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mary and son

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mary and sonAfter my father-in-law died, my wife’s mother Dorothy came to live with us while she got her affairs sorted out. She stayed with us for almost two years during which she and I had a sexual affair which fulfilled her needs and all my fantasies. After she moved out into her own flat, she and I continued to see each other but she of course had other relationships as well. After Dorothy had lived in her flat for about a year she decided to change around some bedroom furniture, and my wife Caroline volunteered my services to go over there one Saturday morning to help with the removals. I was looking forward to getting the furniture moved so that her mother and I could be left alone for the afternoon. When I got there I was crestfallen to find someone else standing in the kitchen also waiting to assist. My mother-in-law introduced him as Pete, the son of her friend Mary who lived in the ground floor flat below.My mother-in-law was dressed in a short skirt, tan coloured nylons and low-cut tightly-fitting jumper. Her larger figure looked fantastic – big tits with lots of cleavage on show, rounded tummy, big bum, hips and thighs squeezed in to her skirt and lovely big calves in her tightly-stretched sheer nylons. A couple of times, we found ourselves pushing past one another amid the displaced furniture and I could feel my cock pushing through my jeans as she pressed herself against me.Pete and I spent the morning moving furniture from one bedroom to another and in some cases back again, and when we were finished Dorothy offered to buy lunch for both of us at the pub which we both accepted with delight.Pete’s story was an odd one, and over lunch and a few pints Dorothy and I got to hear the full details. Pete was 51 years old, and had got divorced from his wife a few years before, whereupon he’d bought the flat in the same building as my mother-in-law. It was a large place with three bedrooms and lots of space, and after he’d been there some time, he invited his mother Mary to come to share the place with him. This was the bit I found odd, so once the beer had added confidence to our conversation I asked him whether he felt inhibited by living with his mother, what did he do about bringing lady friends into the flat for example, and wasn’t his freedom a bit cramped?He responded by saying how much he enjoyed his mother’s company, even though she could be a bit stern at times, and he didn’t get the opportunity to meet many lady friends so it suited him for the time being. With a smile he added that it had its compensations, but his comment was lost on me. I still found it a bit strange that a 51-year-old man with greying hair and short beard should be spending his evenings at home with his mum.Later that afternoon, we all left the pub and went back to the flat. Dorothy and I went upstairs and Pete went in to ask his mum to come up and join us. Dorothy opened some wine and within a few minutes Pete and his mum Mary came in through. Mary was taller than my mother-in-law, and as I discovered later, she was 75 years old. Her figure was slimmer than Dorothy’s, she had short, wavy grey hair and was dressed in a white blouse, green cotton skirt which finished above her knee, and wore brown tights and strappy shoes with a slightly high heel. She had on a pearl necklace and matching bracelet which gave her a look of old-fashioned primness. As the afternoon wore on, we all talked and drank wine, but in the end Mary and Dorothy were chatting between themselves so Pete and I went to his flat to get some beer. As we went downstairs and in through his door, curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t stop myself referring back to our conversation in the pub. “So this arrangement, Pete,” I asked, “what exactly are the compensations you were talking about earlier?””You’ve lived with your mother-in-law for two years,” he said, “You know exactly what I mean”. I of course pretended I didn’t, but he protested. He told me it was obvious to anybody who saw us together that Dorothy and I had something “going on together” between us, as he put it. Apparently we’d made it obvious during the furniture moving that morning. The beer really was talking now, and neither of us was being particularly tactful or diplomatic. I protested that I had no idea what he was on about, and asked him again what I had to do with the compensations of him living with his elderly mother. He smiled, looked around as if there were someone potentially listening, and leaned forwards toward me. “When she was living with you” he asked, “did you ever have a wank into her knickers?”Even three-parts pissed as I was from the afternoon’s drinking, I could still have died