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Lovely Cruise

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The late afternoon sun shone down on the water, making the sea look like a field of sparkling diamonds. With the soft summer breeze caressing their skin, Ed tacked the boat one last time, pointing the bow toward his favorite secluded anchorage on the back side of one of the Ragged Islands.

He glanced over at Liz and smiled. She was leaning back in the cockpit, eyes closed, savoring the warmth of the sun’s rays. It had been a wonderful afternoon of sailing and Liz, who had not sailed before, had been like a kid on her first visit to a toy store, full of wonderment and enthusiasm.

As the boat neared the entrance to the bay, he turned into the wind to roll in the jib and drop the mainsail. He saw Liz stir as he started the diesel kicker and slowly guided “Incommunicado” into the quiet cove. She rose and started moving to the bow to release the anchor on his command, remembering what he had shown her when they anchored for lunch earlier in the day.

He kept his eyes on her as she moved, loving the vision of her gorgeous body, the sexy curve of her hips and the swell of her full breasts, covered only by the small triangles of material of her black bikini. As she released the anchor, she turned to smile at him and he felt a tingle as their eyes met.

He was so glad that he had invited her to the coast for this weekend of sailing. It had been a heated night at the hotel after he had picked her up from the airport, both of them greedy for the pleasures that until then they had only enjoyed by phone and online.

Today had been different though, as they just enjoyed each others company and the beauty of the day out on the water. And now, as he looked around the bay, he felt happy that he was able bursa escort to share this special place with such a special lady. An osprey soared over head and several Canada geese moved tranquilly across the clear blue water. He could think of nowhere else he would want to be.

As the boat swung in a graceful arc at the end of the anchor line, Ed quickly stripped off his khaki shorts and dove naked into the cool refreshing water. As he surfaced, he looked back at the boat and saw Liz just as she stripped off her bikini and followed his lead, diving into the bay to join him.

Together they splashed and played and swam, letting the seawater cool their bodies from the afternoon heat. Gradually, their play became more intimate, with soft kisses and their naked bodies coming together with increasing frequency.

They gravitated back to the stern of the boat, Liz climbing up onto the swim platform, her body glistening in the bright sunlight. As her sexy round bottom rose above the surface, he gave it a playful slap causing her to turn and grin devilishly at him.

She moved onto the steps, turning and sitting down, legs invitingly apart. He could not resist the invitation, pulling himself up and sliding his hands under her bottom, and dipping his face between her thighs.

His tongue slid over the smoothness of her inner thigh, the sea salt tingling his taste buds. He felt her fingertips in his wet hair, guiding him, pulling his lips toward her mound. He sensed her urgency and his tongue flicked out as his nostrils flared to the scent of her sex.

Her fingers gripped his hair tighter as his tongue slid up and down her hot wet slit. His hands squeezed the flesh of her buttocks as she pulled him bursa escort bayan tight to her, his tongue swirling over the sensitive nub of her clit.

God how he loved this, the taste, the scent, the feel of her as he ministered lovingly to her sweet pussy. His tongue dipped and slid into the soft velvet and he heard her soft moans increase in intensity and felt her hips rise to his lips. Her body shook and her cries echoed across the stillness of the bay as a wave of pleasure broke over her.

Gushes of her sweet juices flowed against his lips and tongue as he lapped happily at her slit while her body shook again and again. He grinned inwardly, enjoying the pleasure he was giving this beautiful lady.

Then, as her body could take no more, she pulled his face away and he looked up at her. His eyes moved slowly over her body, past the proud erect nipples and up to the contented smile on her lips. Her eyes twinkled as they met his and she mouthed, “Your turn!”

He pulled himself from the water and they moved into the cockpit. He sat back and she moved to kneel between his legs. He felt her big breasts brush his thighs as her lips began showering soft kisses on his belly.

He immediately felt his cock begin to recover from the effects of the cool water as Liz’ fingertips lightly caressed his sac, softly massaging his glands as her mouth moved downward. She looked up at him playfully as she took his semi hard shaft in hand and began running her tongue over the spongy head.

His cock began to swell as her fingers glided slowly up and down and her lips engulfed the helmet, drawing it into her hot mouth. Skillfully she ministered to him, moaning against his flesh as her lips slid downward, escort bursa taking the full length of him into her mouth. He groaned as she held him, lips tight around the base of his now hard shaft.

She pulled her lips up, letting his now fully erect shaft pop from her lips, her fingers moving up and down the length as she looked dreamily into his eyes and said, “I want to make you cum Ed, I want to taste you!”

He grinned at her as she began licking her way down his cock, tongue sliding down to his heavy sac, lips gently sucking them as she continued to stroke his hardness. His body tensed as she slid lower, tongue swirling over the strip of flesh below his balls and running teasingly over his anal opening before moving back to his sac.

He trembled as he felt her moving him toward the point of no return, her fingertips exerting sweet pressure against the underside of his manhood as she stroked his shaft, mouth still sucking his sensitive balls.

“I’m gonna cum!” he moaned as her lips and fingertips pushed him over the edge and the sweet sensations of his orgasm overtook his body.

As his cock began to spurt, Liz took him into her mouth, sucking and swallowing his hot seed as her skilled fingers milked his tingling flesh. Her mouth remained on him until the last drops of his thick creamy jizz was expelled from his loins.

Only then did Liz’ lips leave his cock and she looked up into his eyes as she smiled a contented smile. Ed pulled her up into his arms and held her body against his, his fingers gently stroking her hair. He brought his lips to hers and they kissed deeply, the taste of his seed still strong on her tongue as he drew it into his mouth.

He leaned back, holding her close as the boat gently rocked them and the sun began setting over the mountains on Vancouver Island across the wide Georgia Strait. Together they drifted off to sleep, happy and content to finally be together this intimate way.

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