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Subject: Marshall pt 2 Disclaimer: All stories remain property of the author and should not be republished with out consent. I love your comments and feedback, keep it coming! Please, Please donate to Nity.. They provide a great service getting all of our filthy minds revved up and they don’t have a monthly charge. Keep porn accessible! fty/donate.html] With the demise of outlets like tumblr this site is more important than EVER, give so that pervy spaces stay around for everyone! Marshall pt. 2 I debated on what parts of the conversation with Dr. Guinness to tell Marshall, I didn’t want him to feel even more self conscious than he had before and he was so happy with the results as they were. As for me, the last two days spent loving Marshall sexually as well as emotionally made me determined to continue it. I did tell him that the Doctor had something’s he needed to talk to him about but that the most important thing for him to remember was that it was always his body and I would support any decisions he made. He was standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom, staring at his body when I told him. Feeling my cock flex inside him as the last of my load drained from my cock into his battered pussy. My hands gripped his tits, playing across his skin as we looked at him in the mirror through streaks of his cum. I wanted him to remember himself like this, to know he was desired by me, that I loved who he was no matter what. I told him and showed him, lifting him up on his toes with my cock as I fucked him, making his muscles strain to stand as I railed him. Planting kisses on his skin and rubbing every part of him I could reach while he watched himself get fucked in the mirror. Later, as we lulled around, I still couldn’t keep my hands off of my adoring son until it came time to wrap his body in the bandages again. I had told him enough about what happened dancing around the possibility of there being anything wrong with his body the way is was, trying to give him space to keep them if he wanted. I had told him that Dr. Guinness didn’t know he had seen the results of the surgery because of the potential for legal issues about his nurses actions, I was clear that nothing was wrong with him or the implants but she had intentionally given him larger ones than he was supposed to receive, omitting that they were intended for women. I planned to pull the doctor aside and set some strict ground rules about what he was allowed to say before he was able to see Marshall. As much as I loved my son’s new body, I was most concerned that he know how beautiful he was either way, how much I loved him and desired him. The love that had grown between us and was now being freely expressed, all over the house was to be fiercely protected. It was not easy to bind him up again, mainly because I had no desire too, I wasn’t looking forward to this visit and what it might mean for Marshall or us. It was also hard because we were both hard, he kept pressing his cock against mine, grinding into me or kissing me on every pass. Several times I thought about just canceling the appointment but I knew this wouldn’t just go away if I ignored it. I sent Marshall off to get dressed and watched my baby boy wander off to his room with my cum sliding down the inside of his thigh and knew I was hopelessly in love. We were both pretty quiet on the way there, sort of lost in our own heads but Marshall was still insistent on touching me nearly the entire ride. I put Marshall in the examination room then went to talk to Dr. Guinness and the lawyer alone. Dr. Guinness was fairly at odds with the lawyer already and it was clear that the Doctor was going to do this his way. He tried to insist on speaking to Marshall and both the doctor and I were adamant that would not happen, I was glad to see him defend my son so vehemently. As I listened to him I watched the normally flirty handsome doctor show the strength that got him to where he was. After the lawyer left with some of the preliminary paper work completed, we had a conversation about my expectations for when he examined Marshall and how much he knew. After a few minutes he returned to his normal flirty self. Even with being concerned for Marshall’s wellbeing and all the sex we had had in the last few days, it was impossible not to notice how hot the doctor was. He was a little short but a total fireplug, with hairy blond forearms and a polo that was a little too tight for work, stretching to accommodate his stacked body. After a few minutes of chatting and flirting we went in meet Marshall, my eyes glued to his ass as it tried to fight it’s way out of his dress pants. He stopped in the doorway and motioned for me to enter the room first, I turned as I did and stared into his eyes as I was dragging my body across his in the narrow door. When we went into the examination room Marshall was standing with his back to the door, his robe untied across the back and his big square ass was there to greet us as we entered the room. Dr. Guinness