Nis 23

Loving Lucy

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Copyright Oggbashan February 2018

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


I like my sister in law Lucy. I could go further and say “I Love Lucy” but I love my wife Amy too much to love her sister the same way. When I met Amy, Lucy was already engaged to Brian and Brian was my friend. Now he’s not because of the way he treated Lucy.

If Lucy had not been engaged I might have asked her out instead of Amy and our lives would have been very different. But why think about what might have happened? If Lucy had not been with Brian I might never have met Amy and that meeting I have never regretted. Anyway, you get the picture. I wouldn’t toss Lucy out of my bed but she would never take Amy’s place in it.

At the time we were in a mess. Our house purchase had stalled at the wrong moment. We had sold our old house but the new one being built was three months late. We put most of our things in storage and we were living in a cheap rented apartment until the new house was finished.

Then Lucy needed us. She and Brian were going through a divorce. Their house had to be sold as part of the settlement. He had a home with his lover, she had nowhere, until she could buy with her share of the settlement. She could have rented but the settlement would only just be enough for her to buy a small house. If she paid rent for a few months she might not have enough for the house.

She had intended to go to my mother in law but her car was hit from behind at a traffic light a few miles from us on Friday evening. It wasn’t badly damaged but Lucy couldn’t continue. Lucy rang Amy. Amy covered the mouthpiece of the phone.

“Roy, can Lucy come to stay with us? She hasn’t got anywhere.”

“Of course. When?”


“Now! The spare room isn’t ready for anyone. The bed …”

“We can sort that out when she arrives. OK?”

“Yes. I’d love to see her.”

“I know you would. I’ll talk to you about that later.” Amy said in a tone of voice that I knew meant trouble for me. She uncovered the phone’s mouthpiece.

“Lucy? No problem. We need to sort the spare room out but we can do that when you’re here. See you soon.”

It was soon. The car recovery people deposited her car outside our house twenty minutes later. I brought her overnight bag in. Lucy had been crying. Amy hugged her. I hugged her.

“Keep hold of her, Roy,” Amy said. “I’ll make some coffee.”

I pulled Lucy over to the settee and sat down with her beside me, her head on my shoulder, an arm wrapped around her, and hers around me. She sobbed silently against my shirt. I stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. We were still like that when Amy returned.

Lucy drank the coffee and calmed down. I was still holding her. Amy was hugging her from the other side.

“Amy, what did you mean when you said you’ll talk to Roy later?” Lucy asked.

“You weren’t meant to hear that.” Amy replied.

“I know. Covering the mouthpiece doesn’t work on modern phones. You have to use the secrecy button.”


“So what did you mean? He said he’d love to see me. Is that wrong?”

“Not normally, no. But when my husband sees my sister as an attractive woman that he’d like to have an affair with …”

I started to protest but Amy’s hand crossed Lucy and covered my mouth.

“…what he said might be misinterpreted.”

Lucy snuggled closer to me. The sisters used to like teasing each other.

“So it might,” Lucy said. “Is it likely?”

Amy’s hand was still over my mouth.

“Not if I have anything to do with it. I think what he really wants is the two of us in one bed with him. The reality might be too much but I sure that’s what he thinks he’d like.”

Lucy looked up at me as I shook my head.

“Would he now? I wonder.”

She gently pulled Amy’s hand away from my face and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Thank you Roy for reminding me that I’m attractive. But Amy and I never fight over our men. We are sisters first. Apart from a sisterly peck,” she kissed me again. “anything else has to have Amy’s agreement.”

The danger güvenilir bahis for me passed for a while. Lucy told us that her car should be collected tomorrow and take a few days to repair. She had sent most of her things into storage and except for her overnight bag all her clothes were at mother-in-law’s.

While Amy and Lucy prepared the evening meal I went into the spare room and looked at the mess. The bed was covered in boxes. I moved them out and put them against the living room wall. I cleaned everywhere, getting covered in dust and fluff.

