfixed, a silent spectator to the performance that was being enacted in front of her eyes. She dared not speak in case she disrupted the anadolu yakası escort flow of the scene and the actors within it. Nevertheless, she was aroused and her breathing was noticeably deeper, subconsciously she was fondling her own breasts. The masks on the wall were the only other witnesses to the action and they appeared to have a look of expectation and were grinning devilishly.George took a high-back kitchen chair and placed it in front of Lorraine at a right angle to her and sat on it, grasping hold of her ponytail with her right hand. “Right you bitch, remove my shoes with your teeth!” she demanded.Lorraine brought her head down, her chin scr****g on the floor as she gripped the leather strap in her teeth and began to pull it out from the buckle. As soon as it was released she took the end of the strap in her mouth and yanked the metal stud out from the eyehole. And then she slowly manipulated the strap out of the buckle before gripping the sandal and drawing it away from George’s foot.“Good girl!” complimented George thrusting her foot towards Lorraine’s mouth, “Now suck my big toe, and remember, no teeth.” She rested her ankle on the floor, her toes pointing upwards to give Lorraine full access. She held on to her ponytail and the threat of punishment.Lorraine whimpered as she encircled her mouth around the toe and began to suck it, the movements of her head controlled by the grip on her hair. She did not dare disobey, as the thought of the pain was a controlling influence upon her. Yet she was aroused and she needed to swallow the saliva that her hunger had created. No human can swallow with an open mouth and Lorraine was in a trap, she had to clench her jaw.Alice saw Lorraine’s head being forced upwards by her hair and she heard the crack of George’s hand across her face as it echoed around the room. And then she heard George screaming, “No Fuckin teeth!” And then she saw Lorraine going down for more.Lorraine felt her head being forced down has she heard George demanding, “Suck my foot you fucking slut, suck it like you suck a cock.” And so she did. She took the whole foot into her mouth, devouring it and savouring the flesh. She rode the foot like she ataşehir escort would have sucked on the shaft of a penis, taking the whole length and extracting in rhythmical strokes. As she became aroused again she regretted grating her teeth along the skin. For as soon as she did she felt the pain as her head was forced upwards by her hair followed by three hard slaps across her face as George punished her once more for her misdemeanour. “I’m sorry,” she begged as she felt the sting of George’s hand on her cheeks.George did not reply, she swivelled the chair to face Lorraine, slouched down, opened her thighs wide and began to masturbate in front of her. Lorraine licked her lips as she watched George open her petals and insert two fingers inside of herself.“You are going to eat me now, bitch,” said George as she leaned forward grabbing hold of the ponytail once more and pulling Lorraine forwards with a sharp tug.Lorraine’s mouth fell onto George’s pussy as she lost her balance entirely. She pivoted on her knees as virtually the whole of her body weight bore down upon the pink flesh. Only her neck muscles supported her, if her fall had continued her face would have smashed into the floor.Alice watched in stunned silence as she tried to imagine the feeling that George was experiencing, watching as Lorraine gobbled hard. She saw George visibly shaking as her orgasm began to force its way out of her body and then the cry of pleasurable pain as she released. She saw the sweet nectar running down Lorraine’s chin as the overspill oozed from her mouth.George held Lorraine’s shoulders and pushed her back into a kneeling position and lay back in the chair once more, her open thighs displaying the glistening prize. “Are you ready?” George asked her.Lorraine nodded as she watched the trickle of urine emerging from between George’s petals. This soon turned into a torrent as George jettisoned the contents of her bladder, spraying it over Lorraine’s breasts, the hot piss running down over her stomach and between her thighs. Alice found herself moaning with lust as she watched the erotic scene, her fingers working herself frantically.George stood and placed her thighs around Lorraine’s face and allowed ümraniye escort her to lick and swallow the last few drops of piss from her pussy. She then removed the tape from Lorraine’s wrist and the liberated hands quickly moved to her breasts as she massaged the wetness into her body. She reached down between her legs and rubbed it deep within her.George released the tape from Lorraine’s ankles and helped her to stand, leading her to the bathroom. Lorraine was having difficulty walking and her knees were red raw where they had supported her body weight. Alice followed behind them quietly.George took Lorraine into the shower allowing the hot water to run over both of them. She reached over Lorraine’s shoulder with her left arm and cupped her chin in her hand gripping it firmly and forcing a deep french kiss. Her right arm reached down between Lorraine’s thighs and began to massage her bud.Alice found herself matching the rhythm of George’s strokes, slowly at first and increasing in magnitude until they were frenzied. Lorraine screamed loudly as her legs trembled and an overwhelming feeling rushed through her entire body. Alice and Lorraine came separately and in unison, crying out together as the spasms overcame them. Alice was panting and feeling dizzy, she had to sit. Lorraine collapsed onto the tiled shower floor, totally drained, physically and emotionally.George stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel and began to dry herself. “So then baby girl,” she turned and spoke to Alice, “Think you can handle that?”Alice was still hyperventilating and trying to temper the rapid rise and fall of her breasts. “It was intense,” she replied, “I found it highly erotic and not what I expected.”“Tell me more,” continued George, “what were you expecting?”“Somehow I assumed that a Domme/sub relationship would involve an element of torture and physical harm, what I witnessed was humiliation,” replied Alice.“Yes that is a fair assessment, I would not like to sustain any permanent hurt or damage to Lorraine but she needs the humiliation, she tells me it helps her to keep her sanity.” George paused before continuing with her next question. “And which of the two of us would you like to be?” she pursued.Alice was taken aback by the question; she found she could not answer. She felt that she needed to discuss it with Lorraine first to hear her view; both sides seem to have their appeal.“I…don’t…know,” was her answer. “But I want to help Lorraine up and comfort her now,” she said with a deep compassion.===============================================================

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