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Mature’s and Step-sister – who could want mor

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Mature’s and Step-sister – who could want morI awoke the next morning to find Laura gone from our bed. I looked over at the bedside clock and noted it was only 6 am – and realised I’d only had about 3 hours sleep. After our threesome, and a period of recovery (for me) and champagne drinking, I had fucked Jen one more time before we all fell asleep. This had been at the request of Laura, who wanted to watch the two of us together, whilst she sat across the room, fingering herself to another orgasm. Jen and I had taken our time, enjoying one another’s bodies with hands and tongues, before Jen climbed on top and slowly fucked me until we both came.I drifted back to sleep, and was awoken some time later by Jen snuggling up to me, wrapping me in her arms and lovely legs. We kissed, and she asked if I’d enjoyed last night. What could I say; I’d fucked two beautiful mature women, watched as they played with each other and then fallen asleep with one on each side. “It was fantastic. You seemed to enjoy it all” I emphasised the all. “I did…I’ve always enjoyed L’s company, and I suppose deep down, always fancied her in some way. I suppose that makes me bisexual doesn’t it?”“Doesn’t really matter what you call it. As long as you are happy that’s all that matters”I looked over at the clock – it was now showing a far more acceptable 9.15. “I suppose we should get up and have some breakfast”“In a minute or two maybe” Jen responded, her hand sliding under the covers and caressing my cock.“You’re insatiable young lady”. We kissed, our tongues fighting for dominance. Jen slid under the covers, her warm breath on my hardening cock revealing her intentions. “Perhaps I’ll just have this meaty sausage for breakfast” I heard her say before feeling her teeth teasing their way down my length. This lady sure could suck a cock. I threw the covers off, so I could watch her blowing me, and so I could gaze upon her sexy body. I wondered to myself just how long this seemingly perfect situation could last, but soon lost all sense of thought as Jen sucked first one, then the other of my balls into her mouth, whilst wanking my cock. I must have moaned my appreciation, as Jen asked if I liked having my balls sucked. I acknowledged the questioning by twitching my cock against her cheek. I lasted a good 10 minutes of Jen’s expert oral attention before I felt my cum rising. Jen took me deep in her mouth, and swallowed everything I had to offer.After a minute or so “Right my young sex toy, how about we have that breakfast”.When we got down to the restaurant, we were greeted most professionally by Laura as there were other guests around. We ordered the full English breakfast with tea and toast, which was delivered to our table by a very pretty young girl, who I would say was no more than 16 years old. She had black leggings on, and as she left the table I couldn’t help notice what a tight arse she had. I received a kick under the table from Jen, then she leant across and whispered “maybe next time we visit I’ll ask Laura to try and arrange for you to fuck that beautiful young arse”.It seemed that we were the last of the guests to arrive for breakfast, as we were the only ones left in the restaurant within a short while. Whilst the young girl (Cathy as I was to find out later), cleared the other tables Laura came over to refill our tea cups, and asked if she could join us. Jen and Laura chatted about nothing in general for a few minutes until we were alone in the room, then they were both like young school girls, giggling at what had occurred. Laura turned to me and thanked me for fucking her, then thanked Jen for sharing “your stud”. She apologised for slipping out so early that morning, but thought it was best that the other guests and staff didn’t know she’d been well and truly fucked. At that moment the kitchen door opened and Cathy returned, and the conversation got all professional again.When we went to check out a little later, we were told by Laura that there was nothing to pay…..last night was payment enough she said. Jen argued that she was running a business, but was rebuffed with “I can have friends to stay can’t I!”Over the coming weeks, I made arrangements for the house to be valued, and went to see a solicitor to prepare for the divorce filing upon Sharon’s return. Jen and I agreed not to live in each others pockets – we both had our own lives to lead, but we still managed to spend a lot of time together, and to fuck regularly. Sharon returned from holiday and the whole divorce process kicked off. We met for dinner one evening to discuss a few points, and she looked tanned and happier than I’d seen her for months. She also looked sexy, and I contemplated asking for a good-bye fuck, but decided that as things were progressing smoothly that I shouldn’t rock the boat.Once all the valuations on the house came in, it confirmed that I couldn’t afford to take on the additional debt I’d need to stay there and buy out Sharon. I discussed this with Jen, saying that I’d try and find somewhere local so we could still see each other regularly. She then asked