Once the bed was clear I was still not sure that it was suitable for Lucy to use. The mattress was clean but one of the bed’s legs was tilted. I peered underneath. All four legs looked weak. I sat down hard. The bed creaked but took the strain.

I went to the kitchen and asked whether I had time for a shower. I hadn’t. After the meal we sat over a glass or two of wine. Lucy told us more about Brian than I wanted to know. Next time I see him I’ll … but I won’t. I don’t hit people. Brian did, particularly Lucy. The effect on her was apparent. Despite the badinage she had lost a lot of her self-esteem and self-confidence. She was a pale shadow of what she had been.

Even in the few hours that Lucy had been with us she had become slightly more animated. It was very slight, almost imperceptible, but it had happened. Amy and I had noticed. I knew that Amy was seething inside. We made polite animated conversation, trying to keep off the subject of Brian.

Then Amy and I had a mild disagreement. It was about nothing. She contradicted a statement I made and I objected. We agreed to differ and continued the conversation. Lucy burst into tears.

“What’s up, Lucy?” Amy asked.

“Brian would never let me disagree with him about anything. If I did …”

The tears started again.

“Forget Brian,” snorted Amy. “He is (I’ve omitted a lot of unladylike words). Roy is nothing like Brian. He has never hit me and never would.”

“But he is much stronger than Brian.” Lucy objected.

It’s true. I’m taller and heavier and I work out.

“He’s a pussycat,” said Amy. “He never uses his strength on me.”

“Even pussycats have claws.” Lucy said.

“Well-trained pussycats don’t use their claws.” retorted Amy.

“Is he well trained?”

“Yes. He is, aren’t you Roy?”

I nodded. This seemed to be helping Lucy. She still seemed doubtful.

“OK,” Amy said, “I can understand you not believing me. Roy isn’t like Brian. We’ll prove it this weekend. You and I will twist his tail. He won’t scratch or bite, will you, Roy?”

“No. I might object verbally but no more.”

Lucy still looked worried.

“Trust me, Lucy,” Amy added. “You are in no danger from Roy, nor am I. He loves me and although he won’t admit it he loves you too.”

I nodded.

“Then we’ll start soon. Roy, you can have your shower now. When you have finished join us in our bedroom. You can get ready for bed but wear your track suit trousers.”

I left. Normally I sleep naked so the track suit trousers were a concession to our guest.

When I returned Amy and Lucy were both in our king size bed, the only piece of furniture we had brought to the apartment. The landlord’s small double was propped against a wall. They were under the duvet.

“Get in, Roy.”

Amy lifted the duvet on her side of the bed, but she got out, wearing a short white cotton nightdress. I got into the bed and she followed.

“Now Lucy,” Amy said, “I’m going to get Roy ready for us.”

She reached under her pillow and produced two long silk scarves. I knew what they were for. Amy knelt on the bed and tied my wrists to the head rails.

“Roy, aren’t you embarrassed?” Lucy asked as she watched.

“Perhaps, because you are here, but I wouldn’t normally be,” I answered.

I tested the scarves. I was effectively restrained but not uncomfortable. Amy has practised many times.

“Lucy? Try stroking Roy’s chest gently.” Amy suggested.

Lucy’s hand was more tentative than Amy’s. Her touch was very delicate. As Lucy stroked me Amy pushed my track suit trousers down to slide a condom on my erection. Amy brought her head down to kiss my nipple. She pulled back for a second.

“He likes this, and he’s unable to stop us.”

The implication was obvious. I flinched as Lucy’s lips found my türkçe bahis other nipple. For a few minutes they kissed, licked and nibbled. Would Amy move on to her usual next action?

She did. She pulled her nightdress off and used her breasts to stroke across my torso. I turned my head to see Lucy removing her pyjama top. I had never seen her breasts before. They were very like Amy’s but slightly larger. I might have said something but Amy gagged me with her nightdress. My erection was becoming obvious inside my track suit bottoms.

