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Lucy, Anticipating

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Lucy woke from a dream in an expanse of covers and pillows that she swore was the size of Arizona. Sandy pillows and mocha-brown sheets with a cactus green comforter always made her think of the southeastern state, even though she’d never been there. Petite though she was, she felt even smaller in the huge bed when she was alone.

And she was definitely alone.

There’d been glorious hours with him, they’d pushed and squirmed, loved and laughed. She had no idea when it had ended; as far as she could remember, they’d fallen asleep while still coupled. Languid and sighing, she stretched in the bed while yawning, noticing a few sore spots and enjoying the feeling of contentment.

The clock announced rudely that it was time to get ready for work. She slapped the button, stopping the invasive noise. She rolled towards his side of the bed so that she could inhale deeply of the pillows on his side. As she wrapped an arm around one to gather it in and bury her nose in its scent, she heard a wrinkling of paper and found a note.

“Touch yourself for me.”

Stifling a laugh, she remembered that he’d been dropping subtle hints for months that this day would come. “I want to possess you completely, even when we’re not together,” he’d said when she asked what was with all the mystery.

Taped to the back of the note was a 3×5 color photo of something that made her catch her breath. It was a woman’s butt lewdly filling the shot. At the bottom, beneath the swell of her buttocks, was a penis in mid-stroke in her vagina. Her lips strained to accommodate his girth and her anus was relaxed and formed a perfect, light brown “O”.

With a slight shock, she realized that the pale creamy skin in the photo was hers and the cock was hers too. Well, it was that of her man’s, but she thought of it as hers the same way he always said that her pussy was his. She’d had no idea when (or even how) he’d photographed them in the act, but then when she was face down in the pillows with her ass in the air she wasn’t exactly paying much attention to anything other than him pleasuring her. The thought of it sparked a pang of interest below her waist and she realized that she would indeed do as the note commanded.

Ten minutes later, Lucy realized that not only was there now no time for her morning run, but that she probably didn’t need the exercise anyway. Last night and just now had been exerting and exhausting enough.

She slipped into the bathroom and stood in a shower big enough for four people while stinging shards of hot water pelted her skin and re-invigorated her. “It might be a very interesting day” she thought to herself. “No telling what he’s got planned.”

But anticipation of what it might be was nice.

Toweling off with the oversized terry bath towels, she wandered naked back into the bedroom. Her closet was full of clothes and a small chest of drawers housed a voluminous collection of sexy lingerie. She’d been afraid that he might go broke buying her lacy pretties to wear when they’d moved in together, but he didn’t seem to care. In the underwear drawer, she found another note: “Sorry, not today. Go without.”

She laughed out loud. “Nuts. He’s nuts.” Whatever, she’d go without. She turned to choose a dress and noticed that her clothes hamper was empty like the drawer. He’d even taken the precaution of hiding the dirty underwear so she couldn’t wear her once-worn panties.

A skirt and blouse was hanging by themselves, away from the other clothes. She looked for another note but didn’t find anything. Figuring that their separation from the other hanging clothes was hint enough, she slipped into a bra, donned the blouse, and slid the skirt over her hips.

A pair of open toed sandals with three inch heels was parked by the door güvenilir bahis to the closet and without question she slipped them on. He’d paid for a manicure and pedicure for her two days ago and hadn’t stopped commenting on how sexy her feet looked in the heels since. Sammy purred and rubbed up against her and she smiled at him. “Step aside Kitty, you don’t get to look up my skirt today,” she joked as she stepped past the affectionate feline.

A banana and two plums were found on the countertop when she went to grab breakfast. At this point, she simply shook her head with a barely bemused smile and headed out the door. The top was already down on her convertible and rather than put it up, she figured that it was down for a reason. He did, after all, prefer what he called her “windblown look” and she resigned herself to wasting the time spent on hair.

Bag on the seat, seatbelt bisecting her breasts, key in the ignition, she found a yellow Post-It note on the gear shift. “I love you.” She pulled it away with a little “snick” as the adhesive gave up its grip on the leather. Folding it, she noticed one word on the back: “Lots!!!”