me how much I’d need to keep the house. “£20,000, but I cannot afford to borrow that on top of the mortgage I’ve already got” “I’ll lend you that money on the basis that it is repaid upon the eventual sale of the property, and I’ll get a percentage of the increase in value between now and then”“I can’t let you do that Jen. That’s a lot of money”“Ricky, when Dan died he left me a lot of money from insurance policies and shares. I may as well invest some in property – it just happens to be my lover’s property. Please accept this offer, I love having your next door”We agreed, but I insisted it was all documented properly. We also agreed to keep it between us – as far as anyone else was to know, I’d raised the money personally.That loan removed the final barrier to completing the divorce, and I was soon a single man again.Whilst I would see Jen at least twice a week, she insisted we have our separate lives. This allowed me to start dating again, but I never really committed to anyone whilst Jen was around. Sex with Jen was always good, and I helped her fulfil various fantasies, such as fucking on a train, a blow-job at the cinema, fingering her to orgasm at a restaurant, fucking on the beach, in the woods, over the bonnet of my car, and in the changing room at our local swimming pool. There were also some notable experiences alongside the regular sex bursa escort that we enjoyed.For starters, we visited Laura at least twice a year, and on every occasion a night of three-some sex was enjoyed, and on one occasion, I had my first (and to this day) only FFFM foursome. Unfortunately this was not with the young and sexy Cathy as the fourth person (I never did get to fuck her), but Diane, a 30 something, 6 foot tall brunette, who had legs to die for – more than an ample substitute. She was a friend of L’s who lived locally, and had become L’s lesbian lover soon after that first night with Jen and I. Luckily she also liked a bit of cock now and then, and it was a night when I not only fucked three different pussies – dumping a load in each over a three hour period, but one during which I enjoyed the sensation of having one pussy on my cock, one on my tongue, and one on my fingers all at the same time. I also got to watch Jen laying on her back with L between her legs, fucking her with a dildo whilst licking her clit and Diane sitting on her face, enjoying the attention of Jen’s enthusiastic tongue. Jen had certainly embraced the inner lesbian in herself.Jen also visited Laura alone a number of times, and on one occasion enjoyed another session with L and Diane, which included being fucked by Diane with a strap-on. We had a wild fuck as she told me all the details about this session.Through lies and deception, I managed to keep my family in the dark about me and Jen, but about 2 years into our “friendship” one member of the family found out. It was a Saturday morning, and Jen had slept at mine the previous night. It was about 10 am, and we were still in bed when the doorbell rang. I was expecting a delivery, so quickly dragged on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and ran down stairs. Opening the door, I was speechless. Stood infront of me was Vicky, my elder (by 2 years) sister – well actually my step-sister. I didn’t think of her as my step-sister, having grown up with her from the age of 4. She was supposed to be in Canada, hence my surprise at seeing her.“Sorry, did I get you out of bed?”“Er…yes you did…………..but hey……….s*s, what are you doing here”“Can I come in?”I forgot for a moment that Jen was upstairs, “Yeah, of course”, beckoning her past me and into the living room.I made her a cup of coffee and gave her a big hug and kiss. She then preceeded to tell me that she’d split with her husband, Gary and was home to look for a job here so she could move back. In tears, she told me that she had found him fucking his receptionist (he was a dentist) in their home, and had immediately walked out. Apparently my mum and dad were under strict instructions not to tell me as she wanted to do so. “Where are you staying?” I asked“With Mum and Dad, but as I understand you’re here on your own, I was wondering if I could stay with you”At that very moment, the floor boards upstairs creaked as Jen got out of bed to go to the bathroom.“Shit, I didn’t think. Sorry, you’ve got a girl here haven’t you?”What should I tell her? I couldn’t keep Jen upstairs until she left, and I couldn’t throw her out could I.“Well………….yes”“I’ll go and let you get back to her”“No don’t go s*s. If you’re going to stay here, you may as well meet her.”I went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted up to Jen to come and meet my sister. A few minutes later, having dressed, Jen came down.Vic’s face when Jen walked through the door was a picture. Although she had just got out of bed, Jen looked her usual beautiful self, dressed in a loose cotton top with jeans. She came straight over to Vicky and gave her a big hug and introduced herself.“Sorry, I couldn’t help overhearing what has happened. Your husband is clearly an arse to have cheated on such a beauty.”Vicky smiled, then turned to me.