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Lust in the Afternoon

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Lust in the AfternoonI can’t stop thinking of you. You gave me your phone number but made me promise not to call. You were worried that a slip of the tongue or an inopportune call would jeopardize your marriage and you told me not to call you. I couldn’t keep that promise. I called in the morning two weeks after we had parted. My thoughts of you ranged from the romantic to the erotic. I pictured us living a life together and then memories of our love making would excite me and confuse me. I longed for you.You answered quietly I could hear nervousness and yet your excitement to hear my voice. You were quiet and I wondered if you had hung up until I heard you say “I missed you too”. I told you I needed you, needed to see you, feel you in my arms again, your kisses, the feel of your body beneath mine. I told you I had to see you again, this week, tomorrow. You were silent, and then I heard, “Where?” I knew with both of us living hours apart from each other that finding a location close enough yet far enough from people we knew I suggested Flint. There were nice places there and safe enough yet only an hour for each one of us. We could meet in the morning spend the day together, making love and still be home before either one of our spouses came home at the end of the day. The phone was silent and then I heard a soft hesitant, “Yes”. My heart leapt, my mind raced and my pulse quickened. I would soon have you again. We made plans quickly; I would call you after you were on the road telling you where to meet. You agreed quietly and we hung up.The next day I couldn’t leave home fast enough. I sped down the expressway my like I was driving my ambulance. My thoughts only of you. I nearly collided with another car I was so distracted. I reached the hotel and made my way to the desk. My palms sweaty, I tried to act cool, the desk clerk knew my plans, and I wasn’t the first lover renting a hideaway for the afternoon he had ever seen. I paid for the room, in cash, trying to give as little information as possible. I grabbed the key card and my bag and hurried to the room. I quickly dialed your number on my cell phone, it rang once twice and on the third you answered. Your voice was nervous yet barely hid excitement also, you spoke clearly now in your car driving to our rendezvous. I told you where I was and you repeated the directions. It was right of US23 so it was no trouble finding it I was surprised when I heard you laugh. “Did you get a bottle of wine?” you asked “I have” and looked across the room at the chilled bottle and two glasses sitting on the table. You joked you’d need it to calm yourself canlı bahis down. I opened the curtains to the room, we were on the second floor but I kept the sheers pulled I stood in front of the window watching the parking lot waiting for you to pull into the lot. The minutes passed liked hours; I paced the room then would return to the window spying again. I turned on the television hoping the distraction would help but I couldn’t focus on anything but your arrival. My phone rang; I answered and heard your voice. “I’m here” you said. I saw your car enter the lot and you parked. I watched as you got out. Your blond hair free and shining in the midmorning sunlight. You wore a long coat hiding your figure but I knew what lay beneath and my heart raced again as I saw you enter the building. A minute passed and I raced to the door I opened it before you knocked. I startled you with your hand still in the air a shocked expression on your face which quickly turned into a smile. I smiled back and invited you in. As the door closed you dropped your purse on the floor and we embraced like lovers kissing hard our lips locked and our tongues searching for each others. Our hands raced over each other I grabbed your round ass in my hands pressing you to my groin you could feel the hardness begin to grown already just from your body pressing against mine. You slid a hand between us and laughed softly as you groped me. You backed away teasing me. “We have all day”, you said “lets talk and have some wine and let me change” I gave you a another quick kiss and helped you take off your coat. Hanging it up I noticed how light and trim your body is. The swell of your breasts beneath your soft sweater and the shape of your ass in your jeans excited me. I was transfixed by your beauty. You kicked of your shoes and followed me to where the wine was chilling in the bucket as I opened it you stood behind me your arms wrapped around my waist your face pressed against my back a slight scent of your perfume filled the room and flared my nostrils as I took it in. As I wrestled with the cork and opener I told you that there was food in the fridge you released me and skipped to the small room fridge bending over to peer inside I whistled as your ass stuck out and you gave it a playful wiggle as you lifted the tray of assorted fruits and cheeses from the shelf. You selected a strawberry for yourself as I poured the wine. You made a pleased sound as I handed you the glass of wine and you offered me the other half of the strawberry. I opened my mouth as you slid it in I playfully bit your fingers as you smiled again. We toasted, bahis siteleri our glasses clinking and we sipped the wine and