“My nightie isn’t an effective gag, Lucy. It’s symbolic, just to remind Roy to keep quiet, and he likes breathing my perfume. His restraints are real. He can’t get free without my help. So now, we sisters can decide what we want to do with Roy.”

“We?” Lucy queried.

“Yes. We. You can go to the spare room now if you want to, or I could go to the spare room and leave you to play with Roy, or we could both…”


“Yes. Up to you, Lucy. If you want to, he’s yours. You can fuck him while I face fuck him, or I can fuck him while you facesit him. I’ve fitted a condom because we don’t want you to become pregnant by your sister’s husband, but…”

“I want to… Roy won’t object?”

Amy unwound the nightdress gagging me.

“Ask him, Lucy” Amy suggested.

“Roy, could I?” Lucy said tentatively.

“Whatever you want to do, Lucy.” I said. “I love you, and Amy is willing to lend me to you.”

I tugged at the scarves tying me to the bed head.

“I’m in no position to do anything you don’t want me to do. You can just walk away leaving me helpless on the bed. The choice is yours. You’re in control.”

Lucy burst into tears. I couldn’t do anything about it. Amy hugged her sister, pulling her across my body. The two of them snuggled against my shoulder as sobs wracked Lucy’s frame. It was five minutes before Lucy stopped crying.

“Amy, if you don’t mind, I would prefer Roy not to be restrained.”

“You’re sure?” Amy checked.

“Yes. Brian used to tie me up. You trust Roy. So do I. I don’t want him inside me but apart from that…”

“OK,” Amy said, reaching for one of the scarves. Lucy untied the other.

“What would you like, Lucy?” I asked.

“Some kissing? Down there?” Lucy said diffidently, pointing between her legs.

“Of course,” I replied.

Lucy straddled me. Her shaven cleft gradually moved towards my head. I extended my tongue to lick and penetrate slightly. Lucy’s taste was slightly different from Amy’s but still very pleasant. I licked, nibbled and my hands reached up to Lucy’s breasts. She flinched at the first touch but soon she was pushing her breasts against my hands.

Lucy was much noisier than Amy as she reached a climax. I brought her to ecstasy time and time again. As I began to tire Amy climbed over my hips. She slid my erection inside her. She thrust downwards as I arched under both sisters. I came into Amy who pushed Lucy downwards to cover my face completely. I had satisfied both of them, or they had satisfied themselves on me.

We went to sleep. I was still on my back with Amy and Lucy resting on my shoulders. I woke in the night to find I was on my side. Amy was in my arms. Lucy was pressed against my back.

I woke before they did, went to the bathroom, shed the condom and had a shower. I was dressed and downstairs preparing breakfast before either of them stirred.


After breakfast Lucy still wasn’t convinced that I was as tamed as Amy said I was. Amy was trying to convince her when she had a phone call from my mother-in-law. I only heard the few words of Amy’s side of the lengthy call.

“OK, Mum. I’ll tell Lucy.”




“OK. We’ll be here.”


“Bye. See you soon.”

Amy ended the call.

“Lucy? Mum’s had a phone call from your insurance company. They’re providing a hire car which will be delivered here tomorrow afternoon. They’ll collect your car and take it for repair.”

“That’s great,” Lucy replied.

“But we still haven’t convinced you that Roy doesn’t use his claws. I have an idea. I’ll have to go out shopping. I’ll be about half an hour. I’ll leave you with Roy and you can do whatever you like.”

“Won’t he object, Amy?”

“Verbally? Perhaps. But not otherwise. I’ll cuff him to a kitchen chair. He won’t be able to get güvenilir bahis siteleri free without help. His sister-in-law can play with him.”

Amy had tied me to that kitchen chair before. It was solid with splayed legs. I stripped to my waist. Amy and Lucy handcuffed my arms behind the chair. Another pair of handcuffs were linked between my hands and secured to a rail of the chair. Amy put cuffs on my ankles before chaining them to a crossbar under the chair. My feet were off the ground. All the restraints were padded. I wasn’t uncomfortable because I could hook the toes of my shoes over the crossbar.