“I’d better explain”, and went on to tell Vicky what our friendship was all about, and how secret it was.She sat and listened to every word, forgetting for a moment her troubles. When I finished, she finally spoke “So let me get this right……you two are basically fuck buddies”“Yep, that’s right” Jen said, “You haven’t got a problem with that have you? ““No, it’s just………the age difference. I suppose it’s just a bit of a shock. I’ve never met someone your age with such a healthy sex drive. It sounds like you’re getting more cock than I have for the last two years”Jen just smiled. “Please don’t tell Mum and Dad – they’ll freak out. This works for us, we both care about each other and enjoy what we’ve got”“Don’t worry I will not tell, but I suppose this rules out me moving in with you!”“Why? We don’t live together, and we can always get together at Jen’s so its not a problem”“It’ll be nice for you two to spend some time together, and as long as you are OK with what we are doing, then it’ll be nice to have another gal around to chat with. I hope we can be friends.” Jen added.“OK, if you are both sure, then great, I’ll get my stuff later”.Over the coming weeks, Jen and Vic became good friends – Vic seemed to like having a non-family member to talk to about what was going on in her life, and by the time she returned to Canada to sort out her divorce, she was in a good frame of mind. She was gone for 6 weeks before returning, and as agreed moving back in with me. Jen was up in Norfolk (for a Monday-Friday stay with Laura) when she flew in on the Tuesday and I picked her up from the airport, before popping around to Mum and Dads for dinner that evening. When we got home Vic asked where Jen was?I told her she was up in Norfolk seeing a friend of ours. “Is this another friend like Jen?” She said with a mischievous smile on her face. ”Well sort of. Laura is an old friend of Jen’s who runs a pub, and we have enjoyed……………. some fun together”“You randy little bugger! A threesome with two older women. I never realised you were such a sexual b**st. Tell me all about it”.So I did – I told her all about that first occasion and she sat quietly taking it all in. When I finished she just said “I can see why you are with Jen. Not only is she unbelievably good looking, with a body to die for, but by the sound of it she’s a nymphomaniac. And to top it off, you also get to see other women! What more could you want? Anyway, I’m a bit tired after the flight, so I’m off to bed”. With that she got up and headed for the stairs. She stopped and turned to me “And I need to get myself off after listening to that story”.As she went up the stairs I heard bursa escort bayan her laughing.The thought of Vicky frigging her pussy because of my story got me all hard, and I wished Jen was there right then to suck and fuck, but instead I too would have to rely on some self-abuse – off I went to bed.Jen returned on the Friday evening, she immediately came around to see how Vicky was – not me, which I was about miffed about, but I knew I’d have a great fuck later when she told me what her and Laura had been up to.I made coffee whilst the girls chatted, and it was as I returned that I heard Vicky tell Jen that she’d heard all about our threesome with Laura. I stopped in the doorway and listened. Thankfully Jen just laughed, and responded with “Ricky and I have done some naughty things Vicky – perhaps he’ll tell you more sometime.”“Has Ricky told you that I taught him how to please a woman with his fingers and tongue?” my s*s’ asked.“No”“Oh yeah. You know I’m his step-sister, so there’s nothing i*****l about what we did – and he was 16 at the time. I spied on him having a wank one night, which got me rather turned on. After watching him cum, I burst in on him, and blackmailed him to finger me or I’d tell Mum what he’d been doing. That started things, and over the next few months I got him to practice whenever I needed some relief”“You naughty girl. Did you ever fuck?”“No, but I did think about it. Is he good in bed?”“He’s certainly satisfies me young lady”“Right, that’s enough” I said as I walked in and gave them their coffee.“Why?” said Vic, “Don’t you like the idea of having a threesome with your lover and step-sister?” – she looked serious.“Vic, isn’t that going a bit far. You’re my…. ”“Step-sister” she interrupted, “so there’s nothing wrong with us doing it, as long as Jen is happy. Ever since you told me about Jen and Laura, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to be with another woman, and what it would be like to fuck you. You cannot imagine the number of times I’ve fingered myself to orgasm these last couple of days whilst you’ve been at work”“I’m certainly up for it” Jen said, “and deep down, you want to Ricky. You wouldn’t have told Vicky about Laura if you didn’t want something to happen”Perhaps that was true. Why had I told her? I’ve always fantasised about fucking Vic, ever since she had taught me how to properly lick and finger a woman. What she hadn’t mentioned was that she’s also let me wank off into her mouth and over her tits after I’d satisfied her. OK, back to the moment. Why shouldn’t I fuck them both? “I don’t know if we should do this”“Tell you what” Vic responded “you sit back and think about it whilst Jen and I get started”With that they both moved to the sofa I was sitting on, and sat either side of me.