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Mary’s story Part 25

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Mary’s story Part 25Without saying a word Mitsumi turned her back, reached up to the neck of her dressing gown and slowly pulled the zip all the way down to the floor. Straightening, she let the gown fall off her shoulders. Mary was really not prepared for what she saw. Mitsumi was totally tattooed from her neck down to her wrists and ankles. Shocked, Mary could not speak immediately. Mitsumi turned to her, and said, “Well, don’t you have anything to say?” As she turned, Mary could see that the tattoo covered every part of Mitsumi’s tiny body; there was no skin left unmarked. She reached out to touch Mitsumi’s breasts, which were turned into beautiful chrysanthemum flowers. Realising what she was doing she said, “Oh sorry, I should not have done that.” “Never mind, I quite liked it, I really prefer women to men. Let’s go upstairs, we can’t risk both being naked down here. What if Mrs Green comes back?”Forgetting all her pain, Mary quickly followed Mitsumi upstairs, looking up at her buttocks. She could see that the tattoo went all the way between her buttocks and covered her labia and anus. Mitsumi knew exactly what she was looking at. “Yes, that is what anyone will see from now on when you are naked if they follow you upstairs!”They went into the bedroom. Sue was still asleep. Shaking her, Mary said. “Wake up, Sue. I’ve got something to show you.” Sue stirred and opened her eyes, “Oh, Hi Mitsumi, good morning.” Then she jolted fully awake and sat up in the bed. “Oh, my God!” she shouted. “Isn’t it wonderful, Sue, Mitsumi is tattooed as well? That means that everybody in this house is tattooed.” “From what I saw last night, half the town is tattooed. Paul’s place was crowded out last night and Linda had to open the door to her shop to get enough seats for the queue. Paul’s idea for a ladies night was a huge success. It was a production line, Linda lasering and piercing, me shaving any who weren’t lasered already, buca escort and Paul had two chairs with me cleaning and setting up for the next one so he worked nearly nonstop. The whole place stunk of hot pussies, and I was worn out.” “I need a shower.” Sue went off to the bathroom.“What work was Paul doing?” shouted Mitsumi. “Mainly pubic butterflies like ours.” They could hear the shower running. “Ah, that will be the new club that Bob was telling me about yesterday; it sounds as though there will be quite a few members when it opens.” “What else did Bob tell you?” asked Mary. “He said that women had to have a pubic butterfly to be allowed in. That’s why they call it the Butterfly Club. Of course, he said that I would have no trouble getting in!” “How did he know that?” “I showed him when I was trying clothes on. I told them that I needed my husband to help me get out of my geisha outfit, so they let him into the changing room with me. It was difficult to cover myself as I don’t wear underclothes with that outfit, so he saw everything. It was OK until we were interrupted when the woman came in to measure me for Western sizes.” “Which shop was that?” “I think it was called Bales.” “Oh God, I know the woman in there. She is such a gossip; it will be all over the town by now. There can’t be many Japanese women living near here, so I bet that’s why our nosy cow of a neighbour called this morning!”Sue got out of the shower and handed the bathroom over to Mitsumi. Sue dried herself and got dressed. “Don’t forget your wig.” “This is so much easier than drying my hair. I think I might keep my head shaved?” “See if Linda can laser your head then.” “Yeah, OK, but first I’m going to get breakfast ready.” Mary lay back in the bed, thinking about Mitsumi and her husband, naked together at the bathhouse. How could he have kept his hands off her; after all he was a man. I’m a woman, and I couldn’t resist escort buca touching her. Mary realised that she was drawn to Mitsumi’s body, and wanted to play with her and make her come. She had never felt this way with Sue when she was massaging cream into Sue’s pussy, so what was it about Mitsumi?The doorbell rang again, and she heard Sue open it. “Hello.” “I was hoping to see the Japanese lady again.” Sorry, she is in the shower. I’m Sue, don’t I recognise you?” “I don’t think so.” “Yes, you’re Hazel from last night.” There was a long pause. “Oh, I didn’t recognise you. You looked different last night; you must be the bald lady. Look, I desperately need some help.” “Come in then Hazel.” Sue closed the door. Mary heard them coming up the stairs, and hurriedly covered herself up with a sheet. Sue opened the bedroom door. “Hazel here has a problem.” “Hello Hazel, what is the matter?” “This is very embarrassing. I’ve done something very stupid. I overheard the girls talking about a special night out, and they talked me into going with them. I must have had too much to drink because I arrived home with a tattoo and my husband is going to be very annoyed about it when he sees it.” “Where is it? I can’t see anything?” “Don’t be silly, Mary,” said Sue, she was last in the queue last night.”“I kept trying to leave when I realised what the party was about, but they just gave me another drink, and everyone was so excited that I got carried away.” “Well, let us see what you are talking about.” Hazel lifted her dress, and pulled her knickers part way down revealing that she was shaved, but Mary could not see anything else. “Where is it?” “Down there between my legs.” “I can’t see anything when you are stood up. Take your knickers off and lie down on the bed.” Mary moved over to make room for Hazel. “Open your legs so we can see.” Blushing heavily, Hazel spread her legs wide, and the tattoo then appeared. buca escort bayan Her butterfly was just beautiful, a very small but brightly coloured Red Admiral with a wing covering each outer labia. “Oh, that is really beautiful.” “No, it’s not. I hate it. What can I do?” “Well, your secret is safe with us, and quite a few of the Women’s Institute members were there last night, so you are in good company. You will be able to produce a WI tattoo calendar next year.” said Sue.“Don’t make fun of me. What can I do to get rid of it?” “Well, you could wait a while and try having it removed by a laser, but you might risk it scarring, and it will be very painful to do. Or, of course, you could just grow your pubic hair back again; I only shaved you last night. Probably only your husband and your gynaecologist will ever see anything as your lips are so far back between your legs.” “But,” wailed Hazel, “everyone who was there last night knows about it; and the gossip will soon get round. Only this morning I was told that your Japanese guest was tattooed from head to toe, which is why I thought that you could help me. But you know how much people exaggerate things, so I don’t know what to believe.”“Perhaps you would like to see how true it is?” They were so involved in Hazel’s tale of woe that they had not heard Mitsumi come out of the bathroom. They turned to look. Mitsumi was still naked, and she had coated herself with baby oil, making her tattoo really shine. Seeing Mitsumi like that flooded Mary with desire and she felt a very familiar feeling as she orgasmed, making her cry out as her twitching pussy pulled at the stiches. Thank God I am covered up, she thought.Hazel got off the bed and stood open-mouthed, aghast at the full extent of Mitsumi’s tattoo. “I’m seeing it, but I really can’t believe it.” “You can see why I cannot see why you are so upset about such a small tattoo.” said Mitsumi, “The answer to your question about what you can do about it is to have it made larger. You must come back here this afternoon, and we will get started. Take your dress and bra off, so I can get an idea about what to do with you.” “No, no. No more tattoos. My husband would divorce me.”

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