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Lucinda’s Haunting Memories

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1Lucinda dropped her shoulder bag onto the chair set to one side of the hall table. She looked at her reflection in the art deco mirror, its rectangular metal frames stark against the brilliant white of the walls. She felt overwhelmed by fatigue and a raging sense of guilt that possessed her thoughts…of having succumbed to her philandering brother-in-law; a man with few scruples, rich though he was; a man who had found her in ways that she would need time to fully comprehend, let alone to close out the memories of how she had behaved.Her auburn red hair was still tied back, its long wispy curls framing her slender face, large eyes taking in her appearance, her skin somewhat paler than normal for a woman unbothered by wanting a suntan. Its silky smoothness was something that her husband, Freddie Carew, loved about her. He had called her ‘Lucy’ from the beginnings of their relationship, Freddie finding ‘Lucinda’ far too formal.He had yet to come home from the hospital, the emergency surgery call, in the early hours of the morning, taking him from her side. He had attended the family reunion for his brother Tony at a local wine bar and where they had sought to make a night of it, even if he had been obliged not to drink any alcohol. Tony had travelled over from the States for a few days’ break, leaving his partner Barbara Baker behind; she was unable to make a journey at short notice. Tony had ended up staying with her and Freddie for his last two nights in England before he too returned to his work as a medical consultant. The two men looked alike, you couldn’t mistake them for not being brothers, but their temperaments were far from similar, divergent, and it was this that now preyed on her mind.Lucy pressed the fingers of one hand to her belly, felt the ache bestowed by wayward hours spent in bed with Tony, her behaviour defying all logic and what had gone before between them, which had been only too unremarkable.She had checked her skin for any marks of her prolonged and tempestuous trysts with the man. None were to be found, for which she was grateful. What she could not close out was how she had succumbed to Tony; how she had been seduced when they had been alone in the house, and he had been heard coming into the kitchen soon after Freddie had left her. Before all of that, she had kissed Freddie in farewell and made a hot milky drink to help her get back to sleep once more; to settle her stomach after an evening at that bistro where more had been drunk than she had thought wise, but the mood that everyone had fallen into making it easier to agree than to decline.Yet, such mild excesses had not affected her judgement, nor what she had been seduced into pursuing with Tony. She wondered if there could ever be a way back from what she had succumbed to and then shared with him. It had felt as if no part of her body had been left untouched, kissed or caressed, or found in Tony’s pursuit of pleasure şişli escort and that she had discovered in wanton abandon to him and his ways.Right now, as she went into the lavishly appointed kitchen, other things were on her mind…how she had to where she now was with her thoughts and feelings about herself, but mostly about Tony.2She looked up on hearing the kitchen clock strike the hour. Lucy shifted on the chair as she sipped on a small beaker of hot chocolate. The kitchen table already had some of the breakfast things laid out upon it.Freddie had left her without a word being said on the fact that she was alone in the house with Tony, the brother whose behaviour over supper and then afterwards continued to confound her. Once Freddie had left her side, she had spent a restless hour trying to get back to sleep and had finally decided to come downstairs and read; to do something to take her mind off what had happened and that was so at odds with all that had gone before between them.The dress she had worn at the wine bar, a black jersey favourite with its cutaway sleeves and somewhat revealing neckline, had not been worn for some time, but she could still get into it and Freddie’s approving glances had overcome her concern. It shaped her slender, full-breasted figure and the soft swell of her belly. She had been pleased how a jewelled pendant, that she had chosen to wear, nestled on the almost glacial whiteness of her skin and her cleavage.She still wore the necklace now, under the short-hemmed silk dressing gown that she loved to feel against her skin.But how Tony had behaved when they had danced a few steps, to a tune heard on the wine bar’s sound system, had revealed just what he felt when she had been held close, far too close it now seemed. It had become a reckless and intimate embrace that she had been obliged to step away from, suddenly embarrassed and disconcerted by his state of arousal and what had been her reaction. She had been dismayed to feel the press of his prick against her belly as he held her close in a dance, his steps certain and taking her along effortlessly, in time with the music to be heard.She had said nothing to Freddie, but she had felt herself drawn into a maelstrom of emotions that being together, like they had never been before, had aroused in her and most of all by him. She had taken to wondering if wearing that dress had sent the wrong signals, which had taken him further when they danced. Perhaps he was missing Bobby far more than he’d ever admit to and she had been considered a surrogate.She’d not worn the dress to alert him to what may also have been at work in her. That was far too crazy to even think of, let alone for her to go there.‘Lucinda…?’Lucy gasped in dismay and swung round on the seat, her ease of movement hindered by the breakfast bar’s top, on hearing him speak. She felt a tightening in her throat on seeing him, the drift of his mecidiyeköy escort eyes over her as the dressing gown tightened. ‘Tony!’