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She Writes:

As she lies alone in bed, erotic thoughts begin to enter into her lonely mind. She starts to think of the last time she was with him. She thinks about the last time they made love, and how unbelievable it felt. She begins to run her fingertips along the inner sides of her thighs, slightly spreading her legs apart as she remembers. Slowly she slides one hand under her shirt to feel her breasts. Thinking about him fucking her with such a sensuous motion is starting to make her breathe a little harder. She starts to rub her nipple, slightly pinching and twirling it between her fingers. Her other hand is still gliding up and down her thighs. She kicks the covers to the edge of bed, and spreading her legs further apart, she reveals her already wet, swollen pussy. She begins stroking her sensitive clit softly, as she pinches her nipple a little harder. She lets out a moan as she imagines that it is he who is touching her this way. She thinks about him standing above her on the side of the bed, making her suck his hard cock into her mouth. She licks her lips and moans a little louder now as she begins to fuck herself with her fingers. The images she is holding in her mind of him forcing his cock down her throat is getting her wetter by the second. Bringing her fingers to her tongue she licks her own juices, and starts sucking her fingers, wishing it was his cock. Under such an erotic spell, almost in a trance, she doesn’t realize someone had entered the house through izmir escort bayan the backdoor. Suddenly she feels a fingertip on her face…this startles her and she quickly sits up covering herself. She looks over to find him standing next to her with his cock in his hand. Relieved, she relaxes back onto the bed, telling him she is glad he is there, she commands him to assist her in releasing her built up sexual tension…to be continued…

He Writes:

He doesn’t mean to scare her. He is there of his own free will. Knowing full well that her wishes will be granted by days end. He begins to stroke himself over her face. She nips playfully at his cock as his hands slide out of position. She begs to help him and he squeezes the end and his juices gush forth to her waiting mouth. She begins to tremble as her mouth begins to fill of the potion she wants and needs. She swallows not once, twice, but three times as he continues to nurse her with his manhood. She licks him dry and he mounts her. Her pussy still dripping from her earlier dream, he plows into her. For a moment she is breathless until she realizes that this is what she wanted all along. He begins to press against her clit with his pelvic thrusts. Her eyes roll back into head. Her legs begin to wrap around his body. “You are going to cum inside me”, she commands. He continues to please her with even, continuous thrusts. Words escape her mouth as breathlessness takes over. For the next hour, they both escort izmir sweat into each others pores. Their bodies are becoming one. His cock apart of her, her cunt a part of him. She smiles as the sweat drips from his face to hers. She wants to say something. It’s difficult but she finds the air to say the words. Out of her mouth she says.”…(to be continued)

She Writes: As difficult as it is to speak through the thrashing of their bodies as they become one…she looks up at him as his sweat is dripping onto her breasts and moans to him, “I love the way you fuck me…I love the way your cock feels inside me, filling me, as your body melts into me.” These are the words he wanted to hear, and he started fucking her harder, slamming into her with everything he had to give. “Fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me,” she yelled to him, as she met every thrust he gave with her bucking hips. What she really meant was…fuck me harder, pour yourself into my soul, fuck me, love me…He grabbed her feet, raising them in the air as he pounded into her over and over. Pushing her legs up, letting his cock bury deeper, and deeper inside her horny cunt. She began to slide her toes back and forth against his cheek. She shoved her foot toward his mouth and in a breathless voice said, “suck my fucking toes while you fuck me like your dirty little whore…I know you like having a nasty little bitch to fuck anytime you want don’t you?” These words began ringing in his ears, like an echo from izmir escort a scream through a deep valley. He loved to hear her talk to him like that, and he loved to talk right back to her, showing her who was really in charge. He became so turned on, he almost came…but he pulled out and decided it wasn’t time yet…there was still more he wanted to do to his lover before he gave in to her…to be continued…

He Writes:

He stood over her with his cock throbbing a foot away from her pussy. He didn’t want to race and explode too early. He began to massage her thighs. Her moaning was beginning to overcome the sound barrier the walls create. It didn’t matter. He began to whisper in her ear and blow on her neck. Then he reached down and grabbed by the hair. He did this slowly so as not to hurt her but show her who is in control. He shoved her mouth onto his cock as he stood next to her by the bed. She lovingly sucked on him. Tasting his juices as well as her own. She was delighted at her own taste! He slowed her to a stop. She was so fierce now. Moving back and forth like a machine. She begged for the cock once more but he wouldn’t let her. He is in charge of her actions. He instructed her to turn over and put her ass in the air. She hissed with delight and moved quickly. As she got into her position, he licked his finger and inserted them into her darkness. She jumped a little but then rocked back on to his fingers to enjoy the fullness she was experiencing. His spit on her and lubricated her orgasmic hole. He removed his finger and spit on his cock. He pushed himself deep into her. She clutched the bed sheets and spoke of things that only him and she would understand…yet

to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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