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Subject: Making of Daniel 53 The Making of Daniel Chapter 53 The normal restrictions apply…..you must be at least 18 years of age to ready, and by the way, it’s better read naked……Enjoy! Also, I am back on FACEBOOK, so friend me for updates: Michael Dee Not much had changed in the past 3 months since we had our family fuck fest in the trick room. Except maybe, that sex was no longer behind closed doors in our house. It became common place to see my parents having sex anywhere in the house, or for me to ride or blow David’s cock at the kitchen table after dinner. Sex was sex, and we were all enjoying it together. Even Sean had to get used to it. After a party one night, we were on the couch in the family room around 12:30 in the morning. We were both really horny, and I had him on his back, with his legs pushed up against his chest, my tongue was deep inside him, riming his asshole good, when my parents walked in to say goodnight. He was a bit freaked at first, but when they left and went to bed, we fucked for hours on the couch. I don’t know who screeched the loudest that night; my mother or my boyfriend. So when my mother came into my room this morning to wake me up, and found David and I in my twin bed, spooning together naked, she wasn’t surprised or upset. “Daniel, it’s time to get up honey” she said, as she rubbed my bare shoulder. “Mooommm, why?” I said sleepily. “Remember! Your father is taking you to visit that collage in Connecticut, he’s up and showered already.” She said softly, not wanting to wake David. “Okay okay… ” I said as I felt my hard-on leak a little pre-cum or piss onto my stomach. It didn’t take me long to loose last nights spent cum, and shower. So within 15 minutes, I was down stairs eating breakfast with Dad. “Daniel, are you excited about today?” My father asked, making small talk as he read the sports section of the Saturday paper. “Yea, I guess so Dad!” I said “Well good, what are you planning on wearing for the interview” He asked, as we both sat there naked, eating our breakfast. “I don’t know, maybe some khakis and a sweater” my father smiled showing his approval, as he continued to read the paper. I could hear the familiar sounds of David beating off before I even got to the room. My door was wide open, and he was on his back, stoking his fat cock wildly. I knew him well, and could tell he was mere seconds away from blowing a huge load. Desert! I dove onto the bed, and had his cock deep in my throat just as his nut was busting. Instantly I was gulping down shot after shot of my brothers warm, milky spunk. mmmmm.. it was going to be a good day. The ride to the Collage campus was going to take us about 3 hours. I had dressed quite preppy, with tan khaki and a white shirt, and a navy blue sweater. I was dressed to impress. We found the college without a problem, and were right on time for our meeting with the dean of admissions. He seemed very nice, and answered all our questions. Towards the end of the meeting, there was a knock on his door, and without invitation, the door opened and a hot guy in walked and stood off to the side. “So Daniel, if you keep your grades up for your senior year, I see no reason why the admissions department wouldn’t be offering you a space in our freshman class.” He said as he stood up to shake our hand. “Thank you sir, I look forward to it” gaziantep travesti I said “Now Steve here, will give you a tour of the campus, dorms, and the sports facility. You did say you were a swimmer, right?” He asked “Yes sir” I said looking at Steve. He was 6 foot, slim, dark brown hair, blue eye and fucking cute! He toured us through the class room buildings and lecture halls, and then into there sports arena, specifically their pool area. It was quite impressive, for a college. The locker room was huge, with steam rooms, spas, and a large communal shower room. Unfortunately it was empty, only because the team was practicing in the pool. The wet heat hit us as soon as we opened the door leading to the pool Or should I say pools! There were three Olympic sized swimming pools in a row, with guys in various styles of Speedo’s walking about. We stopped and watched them from the bleacher area, while Steve explained how well their swim team does in not only state, but regional competition. And just as we were getting ready to leave, something caught my eye, and I turned to see if I was seeing correctly. On the edge of the second pool, a hot blond kid in a tiny red Speedo was sitting on the edge of the pool with another guy situated between his leg. You could see his head bobbing up and down as he sucked the blonde’s cock. I had to ask… “Is there a lot of gay guys here?” “We do have a very active gay club, as well as a very large drama department. But what your seeing over there” and he nodded towards the two guys in the pool “is the effects of an all male school. Is that something that will bother you?” he asked bluntly “Fuck no” I answered quickly as my father chuckled. The last area of the tour were the dorms, which were pretty basic. We walked up to the third floor, and stopped in the center common area, which had two large corridor of rooms leading off in both directions. It was pretty quiet being the middle of the day, until we walked through the hallway, and were all startled when a door suddenly swung open. Two guys walked out of the door, both of them quite naked, and by the state of there cocks, it was quite obvious what they were doing, or should I say what they had just done. Both cocks were very chubbed, one with a large dollop of cum forming from his piss slit, and the other guy had cum running all down his chest. “Oh, sorry” they said as they quickly walked by, and into the communal bathroom. “As I said, it’s an all male school, sex happens!’ Steve said as watched the two slipping into the bathroom and out of sight. But what wasn’t out of sight were all three of our tented pants. I looked at my father’s crotch, which was full, and then over at Steve, who was sporting some good wood himself. And by the time we got into the car to leave, both my father and I had a large wet spot on the front of our pants. “Dad, I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking horny as hell. I didn’t get off this morning, and my balls are aching.” I said after about 15 minutes in the car. He looked over at me, and put his hands on my crotch. “Oh yea, you are horny” he said as he felt the bulge in my pants. And that’s when he turned into a rest area off the road. The place looked deserted, with only one other car in the parking lot. “Come on Daniel, I am gong to fuck you hard. Let’s hit the gaziantep masaj salonları stalls.” He said as he opened the door. I followed close behind, luckily there weren’t a lot of people around as my cock so fucking hard, protruding down my left leg making it difficult to walk. There was one kid sitting on the curb as I walked by, but he didn’t notice my wood, but the guy coming out of the men’s room took a nice long look at my cock as we past. With my Father leading the way, he pushed open the stall door and stood back for me to enter. And as soon as the door was closed he pulled my pants off my hips, letting them drop to the floor. I heard him spit in his hand as I was bending over the back of the toilet, and without warning he slammed his hips into me, ramming his cock deep inside me. We both moaned loudly as his cock thoroughly filled my warm, hungry hole. And immediately he began to jackhammer my ass, and brutally fuck me. “Oh fuck dad, yea, fuck me hard….. oh fuck yeaaaa!” I moaned as he sunk his 12 inch fat cock deep, before withdrawing, and them thrusting it back up my ass, making me wail again. My cock was dripping wet, as it being slammed against me from the powerful thrust of my father’s hips against my ass. It felt so fucking good, and we both needed sex bad! His cock always made me feel whole, and I needed to be imbedded with a massive load of his spunk, know that his seed was mine. I could feel my father’s cock begin to swell, as his powerful tool filled my ass and I knew soon he would be shooting a nice load of his hot cum deep inside me. It wouldn’t be long, which was good, as my cock was ready to fire off a huge load itself. But then he pulled me up by my hair, and spun me against the wall, and with a full body slams he fucked me into the side of the stall. Oh fuck! He was really pounding my ass, and the noise of my body getting hammered against the stall wall was echoing throughout the bathroom. “Oh fuck Daniel, Oh yea I’m cumming….. oh fuck…. oh fuck yea, OH FUCK YEAAAA” he screamed as he plunged his cock so fucking deep inside my ass, subsequently plastering me so hard against the wall that my cock and balls were completely flattened. I could feel his hot jizz flowing into my ass as his balls tightened up and spewed their seed deep inside me. He didn’t move as his labored breath calmed down. But when he finally withdrew is spent cock from my ass, I felt empty. And as I turned around, he could see that my cock was still hard, and aching for release. “Clean me up Daniel!” He said as he pushed my head down, as I sank to my knees. His cock was covered in cum, as I took it in my mouth, and sucked it cleaned. And as his full 12 inches hard cock began to loose it’s hardness, I felt the warmth of his piss invade my mouth. Soon my mouth and throat were awash with his hot piss, and I drank it down hungrily, as I jerked my cock into a frenzy. And by the time my father was feeding me the last drops of his piss, I was shooting off a much needed load of cum all over the stall floor. And when I stood up, my Father kissed me, his tongue went deep into my mouth, as if he were trying to savor the taste of his own piss. I pulled up my pants, as I watched my father washed his hands in the sink. I noticed my pants were splattered with my cum and his piss, as gaziantep escort bayan I stuffed my still semi hard, leaking cock into them, luckily we were the only ones around. And as we walked out into the deserted parking lot, my father put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. “You want to drive?” he asked me, as we got closer to the car. “Sure, that’d be so cool, can…..” but I suddenly stopped talking The kid that was sitting on the curb when we walked in was still there, but the other car wasn’t. His head was still down, and he was either cold, or crying, as you could plainly see his shoulders were shaking. “Dad?” I said, looking over at the kid He had already picked up on the situation, and was walking towards him. “Son, can we help you?” he asked sincerely When he looked up at us, I could see I was right, he was crying and shivering at the same time. He was younger than me but not by much, with light brown or dark blond curly hair, smooth, clear face, and red eyes, from crying. “Oh my, what’s wrong” My father said as he stooped down next to the boy, and put his hand on his shoulder. That’s when the boy started to cry historically. Sobs just came out of him as he, once again, laid his head down in his lap and cried. It was a few minutes before he composed himself enough to let us know what was going on. But my father was very patient, and just stayed with him, until he was ready to talk. His name was Adam, and apparently, his parents had dropped him off about two hours ago, and just left him there. He wouldn’t tell us why, but it was obvious that he had been abandoned. They had left him there with just a backpack full of clothes and a $50.00 bill to survey on his own. My father was incensed, but knew what he had to do. So I gave Adam the front seat, as I got in the back, and we headed for home. He didn’t talk much, but would answer our questions, when asked. But for the most part, we kept quite, knowing that he would talk when he was ready. I don’t know how Dad did it, but somehow he let the house know what was happening, because when we walked in the back door, mom was at the stove, cooking dinner, fully clothed. And when David came down the back stair case, even he had on a pair of gym shorts, a size or two to small, but he was covered up. “Daniel, David, please set the table and get the rest of the dinner together, while your mother and I talk with Adam in the family room” My father said pointedly, letting us know there was absolutely no room for discussion. “What the fuck is going on?” David asked, once they left the room. I explained to him about the truck stop, and our hot sex in the stall; which reminded me that my as was still full of my fathers spunk! And how we came upon Adam. “He’s kind of cute, did you see his eyes” David asked while he pulled at his bound up cock. “Yea, I guess his is, I really didn’t get a good look at him yet. He was pretty hysterical at the rest stop, and then he sat in the front seat on the way home, but what I saw, I thought was cute.” “Well I’m gunna fuck him tonight!” David said, and I could see his cock boning with just the thought. We were getting dinner on the table, when the three of them came into the kitchen. “Daniel, David; Adam will be staying with us for a while. Daniel, he can sleep in your room, for now.” My father said, before we all sat down for dinner, together for the first time. Keep reading to see how Adam fits into the family. If your still enjoying the daniel series let me know….email me at aol Also, please support our free site, make a donation to Nifty to help keep it up and running. You can find more information, and where to send a check on the home page of our site. Thank you.

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