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Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 12

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The next day was spent at the pool. Everyone was still tired from last night’s activities, especially Darin and Dana.

While the women relaxed by the pool, I asked Darin and Richard if they cared to take a walk along the private trails.

I told the ladies we would be back in a little while and off we went.

As we walked, Richard’s cock was coming to life as was mine and Darin’s. When we noticed that our cocks were hard, we laughed and said it would be a waste to let them stay that way.

We went to our secluded spot and sat on the bench. We all took turns jerking each other off and spraying our cum on the grass.

When we finished, we headed back to the pool.

When we got back, Lisa smiled at me as she noticed some cum on my balls.

It was time to leave as tonight was a club meeting and Darin and Dana were going to be our guests at the meeting and I wanted us to get them ready for the fun.

When we got home, everyone showered, freshened up and rested.

I explained to Darin and Dana how the evening usually went and asked them if they were up for the evening.

Dana and Darin both said they were looking forward to the meeting.

The meeting was at Richard and Jennifer’s house which was a short distance away.

We walked over to the house and Jennifer let us in. Many of the members were already there.

Richard introduced Darin and Dana to the group and told everyone that they were our guests and looking forward to getting to know everyone.

The evening started off in the usual manner with members pairing off. Lisa and Richard decided to fuck in front of the group and the sight of Richard shooting a huge amount of cum on Lisa really got everyone in the mood. Dana went over to Lisa and lapped up Richard’s cum as a couple of the other women joined her.

In the meantime, Darin’s rock hard cock was looking for a nice cunt to fill and soon found one in Dina and quickly slipped his cock in her and fucked her in front of Dana, cumming inside Dina’s young cunt.

At that moment, I made an announcement to the members.

I told them that tonight, güvenilir bahis there was going to be a nude wrestling match with me against Darin and although Lisa and Dana were not in the match, they would be part of their team.

The losers would be the winner’s sex slaves for the next two nights and would have to do everything they are told to do.

The winner will be the one man who makes his opponent cum first.

Everyone applauded and everything was moved out of the way.

Darin and I got on the floor, face to face and Richard yelled for us to start wrestling.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Lisa as she was cheering me on and her big tits bouncing up and down.

Darin and I grabbed each other and my hand quickly found his cock and I started jerking it, feeling it getting stiffer as I continued.

Darin then moved his hand underneath me and grabbed my cock, which was already hard. I felt his hand wrapped around my cock and he pumped it faster and faster.

I was able to break free and swung around and pulled his cock into my mouth with my legs wrapped around his upper body. My mouth had complete access to his hard cock and I started sucking it as I cupped his balls.

He managed to get free and wrapped his mouth around my cock and started sucking it.

I saw Dana watching us closely and I even gave her a wink and smile, then continued sucking her husband’s cock.

Darin and I rolled around as we were in 69, but never stopped sucking each other’s cock.

I heard Lisa yell out for me to jerk Darin off and I moved my hand to his rigid member and grasped his shaft and furiously started jerking him off. I could feel his balls tightening and I knew he was going to cum.

In a matter of seconds, Darin shot his load all over my hand and his own balls as I rolled over in victory as his cum kept spurting from his cock.

Lisa came over and got on the floor besides me and started sucking my cock, then took it out of her mouth and made me cum by jerking me off, to everyone’s delight.

Richard announced me as the winner and everyone clapped and whistled.

Darin türkçe bahis and Dana and me and Lisa sat down to discuss the arrangements. Lisa said she would be OK with just the four of us fucking each other for the next two days.

I told them that fucking them for the next two days is fine, but Dana has to fuck at least two complete strangers, a man and a woman, outside, in our private spot and she has to provide proof.

Darin and Lisa laughed and Dana agreed.

The rest of the night was a blur of everyone fucking and sucking one another until early in the morning.

The next morning, we all showered and had breakfast. I asked Dana if she was ready to fulfill her obligation and she smiled and said yes.

The four of us went to the pool and I saw a couple that I knew as they headed to the hot tub.

I made an excuse to leave and went over to meet Sandy and Donald in secret.

Sandy is a beautiful red head in her twenties and very well endowed. She exudes sex. Donald is also in his twenties, handsome, tall and thin with an average cock.

I explained the situation to them and asked if they would be willing to have sex with Dana. They looked at me like I was crazy and laughed. I pointed Dana out to them and Donald whispered into Dana’s ear and then said they would do it.

I thanked them and told them to come over after they spent time in the hot tub.

I finally got back to everyone and we soaked up the sun.

After awhile, Sandy and Donald passed by and said hello and made some small talk.

I leaned over to Dana and told her to fuck them. Dana looked at me and shook her head OK.

As we talked, Donald said that they were going to walk the trails and explore the grounds and asked if anyone wanted to join them.

Dana told them she would like to go along as she had not walked the trails yet and asked if it was OK. Sandy said she would like her company.

Dana got up from the lounge and took her towel and the three walked off to hike the trails.

When they left, I told Darin and Lisa what had transpired and that Dana was going to be in for a güvenilir bahis siteleri treat. They both laughed and we continued sunning ourselves as Lisa spread some sun protection over Darin’s cock and balls.

It was almost two hours before the threesome got back. As they approached us, Lisa pointed out that cum was oozing from Dana’s cunt and glistening on her inner thigh.

Darin was smiling and couldn’t wait to hear what happened.

When the trio arrived, Sandy and Donald thanked us for letting Dana take them on the tour and said they had a great time. They bid their farewell and left.

As it was time to back to the house, we left and told Dana that we wanted to hear everything and, that we wanted to see evidence.

When we got to the house, we sat in the living room and Dana started telling us what happened.

She said that as soon as they got out of sight, Donald put her in the middle and they both started feeling her up as they walked.

Donald took a path that led to a secluded spot with a bench. We all day down on the bench and then Sandy pushed my head down to Donald’s cock and told me to suck it.

I did as I was told and as I was sucking his cock, Sandy was playing with my tits, and then started sucking my nipples.

It didn’t take long before Donald shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it all, then Sandy kissed me and slipped her tongue in my mouth to get some of Donald’s cum.

Donald got up and told me to lay on my back on the bench. As I did, Sandy got on top of me in 69 and we started eating each other out until we both had orgasms.

We then rested awhile and then we laid out towels down on the ground and Donald and I fucked until he came in me.

Almost at the same time, we asked for proof.

Dana stood up and spread her legs and spread her pussy and we saw cum oozing from her cunt.

Then, Dana picked up her cell phone and showed us pictures that Donald and Sandy took of her fucking them.

We all smiled and told Dana we were proud of her.

As it was the last night of Darin and Dana’s visit, the four of us just spent the night fucking each other and enjoying one another.

The next morning, our guests drove off and headed back to Canada.

Lisa and I went back to bed, held each other, cuddled, kissed and fucked the morning away.

Not the End…

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