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Magic Rati Idol, theGoddess of Lust

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When he woke up, his first thoughts were of her. More specifically of a word she instilled in him. That word being ‘orders.’ He recited to himself the acronym: O.R.D.R.S. and thought about each letter and its significance.

‘O’ is for Outfit. So first, he had to put on some bondage style equipment that was somehow more revealing then complete nudity.

‘R’ is for Room-to-Room. His second task, while adorned with collar and varying restraints, was to do from room to room in the house and clean everything up. He made the beds and swept and he usually finished in the kitchen, cleaning dishes.

‘D’ is for Date. By now, the restraints and the submissive cleaning in the nude had made him very aroused. They would normally spend some time together now. This part was sweet. It felt very good and relaxing. He would, as she desired, some times play with himself showing everything to her or show her his butt tied up in ropes and rub it seductively against the back of a chair or something like that. She liked to see him in sexual positions being as sexy as possible. She loved to see his body working like that for her. But their Date can’t be too long or else he will be too turned on and he might leak a few drops of some clear cum which she wouldn’t like at all. Not at this point, anyway.

‘R’ stands for Ritual. It was a set of yoga stances and prescribed movements to stretch out his body. Here, too, she watched his submissive positions that he held for varying amounts of time still in bondage. Sometimes he trembled, on the verge of falling.

Finally, ‘S’ is for Shower. Once clean, his morning worship of her was over.

It felt like every minute of his day was decided beforehand. She controlled when he slept, ate and did everything else. She had a way of taking up all his free time. She had specific times when she spoke to him directly. Due to their long distance relationship, if you can call it that, and with the infrequent meetings, she decided that the best approach would be to slowly incorporate in his life a kind of religious-like regiment. She told him only one aspect of her desires at a time and had ways of making sure he complied before adding more commandments to his routine. She sent him documents outlining the rituals and hinted at the beliefs of her system. In it, all rich old powerful women are divine and must be obeyed like royalty would have been in bygone days. Once a woman chooses someone for herself, he is owned by her until she tires of him and he must always be at attention by her side like a slave or servant. There was no ejaculations allowed except on special days and that would be him just jerking himself off to completion and then tasting her nectar. Cumming inside any of the matron was a terrible sin punished by a severe beating and then probable expulsion from bonus veren siteler the order.

For starters, based of her suggestion, he bought a Hindi Icon of a Goddess and put it on his table to remind him that she sees him. It was made of dark heavy red glass. The Magic Icon represented a plump nude little woman. She was sitting up and touching herself with one hand and covering her breasts with the other while her head looked forward.

It’s just that he was a young cub when they first met and she was an experienced woman who loved to mess around with boys like this. Boys who didn’t know anything about the pleasure she could bring them. Things they never imagined feeling. Her wild ways would permanently entrench themselves in their minds as she would take them on a whirlwind relationship. They didn’t really know what was normal and desperately wanted to please her. All she had to do was to act out how turned on she was from whatever she wanted him to do at the moment and her plaything would comply. The less the did this, the better it worked. She liked to make them think she was prudish and a little inexperienced herself.

After all, she had just blown his mind and swallowed every drop like a candy treat while still taking care to make it seem hugely erotic and exploratory on her part. She make sure she completely seduced them with her mouth on their first night.

Later, she would keep her boy on the edge for as long as she wished. And she kept them hard and played away, making it seem, for the sake of eroticism, that she was equally close just from having him deep in her mouth.

She would be servicing her newest playmate on her knees and pull out to talk to him in a husky voice and tell him how it felt like a vibrator was inside her when he was inside her mouth or something like that. In response, she felt his back shiver, just from her words.

She talked away excitedly, all her sensations and feelings overwhelming her, trying to mirror his own. If he was looking down at her with such open innocent eyes that seemed to surrender to her right then and there, she knew he was under her spell.

Tonight, she was as good as could be. Though, she could never really look great because of her age and old body, she loved herself in the outfit and the little boots she had on. Her confidence was high accordingly.

Now it was her turn to truly shiver all over from kinky delight. And she loved having him under her spell, too, and he was so enraptured by this new person in his life that the transformation was amazing to see. He abandoned his past and did not even know it. When he gave her oral sex later that night, she came quickly and hard from the very first exploratory touches of his tongue.

