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Lucy-Anne Part One

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Hi my names Lucy-Anne and this is a story about Daddy and me, I’m 18 years old 5ft 5inches tall with long blond hair & I’m 34-25-34 and weigh about 115lbs. Daddy’s 38 years old 5ft 9inches tall dark hair and about 154lbs. Mummy died a year ago so it’s just us now, we live in a nice town a wonderful house with a swimming pool at the back. Daddy works from home doing computer work not sure what but I know he gets paid well because we want for nothing. It all started on a Friday night I stayed home because my friends were going away with their parents plus it would make a change to spend some time with my dad. It was about 6pm and dad asked me to order in the takeaway so I decided on Chinese. Daddy came in about half an hour later and asked me if I wanted a glass of wine “Yes please daddy” “Red or white babe” “White please” We go into the living room and pick a film for us to watch, just as we get ourselves organised the takeaway guy turned up daddy pays and we take it into the living room and put it on the table in front of the sofa so we can pick at it as we watch the film and yes it is a girlie film but daddy doesn’t mind. Daddy is always glad to spend some time with his little girl. We sip our wine while we eat and watch the film it was the only time I was allowed to drink indoors but I didn’t mind i’m not that much of a drinker anyway. We watched the film and chatted till about midnight then decided to call it a day, Daddy said he just needed to check on something he had running in his office then he was going to bed. I gave daddy a kiss on the cheek and asked if he was going to tuck me in for a change, daddy smiled and said he would so I go up to my room and get ready for bed, going through my little ritual brushing my teeth, my hair and putting my pyjamas on and into bed. Daddy knocks on the door and asks if he can come in and I said yes, daddy leans over the bed kisses me on my forehead and tells me sleep tight then proceeds to tuck me in going round the bed tucking the sheet under the mattress. “Night night daddy” “Night baby see you in the morning” I unsealed myself from my tucking in I know he means well, I curl up and drift off to sleep. About an hour later I wake up and yes I need to pee, I go into my bathroom do my business and was about to get back into bed when I see a light under my door it looks like daddy is still awake, I creep out of my room to daddy’s room and look and there is daddy sitting on the side of the bed, I have to adjust my eyes because he only has his bedside light on. Daddy was naked and I couldn’t believe what daddy was doing, he had his cock in his hand and he was sliding his hand up and down it. I couldn’t stop looking at daddy’s cock in his hand it wasn’t exactly small it must have been 8 or 9 inches long and by the look of it quite thick as well. I listened and I heard daddy talking. “That’s it Lucy-Anne you do like the look of daddy’s cock?” I knew daddy couldn’t see me so knew he was fantasising about me. I couldn’t believe what daddy was telling me to do to his cock but I was getting a little wet between the legs. I won’t tell you yet what daddy got me to do you’ll have to wait till later to find out. I’m going to see daddy cum i’ve never seen a man cum before and he’s thinking of me daddy aims his cock into his other hand and moves his foreskin really fast and then he cums shooting loads of white stuff into his hand. Once he’s istanbul travesti finished he licks his cum from his hand till it’s clean, that was very weird but very erotic to watch and made my panties even wetter. I quietly creep back to bed and think about what I’d just seen and heard, did I like what daddy thought of me doing to him well yes I did. I slipped my hand inside my pyjamas I was definitely wet between the legs he did get me excited, I stroked my pussy running my fingers up and down my slit till I came squirting into my pyjamas then drifted off to sleep for the rest of the night. I woke up about 9 I could smell daddy cooking breakfast in the kitchen he knows it’s a sure fire way to wake me up, I got up changed and go downstairs and there’s daddy dishing up breakfast. After watching daddy play with himself last night I looked at daddy a different way he does look good and his body did look fit in the light last night, perhaps I should think about giving him his fantasy. “Well good morning sleepy head did you sleep well babe” “Yes daddy,” I thought I know what helped you go to sleep last night. We sat and had breakfast together chatted about what