from embarrassment. “Pete” I exclaimed, “that’s a terrible thing to ask someone!” “So, you’re not denying it then you dirty bastard!” he said with a sly grin, then followed it up with “Come with me”.I followed him to his mum’s bedroom where he went to the corner and took the lid off a tall wicker basket to reveal Mary’s dirty laundry within.Pete couldn’t possibly have known then that ladies’ worn underwear was principal among my sex fantasies, and had been so since I was a teenager living with my parents. The smell, feel and taste of my mum’s knickers, tights, bras and stockings set me on a journey which I was still travelling today. It accounted for an affair I had with my landlady when I was in digs, it caused a relationship to begin between my aunty and me while I was a student, and played a large part in my selection of Caroline as my wife. It certainly started things off between my mother-in-law Dorothy and me and still played a big part in our dirty fuck sessions whenever we could get together.Peering into the basket as Pete held the lid I could see a cornucopia of lingerie items held within. Pete put down the lid and started to take out the items one-by-one, laying them out on the bed and discarding any non-underwear items of clothing on the floor. There were several pairs of brown and tan-coloured tights, pairs of large cotton panties in white, black and pink, some surprisingly large bras of an old-fashioned type with broad straps and pointy cups, some very sheer tan-coloured stockings, a white girdle with six suspender straps and best of all, a pair of flesh-coloured nylon see-through knickers with high-leg sides and cotton gusset.As Pete laid them all out on the bed, I watched him with envy, trying my best to hold back my sexual interest in the treasure laid before me, and shifting around to hide my erection. We stood there like two naughty school boys, swaying around Mary’s bedroom due to the drink. I looked up long enough to ask what Mary would say if she caught us doing this. “It’s OK,” he replied, “she knows!”All I could think of saying was “Fuck me!” and we both laughed loud and long at the ridiculousness of it all. Then, Pete became serious and said to me “You know what I mean, don’t you – you must have done the same with Dorothy’s underwear. I know I would have done if I’d lived with her.” The time for modesty had gone, mostly thanks to the beer and wine, so I confessed I had a certain penchant for Dorothy’s dirty knickers, türbanlı içel escort and had done my stuff in them many times. I picked up a pair of Mary’s panties and held them up to my face, breathing in the heady, acidic aroma of her cunt in the gusset. “I knew you were a dirty bastard as soon as I saw you”, Pete said, picking up some tights and panties himself and sniffing their gusset. At the same time, he picked up a second pair with his left hand and pressed them into his groin, rubbing up and down while sniffing and licking the pair next to his face. I looked down at the array of underwear before me, and Pete asked me “Do you wank into the gusset when you do it with Dorothy’s?” I replied in the affirmative, and he continued “Do you wash them afterwards of put them straight back?” I replied that I put them back with my cum in them, and asked what he did. “Mum likes to inspect them afterwards”, he said with a grin! This was such a weird set-up: a fifty-one year old man wanking into the gusset of his mother’s underwear so that she could inspect his filth afterwards! My own affair with my wife’s mother was beginning to look relatively normal! As I was mulling this over, and thinking what I’d like to do to Dorothy right now, we heard the front door to the flat close loudly, and footsteps in the hall. Pete and I looked at each other and started to put all the clothes hurriedly back into the laundry basket, but before we could finish, the door opened and in walked Mary, tall and elegant, but elderly and with a stern look on her face. She looked first at me then at Pete and said angrily “You filthy little boy what do you think you’re doing showing my dirty knickers to a strange man?” Pete was still significantly under the influence of the beer and only made matters worse by blurting out “It’s OK mum, don’t panic, he understands – he does it with Dorothy’s undies too! Why don’t you come here and give your little boy a cuddle?” She moved across the room to him, but not to cuddle him, instead taking his arm and dragging him out of the room into the hall. She closed the door behind him and started to collect her dirty things form the bed and the floor. As she did so she said to me “I’m sorry, you’ll have to forgive Peter, he gets carried away with his fantasies sometimes. She was very red, and hugely embarrassed so I sought to offer her some comfort: “Don’t worry, he meant no