was clearly equally escort izmit as taken with Marshall’s body as I was. He paused for a second then caught himself and began his explanation as to why we were there and followed our agreed amount of information then unexpectedly he apologized to Marshall in a deeply heartfelt way for any discomfort he may experience going forward. It was sweet they way he clearly was concerned for Marshall, aside from all the flirting and legal stuff. When he started the exam he faced Marshall towards the mirror, pushing the robe open across Marshalls shoulders and checking for soreness and bruising. He was asking questions and feeling the muscles under the youthful skin. Marshall dropped his shoulders letting the robe slide to the floor and stood there totally exposed except for the bandages. Dr. Guinness stopped midsentence with a sharp intake of breath as the flimsy robe fell to the floor before he regained his composure. Marshall was clearly enjoying the attention from the doctor so I bent over and picked up the robe and tossed it in the bin before he could think of a way to get him back into it. The good doctors pants seemed to be fitting tighter in the front and given how strained they were in the back already, I wasn’t sure how much more pressure they could take. He felt his way around Marshall’s body for longer than I thought necessary, I couldn’t tell if he was feeling him up or avoiding taking the bandages off but I was having an affect on Marshalls cock as well. As he’s cock started to rise to unignorable heights, I put my hand on Dr. Guinness’s shoulder, he nearly jumped out of his skin, clearly not remembering that I was just behind him in the room and I leaned in over his shoulder and said “Maybe it’s time doctor?” I could feel the heat of his body as I spoke into his ear, I swear he arched his back a little into me trying to press our bodies together before he caught himself. He shook his head as if he was trying to clear it before turning to grab a pair of scissors to cut off the bandages. As he turned he realized he was trapped between my body and my son’s with no clear path to exit, his forehead a few inches away from my lips. He looked up into my eyes and wet his lips, “Um, excuse me, for a second.” “Grab what ever you want doc” I said, I didn’t move but lifted my arm so he could reach around me to grab what he needed, as he did I swear he took a deep breath in my damp armpit. He felt around for a few seconds with his face in my pit before finally grabbing what he needed. He started to wobble and placed his hand on my stomach touching the top of my shorts, I slid my arm down to steady him. My hand grabbed the back of his neck and cupped him against me. “Thanks, I sort of lost my balance there for a second.” He said staring at me. “It’s ok, not the first time I’ve seen someone swoon.” I said tilting my head down, playing the game. He was lifting himself up like he was going to kiss me right there. Marshall spoke up, “Oh, Dr. Guinness can you also show me how to do the massage things again, I’m afraid I wasn’t paying enough attention last time” The good doctor looked like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, spinning around in the tight space we’d left him, he couldn’t help but bump and brush into either Marshall or me. Finally after a little spinning around he had a rolling stool behind Marshall so he could cut the bandages off, as they fell to the floor and Marshalls abundant chest fell free, I could see the doctors eyes taking in the totally naked skin of my son, unconsciously running his hand down the thick muscles on either side of his spine. Marshalls face lit up again as his new body came into view, he clutched his muscle tits in his hands as if he was confirming they were real before turning around to grab his doctor to thank him. He response was just as enthusiastic as the first time. He pressed his doctors face between the mounds, hugging him tightly, he played the part of not having seen them perfectly but the joy at having them was genuine. Marshall finally let Dr. Guinness’s head go and stood before him. His taut nipples a few inches from his face, Dr. Guinness sat in stunned silence. “Dr. Guinness, what do you think? How do they look?” Marshall asked as he struck a classic pec pose, his muscular arms and shoulder popping as his cock and tits swayed in time. “Fucking beautiful” escaped his lips before he could stop himself, “Um they look great Marshall and it looks like your healing well” He said much louder trying to cover his slip, he was still sitting at eye level with them and blushing terribly. Marshall reached down and grabbed Dr. Guinness’s hands and pulled them too him, “How do they feel?” he asked clasping his hands over the doctors and squeezing them. You’d have thought he put his hands on his semihard cock the way the doctor started breathing heavy. “Just perfect” He said before catching himself “Healing great.” He said in a lame attempt to cover up. They were quickly drawn into izmit escort the moment; Marshall let his hands slowly slip down the doctor’s