‘Yes, I can’t sleep, either.’‘Freddie’s been called in for an emergency…’‘I heard him go, some time ago.’ She saw Tony brush a hand over his combed back greying hair, his high forehead creased in a frown as he took in her appearance, her choice of a thin dressing gown that she had put over her short nightdress, with its lacy straps and bow at her breastbone, all of it only too flattering and shaping her. ‘I see someone else, again…different from the woman I danced with last night.’‘And I was embarrassed by what you felt…’ She answered only too directly, draining the dregs of her hot chocolate. She made to get up from the chair, her leg stretching the fabric of her short-hemmed nightdress and revealing the pale skin of her thighs.‘A man who felt attracted to you…and who is with you now.’ His fingers lifted her face and Tony made her look at him. ‘I never got the chance to say how beautiful you looked in that dress…how you looked when we danced. It was a special moment…’‘Don’t, Tony….’‘I’m just telling you how it was for me.’She put a restraining hand on his chest as he drew closer still. The touch of his fingers to the bare skin of her thigh had sent a shock of dismay, and of aberrant longing, coursing through her body. Tony had never made a pass at her before, the opportunity never presenting itself, as it did now, she realised.‘You’ve said it, now let me go to bed. It seems I may have to drive you to the airport. Freddie said the operation might become complicated…that he might have to stay for a while…close to the recovery room. He will call me…’She blurted it all out just to buy some time and to decide on what to do. Tony remained standing close to her, the featherlight brush of his fingers to her face letting her know that he was captivated by what he saw of her and could now touch.‘Then we’ll be together from now on, Lucy.’She heard how his voice had dropped and his tone seeking to persuade her into being with him in ways that smashed everything that had gone before. All that she had thought to be her ordered life, with Freddie, was now at risk if she let him continue in his touches, be taken in by flattering words. She gripped Tony’s wrist but could not still his questing caresses and felt dismayed at her body’s responses to what his interest in her would lead to.‘You’re dreaming. Get your hands off me! You’re dreaming if you think you’ll get me into bed…have a quick fuck with me…a farewell present quite different.’She wasn’t one to swear, or use foul language, but the moment seemed to warrant it.‘You think so?’ Tony asked, a devilish smile creasing his greying stubble beard. She had always liked that smile, how his soft blue eyes took her in, as they did so again now, her thin dressing gown shaping the tumble of her breasts and revealing more of her slender legs that was decent. The frilly hem had ridden up over her thighs as she sought to stand up, one foot just reaching the floor as he kept her from moving.He had shifted his weight and now kept her from covering her legs. Tony moved again, pressed to force her thighs wider apart until he could stand between them, his arms to each side of her and his large hands bearing his weight on the countertop as he leant over her. She saw his eyes drift, felt his breath on her face, met his stilled look that sought to persuade her to relent.‘Share moments with me, while we have the chance to do so,’ he breathed on her lips as he stood over her and she pressed hands to his chest.‘This is crazy, Tony,’ she groaned in dismay, squirming under his slow, questing, touches that aroused rushes of aberrant longing for him in her, ‘and it’s so deceitful.’‘You had your troubles with Freddie, I seem to recall?’Her eyes widened in surprise that he should speak of it. ‘That was a long time ago! One wrong doesn’t excuse another!’‘But may explain it, Lucy, a moment so different from everything that’s gone before.’ His breaths were on her parted lips, and she met his stilled, determined look upon her, the drift of his eyes down as he pulled open her gown to reveal the swell of her breasts, shaped so enticingly by her nightdress, the silk fabric clinging to every curve. ‘You’re beautiful. Even more beautiful than the last time I was here with you…’‘But not like this…you didn’t see me like this or behave like this!’‘I need you, beautiful Lucy. I really need you.’ He kissed her trembling lips before she tore her mouth away. She felt his hands move over her breasts and cup them for a moment to feel their weight, and before they slid down over her stomach and brushed her thighs, then pressed into her slit and danced over her opening, his long fingers agile as they parted her slicked pussy’s lips and seducingly moved to find her clit. ‘Don’t fight it…share these moments with me, Lucy…please?’Her hands were unable to restrain him as Tony stood over her and offered kisses and ragingly pleasurable touches to wherever he could reach to bring her on.‘This…is so wrong!’ she cried out in disgust yet feeling the wetness that his questing touches had aroused in her. How could that be happening given the way she felt?‘You’re with me, someone you know and who cares for you…’‘But showing that supposed care…like this?’ She squirmed under his touches; felt the unstoppable rush of longing that a man’s slow questing caresses to her most secret place aroused in her, that sought to coax her to abandon any restraint.Tony chuckled even as he hooked his fingers under her panties and slid them directly onto her slicked opening, parted her pussy’s lips. He pressed gently, not enough to actually slide inside her, but enough of a questing caress that Lucy did not know how to stop him from continuing, pinned as she was on the seat. In thrall, she watched as his thumb followed, sliding onto her clit and rocking against it in a seducing rhythmic caress that made the muscles of her vagina pulse, even against her will.

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