Ağu 05

Margarite’s Special Night

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I had begged and begged Margarite for the anniversary present I wanted most, and finally she agreed. She’d know I had a fetish for watching women puke, but she had never agreed to do it herself. But finally after weeks of begging, she decided it might be interesting to see what it was like. She had watched some of my videos- all those beautiful women emptying their stomachs- and figured there must be something fun or hot about it.

So on our special day, we spent the afternoon at an all you can eat buffet. She certainly did eat a lot- I guess if she was going to do it, she wanted to make it count. Then after an entire day of stuffing herself, we checked into a hotel for an evening of fun. She moaned the entire way there, complaining about how full she was. “After eating so much,” she admitted, “I wont mind getting sick. I actually want to get it out. Some of it, anyway.”

I could feel my hard-on bulging against my pants.

We checked into our room, and Margarite immediately laid down on the bed. “So how do I do this?” She asked as I brought in our bags. She had already told me she didn’t want to use her fingers. She wanted it to feel natural, like she was getting sick all on her own.

“Well,” I said. “You could keep eating until you can’t keep anymore down.”

“No,” She said. “I can’t possibly eat anymore. I’m in too much pain. I want to get all this food out of my stomach as soon as possible, and I definitely don’t want to put anymore in.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “The other problem is that if you overeat, you might just throw up a little bit, until your stomach can hold what’s inside. The rest will just stay in there and you’ll be bloated and swollen all night.”

Margarite sat up slowly. “And you wont get the fun of watching it all come out,” she said. “That would be a waste. If I stuffed myself this much, I don’t want to waste all this discomfort on throwing up half a glass of water. I already feel awful, I at least want to get really sick, like those girls in your videos.”

I opened my duffel bag. “I think the best way would be a glass of soap water.” **(DO NOT try this. I have no idea if it works. I just made it up. Could be dangerous.)**

I held up a bottle of dish soap. “We’ll mix this with some warm water, you can drink it, and it should do everything we’re hoping. It’ll soak into the food in your stomach, and in about ½ an hour, it’ll make everything come up.”

“Alright,” Margarite said. “Lets get started, if its going to take that long to work.”

I took a glass off the sink and filled it half way with water. Then I squeezed in a generous amount of soap, and mixed it, until the water was tinted deep blue. I added a little more water so it would be easier to swallow, and gave it to Margarite.

“Now, you have to get it all down,” I instructed. “If you just vomit up the soap water right away, you wont throw up anything else. You have to get it into your stomach so it can mix with your food, and then you’ll throw up everything. That’s what we want.”

Margarite nodded. “I guess I should just gulp it down as fast as I can?”

“Probably,” I said. “It will taste awful, so drinking it fast will help you get it down.”

She tipped the glass back sakarya escort and swallowed the liquid quickly. She gagged and sputtered a bit, but managed to drink it all.

“And now we wait,” I said, as she laid back down on the bed.

“How long will it take?” She asked.

“Half an hour, if not sooner.” I said. “You might even start to feel intense nausea in a few minutes.”

“Oh no,” she groaned, and rolled onto her back. She stroked her hand over her round, full belly.

“This is going to be so hot,” I said. “Just knowing that you’re going to get sick soon is turning me on.”

Margarite nodded. “It’s kind of exciting, knowing that it’s inevitable. It’s sort of disgusting, but I guess that makes it exciting in a way.”

I pressed gently on her full belly. “Tell me about how it feels,” I instructed.

“Hm… well right now I just feel really full. I can sort of feel my stomach gurgling and churning, and it’s almost like I can feel the soap in there. Like, I can almost feel that there’s something that’s not supposed to be in there, and that its going to come out eventually. But I don’t quite feel sick yet.”

“You will,” I explained. “Really soon you’ll feel extreme discomfort. I’m sorry for that, but it wont last very long and it wont cause any permanent harm. There’s no way to avoid it though. You stomach has to get really irritated before it will finally resort to emptying itself.”

“Of course,” She said. “That makes sense. It should all be over quickly anyway.”

“Plus, that’s part of the fun. Watching you get really, really, sick… That’s part of what I like about beautiful girls puking. Seeing a girl in pain as her stomachs prepare to force its contents up out of her mouth… watching how horrible she feels as her vomit spills out of her… its all part of the excitement.”

Margarite writhed on the bed. “When you talk about it like that, I’m actually getting sort of turned on thinking about… how I’m going to barf everywhere.”

I stroked her belly with one hand and rubbed her crotch through her pants with the other.

“I’m feeling worse,” she said. “I’m actually feeling very nauseous. My stomach is sort of churning. It’s like its rejecting the soap…”

“Good,” I said. I pushed down on her stomach a little. “Does that help?”

She moaned. “Help how? Make me feel better, or help me get more sick?”

I pushed down again, a little harder.

“Ohhh….” She whimpered. “It feels so awful, but in a way it feels good. It makes my insides tighten up and I know I’m going to throw up soon.”

“You still have a little time.” I said. “I know it feels bad, but you’re not ready to vomit yet.”

“Can I have some water?” She asked. “I think that might help the pain…”

I brought her a glass and she drank it down, and set the empty cup on the nightstand. “That might slow things down, but I guess it means I’ll have more to throw up when the time comes,” she said.

I traced my fingers over her glistening lips. Her mouth was filling with saliva as her body prepared to vomit, and it coated her pink lips. “Try to suck on my fingers,” I said.

She swallowed roughly. “Okay, I might gag though.”

“Even samsun escort better.”

She slipped my index finger between her lips, the deeper, over her tongue. She trembled as she sucked on it, and as she tried to swallow a mouthful of saliva, she gagged violently and regurgitated it into her mouth.