arms to his elbows as the good doctor felt him up. The energy of the room had changed as we all realized what was going to happen, the air became thick and almost sweaty. Marshall was quickly growing hard as a rock, his thick piece standing straight against his belly as his tits were pawed. I grabbed a tube of the same lotion he’d given us, holding it up behind the doctor’s head, Marshall got the hint and leaned forward to grab it from me. The doctor stood from the stool and moved back until his high ass pressed against my thigh, he jumped a little at the initial contact. But he was trapped between us and slowly he relaxed to his fate as he leaned his body against me. I moved my arms around them to place my hands on Marshall’s hips, my thumbs tracing the ridges of muscle on his abdomen. Dr. Guinness allowed Marshall to apply the lotion to his hands and it was quickly spread across his skin. I could feel Marshall’s cock leaking on my hand as he enjoyed the attentions of both the doctor and me. I moved my hands inside the waistband of the doctor’s pants and grabbed the hem of his polo, feeling the muscles move underneath “You need to get this off or he’s going to ruin it.” I said leaning down to whisper in his ear, my lips brushing the top of it. I pulled his shirt up, exposing his sturdy frame. I tossed the shirt to the side then ran my hands down his thick arms, through his pits, damp with sweat, across his fur covered pecs feeling the hard nubs of his nipples and up his strong back, tracing the deep ridge of his spine to where it disappeared into his pants. Marshall wrapped his arms around the shorter doctors neck, giving him full access to explore his body and the doctor took full advantage, feeling him up the same way I was doing him. I maneuvered my son and the doctor around to the exam table, encouraging Marshall to lay down. Once my boy was prone the doctor’s hands were all over him as he writhed on the crinkly paper cover. I bent DR. Guinness over pressing his head to my son’s in a kiss. While they moaned into each other mouths, I busied myself undoing his pants; I had to lift them off the shelf of his ass for them to fall to the floor. He was wearing the smallest pair of blue and white briefs that I think I’ve ever seen. The briefs were riding very high in the back trying to accommodate the thick cheeks only to disappear between into the deep crevasse. Mean while the pouch was dragged low and away from his body in the front fighting with his heavy cock. The size of his ass was mesmerizing, his compact body made his muscles more pronounced. I pulled the fabric from his deep crevice, feeling the downy hairs on his bared skin. The front of his briefs pulling down his hardened cock until it swung free slapping wetly against his stomach; I slid them down his legs noticing the sock garters he was wearing. I decided to keep those on as I got him to step out of his clothes. He stood with his legs astride clearly hoping I would attend to his ass and I eagerly obliged. I pulled his deep trench open and devoured his ass like I had done Marshall’s several times in the past day and a half. His puckered hole flexed and yielded to my tongue as I penetrated the tender lips. They were making out and exploring each others bodies with hands and mouth while I busied myself with the only ass that could have distracted me, temporarily from the raging lust I felt for Marshall. I tapped the inside of his thigh in an attempt to get him to move behind Marshall and give me a crack at his ass. Dr. Guinness surprised me by climbing up on the table and straddling Marshall’s narrow hips. He grabbed Marshall’s wet cock and pressed it to his slick cunt. Marshall’s mouth hung open, shocked at the prospect of getting to fuck his first ass before he caught himself and turned to me and said “Can I Daddy, can I fuck him?” his desire to please me and the fact that the doctor was going to top him with his hole made me super hot. I positioned myself between Marshall’s legs so I could watch and said “Sure baby, he can fuck you with his pussy.” I reached up as I said it and pressed the doctor’s shoulders down until my son’s cock bore through the tight opening lodging balls deep inside the doctors beautiful ass. The penetration was sudden but after a minute to get used to the size of Marshall’s cock he lifted up slightly and rocked back down. He took more and more length on his lifts until he was taking almost the entire length on each stroke. I was feeling the taught ring as Marshall’s cock disappeared inside and dipping my fingers inside my boy’s puffy cunt, glad he still had much of the load I dropped inside him this morning. My son spread his legs giving me full access to his needy hole. I don’t know if he sensed my need or his own but he slowly started to maneuver the doctor on to his back. I fish out my hard cock and as Marshall moved to stand izmit kendi evi olan escort between the doctor’s legs I grabbed his hip I plugged his cunt with the fat head of my cock. He gradually descended down on the rest of me swallowing my enormous cock