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MasterThe phone call came at 18.00 hours “Are you ready slut!” “I think so” I replied. Don’t think! You are or your not Master shouted down the phone. “I’m ready then Master” I answered quietly feeling very nervous. “When you get in the car you keep your eyes lowered and your head turned away and have you your list of orders I mailed you” Then Master hung up.The orders had arrived the day before by e-mail no panties under your skirt, no bra either but wear your nipple clamps I bought you, black stockings and suspenders and the blouse to be opened to the waist as soon as your in the car.As I got ready I remembered our first meeting just for coffee and verification of who he was and so we were on first name terms before tonight My first real meeting as Master’s slut. I hope I don’t let myself nor Master down.The car arrives I step in to it “hello slut” I turn to answer and slap! On my leg don’t look at me you worthless piece of shit, Sorry Sir is all I wimpered as we drove off.After an hour Master stopped the car kneel on the seat and show me your arse slut, as I turned over he slapped the cheek and congratulated me on marking easily, then he hit me again and again till my cheeks were red. I then felt something hard on the crack of my arse it was being türbanlı elazığ escort trailed over the hole then all of a sudden it entered me and I felt it go deep up my arse and Master was making me wriggle with the pleasure of the feeling. Next I felt Master touching my clit and cunt with his fingers he then entered my cunt and fingered the burning wet hole awaiting his pleasure. Again I felt the hardness against my cunt lips thins time and yet again I was entered by an object I hadn’t seen before but I knew id be safe in Masters hands. Turn round and sit down I was ordered as I did so I could feel the two objects inside me and as I sat down I instantly came.Master then took the clamps off my nipples and the pain was amazing as the blood started flowing again, he then took each nipple in his mouth and suckled them back to life. I started moaning with pleasure Master was pleased “Get out the car” as I raised myself to get out he pulled the wooden ends of a skipping rope one out of my cunt and one out of my arse all the juices ran down my legs it felt so good.Take everything off but your stockings and suspenders and stand with your hands on the boot of the car with your legs spread wide as you can. türbanlı elazığ escort bayan NOW. About five minutes passed and Master was behind me again. He blindfolded me, Is this a first for you, Yes sir I replied Good, Ill know by the end of tonight if your lying or not you know that don’t you. Yes sir I whispered. Are you enjoying it so far Yes sir I am I answered.I heard the cat before I felt it, cutting through the air then the 9 fingers of pain across the top of my back. I screamed with shock shut up slut with a gasp I apologised for the scream. Ten times I felt the cat that night across my back and thighs after the tenth Master walked away don’t move he commanded the pleasure was so intense I wanted to cry with pleasure not pain.Master was behind me again, he stood me upright I could feel his naked body behind mine, he began tracing the welts on my back you need cooling down he said, as he poured a bottle of cold water over my back. He turned me round and started licking my clit, which had responded and was rock hard. Damn you’re to well behaved and I got slapped for being to good! I didn’t want to misbehave I wanted to be good for Master. He dried me off, get dressed and get into the türbanlı escort elazığ car.Sitting in the car Master asked if I was alright with what we had been to me so far. Yes but I wasn’t expecting the water you don’t need pain to bring pleasure, no sir, iv’e found that out today.Right lay the seat back and spread you legs wide for me slut, Master commanded. As I slid down the seat and raised my legs on to the dashboard, Masters fingers started playing with my inner thigh, he slowly so slowly he inserted on finger in to my red hot cunt lips. As I relaxed he inserted two then three fingers an involuntary moan escaped my lips. Oh sluts enjoying herself, good as Master pushed the whole of his hand inside me.I screamed and my eyes rolled at the shock and then the pleasure factor hit again, his whole hand was inside me. Look slut look what I’ve done, I looked down buried in my cunt was his hand, to the wrist he was fucking me slowly, and as I relaxed more he fucked harder. Sluts enjoying this to much and he pulled his fist out in one quick motion, and I flooded the car seat. Master told me to sort myself out as he started to drive off, we pulled into a pub for a drink, and I felt as though everyone knew what we had been doing as I was still throbbing and soaking wet.While we were sitting Master asked if I had enjoyed my first session. Yes I did I replied good wait till the next session that was just an appetizer to the real fun I can have with you, we drove home quietly as he dropped me of he asked have you been with a woman before. No I said well that will change was the reply good night and he drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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