harm, and he’s right, we all do it don’t we?” As soon as I spoke, I realised it was a completely stupid thing to say and cringed with my own embarrassment. She looked at me and asked what Pete had been telling me, so I explained that what he did with her knickers I did with Dorothy’s, and that my mother-in-law and I had a very loving relationship as a result. Mary stood up, straightened her skirt and her hair, and apologised for appearing to have been harsh. “I suppose we’ve all had a bit too much to drink this afternoon, haven’t we?” she said. Soon after, I made my own apologies and left, went upstairs to say cheerio to Dorothy, left the car outside and walked home to my wife Caroline.During the next week I couldn’t take my mind off the situation of the previous week-end, and on the following Sunday after lunch, I made the excuse to Caroline that I wanted to check her mother was happy with the position of the furniture we’d moved and headed off to her flat. Once inside, Dorothy and I kissed passionately and started to caress each other through our clothing like we used to when she lived with us. We went in to the drawing room and I pulled her tight skirt up over her big thighs and hips, then put my hand between her large legs and stroked the nylon of her stocking tops and the ample white flesh above. She rubbed my cock through my trousers as I did so, and sighed deeply when she felt a strong erection responding to her touch.Without warning, she spoke – “I gather you made rather an impression on Mary and Pete last week” she said. I said nothing but just looked at her and smiled. She continued – “Mary said she would like you to pop round next time you’re here, and I think I can guess what for!”I feigned ignorance. “What’s that then?” I asked. She told me she thought Mary might be in need of some companionship of the type Pete couldn’t give her, and thought I was being lined up to provide it. “I know she’s 75, but you like the older ladies, don’t you?”, she asked. As we kissed and caressed, I asked what she’d think if I went next door and obliged. She thought for a moment, then replied that she wouldn’t know what to think until we found out what Mary wanted me to do. There was only one way to find out. I told my mother-in-law that I would pop downstairs to see Mary but promised that I would be back later on to give her the dirtiest fuck of her life.When Mary opened the door to me, she had that stern look on her face just like last week, but invited me in and ushered me through to her drawing room. The look on her face suggested that any thoughts I had of picking up where we left off last week were dashed, and when I went through and saw Pete standing there it confirmed it. “Thank you for coming”, Mary said, “I’m sorry we embarrassed each other last week”. She invited me to sit down next to her on the sofa which I did. Pete remained standing, and Mary continued. “Peter told you our secret and I must ask you not to repeat it to anyone outside of this room for the sake of all of us.” I agreed not to say a word to anyone, and Mary went on to tell me what she’d invited me in for. “You know now that Peter likes to masturbate into my dirty underwear” she said. In my embarrassment I didn’t know where to look, she was talking as casually as if she were discussing the weather! “And you also know that when he’s ejaculated into the underwear, he likes to show it to me.” I nodded in agreement – I did indeed know this from last week’s drunken revelations. “Well, Peter and I have talked and we’ve decided that as you know this much about us you may as well know what else we do, and as you’ve promised not to tell a soul, we’ll share it with you. Would you like that? You can say no and leave at any time if you wish.”I told her I’d love to know more, and as she sat next to me on the sofa, she started to tell me their secrets.”Peter has always liked to wank himself off into my underwear, especially into the gusset of my tights and panties, and the truth is, I like watching him. We’ve invented a number of fantasy games for one another which we carry out, a little like role-play, to bring ourselves to a sexual climax. Masturbation is just one of them, but there are many others. Peter is right, I do like to see his fresh sperm lining the inside of my dirty panties and tights, but I like to do other things too. I might be over 70, but I love to bring myself to a sexual orgasm, and I like Peter to do it for me too. We’ll tell you all about our different games later on, but for now, I’d like to share with you the reason why we’ve asked you to join us. You told Peter last week that you have an interest in your mother-in-law’s dirty panties, and we wondered if you would türbanlı içel escort bayan be willing to watch Peter and me as we do one of our little games and come off to