He just considered her his best friend and he did anything bedava bahis for her. She tried all different kinds of positions with him. He did everything with her. They decided he should only climax once every other week, too, to make everything more intense to his touch. Not that he needed this extra eroticism. But now he was doubly enraptured by her thick curvy body. He would try to be intimate with her every night just to satisfy her and be inside of her. He wasn’t allowed to cum but he craved any intimacy from his older seductress. She always reminded him how she loved the idea of him pleasuring her with his cock and then pulling out and how just the memory of this would make her wet wherever she was.

She continued to push his boundaries with soft suggestions and intimations of her desires. She picked movies that had themes like a love affair between a gorgeous old lady, the sympathetic character, and a younger guy where various threads were played out and explored. They watched documentaries about bondage with interviews and why people like it and later they watched shows that show how to use ropes and bondage equipment in an entertaining manner.

They both admitted to having a latent interest in this activity. They decided to explore these games together. This, of course, led to him being used as a practice dummy for her as she tied him up nude and helpless all over the house just for fun. They both enjoyed this. She made sure of that. She wanted to take him fully someday so that his body would never forget her either like his mind.

She began to massage his butt and he jumped. She slapped him painfully. He began to resign his body to her more completely.

Then one day it happened. They had been messing around with her as the man. He sucked her off while she was wearing the strap on and gave her head until the tip was glistening and ready. He got down really low on all fours and opened himself up to her just like they had practiced. How he gasped when she entered him! She had to be sure it was okay to continue. He just wheezed out a reply in the affirmative and she began to push in deeper. This was so painful. He tightened up. She coaxed him to relax a little and as he did, she went in a little further and again he groaned and tightened up his butt. After a while, just coaxing and kissing his ear didn’t help anymore. She touched and stroked his throbbing cock. He let out an odd sound which seemed like he didn’t know how to feel right now. But she caressed him and he let her in more. The pain was being balanced out with the pleasure and he took more in. This was repeated several times until the entire huge dildo was in his rear. He didn’t really like this and never got used to it but she nearly squealed with glee which made him want to tolerate it.

Once deneme bonus it was in all the way, his whimpering died down per her instruction but it still felt like if she moved, he would be torn apart.

She smiled as she positioned her thick wide haunches right behind him and rested her arms on his shoulders. Her hands wandered down to his waist and grabbed both flanks. She then pulled out the toy slowly almost to the tip and then slowly eased his body back onto the plastic cock. She had to hold him tightly, his whole body, and force his hips toward her.

“Don’t struggle,” she slapped his back. He make a sound like a squished grown. She yelped loudly in ecstasy to keep his excitement going, encouraging him to role-play her fantasies. This made her doubly hot to see him contorting his face in pain but trying to keep quiet to make the whole scene sexier for her. She could feel his heart pounding. She noticed his body was shiny with sweat. What a good boy, she thought.

She leaned back a little but still held the dildo deep inside him. His body was glistening with sweat. This time she got up above him and told him to roll over to his front. He complied cautiously. Then she proceeded to make love to him very gently and lovingly and he took it all as long as she wanted him. She had lots of orgasms as she slowly moved her hips back and forth pushing the plastic cock inside him in and out. She positioned his hands on her back so that he hugged her, wrapping his hands around her. He had a huge orgasm because her stomach kept pulling on the foreskin of his already exited member.

That was their last time together. She moved away and he saw her only once after that to say goodbye. He could not get the memory of that evening out of his mind, as, of course, she had intended.

One day, she told him about her religion. There was a ritual he did everyday. First of all he got naked, of course and then put something on for her. Nothing to cover him up but just to tease his body like rough ropes or painful jewelry. Once he was dressed for her, he did the rooms. He cleaned all he rooms where he lived. When this was done, he spent time with her. He sat her picture. Sometimes dancing or posing for her, other times reading or playing with her.

Then it was time for the ritual. It was a series of stretches taken from Yoga sources and after that he showered and stayed naked at home.

After a while, he realized that he had been worshiping the Magic Idol his entire life and that it had always been there on his table. Shortly after, he was struck by the revelation that the woman of his dreams was not of this world at all, not a physical being as we understand it. She was the Goddess Rati. So his memory of her became more vaporous and misty. He had to admit to himself that he might have invented her by the slow derangement of his senses. He began to think that maybe he dreamed up the entire thing in a half asleep world of wishful thinking. He thought of Rati, The Goddess of Eroticism whose power was partially contained in the crimson Magic Idol.

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