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Subject: Making the Team Series-Volume 2 “Making the Team” Series-Volume 2 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing graphic depictions of sex between an adult male and a minor. If this story offends you, or if you are underage, please do not continue reading. Please send feedback if you loved the story to ail. Don’t forget to Donate to fty to keep the stories free! “Okay Justin, let’s see if we can get that schedule changed,” Mr. Richardson said. Justin had to admit that Mr. Richardson, the high school counselor, had an attractiveness about him. He had on a stylish polo with his hair combed to one side like many of his other peers sported around, and he had a little bit of brown chest hair poking out of the top of his polo. There was something so masculine about a guy showing his chest hair, and Justin began to feel something pop up in his school khakis. “Are you excited about your first time in football?” Richardson said. “I’m kind of nervous to be honest with you,” replied Justin. “Why are you nervous, you will make plenty of friends?” asked Richardson. Justin knew that if he divulged his attraction to other guys in his class, he would have to deal with the fact that his counselor would know. He was hesitant for a moment, but eventually said, “Well I have been having… Well you know what happens when boys get naughty thoughts…” Justin said nervously. Mr. Richardson pushed his glasses down, “an erection?” Justin felt super embarrassed by what he was about to admit to Mr. Richardson, but the counselor assured him that these feelings bursa escort were perfectly normal for a developing teen. He even said that he himself had went through the same phase, which made Justin wonder as he gazed into Mr. Richardson’s eyes if he “batted for the same team”. He could almost feel his lips touching the goatee fuzz under Mr. Richardson’s moving lips. “Justin?” “Sir.. Yes I understand, thank you for the advice er Uhm sir” “Justin you come see me if you have any problems.. emphasis on any” Richardson shot a smile. Justin wasn’t sure how to take that last line, but his opinion of “sharing” had definitely changed. He got up from his chair and realized that his teenage wood hadn’t subsided. “Justin… I think you have some trouble going on there downtown,” Mr. Richardson said humorously. “I’ll take it as a compliment bud, you might want to do something about that before you go back to class” Richardson said. “I will sir… Sorry for… yea… sorry” “It’s cool… happens to me all the time” “What do you usually do?” “Tell you what… I probably shouldn’t do this, but I can’t resist… Let me help you this one time” “Help me how?” “Gotta keep a secret though” Justin assured him he wouldn’t say anything, and Mr. Richardson motioned for him to move closer to him. Richardson locked his office door and pushed his desk chair back. He pulled Justin in front of him and began to pull Justin’s school shirt out of his pants. “Are you sure you want me to help you?” Richardson asked. “No turning back now, and I promise I won’t bursa escort bayan say anything” With Justin’s approval, Richardson unzipped Justin’s khaki’s and stuck his hand through the zipper. Justin had on his athletic boxer briefs, and he knew he was leaking. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He didn’t even have to coax his counselor into helping him. Richardson was ready and willing. He could tell that Richardson wanted his body when he kept gazing at his privates as he sat in the chair across from him. His counselor was rubbing his fingers against his boxer briefs, when Richardson said, “feels like it’s not going to take much with you. You’re already damp.” Justin had no inhibition to tell him that he probably shouldn’t be doing this with a school employee, he just wanted to get off so badly. Richardson had unbuttoned Justin’s pants and pushed them to his feet. Justin felt exposed, but his cock jumping in his pants kept pushing him forward. “Let’s see what trouble you got under these boxers” Richardson said. The counselor placed both hands on the top of the boxers and gingerly pulled them down just a little to admire the teens growing pubes. What took Justin by surprise, as if a counselor pulling your pants down wasn’t enough, was that Richardson had his nose buried in Justin’s pubes just sniffing away. Justin was so tempted to put his hand through his counselors combed hair, but refrained to see how things played out. “Nothing like the musky smell of a teenage boy…mmmmmm” Richardson growled in his throat. The counselor escort bursa pulled the boxers down even further to free the boys member. Justin had never measured his cock before, but he was sure it was at least a good 7 inches. “That’s a meaty mouthful” Richardson said. “I’m going to do something that may take your breath away, but I want you to trust me,” Richardson said. “Okay…” Justin’s breathing and heart rate had increased with every touch. Richardson opened his mouth and licked the tip of Justin’s dick to taste the oozing precum. Justin squirmed and Richardson slid his whole mouth onto Justin’s cock. Never before had he ever felt something so warm and pleasurable. The counselor held his mouth in place as Justin’s cock jumped in his mouth. Richardson began to pull his lips back on Justin’s cock and move his mouth up and down. Richardson had only taken two good long sucks on Justin’s cock when the teen began to groan and tremble. “Fuck, I’m cumming.. oh shit… oh shit…” Rope after rope of cum hit the back of Richardson’s mouth as the teen released. Justin put both hands on his counselors shoulders to steady himself from being light-headed. The counselor ran his tongue over Justin’s cock to clean up the after math. “That was some delicious man juice you gave me” Richardson said. “Thanks… er I guess thanks…It was amazing.. I am sorry if it was too much” “No it was amazing, don’t every apologize. I am just glad I could help son… You come see me when you need a release. It will be our little secret okay.” Richardson said. “Sir… I hate to waste anymore of your time… But do you think you could teach me how to do what you just did to me…” Justin sheepishly stated. “I thought you’d never ask” Richardson replied **Go clean yourself up. More to cum!**

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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