our orgasms?”All I could think of to say was “Love to”. She smiled briefly, the first time since I arrived, and turned to Peter and told him to fetch some tights and panties from her room. He returned quickly with the articles in hand, and stood in the middle of the room in front of our sofa.”Alright, Peter, take out your little man and put him into my pants”, she ordered, rather sternly. I watched as Pete undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor with his underpants. He wrapped the knickers and tights around his stiffening cock and started to wank himself, all the time looking at his mother sitting primly next to me, her breasts pushed outwards by her severe bra, and her skirt riding above her knees which were pressed firmly together. Pete carried on wanking himself, his now long and hard cock responding to the feel of the material of his mother’s dirty panties. As he wanked himself closer to a cumshot, Mary, his mother, started to urge him on with her words: “Come on you dirty little boy, let me see you do your sperm in my dirty knickers. That’s it, wank yourself off, you filthy little boy, do it in there, let me see your stinky blobs come out…” My own cock was straining in my trousers, desperate to be wanked into this old lady’s dirty pants in the same way Pete’s was. Also, I was interested to see him shoot his filth into them because I wanted to see what his mother would do with the offensive deposit. As Pete continued to wank himself, Mary suddenly stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, standing in front of me in her blouse, brown nylon tights and knickers, and strappy shoes. She approached Pete, stood close to him, lifted the hem of her blouse up and tucked it under her chin then pulled down the front of her tights and panties to reveal a triangle of black cunt hair spread wide and high around her crotch. She held the front of her underwear out towards Pete and told him to do his filth in there, on the gusset of the knickers she was wearing. Pete quickened his pace, and with a loud moan started to cum off into his mother’s tights and panties while she still wore them. Some of the jets his her bushy pubic hair where they hung for a moment before running down to join the rest if his filth in her panties.Mary offered words of encouragement, “Oh, that’s it you dirty little boy, do all your load on me, let it all cum up, every last drop, come on, that’s it, all your dirty sperm in there please. As she spoke they both looked at me and were clearly enjoying their first experience of having an audience share their passion with them. When Pete had finished cumming, he pulled his things up and sat down. Mary pulled her tights and knickers high up into her bum and cunt, pressing the fresh dollops of spunk right up into her slot. A dark stain started to spread across the gusset of her tights and panties, and as she sat down she pressed a hand hard onto her cunt through the material, rubbing her middle finger hard up and down her stinky wet slot through the nylon. She placed her right hand inside the nylons and panties, then closed her eyes and masturbated her slot and clit for all she was worth. Now it was Pete’s turn to offer verbal encouragement. “Do your cum for me mummy, cum up to your climax while we watch. Are you nearly there? Are you nearly doing your cum? Do a big one for us mummy, let us see you spunking off you dirty old bitch.” That was all she needed, and she lifted her nylon-clad legs high in the air and shouted “I’m fucking cumming off, fuck, fuck!” She looked straight at me as she said this, my presence obviously heightening her climax, and she bucked and writhed on the sofa until her orgasm abated. When it did so, she lay back in the sofa, shoes, tights and knickers still on, and looked at me and smiled. “Your turn if you like,” she said.I asked what they would like me to do and they both agreed they wanted to see me masturbate myself and ejaculate into her underwear, which Pete handed to me. I looked at Mary and she opened her legs to show me the crotch of her cum-stained tights which she rubbed gently to offer me some encouragement. I sniffed the knickers and tights – acidic and much stronger smelling then Dorothy’s or my wife’s. I delighted in the beautiful aroma and as I did so I couldn’t resist putting my tongue into the gusset for a lick of the dirty cunt residue within. I reclined in the sofa next to Mary and undid my trousers to let my erect cock spring free, then slowly wanked it with one hand while holding the filthy undies to my nose and mouth with the other. Mary and Pete were watching my cock intently, and as I felt my cumshot building up within me, I quickened my pace and put the gusset of the knickers under the end of my cock ready to catch the sperm. When it came, it sprayed out all over