we were going to do today, daddy said he had a few things in his office to check on so he would be occupied for most of the day. I sat there and asked if it was ok if I went shopping today to get something to wear for his Birthday next Saturday and to buy him a present as well. “No problem sweetheart as long I get the bill to go with books when I do the accounts” I get up and ask him if he wants me wash up he says no he’ll do it later. I go upstairs and on the way up I decide to buy the outfit he got me to wear while he played with himself. I get dressed pulling a skirt that comes just above my knees and a jumper, panties and bra as well. I go downstairs and daddy’s in his office i’ve always had to knock before entering it’s something to with the work he does. I knock on the door. “Come in babe” “Daddy i’m going shopping now is it ok if one or two of the items I buy are a little expensive?” “Since your telling me before you go of course not give me a kiss and go shopping” I walk over to daddy’s desk put my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek and say thank you. I go to the Mall and start looking around the shops daddy’s present and card will be easy, the outfit could be little harder I go from shop to shop looking but nothing, then I turn a corner and there’s two shops side by side ones called Fantasy and the others called Moniques. Now it looks like Moniques sells shoes but I can’t pick those out till I have my outfit so I walk into Fantasy and start looking around, a girl comes up to me and asks can she help me. “Yes i’m looking for a short skirt that just about covers my bottom and a top that just covers my breasts” “Well it seems like someone is going to be a lucky guy to see you just wearing that.” I think to myself if you only knew. “I do have some very short skirts and tops so you are in luck what size are you” I tell her my size and off she goes she come back with a couple of short skirts and tops. “Well what do you think of these the skirts are 6 and 7 inches long and these tops should fit you, would you like to try them on. “Yes please” the skirts are really short I go into the changing room and slip my skirt, my top, my panties and my bra off, I pull the 7 inch skirt istanbul travestileri on and then the really short top that really does just cover my tits. “Do you want come out and look in the mirror when you’re ready?” I walk out of the changing room and walk towards the mirror the skirt is still a little too long so we agree that I should put the 6 inch skirt on, I go back to the changing room and slip off the skirt and put the 6 inch one on. I walk out and go to the mirror. “Well that skirt just about covers your little bum and the top just covers your breasts don’t you think miss?” “Yes they do” I check that the skirt just right, I bend over without thinking that there’s another girl with me I want to make sure that daddy could see my bum if I bent over in front of him. “What a very nice sight” come’s the reply from the shop assistant I suddenly realise what i’ve done and we both giggle. “I’m Sammi” the shop assistant tells me. “I’m Lucy-Anne” “Well I think your boyfriend is definitely going to get a surprise when he sees you in this or are you hoping for more?” “No i’m only going to tease him.” “I think you need panties then if you don’t want to give him a heart attack, something small just to cover your little pussy up” “OK what did you have in mind” and off she goes to the counter and comes back with the smallest thong i’ve ever seen. “Try these on I know they’re small but you’re the one who wants to tease” Well the thong is white a small strip about an inch wide tapering down to nothing really, I start walking towards the changing room. “Why don’t you slip them on here we are girls together Lucy-Anne” I turn around walk back and start putting my new thong on in front of another girl who seems to be enjoying what she can see. “That’s it they should just cover your pussy lips and the slide the thin piece between your bum cheeks that’s it if you have to just pull one of your little cheeks to one side so the lace can slide up, that’s it gently pull at the sides now bend over and have a look at yourself. I put my little skirt back into place turn a little sideways and bend over what a lovely sight, turn around and face the mirror and lift my skirt up oh my god it does just cover my pussy lips it just seems to hold my lips together in place. “Well now all we need to sort out is the colour of top and skirt, I have them in several colours” We walk to where Sammi has the tops and skirts i’m wearing. “What colour do you think Sammi?.” “Well how about a deep