“Yep, gonna be a great day,” she thought. The anticipation of what he might have planned was growing. The adventures both in and out of the bedroom since they’d found each other again had been head-spinning, toe-curling, and life-changing. “Love” barely covered what they had so far.

Shifting into first, she dropped the clutch and the rear tires gave a little squeak. “Great day, indeed!”

Twenty minutes later, turning into the industrial park, her phone buzzed. Searching in her bag, she found the pink and bejeweled device. After parking, she opened the email service on the phone. A text message awaited her. “How’s the wind feel on your pussy?” it asked. A picture was included and she opened it. It was similar to the one he’d left on the pillow. It was her ass up in the air and there was his cock again. But the difference this time was that the cock was in her smaller hole. The flared bottom of the head of his cock was visible right at her tiny entrance. He must have taken it right as he pushed into her ass. They’d had anal sex many times, and each time, the initial entrance had to be handled with care. The fattest part of his unit, the head, would typically cause her a tiny discomfort upon initiation of the act. She’d push her ass further in the air and try to flare her hips to allow him an easier access to her, but even so, it required lubrication and patience to ease slowly into her anal cavity. Once coupled this way, though, they’d build speed and friction until both would be panting and huffing to the completion of the taboo act.

A noise jarred her out of her reverie and she closed the phone’s browser before anyone could see. One of the company’s truck drivers was picking up the mail and the noise had been him closing the squeaky mail box door. As he approached her, she realized that not only were her legs spread on the seat of the car, but that the wind from the top being down had blown her short skirt up. She could see the lips of her own bare pussy when she looked down at the seat.

She flipped the skirt back down quickly and realized that there’d been no way he could have seen anything, approaching as he was from the back of the car. All the same, she thanked him for the favor, took the mail, and said nothing more, hoping that he’d continue on with his duties since there wasn’t much possibility of getting out of the car without exposing herself just a little. He bid her a good morning and continued to the loading yard behind the business, happy to be starting his long day with such a lovely vision in his mind.

Swinging the door open, she spun sideways, feeling the leather’s texture on her bare ass, türkçe bahis unfolded sexy legs from the car, planted the heels on the ground, and stood up quickly before any of the blue collar guys in the back of the plant could get a look. She wondered if she appealed to those young guys back there in the shop’s work yard that she couldn’t see.

Despite her care and discretion, she could still feel unseen eyes watching her walk across the parking lot in the bright, Hawaiian sun. Her confidence in her looks was a direct result of his intense love for her and the rigorous morning exercise routine she subjected herself to. At the office door, reaching for the keys in her purse, she dropped several envelopes. Before giving it any thought, she bent at the waist and picked up the parcels. Feeling cool air on her bare crotch, she straightened quickly. Hopefully, nobody had seen.

Inside, she started coffee, turned on computers, and changed the phones from their night mode and prepared for the day. Her co-worker wouldn’t be in for two more hours, promising to work late to make up for it. The fifth email in her folder was from him.

Another short teaser said, “I saw you. Good girl. No underwear! LY. Tonight…”

She peeked through the blinds trying to see where he might be but saw nothing to indicate his hiding place. “Great, now he’s a stalker,” she thought with a laugh.

A few hours later, after failing to concentrate on the day, she decided to go to lunch early. She shut down her computer and grabbed her purse. A courier came in and asked her to sign for a package. As that man was leaving, a delivery man from a local florist came in with a bouquet of yellow and white roses. Her man always said that whenever he thought of her, he thought of, “white and yellow; you know—bright colors,” so the bouquet’s color selection was a natural. The man smiled and turned to leave. He hesitated and held the door for a stunning blond who smiled breezily and came in to put a paper bag down on Lucy’s desk. Her uniform shirt announced the name of Lucy’s favorite deli and the girl gave Lucy a look that made her heart race for a minute. She said, “Enjoy your lunch,” and left, leaving Lucy with a confused expression. Lucy’s co-worker beamed with the knowledge that finally the office manager had found someone who really seemed to care for her.

She started with the paper bag that the young woman had left. A salad with grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, and water chestnuts was in a clear box and she pulled it out to open it. Taped to the bottom of the box was a small note that said, “Eat me. LOL.”

