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Male teen skips school 4 Dad.

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Male teen skips school 4 Dad.My face was still in Jon’s dads lap as he continued to drive me to my school. I continued to kiss and lick his cock even after it began to soften. The taste, texture and smell of his cum still filling my senses. I wouldn’t admit it, but I was beginning to love my friend’s dads dick. His big, burly, hairy masculine body, and his big, thick, hairy cock. His beautiful soft cock now rested on his thick mound of pubic hair, both still wet with saliva and cum. The soft skin on his shaft felt wonderful on my lips as I kissed it and the underside of his cocks head. He put his hand back on the back of my head, reminding me how minutes earlier, he held it and forced me to take his cock. Now though, he held it and petted my hair lovingly. I began to think how I didn’t want to be anywhere else, just here, with my face in his crotch, pleasuring his dick. Except maybe just the reverse, my cock in his mouth… or maybe his dick in my ass. My cock, still swollen, throbbing, and full of on the edge cum, begged for relief and release. I wondered how I could convince Jon’s dad to take care of my erection when he said, “Why don’t you skip school today.” I looked up at him from his lap, his cum still wet and coating my lips. “And do what?” I said shyly, hoping I knew the answer, hoping to hear it from him. ”I have an idea” he said, then he petted my head again and pushed my face gently back down to his cock. A few minutes later, we stopped and he petted my hair, as me head was still in his lap, and said he would be right back. I looked up to see we were in the parking lot of a Motel. My heart raced as the thoughts and excitement of spending the day alone, in private with my man made maltepe escort me light headed. Nervous thoughts and anticipation raced through my mind. I wanted to be alone, in private with him but then again, what would he want me to do, alone and in private. I watched, alittle nervous, as he walked from the office to a room, and gestured for me to follow him.Inside the room, neither one of us said a word. Jon’s dad stepped towards me, ran his big strong hands down my shoulder and arms, then fell to his knees in front of me. I felt as if I could feel his hot breath through my jeans and my cock. It immediately sprang back to life as my fear and nervousness melted away. There was only lust and desire now. I put my hands on his head, as he had done before to me, and lightly pressed his face against my hard, although still clothed, cock. He surprised me by moaning softly, “He wants me as much as I want him!” I thought to myself.This made me feel bold.“Suck it!” I said softly, testing the waters, seeing how he would respond. He began rubbing his lips back and forth over my dick as he unbuttoned my jeans and started tugging and sliding them down. He pressed his face into my now exposed crotch and kissed and licked my sensitive ball sack as his forehead pinned my hard dick against my stomach. The feeling took my breath away and I gasped, quickly drawing in a breath of air. His passion would not be denied now and he dove his big mouth down my rock hard shaft. I felt as if i could feel myself down his throat. The feeling was amazing. I held his head and began moving my hips back and forth, he moaned. “Yes. Suck my dick” I said, confident and lost in the moment. My body began to shake, I couldn’t escort maltepe and wouldn’t hold back. I let out an “ohhhhh” as stream after stream of my warm orgasm filled his mouth. “Mmmmmmmm” he moaned, loving my cum as it flooded into him, making him swallow. I held his head and pumped my jizz deep down his throat. My orgasm had barely subsided when he pulled my cock fromhis mouth and stood up, stripped off his clothes and pulled me down on the bed with him. I fell onto his big, hairy naked body and our lips met. He opened his mouth and forced his thick tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own cum in his mouth. It was strangely, erotic and sensual. He pulled my shirt off and threw it to the floor, we were both now totally nude and in a romantic embrace. We layed there, holding each other and kissing for several minutes, both just enjoying the moment I think. Totally alone and totally free to express and enjoy each other.When he rolled me over onto my back, I didn’t resist, I continued to hold him and kiss him back. Without a word, Jon’s dad kissed me deeply, then slid up my body. His big, beautiful, semi hard cock hung just above my face. His full, hairy balls, now just above my mouth. He began to lower himself even closer then moved forward and pressed his big, hairy ass down onto my face. He rocked the crack of his ass back and forth along my mouth. I knew what he wanted.I nervously opened my mouth and just slightly stuck out my tongue. I tasted his sweaty, musky ass crack. My cock immediately began to harden again, it turned me on. Jon’s dad, grounded down on my tongue til it found his asshole and he rocked back and forth against it. The taste was different, delicious and maltepe escort bayan almost intoxicating. I stuck my tongue out further and he continued to move his hole back and forth on it. I reached up and held his hairy ass and thighs and drove my tongue into his delicious hole. He moaned out loud, encouraging me and I feverishly lapped at his hairy opening. Jon’s dad was breathing heavy now and lifted his ass from my mouth and moved back down me. With him straddling my waist, he took saliva from his mouth and reached behind him. He grabbed my rock hard cock, rubbed his spit over my head and shaft and slid back, guiding my dick towards his hole. With one motion, he grunted and I was inside him. I had never been inside of a man, I had never been inside of anyone! I felt drunk and light headed. It all felt so incredible, his tight ass around my cock, his big hairy body straddling me, his big hands on my chest. I layed there, both of us breathing heavy as he rocked, moving my dick in and out of him. I looked up at him, almost in disbelief as to want was happening, what I was experiencing. I saw that Jon’s dad had his eyes closed and his head titled back. He too, was lost in the moment and clearly enjoying it. The whole thing was quickly becoming too much, I could feel another orgasm building inside me. His tight asshole, I fact that this big, burly man was straddling me, fucking my dick. It was all too much. I reached forward and held his hairy ass cheeks in my hands. I gripped them and guided him to fuck me harder. He started slamming his ass down on me, making my cock slid deep inside him. I came in an uncontrollable explosion, shooting what felt like, stream after hot stream of jizz into his wonderful hole. He slowed his pace and with my cock still inside him, leaned down and kissed me passionately. I wondered if he could taste his own asshole on my tongue. The thought turned me on. I smiled as he kissed me and he smiled back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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