pink for the top and then a lighter shade for the skirt?.” I nod and pull the skirt off and slip on the one offered then turn my back to her pull off my top and Sammi gives me the deep pink top. I walk to the mirror and look. “Sammi they go together really well” I do a little girlie twirl in front of the mirror and smile. “Yes they do” “Now all I need are some 6 inch high heels to go with this and this outfits complete.” “You’ll be going next door to Moniques then she’ll have exactly what you need to go with this outfit, in fact I think i’ll come with you to make sure she finishes off my hard work properly” I pay for my clothes and am about to get changed when Sammi says “keep the outfit on we’ll go through the back to Moniques then she can see what she’s got to find shoes for” We go out the back of Fantasy and knock on the back door of Moniques, a young girl about the same age as travesti istanbul Sammi opens the door and we go in. “Well what can I do for this young lady?” Moniques says “Lucy-Anne this is Monique, Lucy-Anne needs some 6 inch high heels to match this outfit” “Hello who’s the lucky guy Lucy-Anne I hope he’s going to fulfil all your dreams because you look fantastic.” “Thank you I hope so too this is just a tease outfit for him we’ll have to see where it goes from there.” “Isn’t she going to be such a prick tease Monique I reckon he’ll see her in this and just explode in his pants” Sammi says. All three of just laugh after that little statement from Sammi. “Now high heels for this outfit hmm do we contrast the colour of continue the theme of pink, what colour panties are you wearing with this.” I lift my skirt up and show Monique my little thong she gasps and looks impressed. “Sammi picked them out for me she said it just covers my little pussy and since I am a virgin white seems an appropriate colour don’t you think?” “Pink then let me go pick a couple of pairs out for you to try on what size Lucy-Anne?” “Size 4 please” Monique comes back with two beautiful pairs of high heel one pair are court shoes the other are sandals. “Slip into the court shoes first and we’ll see how it looks with your outfit” I slip me feet into the shoes they feel so sexy plus they make feel taller, I go to the mirror and look at myself and yes I do look really good I hope daddy like this present for his birthday. “Well girls what do you think do they look ok?” “They look really horny on you Lucy-Anne don’t they Monique?” “Yes but try on the sandals men do like to see a girls feet you know” I slip out of the court shoes and sit down and put on the sandals and walk to the mirror and pose. “Well what about these girls better than the court shoes what do you think?” Both girls look at me in these shoes and then decide together that it has to be the court shoes. I take off the sandal and put the court shoes back on and walk back to the mirror, I look and feel so naughty in this outfit. It now comes the time to pay for my heels and change, Moniques takes my card and I enter my pin number once they’re paid for its time to back to Fantasy and put my normal clothes back on, we go through the back and I go back into the changing room and dress to go shopping for daddy’s card and present. When I come out of the changing room both Monique and Sammi are there waiting for me they both smile and ask me to come back and tell them how it goes, I agree and the girls wish me luck and give me a hug and off I go. I stop at one of the music shops and buy daddy the latest Complete Motown Singles Collection sets plus his card, I know he hasn’t got it because he always shows me the latest one he’s bought plus he’ll put it on and ask me dance with him which I do because he is a really good dancer. I feel really tired so I decide to go home i’ve got everything I need for daddy’s birthday. When I get home I let daddy know i’m home and surprise surprise he’s in his office working. “Home daddy” “Did you get everything you wanted baby” “Yes you can’t have the bill yet or you’ll know what i’ve bought but you can have it after your birthday if that’s ok daddy” “Ok sweetheart nothing for me to have a heart attack over then? “No daddy no shockers, “ “What shall we do about dinner, that is if we can get you out of this office tonight are you cooking or shall we call Mr Pizza man.” I ask “Cheeky i’m coming out now young lady.” Daddy comes out of his office and glances down at the bags luckily there’s no name on the bags so daddy doesn’t know where I’ve been. “No looking daddy it’s a surprise i’m going to takes these up to my…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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