“This is going to be fun” said Jen, and with that she leaned across me and pulled Vicky towards her for a kiss. Vicky responded by caressing Jen’s tits “Jen, you’ve got really hard nipples – I wish mine got that big and hard”“Vicky, you’ve got bigger tits than I have, and I bet with the right encouragement we can make your nipples as hard….I’m the one that is jealous. Come on let’s get undressed”, and with that they both stood and very quickly discarded all their clothes. I got to see Vicky’s pussy for the first time in many years, and she was totally clean shaven. “That’s it, I’m going to have to shave all my pubes off. That looks so nice. Can I feel it Vicky?”. Vicky sat back in the arm chair and drapped her legs over each arm, and Jen knelt down in front of her, caressing the smooth mound of her pussy “Oh yes, that feels so nice. Have you ever been licked out by a woman?”. Vicky shook her head. Jen dipped her head down and very gently licked Vicky’s pussy lips. They were oblivious to me, both seemed totally engrossed in each other. I watched as Jen slid a finger into my step-sister as she gently licked around her pussy, clearly avoiding arousing her clit, teasing her. It was working. Vicky was watching her intently, her eyes wide with excitement, her mouth just open slightly, her breathing increasing in speed. Jen was working her finger in and out, twisting her hand to caress different areas of Vicky’s pussy. Jen made her first move on her clit just as she slid a second finger into her, raising a gasp from Vic. As she finger fucked my step-sister, she started to pay more attention to her most intimate areas. Vicky’s breathing deepened and became more rapid. Jen’s actions were clearly having the desired effect and it wasn’t long until she dug her finger nails into the arms of the chair, closing her eyes and exclaiming loudly “Oh fuck………..Jen don’t stop please”. My lover obliged, ramming her two fingers in and out (I could see they were now very well lubricated by Vic’s juices), and flicking Vic’s clit with her tongue. Vicky’s orgasm pulsed through her body. Her nipples were hard (although not as big as Jen’s), and Jen reached up and rolled one between her thumb and forefinger. Vicky screamed “Christ, they are sensitive. You do that and I’ll cum again”, so Jen did – still fingering her pussy, but now watching Vicky’s reaction to her torture. Vicky’s face was contorted as another orgasm worked its way through her body. After a minute or two, Jen stopped, letting my step-sister recover.“Jen, that was the best orgasm I have had in years. You certainly know how to eat pussy. Can I try on you?”“First, I think we should get this cock into action don’t you? He’s sitting there enjoying our show and offering nothing”. Jen turned to me “Come on get naked and show us both what you’ve got. You know you want to fuck us both, so stop messing around”.I liked this dominant Jen, and looking at my step-sister she mouthed to me “I want to fuck you”. Who else would know? Oh fuck it, let’s do this. And with that thought, I quickly got my kit off and joined the fun. Jen and Vicky swapped places, and I stood alongside the armchair so Jen could suck on my blood filled knob, as I watched Vicky fingering and tonguing the pussy that I had expected to be all mine that day I felt Jen slip her hand between my legs to cup my balls. She squeezed as she sucked on my cock, then slid her hand further back and slipped a finger into my arse. It felt nice and caused me to thrust my cock deep into her mouth. The angle wasn’t quite right to allow me to get into her throat, so she gagged, but continued to suck. She stopped sucking to tell Vicky to lie flat on the escort bursa floor, which she did. Jen got up and arranged herself in a 69 position with Vic, and told me to “get behind me and fuck me, just like you did that first time with Laura. Vicky, I want you to lick me and Ricky at the same time”.Jen was really getting into this role as dominatrix, so I did as I was told. I knelt behind her, first slipping a couple of fingers in to see how wet she was, and unsurprisingly, she was soaking wet. I presented my fingers to Vicky who sucked Jen’s juices off them before returning to Jen’s clit. I held my knob at the entrance to Jen’s pussy, rubbing it against her slit, teasing her. She lifted her head from Vicky’s crotch just long enough to tell me to “stop teasing and fuck me hard”.OK, if that’s what she wanted. I slammed my cock into her in one thrust, and I heard her gasp before she started lapping at Vicky’s wet pussy again. I pounded that pussy as hard as I ever had, occasionally feeling my step-s*s’s hand on my balls or her tongue briefly licking the underside of my cock and balls. I hadn’t come for a couple of days, so I was more than ready to do so, but decided that rather than shooting a load into Jen, I’d pull out at the last minute and shower my step-sister with my cum. As I pounded Jen, and Vicky licked her clit, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Jen orgasmed, and I was right. As I almost pulled my cock out of her before thrusting back in I felt her pussy muscles tighten, and when I re-entered her she came. Her orgasm was so strong that my cock felt like it was in