the knickers and tights in several jets of very thick spermy cum. My climax lasted for ages sending loads of the stinky filth into the material. Mary sat there and simply said “You dirty little boy, welcome to our little club.”I handed the soiled underwear back to Pete who smiled as he took them from me. I pulled my things back on, and watched as Mary retrieved her skirt and put it on making herself look immaculate again. As we talked, Mary told me she and Pete had been having this type of relationship for some years, both of them releasing their sexual desires through fantasy role play and mutual masturbation. Indeed, it had started with Pete taking items of dirty laundry from his mum’s room and masturbating into them, and with Mary, who knew it was going on, being turned on by the idea of her underclothes being used in this way by the ‘man of the house’. She had then used the thoughts of Pete cumming into her panties during her own masturbation.As time progressed, their respective secrets came out, mostly because they both liked to talk openly about their sexual preferences. Pete admitted to having a liking for worn ladies undies, and his mother confessing that she had noticed and liked the idea. One day, she had suggested to him that after he had used her panties for masturbation, that he show her what he’d done. She had handed him some knickers from her laundry basket and sent him off to his room to fill them. When he came back, she made him hold out the panties and stretch them out to show her his fresh sperm in the gusset. This routine continued for some time, and eventually Mary told Pete that she would like to watch him as he masturbated and did his ejaculation into her tights and pants. Pete of course obliged, and the sexual relationship continued to escalate from there. I asked whether they had ever had full intercourse, but it turned out they had discussed it only once, and both agreed to rule it out as they were having sufficient sexual activity just by masturbating in front of one another.Before I left we agreed to meet at Pete’s flat again the following Wednesday evening, when türbanlı escort içel we could resume our experiences. I left them and returned to my mother-in-law’s flat and took her to bed. My recently used cock started to recover as I told Dorothy what her neighbours were getting up to. She pretended to be scandalised, but loved every detail, delighting in the naughtiest bits. As we fucked, she closed her eyes and had a huge and loud come on my cock which set me off and made me do my cum up inside her vagina.A few days later, I visited Pete and Mary as arranged. Despite being 75 years old, Mary looked elegant and sexy, dressed as she was in a tight, low-cut jumper and a very short skirt showing lots of thigh in pale tan-coloured nylons – my favourite. Again, she wore her strappy shoes with a mid-sized high heel. Mary welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek and showed me into the drawing room where Pete was waiting for us. Mary and I sat down and she explained that they had devised a little game for us all to play. She gave the instruction for Pete to stand in front of us and remove his clothes. He obliged while we remained sitting down, and in a few seconds he stood naked in front of us. Mary leaned over to me and kissed me fully on the mouth, her tongue exploring mine and her wrinkly old lips rubbing their waxy lipstick all over my mouth. As she did so, she took my hand and put it on her breast where I gently caressed her nipple through her bra. I moved my hand down and placed it on her thigh, moving it slowly along the nylon up her mini skirt. She responded by opening her legs slightly so I could reach the cunt area of her tights where I gently touched her slot through the nylon and her panties. Pete stood and watched and developed an erection watching me kiss and finger his elderly mother.We stopped kissing and she instructed Pete to remove her jumper and bra for her. He meekly obeyed and folded the items carefully and placed them on a chair. As he did so, his erect cock waved about in front of him, and as he gave it quick rub his mother said “now now, Peter, that’s enough of that, you can play with yourself when I tell you to.”Mary’s tits sagged heavily down towards her belly, but were still incredibly sexy to look at. I touched the nipples with my fingers and they responded by becoming instantly erect. Mary lay back on the sofa and told Pete to kneel down in front of her which he did. She then pulled her short skirt up over her hips, opened her legs and told Pete to massage her cunt as she kissed me. As we kissed she began to sigh and moan with the pleasure of her little boy using his fingers to rub her cunt slot through her tights and knickers.I broke off from our kissing to look down and saw Pete