with his body. I pried his cheeks apart, looking at his tender pussy flesh pulled white as it strained to accommodate my girth. Eventually, even his tight inner ring surrendering to me as I fucked forward into my son. Marshall braced his arms on either side of the doctor as I began long strokes in and out of his body. He was barley able to stand on his toes and he was pulled back and forth on my cock. My taller stature allowed me to fuck them both with my cock at the same time. Dr. Guinness surrendered to me as I fucked him with Marshall’s cock, hooking his ankles behind my ass as I plowed them both. He buried his face in my son’s tits, lapping at them as they swung above him like an eager puppy. Marshall was the first to cum, the combination of his cock plowing his first ass while I plundered his was too much for his teenage body. I could feel him losing control as his cunt clutched my cock like a fist. He relinquished his load inside his doctor as they kissed, his cock eventually becoming to sensitive to remain inside the doctor’s sodden pussy. He lifted off my cock and pulled out of the opened hole beneath him. Dr. Guinness was unwilling to break contact with Marshall and pulled him up on to the table. Marshall straddled him as the doctor continued to worship his body, sucking his sensitive tits and exploring every inch of his exposed skin. Dr. Guinness lifted his knees giving me access to his puffy wet lips, I placed the head of my cock at his opening and felt his eager pussy bear down. I held it at his opening and let my juices drain inside him, making sure he was good and slick for what came next. After a minute I drove forward, stretching the cunt lips taut around me. The sudden shift in fullness as my much larger cock pushed inside Dr. Guinness took his breath away, he let it out it a long groan as I walked my cock in to him. His pussy was simultaneously trying to pull me in and protect itself, squeezing and flexing along my shaft as his insides were nudged aside by my broad headed cock. I fucked back and forth at different angles until the last of him let me slip inside. His face was a mask of surprise at the completeness of his conquering. His body was totally mine to use now and that’s what I did. Marshall and the doctor made out while I fucked his open hole, eventually my son lowered himself down on the doctors beautifully thick cock and started riding him like he did me. He leaned back so I could play with his tits while he rode, it was such a turn on to watch my boy enjoy his body. I was so grateful to be able to help him grow in to the sexy boy before me. We continued fucking for as long as we could, Marshall again was the first to pop. He leaned back against my hairy chest as I played with his tits and pussy, feeling around his puffy stuffed lips as he fucked himself off. He moaned loudly as he sprayed my forearm and his doctor’s chest beneath him. Dr. Guinness popped up griping Marshall’s body and burying his face in his chest. I could feel his hole spasm around my cock as he began to shoot inside my son. I pounded his cum out of him, letting my own rise inside me. I felt his cum dripping on to my fingers from Marshall’s pussy and pulled them up shoving 3 fingers in the doctor’s mouth so he could taste Marshall and him together. I was groaning loudly as my cock started firing inside the doctor’s ass, I felt my son shift below, dislodging the cock from him cunt as he offered it to me as well. I pulled out of the doctor and finished shooting inside my boy. Afterward, I leaned over them both, kissing and alternating between them as they did the same with me. It was an awkward position but it felt so good I didn’t mind. We kissed and petted until Marshall made the move to get up. As we all got ourselves together I was surprised at how comfortable it all felt, how right the doctor a fit in with us. Once we were dressed, it got a little weird, Dr. Guinness clearly was a little uneasy as the realization of what had happened set in. I don’t think the boy noticed but I did. Marshall got his massage lesson but it was very perfunctory. And when we said our good byes he tried to shake Marshalls hand, Marshall for his part ignored the offered hand and dove in to the doctors arms and kissed him hard on the mouth. When he pulled back the doctor had that dreamy look on his face again and I took full advantage, I placed my hand in the small of his back at the top of his ass, pressing him to me and lifting him on to his toes as I leaned in for a kiss. I felt his body press forward increasing the contact. We tried several times to leave only finally making out the door when Marshall and the doctor realized they were leaking through their pants. Marshall pulled on his short sleeve button up shirt and proudly didn’t button it, choosing to make the trip to the car with only the smallest nod to propriety, it made me very proud. He grabbed my hand and lead me through the office building to the car proudly displaying his body and me on the way to our car.

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