a vice, and her juices squirted out around my cock, dripping onto Vicky who continued her oral teasing of Jen’s clit. As I withdrew I felt my own orgasm approaching and this time pulled right out, grabbing my cock and pointing it at Vicky. String after string of cum pumped out of my cock, some catching Jen’s thighs, the rest splashing all over Vicky’s face. When I finished cuming I looked at her and decided she looked a proper porn star.When Jen had recovered, she got up off Vicky and turned to look at us both. “Christ Ricky, you been saving that?” She lay next to Vicky and started to lick my cum from her face, before kissing Vicky, open mouthed with my cum dribbling from her lips. Vicky just went along with her, clearly on a high from this new sexual experience. The sight of these two lovely women kept me hard, and after a few minutes I said “So s*s, do you really want to fuck this cock?”“Let’s go up to the bedroom, so you can fuck her in comfort Ricky”, and Jen got up, pulling Vicky up by the hand and leading her upstairs. I followed, and as they lay next to each to each other on the bed, Vic opened her legs and said “Come on, let’s do something we’ve both wanted to do for years. Fuck me, and fill me with your cum little b*o”.As I got on the bed, Jen grabbed my cock and guided it towards Vic’s pussy opening. She held me at the entrance, teasing us both by rubbing my sensitive knob against Vic’s clit. Vic tried to slid down to take me in, but Jen was in control and didn’t allow that. After what felt like minutes, but was probably only 30 seconds, Jen positioned my knob and with her other hand pushed my buttocks, sliding my cock into a pussy I’d dreamt about for so many years.“Now, enjoy this both of you. There’s no hurry, we’ve got all the time in the world.” With that Jen lay down alongside Vicky, and let her hands playfully wander backwards and forwards over Vics tits and stomach. “I think we are all going to enjoy being neighbours”I took it slow at first, slowly sliding my full length in and out of Vicky, but after a few minutes she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to pull me into her, lifting herself off the bed at the same time to meet my thrusts.Jen was playing with her nipples, licking them, sucking them and gently biting them, but all the time, she kept her eyes on my cock as it slid, glistening with Vic’s juices in and out. Having cum so hard the first time, I knew I could last a good 10 minutes or so. I lifted Vic’s legs onto my shoulders, and pushed them up towards her head. Jen moved around behind me, and I could feel her hands rubbing my cock, balls and then felt a finger enter my arse. “That feels good” I said, as she moved to kiss me “See if you can get one in Vic’s arse too”“NO, not my arse. Gary tried that once and I didn’t like it”“Ok love, no worries, you just enjoy that big cock in your pussy”, Jen reassured her, “Ricky, I want you to fill me with your cum”“But..”“It’s OK, I’m on the pill”I started to thrust into Vicky harder, wanting to bring her off before I came. She’d been pretty quiet up until now, but this changed, and she started to tell me how “fucking great that cock feels” and “fuck me hard”, biting down on her lip as she enjoyed her first fuck for some time. Her breathing starting to get erratic, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” and she clawed at my arms, actually drawing blood with her nails. I felt her pussy tighten on my cock and she gasped loudly as her orgasm hit. I continued to fuck her, changing position slightly to vary the angle my cock entered her pussy. This clearly hit a sweet spot, as moments later she cursed as another orgasm swept through her body.“I think she’s enjoying it Ricky” said Jen, as Vicky trembled underneath me“So am I, but I’m not ready to come yet”I pulled out and flipped Vicky over, pulling her up onto her knees. “Jen, get in front of her so she can lick you out whilst I fuck her good and hard”Vicky happily let Jen move into position, telling me “your pensioner fuck buddy certainly has a tasty pussy Ricky” then she buried her head in her crotch.“She’s a quick learner when it comes to pussy licking” Jen remarked, her facing beaming with enjoyment.I slipped my cock back in, and my long, hard thrusts were forcing Vic onto Jen’s pussy and clearly Jen was enjoying this.“I’m going to cum” said both Jen and I simultaneously, and with that Vicky received both a mouthful and pussy full of love juices.I collapsed alongside them both, and watched as Vicky dipped a finger into her pussy, bringing out a glob of my spunk, which she lifted to her lips and licked off, before kissing Jen and then me.As we lay there recovering, Vicky told us that she’d never had such intense orgasms, and hoped that she could join the two of us again. Jen just smiled and said that as far as she was concerned, Vicky could share our bed as often as she liked – I had to agree.Vicky ended up living with me for 18 months, and we had multiple threesomes, and she even joined Jen once when visiting Laura. It seemed that all the women around me have bisexual tendancies – not that I was complaining you understand.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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