“He’s such a dork.” During one of their conversations early on, he’d explained how he had never felt sexy, suave, or smooth. He’d settled for funny and hoped that she would too. And even that, he’d said, she couldn’t count on. “I’ll probably say a bunch of shit over the years that only I think is funny. Other than that, I got nothing. But I will work to prove that I love you every day with my actions. You’re everything to me, Doll. I hope it’s enough for you.”

Prove it he had. She’d been ecstatic every morning to wake up next to him and eager to return to their shared home every night after work. He worked hard to make sure that she knew how much he loved her; every day it was some new thing. From offering to do more than his share of the housework, to playing with (and babysitting) the boys, to the little game he was playing now, it was clear that he thought of nothing but her.

During the lunch, she admired the flowers and the wonderful aroma that wafted across the office from them. Then she remembered the little brown box that the courier had delivered. What could it be? She couldn’t remember ordering anything and the business didn’t use anything that would come in güvenilir bahis siteleri a box so small. “Now who’s the dork?” she thought as she realized that maybe he’d sent it.

She slid a letter opener under the packing tape of the anonymous box, seeing neither return address nor indication of where it might have originated. Inside were two wooden clothes pins. The little spring loaded clips were packed in the box with a picture of them attached to her boobs. She caught herself before she could break out laughing at the memory that the items sparked in her. The girl on the other side of the office barely noticed Lucy’s suppressed laugh.

Three weeks ago, during one of their play sessions, he’d decided to explore the limits of her wish to have her nipples pinched and pulled during sex. While fucking her in any position, he would pull and twist lightly at her perky nips, distorting the breast skin around them. Her response each time was automatic and loud. When he’d upped the stakes by pinching her little pink knobs between two clothes pins, she’d had an orgasm. But then, as they prepared to figure a way to increase the stimulation to her breasts, they’d stopped at the same time, looked down at the absurd sight, and begun laughing uncontrollably. The laughing fit had lasted for five minutes and would re-occur randomly every time one of them thought about it. Knowing what was causing the giggles, the other would fight it but eventually succumb to the hilarity.

Anticipation of what else she might encounter was eating her up. Finishing the meal, she returned to her duties but her mind just wasn’t on it. Covering for her office-mate who’d gone to lunch with her husband, Lucy sat alone in the office. Nobody else was in today. Sales people were away at a convention, the owner was probably playing golf, and the plant manager had no reason to come out of the yard and into the office today.

She decided to slip down the hall to the bathroom and see if she could relieve herself. Knowing what might await her at home was too much. She could feel her nipples harden and her pussy moisten beneath her skirt as she swung out of the chair and headed down the narrow hallway to the office restroom.

She checked her face in the mirror. Leaning over at the waist to get closer to the mirror, she realized she was in his favorite position. Bad (or perfect) timing, because she noticed the door opening behind her in the mirror.

She opened her mouth to stop whoever was so rude as to try the door without knocking and realized too late that she had left it unlocked. “Baby, are you in here…?” she heard him ask.

She threw herself at him, got her arms tightly around his neck, and realized that he had an erection. She rubbed herself against it as he smothered her face with kisses and attempted to pull her closer. “I couldn’t wait til tonight, Baby. I want you now.”

When they broke the kiss, she found herself being turned around to face the mirror again. He looked over her shoulder and while stroking her breasts said, “Don’t look away, Sweetheart.”

She watched his eyes as, without looking, he ran a hand down her back, across her ass to the bottom of the skirt. He lifted the hem, slowly, dragging it across the smooth skin of her cheeks. One of his feet gently pushed at the instep of her left heel and she shifted her weight onto the right heel to spread her legs, allowing him better access. His other hand gently reached around her and pushed on her waist, jutting her ass out towards him.

A gentle hand slid slowly down and beneath her. The delicious feeling of her bare cunt lips exposed the way they were was further magnified when his fingers slowly grazed them.

“Mmmm, that feels nice. I love feeling you when you’re bare down there…”

She replied with a soft, tentative moan and whispered, “That feels sooooo good. I may not wear panties ever again…”

She felt him kneeling behind her as he slid a finger up and into her.

“Yes. A good girl indeed…”

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