“OK, Lucy,” Amy said. “He’s all yours. He likes breasts so I suggest you use yours. They’re larger than mine. He might enjoy them.”

Amy whispered in Lucy’s ear. Both of them looked at the time on the kitchen clock. It was ten. Lucy nodded.

“You’re sure?” Lucy asked.

“Yes,” Amy replied. “Bye, Roy. Be good.”

Amy picked up her car keys and her handbag. She walked out of the kitchen. We heard the front door close behind her.

“Now what do I do?” Lucy asked. “I know. I’ll start like this.”

She kissed me briefly before rubbing her clothed breasts across my face. Her perfume was slightly different. Lucy’s breasts were larger and softer than Amy’s. When she wrapped her arms behind my head and pulled me into her cleavage I sank further between her breasts than I would have done with Amy. Lucy wriggled around, rubbing my face against her.

She pulled back, kissed me on the lips again, this time more seriously and for longer before she pulled her sweater up and off. Her bra had larger cups and wider straps than Amy’s. Lucy repeated the breast squashing around my head. I extended my tongue and licked between them. After a few minutes Lucy reached behind her back, unclipped the bra, and took it off. He r breasts dropped slightly, more than Amy’s do. I had no opportunity to comment as a nipple and a significant part of one breast stuffed my mouth.

I nibbled, sucked and licked first one breast then the other. I was enjoying myself. It seemed that Lucy was too from the noises she was making. She pushed down against my clothed erection as she kissed me fiercely. She pulled my head back between her naked breasts before squeezing them inwards. I was short of breath when she relaxed her hold.

Lucy held my head a few inches from her cleavage.


I looked up at Lucy.

“Amy hasn’t gone shopping. She’s gone to the railway station to collect Mum.”


“Our mum, Lucy’s and mine, will be here in about five minutes.”


“But you are cuffed, half-naked, to a kitchen chair with your sister-in-law’s breasts smothering you. It might be embarrassing for you to be found like this. Except…”

“Except? What except, Lucy?”

“Amy took the keys of the cuffs with her. I can’t let you free before Mum arrives. Amy didn’t want you to be free. She told me Mum wants to breast smother you too…”

I couldn’t respond. Lucy had stuffed my open mouth with a folded bra cup. She tied the bra straps around my head gagging me. She pulled my encumbered mouth back into her cleavage.

“When Mum arrives you’ll be between my breasts. Aren’t you going to struggle, Roy?”

I relaxed and enjoyed Lucy’s softness. I didn’t react when Amy returned. I couldn’t see Amy. I could hear her.

“Come in Mum,” Amy said.

I still didn’t react.

“Why no reaction from Roy, Amy?” Lucy asked.

“If you let him speak, I’m sure he’ll tell you,” Amy replied.

Lucy removed the bra gagging me.

“OK, Roy. Why did you just relax against my boobs?”

“The answer is simple, Lucy. There are two reasons. The first? Amy would never do that to me. I trust her, just as she trusts me.”

Lucy looked shocked.

“You trust each other that much?”

“Yes,” Amy replied for me.

“And the second reason, Roy?”

“It’s the first of April. I knew Amy would do something. This was it.”

Lucy’s tears fell on my head. She hugged me to her breasts as Amy removed the cuffs securing me to the chair.

“I told you Roy doesn’t use his claws,” Amy said. “He doesn’t need to. We love each other, trust each other, and play games with each other. He loves me. He loves Lucy too, and would never do anything to hurt either of us…”

I wrapped my released arms around my sister in law Lucy as she kissed me.

“I love Roy too, Amy, but he’s yours.”

“Unless I let my sister play with him, Lucy. Tonight? We’ll share a bed again. Roy can show you how much he loves both of us.”

The End

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