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Lucky fuck in Las Vegas.

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Lucky fuck in Las Vegas.I was in Nevada for a military joint services exercise at the Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas. I had been there for over a week and living with a hundred or so hot young men had made me extremely horny for a cock. As luck would have it I was tasked with driving a group to the airport in Las Vegas for their flight home. Their flight left at 11 and I did not have to be back at the base until midnight.On the way to the airport to drop the group off I passed by a mini mall shopping area that had a ABS there. I made note of it as I was headed there as soon as I dropped the group off. Pulling in to the parking area and parking the van I looked the place over. There were cars in the parking lot and it being close to lunch hour I was hoping there would be a crowd of willing cocks to suck. I wasn’t sure if it had glory holes but I was hoping it did.It was hot outside and the cool air inside the store was welcoming. I looked around a bit, went and grabbed $20 worth of tokens, insuring I could spend a long time in a booth dropping tokens. I headed toward the booth area, parted the curtains and step inside. It was dark and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. It was fairly large in size. There were booths along all four walls and a single row down the middle of about 8 booths or so..I headed in and as I turned the corner I noticed some one going around the corner in to the 2nd booth in the middle row of booths. I glanced up and saw no light on the first booth so I opened the door and went inside locking it behind me and dropping a token to turn on the escort bayan light. I looked toward the wall to see if there was a hole and to my delight there was.A chair was there against the back wall and I unzipped my shorts and dropped them to the floor and sat down and glanced through the hole stroking my cock. I dropped a half dozen tokens indicating my intent of staying a while. I could see through the hole the lower half of a rather tall well dressed black man. I placed one finger through the hole and circled the hole hoping he would take the hint. He responded by unzipping his fly and relieving his cock from its confinement. What a magnificent cut cock it was.It was flaccid but large in length and girth. He slowly stroked it and it began to get erect and engorged with blood. It was a monster cock. I moaned with desire just watching it harden. I fingered the hole and put my whole hand in palm side up. I wanted that Mandingo meat so bad. I could see past my hand and he moved closer and placed the mushroom head of his cock in my palm of my hand. It was huge, as big as a ripe plum. I reached further in and grasped the whole shaft and gave it a stroke toward the head. He moved closer to the hole and I withdrew my hand and placed my mouth open at the hole.He rewarded me by pushing his cock through the hole and in to my mouth. It was hard, warm and it was so salty tasty. I ran my tongue around his head and suckled it in my mouth. He was slowly moving closer to the wall until he was leaning entirely against it. I was doing my best to enjoy this magnificent tuzla genç escort cock. I had actually “field” measured it and there was almost 12 inches of 2 1/2 inch thick black cut cock protruding through the hole for my pleasure. I was truly in cock sucker heaven.I began to seriously stroke this cock down my throat relaxing and letting it go deeper and deeper with each thrust. He was now stroking his cock with rhythm to my thrusts and was fucking my face. I finally just stopped and with my face pressed against the wall my mouth open lips against his loins I just let him fuck my face. I finally had to come up for air and wipe the snot from my nose and drool from my chin.I stood up grabbed some paper towels that were provided and cleaned myself off. Catching my breath I looked down at this mighty sweet piece of manhood and knew what I had to do. Something this nice only comes around once in a lifetime and I was going to ride this carousel until I grabbed the ring. I had been still slowly stroking his cock and it was wet from my saliva. I had stepped out of my underwear and shorts and was naked from my waist down. My t-shirt was drenched in sweat.I turned so my back was to the wall and his cock and slowly backed up until I could feel his cock head touching my ass hole. I took a breath, threw my head back and with a deep sigh I exhaled and backed up on to his large swollen cock. I pushed hard and with my ass cheeks spread wide I engulfed that cock until my ass was plastered against the wall and nearly a foot of hard thick black cock was impaled inside me.Only tuzla kendi evi olan escort less than an inch of plywood separated us and I could hear his deep breathing behind me. He slowly began to stroke his cock in and out of me and I could hear him whispering to me how good my ass felt and how tight it was. I began to massage his cock with my ass muscles and he moaned deeply with pleasure when I did so. If this wasn’t ass fucking heaven it was close. We both just stood there he slowly rhythmically working his cock in and out slowly stroking my ass. On occasion he would withdraw almost to the head and then stoke it deeply until his nut sack smacked my ass cheeks.He did this a few times and then quietly whispered he was going to cum. He began to fuck my ass with renewed vigor and I responded by fucking back against his cock. I wanted to cum too as I had been stoking my own hard cock during this time. My balls ached badly for relief. He fucked me and fucked me as I whispered back encouragement. I wished to feel his hot cum inside me.Shortly my wish was fulfilled as he slammed his cock inside me stopped and moaned and began to pump his hot sticky cum deep inside my ass. His cock twitched with each load and I could feel his hot sweaty balls against my ass and felt them swell before each time a load of sperm was expelled. I realized that I too had cum and had actually shot my whole load on to the opposite wall. I could see my cum dripping down it.We both stood there silently his cock still twitching inside me. I could feel his sperm starting to leak out and down my leg. I could smell it. He was quietly whispering to me how could I was that I was the best ass he had ever fucked. I squeezed my ass muscles tight in response. We both got lucky that day in Las Vegas. I rode a nice large black cock and he fucked a young tight white ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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