Mar 14

Malmoe Maiden

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Malmoe MaidenFrom the airport in Denmark, I boarded a bus for Sweden. There was a long bridge across the channel and the only highlight was seeing the Isle of Saltholm. We stopped in the city of Malmoe in Skane county. We were told the city had 5 districts and each had points of interest. I took out my camera and started clicking away at the architecture. Soon I was thirsty and found a bar, inside was impeccably clean, and I soon found myself chatting with the bartender. I mentioned it would be nice to have someone who knew the city give me a guided tour. He dialed the phone and asked if her schedule was booked. When he hung up he winked at me, said a local masseuse had no bookings for the rest of the day and would be here soon. In a few minutes a curvaceous dark haired beauty entered and looked around. Full lips, green eyes, fashion model looks, blouse about to pop it’s buttons, tight black skirt with a slit to the hip on one side. The bar tender nudged me and said this is your tour guide, Sasha. I stuck my hand out to shake hers, but she took my hand as a man would a lady and kissed it. I was in a lust filled fog, this woman was not only gorgeous, but unique in other ways. How long do you have to tour my city? Ah, I catch a bus back to Denmark at noon, noon tomorrow. Well then we have plenty of time, Sergi I will have my usual, bring your drink and we’ll talk of what you’d like to see. I am interested artvin rus escort in nature, trees, shrubs, architecture, and history. Her eyes studied me closely, and I watched her every move. We started at Beijers Park, trees and paths everywhere, and the path we took led to a lake. She sat on the grass and motioned for me to join her. She asked what i thought, i replied very pretty, much like the landscape in Maine back home. When she got up the slit in the skirt slid to the center and i noticed she wore no underwear. My thoughts would not stray from the flash of pussy I had just seen. Then we went to Folkers Park. This one was more of a city park with amusements. I noticed an arch roofed building, domed buildings with crescent moons on spheres, trees, fountains, a rectangular pool with 3 fountains, and a circular garden with trimmed shrubs in the shape of a star. We got on a ferris wheel with gondolas instead of open benches. High up in went, views of the city, and the park below made wonderful pictures, at the top with clear blue sky behind her, I took a picture of my beautiful tour guide. We were at the top, when I thought we stopped to unload the bottom car – a PA announcement apologized that a mechanical problem had occurred and it would be about 30 minutes before we would be moving. I shrugged and said I could be in much worse company. She put her head on artvin rus escort bayan my shoulder and said you are very sweet. With her head on my shoulder I was looking down at her full cleavage, a bulge started to appear in my trousers which did not go unnoticed. She palmed my stiffening cock, then squeezed it lightly. I lifted her chin so our eyes met, soon our lips met. During the kiss she freed my pulsing cock, her skin on my exposed cock made it tremble. She lowered her head and soon her saliva coated my shaft from base to tip. Her mouth glided over my manhood, this lady definitely knew how to pleasure a man. Soon her grip tightened and sped it’s stroking motion as her mouth slid and slurped my ridged cock. The wheel jerked into motion, as my climatic spurts filled her mouth. She swallowed every bit of my cum and swirled her tongue to clean me completely. Then tucked it back in, zipped me up and fastened my belt, just before the attendant opened the gondola door. I wasn’t sure my legs would support me after such a mind blowing orgasm, but somehow I was able to follow behind her. We went to a sidewalk cafe, purchased a snack and beverage and decided to visit Malmoe Castle. She acted as if nothing out of sort had happened. Her smile radiated as we walked and talked. The Castle grounds were immaculately kept, the rooms we toured were impressive and well furnished. rus escort artvin She spoke to an attendant and motioned to my camera. He nodded and unlocked a chamber that lead to a narrow, steep, winding staircase. With her in the lead we ascended the stairs. I purposely fell back a step or to to enjoy the view up and ahead of me. Each alternating step she took gave me a different view of thigh, ass, and pussy. Once we got to a brick encased balcony, she pointed palm up at the view, Then noticed the raging bulge in my pants, and looked at me questioningly. I read her question, and said I had taken full advantage of a better view (mimicking her palm up sweep of the skyline) as we climbed up. Her face reddened slightly and again she reached for my zipper. I pushed her hand away and took her in an embrace and passionately kissed her. I then eased her back onto a bench, pushed her knees apart and buried my face into the warm, wet, fragrant, folds of her pussy. I kissed, licked, lapped, and suckled until she stiffened, moaned, the trembled. I quickly turned her to the window ledge, dropped my pants and eased my rod into her soaked pussy. She let out a long sigh and met my trust with her own. Her wet snatch was so smooth and tight I was on the verge of another climax. When she straightened up, brushed her skirt down, knelled, sucked her own wetness off my cock, stood, kissed me and said, take some pictures, we must go down quickly. I did as she said and followed her down the stairs. My view, though pleasing, didn’t match the one I had coming up. We got out of the castle and onto the grounds when she turned to me and said. We’ll go to my place, I’m a very good masseuse, maybe I could interest you in purchasing a good rub.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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