fiddling his elderly mother’s cunt through her nylons with one hand and wanking his stiff one with the other. Mary looked down too, and Scolded him for having a crafty wank without her permission. Instead, she told him to remove her shoes which he did, taking great care over the straps and slipping them off over her nylon-clad feet, then she stood up and commanded him to remove her tights and panties. They were dutifully slipped down her legs and off over her feet leaving Mary completely naked and showing off her wrinkly skin and beautifully bushy cunt hair. She paraded up and down the drawing room in front of Pete and me, gently moving her hands over her sexy old body and eventually settling them between her legs, showing us how she liked to rub herself off in the cunt. She moved over to Pete and instructed him to put a finger inside her vagina to see if she was wet inside. She parted her legs and he knelt in front of her, licked his index finger and inserted it up her hole, causing her to take a sharp intake of breath.”It’s wet enough mummy,” he said, and she came over to me, sat down, laid back, opened her legs and looking at me said “Now fuck me please darling”. I stood up, removed my clothes, which Mary told me to hand to Pete, and leaned over her between her saggy old thighs. My erection popped inside her easily, and her wetness enveloped my cock as I put my weight down on her old body. We kissed as we fucked, and it was only a few moments before I felt my cumshot approaching. Pete was standing next to us, watching intently and gently stroking his erect cock, hardly daring to wank it properly for fear of what his mother would say. I increased my pace and eventually dumped a load of hot sticky sperm up her fuck hole. With each jet of cum, I pushed my cock high up into her wet vagina, her legs raised high into the air and a lovely satisfied smile on her face, even though I knew she hadn’t come off to her own climax.I sat back on the sofa and Mary kept her legs wide apart, opening her vagina lips with her fingers to let Pete and me see the sperm run out and down over her bum hole. She looked at Pete and told him he could now wank himself off if he wanted, which of course he did. He knelt down and pointed his penis at her filthy vag hole and started to wank himself furiously. As he did so, his elderly mother wrapped her legs around him and pulled his cock closer and closer to her cunt. Eventually, the end of his cock was touching her cunt hole, and he could do nothing to resist the temptation to raise himself up slightly and push it up inside her. It slid in easily, making its way up through my spermy cum inside Mary’s fuck hole, and almost immediately the sensation of fucking his mummy’s cunt brought him over the top and he added his own mucky load of cum to my own inside his mum’s cunt. When Pete had finished cumming, his mum said “Oh, you dirty little boy, you’ve fucked your mummy’s cunt hole – you are a very naughty and dirty little fucker.” He pulled out, and Mary’s fingers went straight down to her clitty, wanking her slot quickly while at the same time continuing her tirade of filthy language. “You little cunt, I’m fucking cumming, I’m coming with your spunk up me, you dirty little cunt, here it comes, here it comes, I’m doing it on your filth, you cunt, you little cunt…” She came with a loud shout as her orgasm caused her to buck and heave, and clamp her legs around her wanking hand. In her ecstasy, her words of dirty filth caused her to spit saliva from her wrinkly old lips which ran down her tits onto her belly.I was honoured – I’d seen their first fuck, albeit a short and inadequate one. Perhaps now they would have a more fuck-based sexual relationship, which as long as I could watch and join in, I was very happy with.Since that time we’ve met at least once a week for a three-way fuck session. I love watching Pete do it to his mother, and I love fucking her before and sometimes after him. For an old lady, she’s a fantastic fuck, uses disgusting language and loves seeing her knickers used for wanking sessions which we still have. We’ve done some really weird things along the way, including getting Pete to cross-dress and act as our sex assistant, lubricating his mothers cunt for me to lick and fuck and doing her with a pink vibrator until she came off. On that occasion, Mary put her hands up his little skirt and played with his cock calling him a dirty little girl until he did his load in his sexy little knickers, which she then kissed and licked to taste his spermy load. I’ll be going there again in a few days and I cannot wait to lick Mary’s old slot and watch her son cum his sticky load up her dirty old cunt hole. Just thinking about it makes me go stiff and need to do my wank.

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