fed each other cheese and fruit. We licked and sucked each others fingers and kissed between each piece then I held a slice of apple in my lips and invited you to share half. As you closed to bite the slice of apple my hands drifted to your breasts taking them in my hands I held them and squeezed them and you kissed me apple tongues in each of our mouths. My hands made there way under your sweater again feeling the silky bra but your nipples now pressed against the soft material. I pinched them softly as we kissed now falling on to the bed arms around each other legs intertwined. You stopped me again. Placing your hands on my chest you said you needed to go into the bathroom to change and I should wait patiently for your return. I dimmed the lights and closed the d****s darkening the room. You took your purse into the bathroom and I waited lying on the bed watching TV. It seemed like hours that you were in there I didn’t hear anything the whole time but the fan and every few minutes I ask, “How much longer?” and I’d hear through the door. “One more minute”.Finally after what seemed like an eternity I heard the fan shut off and the door click open. You came around the corner looking like you just stepped out of a dream. You were wearing a blue lace appliqué satin slip with a satin kimono wrap that stopped right at the bottom of your ass. I applauded as you spun around and as the slip lifted slightly I saw a matching string bikini panty underneath. You then lifted your arms over your head seductively and strode catlike to the bed. You slid from my legs to my chest up my body getting to my face and kissing me you whispered, “You like”. I replied “I love”. We kissed my hands played over your body. The satin slid over you smooth skin the feeling almost electric as we kissed. You help me remove my shirt and now I felt the fabric cool to the touch rub over my body getting my cock hard. I flipped you onto your back and opening your legs I began to kiss from the knees up your thighs my hands moved over you and you played with your fingers in my hair. I kissed and licked your dampening pussy through your panties. I could feel the heat as it swelled. I moved the panties to the side flicking my tongue over your shaven mound. It was soft and wet and I parted the lips with my tongue exposing your clit. I licked it and sucked it drawing it out into my mouth feeling it get bigger my tongue darted into your wet pussy fucking you with it, you squirmed on the bed moaning and sighing güvenilir bahis urging me on guiding my head to where it felt good. I licked and sucked and my hands slid under you shapely ass lifting it slightly to my mouth you were starting to cum as I took a finger and slid it in you as you came. My finger buried deep now curved in and stroked your delicate insides. You came in a shudder. I rubbed the soft ridges driving you deeper into orgasm you bucked and writhed I fought to stay on your pussy my tongue and finger working together as you came. I could feel you begin to relax, my finger drenched with your juices I licked your pussy one last time and sat up undoing my pants and dropping them to the floor. You smiled arms outstretched inviting me to lie on top of you. “Not this time darling I have another idea for you.” I fell on the bed on my back and pulled you on to me. You slid your panties off now soaked and sat atop of my pelvis. You grabbed my cock now ramrod stiff and huge and slid it in your wet pussy. You winced slightly at its size and slowly lowered yourself onto to it. You sat wiggling your ass on my pelvis getting it in you as you began to rock back and forth onto me. I reached up and held your breast firm through your slip you continued to ride me like you were on an English saddle rocking and raising and lowering with your thighs. Suddenly you slipped off your robe and pulled the slip over your head. You were now totally naked on top me. Your tits thrust out as you rode my cock your hands on my thighs as you fucked every inch of my stiffness you would stop and wiggle your ass mashing your clit against me. I pulled you on to my chest, your tits mashed against me your hard nipples jutting out, my hands grabbed your ass and I lifted my hips off the bed. I began to move in and out of you. You gasped at my handling of you but you didn’t fight. I thrust faster and faster into your swollen pussy the wetness dripping out soaking my cock and the sheets. You moaned louder as I moved faster and deeper, slapping noises mixing with your lustful sounds filled the room. I smacked your ass as you cried out; you lifted yourself your arms fully extended squeezing my chest, fingernails bit into my flesh as you began to arch your back once more. You were in full orgasm now head falling back, tits pointing thrusting skyward your hair spilling down your back. I held as long as I could, your pussy spasm gripping my cock as I slammed in and out then with a hard full thrust I stabbed in holding it there as you gripped my chest and came. Your pussy gushed as I let loose a column of cum spraying deep into you. I came in pulsing spurts you seemed to move with each one feeling the jerking of my cock in you. You held still as I slowed now both of us covered in sweat. You collapsed on to me. You were right we had all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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