“I can’t swallow my spit,” she said, her eyes tearing up.

“That’s okay. Just open your mouth and drool it out. Let it flow out your lips.”

She obediently parted her lips and allowed a mouthful of saliva to dribble down her chin.

“That’s so fucking beautiful,” I said. “Makes me think of other things that are going to be flowing out of your mouth very soon.”

She chuckled and tried to smile. “I can’t believe you like to watch me drool on myself. Do you like to see me being fucking disgusting like this?”

I nodded and traced my finger over her glistening lips again.

“Do you want to watch me gag some more?” She asked.

“Ugh… fuck yes.” I moaned.

She opened her mouth and pulled her tongue to the back of her throat as though she were trying to swallow it. After a moment of wide eyed silence, she released the most violent gag I’d ever heard.

“Sick…” I muttered.

“Yeah?” She smiled, wiping her watering eyes. “You like that? Want me to gag for you a little more?”

She opened her mouth again, and managed to make herself gag. Her throat forced out the deep, wet, violent choking sound.

“Ugh…” she shuddered. Her face was flushed, and she was sweating. She kept swallowing roughly, trying to swallow down the growing nausea. “I think its coming soon.” She said. She placed her hand nervously on her stomach. “Not yet, but soon. Where should I…”

I handed her a trash can. “If you can, I want you to just hold this in your lap, and get sick into it. Don’t hold it up to your face. Just lean over it so I can see your puke coming out.”

“Okay,” she said shakily. “It shouldn’t be too long. I feel really… ugh. My stomach keeps clenching and trying to… its like its getting ready to force everything out of me.”

She sat up and placed the trash bin on her lap.

“Oh, God…” She groaned. “It’s so awful. I can feel everything churning in me. It feels cold almost. Like it needs to come out.”

I gently stroked her back. “It’s okay. It’ll all be out soon, and you’ll feel so much better. Think how much a relief it will be to just vomit it all out.”

“Yeah… that’ll feel so good…”

I slid my hand under her shirt and rested it on her stomach. I felt it churn and clench and contract and a wave of pleasure washed over me.

“It hurts so much…” Margarite muttered. She leaned over the basket and held it in her trembling hands. “It’s going to be very forceful vomiting, isn’t it?”

“Yes, probably.” I said. “But wont that feel good?”

She nodded. “I wish it would come.”

“Don’t worry,” I pat her back. “It’s going to happen very soon.”

She gulped roughly again, and leaned over slightly, and gagged a little. Breathing deeply, she said, “Okay… I think I’m ready to throw up…” She panted heavily. “Yes… It’s happening. I’m going to throw up now…”

“Okay,” I said. “Hold ankara sarışın escort the trashcan steady, and just relax.”

“Okay…” She said, nervously grasping her stomach. “Okay…”

I rubbed her belly and said “Take a deep breath.”

Margarite choked and belched, and threw up a disgusting gush into the trash can. I felt her abdominal muscles tighten as they forced her vomit out of her mouth. She gasped and choked, then spewed out another gush.

“Errrrrrruuuuuuuupppppp!!!!!!!” She vomited violently into the trash can.

“Good girl.” I whispered, stroking her belly.

She got a momentary break, and she panted heavily.

“You’re so hot when you vomit,” I reassured her. She couldn’t bring herself to speak, so I continued. “I’m sorry but you’re nowhere near done yet. You’ve got a lot more in there.”

She wiped her mouth, and shuddered.

“Come on. Keep going. Vomit again for me.”

She heaved and gagged, but managed to swallow it down.

“Its going to come up even if you swallow it,” I pointed out. “You’ve got a lot more for me.”

Suddenly, she spewed again, and a stream of puke launched out her mouth. I pressed gently on her belly to help things along.

“Uh!” She struggled in discomfort as I put pressure on her sick stomach, but I held my hand in place.

“This will help you vomit it all out,” I said, pressing down again.

It did. Before she could say anything, Margarite got sick again, ejecting a thick wave of sick into the trash can.

“Good girl… puke it up.”

She had lost control. She couldn’t stop vomiting. Gush after gush poured out her mouth as tears streamed down her face.

“BLEERRRRRPPPPP!!!!” She made the most, loud, disgusting noises as she forced up to contents of her stomach.

I repositioned the basket and guided her onto her hands and knees. “Good, kneel over the basket and get sick” I directed her.

She opened her mouth and vomited another gush.

“Look up at me while you throw up,” I said.

Margarite tilted her head up, and let the vomit stream down her chin so she could lock her teary eyes with mine.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I asked, rubbing her back. “Getting all that out of your stomach? I bet it feels really good to puke that up…”

She nodded hesitantly.

Finally all she could get up were dry heaves.

“I think I’m done.” She said, looking down into the trash can she had filled with vomit.

“There’s one more thing.” I said. “You should drink some water, and… if it doesn’t come up, you should probably force it to come up. You don’t want to leave any soap inside you.”

“Great… So I’m not done yet.” Margarite mutered.

I brought her a glass and she drank it down.

“Here,” I said, sitting next to her. “I’ll help you.” I guided her over the trash can and put my fingers in her mouth. “I’m just going to put my fingers down your throat to make you vomit the water. Then you’ll be done.”

I slid my fingers down her esophagus, and began thrusting them in and out. After a moment, she went, “BLERRRRRRRRRPPPP!!!!” and burped up a large gush of warm water all over my hand. I kept thrusting to make her regurgitate the rest of it, and after a few more moments, she tensed and her stomach clenched, and she forced up another wave of warm, clear water.

“Good girl. You got it all out.”

She panted for a moment, and then sat back on the bed. “You know what?” She said. “That felt amazing.”

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